I have a lot of arthritis & have a lot of pain all through the day. Because of stomach surgery I cannot take anti-inflammatory medication of any kind, only Tylenol and/or pain pills.... I need to try to control the pain through a better source and I feel that this could help!! So here I go!


This year I became menopausal, and I found myself gaining weight around the middle despite continuing to work out at the gym. Additionally, I began to feel like I had less energy and more stiffness, as well as the hot flashes, and of course a metabolism change! I want to feel lighter, more toned, and stronger as I finish out 2018!


I have degenerative joint disease in my back. I am out of shape and have trouble moving. I want to feel better and be able to move better. I accept this challenge.


Doing health challenge by watching Classical Stretch from NYC station. Up at 6 a.m. Excellent!


My challenge is to establish a routine of exercise that vitalizes my life!


Due to a long bout of asthma and several bout of pneumonia and contagious lung infections ...I stopped exercising for at least one year. I am now overweight and need to get my muscle strength back and well as drop some pounds. I just had a meeting my PCP today and she cleared me and encouraged me to try to get an hour a day of activity. Working on this plan will be great for me.


Hi! I have struggled with my weight all my life even though I was athletic and naturally strong. I took my good genes for granted and now my feet, knees and hips ache. I feel a general decrease in strength and my mental edge is off. Enough! It’s time to buff out the tarnish that’s dulling me inside and out. I am familiar with Essentrics and respect Miranda’s knowledge and teaching skills, so, I am in!


I have been doing Classical Stretch for a few years now. I had a car accident in 2014 that caused permanent damage and prior to that I knee problems. I watch the program every day, even on weekends. It is important for me to stay limber, loose, flexible and strong to avoid pain. Even when I had physical therapy it was important for me to do the program daily in order to feel better. My neck feels much better and knees are strengthened. Additionally, waking up to stretch in the morning at 6AM is a wonderful way to start the day. I have my sister doing everyday as well and when my other sister visits from out of town she joins in since it is not in her area. Please continue to have challenges; this is how we get stronger, and feel better!! Blessings to you!


I shared my story at the beginning of the 30-day Health Challenge and here I am 30 days later, with a successful completion of the challenge. I wear my oxygen tank as I exercise and at 77 this has been an amazing exercise program for me! I did the full body pain relief workout with Sahra and 30 minutes each day was completely doable. I plan to continue every day to increase the strength in my lungs, to hopefully kick my oxygen tank to the curb! I can still feel a little discomfort as I exercise but it's a good discomfort! This has been an amazing experience for me and I thank you for setting up the challenge. The best part is being able to do a healthy exercise program and to be motivated to keep this program as an important part of my life. Bravo to you and to me, too! With love,


I enjoyed the challenge because it makes me focus and really do the exercises. We were travelling two of the days and I did not have access to computer or DVD. I brought your book "Aging Backwards" with me and did some of the exercises. I feel better when I go the classes. Thank you!


The Challenge provided motivation I needed to work out every day. I feel a sense of success in accomplishing that. No matter how late in the day it was, if I hadn't done my workout yet, I went ahead and completed it. I used the beginner workout with DVD's. I feel an increase in flexibility and muscle strength. Now I'll start the 30-day sequence all over again, and I'll be able to do everything better. Progress!


Learned about the challenge about 5 days late, but increased my workouts (DVR'd Classical Stretch on PBS) from "now & then" to 4 days/week plus walking 30-45 min 2-3 days a week. I feel really inspired to continue, get more flexible and so help me I want to plié like Miranda!! The workouts are helping my posture, loosening my hip and shoulder joints and firming my abdomen.


I was in a lot of knee pain so about 45 days ago I started doing an episode a day which helped considerably. Then I took the challenge and have so much more flexibility -- If I have to reach something under a bureau I can do so. Best yet is I can pull weeds without back pain! This releases my husband from the chore. My energy has increased considerably. My bra band size went down. I have more shape to my abdomen. Some clothes look so much better and some are too big. I still have some balance problems which need more attention. I intend to continue daily because it's just good for me. I think the 30-day challenge experience will help me to continue to be motivated. I no longer wear orthotics which I wore for 16 years.


I LOVE doing Classical Stretch but sometimes I take a day off. The challenge didn't allow me to do that. I have been following Miranda and doing Classical Stretch for 14 months. I'm in better shape and so much stronger than when I was in my 40's. God bless Miranda Esmonde White.


My journey to a strong, fit and flexible body started 3 months ago when I saw Miranda on OPB during their fundraising drive. I then started with the Age reversing DVD and soon thereafter subscribed to Eccentrics TV. The 30-day health challenge was the next step! I did it first thing every morning. I learned so much about my body. What it could and couldn't do. I am noticing many positive changes. My body feels more "alive". My posture has improved, my back is stronger. I am much more flexible. An unexpected benefit was that my singing voice has become free-er! I love that I can stream the exercises so I can do them anywhere! I could say so much more. I love the exercises. I am so grateful. Thank you, Miranda.


This past winter, my hips and back were so sore. When the pain subsided, I was very stiff. I wondered if I should go to a chiropractor or see our local orthopedic surgeon but I shied away from that. By coincidence, I saw a short segment with Miranda on PBS one evening and looked her up. I ordered the Age Reversing 4 DVD set and began immediately. I focused on Mobility for a month. I began to feel much better. I discovered Essentrics TV and the huge variety of workouts and knowledge that you offer. Then I did the 30-day challenge. Even though it's over, I will still try for a work out every day.


I have back pain and it helps me stay mobile because you don't have us hold a position like yoga. I really loved the lay out of the 30-day program.


Prior to the challenge, I pulled myself upstairs, struggled after any strenuous activities, and my hips and low back ached continually! After 20 days I felt amazingly better, less pain, climbed stairs freely and way more energy. I loved the beginner tapes I purchased. Now I can exercise daily without leaving my home and save a lot of money to. I’m so grateful that god brought Miranda into my life. I will seriously love to come to Montreal to train as an instructor for seniors in my community! Thanks so much!


This 30-Day challenge has benefitted me in several ways, all of them good, awesome, in fact. I have more energy. I'm stronger and beginning to become leaner. I'm much more flexible. It's all good and I am thankful for Essentrics and especially Miranda.


As a former dancer, I was intrigued by the Essentrics workouts, and as a person with arthritis and degenerative disc disorder, I was hoping to get some pain relief. I set my 30-day goal to build my muscles to look as close to how they looked when I was dancer. But because that was 35 years ago my expectations weren't high. As I was shopping today a former classmate complimented me on how good my legs look! They asked if I was working out because my legs looked like I had been biking. I told them I had finished a 30-day Essentrics challenge, which I had to describe to them what it is. The pain in my big toes (from bunions I got from toe shoes and pumps) finger, hips and neck have decreased. I love that the workouts are 22 minutes long and I can do anytime at home.


I had knee pain, both knees and big toe joint stiffness in my right foot prior to starting the 30-day challenge. I was doing physical therapy for 6 weeks and although the therapy was helping. I was still in pain and could not do my normal activities, and even walking was painful. After just a few workouts with Miranda, I began to experience less pain and a good deal more mobility. After 30 days I'm greatly improved, and have more energy and flexibility. I still need improvement, but am tremendously better. Thank you!!


I subscribed to Essentrics TV. Despite having over 100 episodes on my DVR, I couldn’t acquire a daily workout habit. After I subscribed, I did the challenge daily even while on vacation. My feet are feeling better and my knees are less painful. I feel like moving around is easier!


I've been dealing with a right foot issue for more than three years now. What started with the foot eventually also involved right leg strains including right knee pain. I was going for physical therapy support when I learned about Essentrics. Instinctively, I knew this program would work for me! I eased in and then saw the notice about the 30-day challenge. I felt ready. I'm thrilled to say that my legs feel more balanced and my right foot is stronger. Shoes that bothered me before no longer hurt. I'm so grateful to have happened upon a program to support my healing and goal of sustained wellness and vibrancy!! I'm forever grateful to have found Essentrics!


I really enjoyed the 30-day health challenge. It was something I looked forward to each morning. I was a little sore some days but it was much more enjoyable doing it together and it kept me going. I was bummed this morning to realize it was over. I had lost count of the days and thought we had two weeks left to go! lol Oh well, back to doing it on my own. Love the Essentrics DVDs I have. Thanks for the challenge!


The 30-day Health challenge has given me a true appreciation for how my body can feel when my muscles are strong and flexible. I feel so much more vital and in touch with my body. I love getting up in the morning and sharing exercises with Miranda. Each time I learn a little more about my own health and body. I want to integrate this new "body awareness" as I age and use my body the way it was meant to move and feel. I am so grateful to Miranda for developing this program and her down to earth style of teaching...She has made a great difference in my life....30 days and on!


After getting T-boned which totaled my Mustang, I was diligently doing my physical therapy exercises and found little improvement. I tried the Alaire Back Fitness and was not able to complete all the exercised due to pain and lack of strength. When Classical Stretch began airing on PBS/Public Television, I discovered I could do almost complete a 30-minute workout. Upon completing the 30-day Challenge, I became more flexible, mobile and had less pain! I am now able to complete a 30-day workout! I purchased Season Nine (9) and will continue working out with Miranda via DVD!


I have noticed that when doing housework, especially washing the floor, that my lower back is not stiff and sore afterward. I have truly enjoyed both 30-day health challenges of 2017. It has motivated me to try a variety of your sessions on each of the DVDs that I own. I simply feel better after having done one of your classes and for that I thank you!


I experienced some physical issues in 2016, including injuries from a car accident and some new auto immune problems. I decided to just quit exercising because I didn't feel well. This was not a good plan, since my job requires long hours of driving in my car and sitting at my desk. When the 30-Day Health Challenge email showed up in my inbox, it was perfectly timed. As a teacher, my schedule is lighter in the summer so I committed to completing the challenge. I now feel straighter, moving with more ease and MAYBE a bit of gracefulness! I have discovered all sorts of muscles that are SO tight, which explains why I often felt stiff. It's going to take more than 30 days to get to where I want to be physically, but I'm hooked now. I'm looking forward to repeating several of the routines over and over so I can do my favorite stretches and move more freely and confidently. The workouts were very intense for me at the beginning; I set a timer so I could see how many minutes were left to go before I could be done but yesterday I commented that the workouts seem to be getting easier. Then I realized that I am getting loosened up so it's easier now for me to do them! Thank you!!! I do my Classical Stretch routine as soon as possible after I wake up in the morning. That way I make sure to get it done before my day has a chance to unravel.


I had lost range of motion in my shoulder for unknown reasons. It was also painful. I was aggressive with chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage therapies for at least 3-4 months with no resolution whatsoever. My acupuncturist had told me about your program, unrelated to my shoulder issue, and I had gotten a subscription but wasn't using it much at all. When my shoulder issue popped up I was also in the process of relocating so did not have easy, consistent access to my usual health care providers, and decided to give one of your 30 day challenges a try. By the end of it, my shoulder was practically back to normal. Also during my move, I had started developing bilateral hip pain. I'm now into my 3rd 30-day challenge and have zero hip pain. These amazing results have motivated me to continue daily Essentrics workouts. I plan to do them daily for the rest of my life. Thank you, Miranda!


I am very pleased a) I am exercising more often b) I feel a lot more flexible c) In a recent photo my mid-section looked shapelier and less muffin top like d) The IT band stretches have helped my knee greatly and I can do that every day e) I appreciate the variety of doing various workouts rather than sequentially. That's it in a nutshell. Thank you!


I've been a Classical Stretch follower for several years now. The beauty of this 30-day challenge was that it wasn't a challenge. It was part of my daily routine. I do have some knee and joint issues, but they don't stop me at all. I walk faster, longer. I can run upstairs. Combined with scheduled fitness and tai chi classes, I don't feel as though I am aging. The best part is that I don't feel confined to "easy" routines. I can and do use many of the "advanced" Essentrics DVDs as well as Classical Stretch adapting them when necessary to my situation. Thanks Miranda and Sahra. I feel that I know you and that you care about me.


I am a holistic nutritionist and a bioenergetics practitioner. However, even with all my knowledge of the human body and my ability to ask questions and receive answers regarding how it is functioning, I have been unable to lose post-menopausal weight gain. After all this time, I think I am zeroing in on the root cause and I am beginning to feel my body letting go. The Essentrics work out accompanied by Miranda's little pearls of wisdom helped me understand more about my body. I have more energy (I learned that it is best for me to do the exercises when I am most tired during the day...) and a greater range of motion. I feel as though specific channels in my body have opened up, allowing detoxification to take place in areas of my body that could not be previously reached. I am grateful for the 30-day challenge and pray that I will continue to make these exercises a priority day to day.