Mon mari Michel et moi avons assisté à notre 1er Symposium au Mexique. Quelle belle expérience! Vacances et entrainement pendant 7 jours... WOW! Nous avons apprécié énormément notre séjour avec les participants et surtout avec les organisatrices de cet événement. J'ai l'impression qu'elles ont donné plus que leur 100% Merci à Maude et Allison en particulier! Vous êtes formidables! Quel privilège nous avons de connaître la technique Essentrics avec Myranda! Elle et sa fille Sahra sont des ambassadrices du mieux-être! Depuis octobre 2015, nous nous entrainons tous les jours parce que nous en sentons les bienfaits à chaque jour. Merci encore et à l'année prochaine peut-être si Dieu le permet!

Céline Bouchard

It was a wonderful meeting in Mexico. Great luxurious accommodation and food, good organization and nice people. Great Essentrics team: if needed there was always help. Advice: to maybe at some levels in experience. Have some advanced workshops for those who have been practicing Essentrics for a longer time (Meg already gave us some extra's, but with so many great teachers and plenty of space at the resort it would be great to add). Learned a lot about many injuries and ages and it gives courage to continue knowing that we are on the right track teaching this wonderful way of training your body. Thanks!!


I am new to Essentrics first time to try it was Mexico. I had back pain 6 weeks prior to Symposium two massages and a visit to my Chiropractor the day before my flight down. Steady improvement over the week. Now that I'm home been doing posture with Miranda's DVD. I am almost pain free I am 79 years old and going strong.
Hope you have another one next year!


To Miranda and all The Essentrics Team,
I participated in the Mexico Symposium and teacher training workshops this December (2016). I found it to be a truly worthwhile experience to meet and talk to so many people from all over the world who have discovered this transformational program. It was also a great opportunity to work with so many of your talented instructors and meet and talk to so many of your trainees from levels 1 through 4 during all the workshops and at dinner.
I found Eccentrics on PBS eight years ago when I was rehabilitating from a rotary shoulder injury. I had finished physical therapy but had not re-gained full mobility in my injured shoulder. After a month of doing the Classical Stretch program daily, I recovered the full range of motion in my shoulder. I have been doing the program ever since and have attended two Classical Stretch workshops held in Estes Park, Colorado.
There were no instructors in my area (Washington, DC) until this year, so I decided to sign up and become a certified Level 1 teacher myself. I know many people in my community would benefit from the program as I have.

I look forward to participating in another teacher training workshop soon. Lastly, I hope the Essentrics team will consider the Washington DC area for a workshop program in the future. I am sure it would be another sold out venue for them. I would be happy to help them with making this happen in any way I can.

Ms. Fern Bleckner

I started Essentrics in September 2015. My sister-in-law recommended I try it on our PPS station. At that time, I was recovering from a bad sprained ankle. I also had a sore big toe from the bunion on the joint and chronic hip pain. Since I have been doing Essentrics/classical stretch, I no longer have toe pain, I have mobility in my recovered sprained ankle and my hip pain is reduced and improving. I also love that in a 22/26 minute workout, I am working every muscle, joint and bone in my body. I feel great the entire day and have more energy.
I have also gotten my husband to workout with me most mornings. He has had a lot of improvement in his shoulders and he is walking much better and has better balance. His knees are still stiff and unbendable, but without the stretch and strengthen he would not be able to do many of the things he loves.
My daughter and I really enjoyed the Mexico Symposium. Live classes has made my workouts more efficient.
Thank you for all you are doing to help so many people be more mobile.


Thank you for another wonderful Essentrics/Classical Stretch retreat. The symposium showed the growth of this important work. I attended with a friend and we got a great deal out of the instruction and guidance. The feet work and emphasis on them as our foundation was very helpful; along with the posture and alignment direction. The workshop on Connective Tissue continued my education about this significant component of our physical structure. I appreciated the references to the body as a "unit" because this supports the sense of wholeness that acknowledges the interrelationship among all the parts. Of course, the accommodations were fabulous, as usual. I also connected with a New York City based Essentrics instructor and I plan to check out her class. Special thanks for featuring me in the Forever Painless documentary. Telling my story of success with Essentrics/Classical Stretch helped to enhance my healing and ongoing management of my chronic back issues. The program has enriched me and contributed to optimal functioning and a great quality of life. I look forward to doing it for the rest of my life.


I was very fortunate to attend the first-ever Essentrics Symposium in Mexico. Wow! It was such a great trip!! Being able to workout live with Miranda, Sahra, Gail, Meg, and Amanda was so awesome. There was such a large group of exercisers & teachers doing their certification training, that each day I met new people. People from all over! Everyone was having a great time.

Learning live is always good. We were gently corrected when we were doing things wrong and everything was explained so well that I think we all learned so much. I'm one of those people who loves the plies. Who knew I was doing them wrong! I had my feet turned out too much. One of the teachers corrected me on that. That was the best part, with so many of us in the class there were enough teachers in the room to be watching and walking the room to go up to people and help correct them when doing something wrong. The teachers were also able to go up to Miranda or anyone running the class and let them know to make adjustments for the folks in the back of the room who often could not see what was happening up on the front stage.

Of course, I enjoyed the Mexico sun, sand & sea! The resort was the perfect location for this symposium. A room big enough for our classes and plenty to do and see after class. Beautiful pools, the popular salt water pool, and the food was excellent! My boyfriend came on the trip but did not participate in the classes. It was a perfect trip for us - I got to workout and he got some time on his own to read, rest, explore the resort. We would both do something like this again. Who knows, maybe next time I could get him in the classes, as he did see some of the men going into class in the morning.

Toward the middle of the week, I noticed that my legs were no longer "tight." I am an avid walker and do quite a bit of treadmill & outdoor walking. I've always had tight hamstrings & calves and not much flexibility. I guess halfway to the end of the week it finally hit me that my legs felt different. Not tight! I also no longer had the neck pain that is off an on for me for the last couple of years. We got home and I was checking myself out in the mirror and my legs look leaner and my calves actually are smaller. Two days home from Mexico and we were with my boyfriend's sister and she said "you've lost weight! how is that possible when you went on vacation?!" I told her I had actually gained some weight - the usual 4-5 pounds from vacation eating. But she continued to say I looked great. We told her that this was a fitness holiday for me and I told her about Classical Stretch/Essentrics. I definitely feel better when I do this type of exercise - even before I went to Mexico I felt this way after doing just one episode of CS. You just feel better, lighter in your body.

While I'm sad that we're back home, as it has been a cold week here compared to Mexico, mostly I miss the routine of going to class 2x a day and seeing Miranda and the girls! This coming from someone who only exercises in the morning for 30-45 minutes tops. I have committed myself to doing CS almost every day. I am hoping to have further improvements in my body - but mostly I'm hoping to at least maintain the changes in my legs. I think we all can be critical of our bodies in some way and I know that right now I feel pretty good about mine. Would I go to another symposium like this? YES!!! I am worried that I would miss out when they announce future ones!

Next time I would try to get us more involved with the rest of the group after class too, as I feel we missed out on some fun times but my boyfriend was dealing with a minor medical issue of his own and needed the downtime. He was very glad he went along with me on the trip and he too has noticed a difference in my body.

Thank you Miranda & Sahra for hosting such an event! I can't wait to see you again!


The symposium was a life changing experience. I have been doing Classical Stretch for years and loved the one on one help with form and technique. Miranda and staff were so helpful. I look forward to the next symposium and living pain free as I age backwards! THANK YOU!