Classical Stretch Season 8
Preview of Season 7

"The Health Series"

Complete Season 7 on DVD - Episodes 1 to 30 (4 disc set)
2010 TV series, broadcasted on American Public Television

Also available on ESSENTRICS TV - onlline streaming membership

Over the years, Miranda has received thousands of emails from participants who have used Classical Stretch to improve their health, as well as overcome many painful medical conditions, which Miranda highlights throughout Season 7. During each workout, she explains which exercises are most beneficial for relieving related aches and pains and for treating many health conditions using the testimonials as a basic storyline. These TV shows are emotional, inspirational and educational in content bringing awareness of the suffering that so many people experience nationwide on a daily basis. Included are testimonials from people using Classical Stretch to overcome great obstacles and to change their lives.

Each workout is a full-body routine with a slight additional focus on stretching or strengthening a targeted area. Whether you use Classical Stretch to limber up, tone your body or do a bit of both, you will surely find what you are looking for on these two DVD sets.

Episode / Title / Type


701 / Reverse the Aging process
702 / Slenderize your Legs
703 / Loosen Your Upper Body
704 / Stretch and Strengthen the Hips
705 / Toning the Entire Body
706 / Weight Loss and Toning
707 / Fully Body Toning Workout
708 / Flexibility of the Spine
709 / Help Flatten the Abs
710 / Strengthen Hips and Improve Balance
711 / Essentrics Workout
712 / Relieve Aches and Pains
713 / Strengthen Hips and Improve Posture
714 / Standing Ab Workout
715 / Feet and Knees

716 / Bone Strengthening
717 / Weight Loss Workout
718 / Strengthen Hips and Improve Balance
719 / Loosening Your Body Bar Workout
720 / Stress Relief
721 / Increase your Energy
722 / Strengthen and Slenderize the Hips
723 / Full Body Barre Workout
724 / Slenderize Your Lower Body
725 / Stretch Spine and Relive Back Pain
726 / Increase Energy and Improve Strength
727 / Full Body Stretch
728 / Slenderize Your Legs
729 / Aches and Pains
730 / Weight Loss Workout

Note: The workouts have been broken down into 2 themes: strengthening and flexibility/mobility workouts. In each episode you will find both themes, but some focus more on one theme than the other.

Strengthening workouts: 1,2,5,8,9,10,11,13,14,16,17,18,21,22,24,26,28,30.
These workouts will also tone your muscles and promote weight-loss.

Flexibility/mobility workouts: 3,4,6,7,12,15,19,20,23,25,27,29.
These workouts will also help with arthritis, healing, stress relief, back pain, surgery recovery, rehabilitation, and fibromyalgia. Please note that these workout suggestions are only guidelines; please consult your physician before doing any of the workouts.

     Price 64.95$ plus 7.00$ S&H