We had an amazing time filming on location in beautiful Mexico.

  • Mexico 2016

Closing Remarks

Who knew there was such a thing as paradise!! Being able to film in such a splendid environment on a daily basis—surrounded by natural wildlife within a peaceful, diverse ecosystem—is icing on the cake! Grand Palladium Riviera Resort & Spa was more than we could have asked for during our 20-day Classical Stretch Season 11 film shoot—excellent service, first-class accommodation, delectable gastronomy, a never-ending beachfront that went on for miles… We will never forget the wonderful hospitality of all the staff who always had a smile on their face, no matter what requests we had for finding the best shoot locations (not too much sun, a bit more shade, less wind—filming can be quite challenging!) It was never hard to find a good spot to film at, as there was an abundance of picturesque locations on the property—in fact, it was often hard to narrow down our choices! Thank you again, Grand Palladium Riviera Resort & Spa—for ensuring that our next season of Classical Stretch puts smiles on the faces of everyone who need a little extra motivation to work out—a gorgeous sun, soothing beachfront, flowing palm trees and tranquil nature never hurt anyone!