L1 Amsterdam November 24 & 25


Essentrics Training Series Level 1

LEVEL 1 live teacher training AMSTERDAM
November 24 & 25 2017 with essentrics master Danielle de Wildt

• Where: MOVE//West, Haarlemmerweg 10a, 1014 BE, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
• When: Friday & Saturday, September 2nd & 3rd, 2016 (9:30am to 4:30pm)
• Price: € 384,95 incl. TT Level 1 certification material (or € 279,95 for the workshop alone*)

Sign up here: www.essentrics-store.eu/product/event-teacher-training-workshop-level-1-amsterdam/

The purpose of this live teacher training is to solidify one’s understanding of the principles and objectives of the Essentrics program. Each day, one of our master trainers will lead you through a combination of theoretical and practical work. The practical work is highly interactive and will provide analysis of proper alignment, targeted areas, and common mistakes made in each exercise.

The live teacher training includes; master class(es), seminars on techniques, objectives and basic exercises in ESSENTRICS using the pre choreographed workout #1 as a guide. The live teacher trainingleader will analyse all the exercises, transitions and sequences in pre-co #1. The will also explain the relationship between anatomy, exercises, techniques and objectives.  They will teach you how to analyse each movement to achieve the desired objectives and to be aware of common mistakes.

What to bring: Level 1 certification material, towel, water bottle, pen.

**Once we receive your payment for the live teacher training we will use the email associated with your order to get in touch with you. So please keep that in mind and check it for updates!