Strength and Flexibility Series - 30 episodes - filmed in Jamaica at My Silversands

  • Endless summer
  • Jetty
  • Rum Jetty
  • Queens Cottage
  • Orchid House
  • Red Fox Villa
  • Santa Margherita
  • Rock Hill Villa
  • Wrap Up

Behind the scenes of filming Season 10 

We had a wonderful time filming our 10th anniversary season in Jamaica! The weather was absolutely gorgeous––each morning the weather co-operated with us, allowing us finish this shoot a couple days early for the very first time!

We would like to thank for letting us film at several of their beautiful villas and beaches!  If you’re ever in Jamaica, is a great place to stay…after all it’s one of our favorite places to go on vacation!

Endless summer

Every Day: Endless summer

We arrived exhausted in Jamaica at our Villa “Endless Summer”to be welcomed by our very own butler, breakfast, lunch and dinner chef. Read More 


Day 1: Filming at the Jetty and the tree near the Jetty.

Our first morning of filming, we got a chance to tease the film crew because they forgot to switch their clocks to Jamaica time­––that left all the more banana bread for the rest of us! Read More

Rum Jetty

Day 2: Filming at Rum Jetty villa

The Rum Jetty villa is located on a beautiful private beach overlooking a long wharf ending with a British styled gazebo and, of course, the Caribbean Sea! Every angle we looked at was ridiculously photogenic. Read More

Queens Cottage

Day 3: Queens Cottage villa

Today we had the pleasure of filming at Queens Cottage. In the 1960's Queen Elizabeth visited the island of Jamaica and stayed in this cottage; it is no wonder why! Read More

Orchid House

Day 4: Orchid house villa

The layout of Orchid House, the Villa for our day 6 shoot was different from all the others. The house was built around an interior courtyard with a large private pool, waterfall and private gardens. Read More

Red fox villa

Day 5: Red Fox villa

One of our favorite locations at! This oceanfront villa is stunning inside and out. This location made it easy to film a lot of shows today. Read More

Santa Margherita

Day 6: Santa Margarita villa

Santa Margarita, is situated on a cliff boasting a breathtaking view of the Caribbean Sea. Filming here was again easy and a delight!
Read More

Rock Hill

Day 7: Rock Hill Villa

Silver Sands is a small-gated community of private villas that start at the top of a gentle hill and finish at the ocean. On day 7, we filmed at the top of the hill at this breath taking villa called Rockhill. This location gave us a panoramic backdrop with a breathtaking view. Read More

Wrap Up

Day 11: Its a wrap!

A wonderful time was had by all during this film shoot. This was was without a doubt our smoothes filming shoot yet. Read More