We’ve put together a 15-day challenge combining live and pre-selected workouts all available to stream on Essentrics TV, to help you work deeply into the musculature of your full body in order to unlock, strengthen and sculpt.

If you’ve participated in the Wellness Challenge, not only have you built a habit of daily movement, but you’ve also gradually increased your overall range of motion. As your body has unlocked over the course of these 30 days, you’ve worked muscles you hadn’t been able to access before. With this improved body awareness and mobility, you are ready for a more challenging series of Essentrics workouts that will focus on strengthening, toning and sculpting your muscles while stretching and rebalancing your full body.

If you haven’t done the previous challenge, do not worry! Simply work at your own pace and stay relaxed during the first few days. This will allow you to gradually gain mobility, thus allowing you to work deeply for the remainder of the challenge.


The workouts selected for this 15-day Challenge will have an extra emphasis on strengthening the muscles in their elongated position. This will help increase your strength, muscle tone & flexibility, all the while improving posture. The nature of every Essentrics workout is to equally stretch and strengthen all 650 muscles in the body, so you will always feel rebalanced, unlocked and full of energy afterwards.


The little changes you make on a daily basis will yield results by the end of the 15-days. This will not only contribute to your overall wellbeing, but it’ll also positively impact your other activities or sports.

Join us for the Strengthen & Sculpt Challenge starting on Tuesday, May 26th 2020. View Schedule +


Exclusively available to stream on Essentrics TV.
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