The combination of world-renowned spa resorts with the health benefits of ESSENTRICS in a fitness holiday.

Join the ESSENTRICS team for a fun and intensive fitness holiday!

With more exciting destinations than ever before, you can be sure to find the retreat that is right for you. Don’t fret if you’re unable to join us for a full week - we also offer a variety of weekend getaways!

Our live classes are for everyone, whether you’re a newcomer looking to brush up on the technique or an advanced participant wanting to perfect your moves! Retreats are also excellent continuing education opportunities for ESSENTRICS instructors.
Making new friends, all the while moving towards your fitness goals, is always a highlight of the holiday.
We look forward to strengthening and stretching our way to health with you!

Working out together in a comfortable environment in the Rockies helped us get better, be better, meet new friends and of course have fun!
Now I feel that I understand the science behind Classical Stretch. The key to the human body really is “if you don’t use it you’ll lose it. Working with the whole body, like we do in Classical Stretch, is consistently anti-aging and improving freedom of movement. This I know from personal experience, and it continues to be my path…working out daily with Miranda!”

- DeeAna Kay Swetzig

My attending the Florida Retreat this past weekend in Sanibel, Florida, was the culmination of more than twelve healthy years of following your Classical Stretch program. Because I had been so faithfully devoted to the Essentrics Technique, I thought I pretty much knew it all, but I confess that I really just wanted to meet this Miranda I had come to know on a video! I cannot tell you how revitalizing and valuable your lecture, direction, and corrections during the sessions were.

In your lecture “How to Reverse the Aging Process,” visuals and diagrams along with your explanations of trademark Miranda-isms clarified and underscored the very heart of what I heard all those mornings during Classical Stretch televised sessions at home. Specifically, the impact of ‘one cell at a time’ really gave me a profound understanding. Your positive approach and zest for life were even more evident when I met you in person!

Jinny Reagan

Montego Bay, Jamaica,
Fashion Magazine - April 2010

Check out what Fashion magazine health editor had to say!

I’m sitting on an ottoman in the soaring lobby of the Iberostar Grand Hotel Rose Hall, waiting to meet my Essentrics retreat compadres. Gradually, the women (and one husband) arrive-Canadians and Americans of varying age, visibly relieved to be escaping their daily grind. We’re greeted by Sahra Esmonde-White and her mother, Miranda, the program inventor and something of a celebrity down south-she’s hosted a daily fitness show on PBS for the past 10 years, which is how Americans have come to be here. Rather exciting to see your TV trainer come to life.

A dancer with the National Ballet of Canada for four years, her career curtailed by a broken foot, Miranda went on to teach stretch and fitness classes, studying with physiotherapists and chiropractors before opening her own studio in Montreal.

The premise of eccentric movement-which Sahra identified as the key part of her mom’s invention while writing her master’s thesis on it-is that stretching the muscles and strengthening them in an elongated position allows a deeper stretch and produces a long, lean physique. Athletes Jessica Dubé and Kim St-Pierre testify that Essentrics makes them faster and resilient to injury, while starlets Noot Seear and Vanessa Hudgens are presumably more interested in its aesthetic benefits.

It becomes clear that a workout with Miranda is also a 100-level anatomy class-I learn about the function (and existence) of my IT bands and iliopsoas-and a strongly worded lesson in preventing old-age shrinkage. I start to feel that if I religiously strengthen my chest and back by reaching my arms up and by levering them backwards, I might stay proudly upright into my 90s. I walk away feeling taller, tauter, and looser in my joints.

My days consist of two classes, a nap on my balcony’s swinging loveseat and an inordinate length of time in my huge marble bathroom-given my schedule and the heat, I’m taking four showers a day. Far from lonely on my solo venture, I chat with my new pals in the open-air restaurant: One, from Maine, is an inspiringly sprightly 70-year-old landscaper; another is a fabulous well-read diplomat’s wife from Washington.

One day, a pretty limber yoga teacher from Miami wanders off the pool deck and asks to join in. she’s visibly surprised at the way the movements work muscles you didn’t even know you had. Afterwards, she writes down the wed address and expresses her disappointment that she’s merely at the resort on vacation. Twenty bucks says she shows up next time.

- Rani Sheen