L2 Amsterdam Winter 2017/2018


Essentrics Training Series Level 1

LEVEL 2 live teacher training AMSTERDAM
Winter 2017/2018 with essentrics master trainer Danielle de Wildt

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• Price: € 384,95 incl. TT Level 2 certification material (or € 279,95 for the workshop alone*)

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Live teacher training description: ESSENTRICS live teacher trainings are participatory and allow you to work with your fellow instructor/students as you learn to demonstrate and analyse each exercise. They include one to two workouts taught by a master-trainer. The workouts both bring the knowledge to life while being extremely motivating.

The Level 2 live teacher training is intended to deepen your understanding of the ESSENTRICS trademark exercises. They will make you a far superior instructor then you already are and help you secure a higher pay-bracket as an instructor

Pre-requisite: registered for a level 1 live teacher training OR attended a Level 1 live teacher training OR Level 1 certified

What to bring: Level 2 certification material, towel, water bottle, pen.

**Once we receive your payment for the live teacher training we will use the email associated with your order to get in touch with you. So please keep that in mind and check it for updates!