Aging Backwards – 30 Episodes – Filmed in Round Hill, Jamaica

Behind the scenes of filming Season 12

Our entire team received the royal treatment at Round Hill Resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Thank you Round Hill for hosting us in your beautiful establishment and allowing us to experience a true taste of Paradise!

Arrival: Welcome Remarks

We were greeted with a warm welcome to Round Hill resort. The staff met us with smiles, took our bags, and brought us a refreshing beverage. We were all immediately taken with the beauty and charm that surrounded us. Read More 

Day 1: Villa 11 – How Stella Got Her Groove Back

The sun is hot and rises early in Jamaica; we learned quickly that we’d need to start very early in the morning in order to beat the heat. As the saying goes, the early bird catches the worm - and we got to watch the beautiful sun rise over the Caribbean Sea each morning. Read More

Days 2: Villa 22 – Our Villa

We were fortunate enough to have been put up in our own private villa. This meant that we spent every night taking a dip in our pool and watching the sun set over the sea. It also meant that we had a beautiful location to film at right outside of our bedroom door! Read More

Days 3: Villa 20 – Premium Luxury Villa

The entire crew had to pick our jaws up off the floor after being toured through this villa. We were warned that this was one of the most stunning villas on the property – but words could not describe the level of luxury that we witnessed. Read More

Day 4: The Wharf and Water Sports Centre

Montego Bay traces the stunning Caribbean Sea – filled with coral, tropical aquatic life, and turquoise water – the wharf was the perfect location to film on Day 3. This morning we filmed on the water, with a beautiful background of the Jamaican hillside along with the turquoise sea. Read More

Day 5 & 6: Villa 16 and Round Hill Pool

On day’s 5 and 6 we captured some beautiful views with the ocean backdrop and expansive greenery. On Day 5 we were lucky enough to shoot at another Premium Luxury Villa. Villa 16 was rumoured to have once been owned by Oscar Hammerstein; the theatrical producer and creator of The Sound of Music.
Read More

Rock Hill

Day 8 & 9: Villa 10 – Favourite of JFK and Jackie O

On days 8 & 9 we moved on to Villa 10, another favourite of JFK and Jackie O. This 3-story, expansive villa exuded timeless elegancy. With a tucked away private pool, multiple balconies, and a variety of views, it was no surprise to find out that the lovebirds spent their honeymoon right here. Read More