L1 Montreal March 2nd to 4th

Essentrics Training Series Level 1


Level 1 - Principles of the? Essentrics PrograM

Hosted by an Essentrics Master Educator, Meg Feeney

Date, time & location
Please pay close attention to the time and location of the training, as it varies each day.

Friday March 2nd 9am-4:30pm
   Essentrics Flagship Studio 3431 Stanley St, Montréal QC, H3A 1S2
   Follow the signs through the parking lot. Studio is up the stairs to the right as you enter.
   1.5 hr lunch break (12pm-1:30pm)

Saturday March 3rd 9am-4:30pm
   9am -
Essentrics Head Office 426 Ste-Hélène, Suite 300, Montréal QC, H2Y 2K7 Third floor.
   1:15pm - Essentrics Flagship Studio 3431 Stanley St, Montréal QC, H3A 1S2
   1.5 hr lunch break   (11:45am-1:15pm)

Sunday March 4th 9:30am-4:30pm
   Essentrics Flagship Studio 3431 Stanley St, Montréal QC, H3A 1S2
   Follow the signs through the parking lot. Studio is up the stairs to the right as you enter.
   1hr lunch break (12pm-1pm)

Each training day includes a 1hr Essentrics class with a Master Trainer.

Cost: $525 (does ?not include certification material.)
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For a Complete Overview of the Essentrics Certification Program, click here +

The fastest way to understand the theory behind Essentrics is to put it into practice, which is why we want you to begin teaching as quickly as possible. In the Level 1 Live Teacher Training, you will learn the breakdown of your first 1-hour Pre-Choreographed Workout (PCW1), how to perform and teach all the exercise sequences correctly, and how to be aware of (and correct) common mistakes. You will also be introduced to the principles, techniques, anatomy, philosophy, physiology and objectives of the Essentrics program, and discover the relationship that exists between them. This will enable you to confidently achieve the desired objectives from your workout when you begin teaching your apprentice hours.

With the success of our books, Aging Backwards and Forever Painless, and the visibility of our shows on PBS—all of our teachers are seeing an influx of older students who have a lower level of mobility and chronic pain. This is an important population group that needs our help. This Level 1 Live Teacher Training will include a special half-day workshop which will introduce you to the needs of this population, and give you the beginner level tools to teach them. The workshop includes a breakdown of your PCW1 with a gentler, slower “Aging Backwards” approach. You will gain the tools necessary to confidently teach your apprentice hours to beginner groups who are more sedentary, less mobile, or older in age.?

**If this clientele is one that interests you to teach, or if you yourself identify with this group – this is a must-attend? training.**


Upon completion of this Level, you will have the choreography and skills necessary to teach an ?Essentrics? group class and purchase any of our PCW's.

LTT Breakdown:

• Learn the exercises of PCW1
• Introduction to the basic principles of? Essentrics
• Aging Backwards Workshop
• Daily one-hour? Essentrics? class

Note: PCW1 is simple to learn with straightforward choreography. Try our Full Body Toning DVD for an idea of the difficulty level.

Pre-requiste: Registered in the instructor certification program.
Additional requirements: You do not need a background in health, fitness, dance, anatomy or physiology. Some of our best instructors have never taught prior to ?Essentrics. We do suggest you learn the basic muscles and skeleton at this level (included in your Level 1 instructor manual).

Material to Bring: Level 1 instructor manual + exercise mat.
Please purchase Level 1 Certification Material

**Once we receive your payment for the ?Live? Teacher ?Training,?we will use the email associated with your order to get in touch with you.? Please? be sure to ?keep that in mind and check? your email account? for updates!

Cancellation Policy: Live Teacher Trainings may be refunded in full (minus a $85 admin fee) — up to 30 days prior to the event date.

*Registration forms and payment for any additional LTTs must be sent in at the same time as your Level 1 LTT registration form and payment, in order to ?receive the discount.