Age Defying Series - 30 episodes - filmed in Jamaica

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Behind the scenes of filming Season 8

It has been such a pleasure for us to film in Jamaica so we wanted to share a little more information with you about our shoot locations. As soon as we land on this beautiful island, we begin to relax, which says a lot given the fact that we are usually about to embark on a 15 day shoot! Though we have to admit, waking up at 4:30 am is not quite as hard when you open your windows and feel a warm breeze and smell the fresh sea air. And the Iberostar Hotels breakfast is something we all look forward to!

On our shoot for the Age Defying Series, we were able to film in various locations in and around Montego Bay and Ocho Rios. We hope you get a chance to visit Jamaica, as the people are so friendly, the weather always beautiful and the food is fresh and tasty. There is so much to do, you can’t go wrong!

We hope you enjoyed our tour of Jamaica and we would like to thank everyone for being so accommodating during our filming! We know you enjoy all of our locations and the variety of backgrounds enhances your enjoyment of each workout. We’d like to thank all the locations listed above for making that happen and encourage you to visit Jamaica!


Day 3: The Gardens at Ocho Rios

On Day 3 we jumped in a bus and headed to Ocho Rios! The 1.5 hour drive was worth every minute as the enchanted gardens were stunning! Read More

Round Hill

Day 5: Filming at the Round Hill Villas

JFK and Jackie Kennedy not only stayed here, they honeymooned here! And oh just a few others like Bing Crosby. Read More


Day 7: Rose Hall Great House

The legend surrounding Rose Hall and its infamous owner, Annie Palmer, also known as. Read More


Day 9: Coyaba Resort

On day 9 we drove to the Coyaba resort, which was only 5 miles from Montego Bay and 10 minutes from the airport. Read More

Half Moon

Day 5: Half Moon Golf Course

For the golf lovers and sports enthusiasts, Jamaica has a lot to offer! Read More


Greenwood Great House

On last seasons itinerary but worth a mention! We hold quite a few Classical Stretch Fitness Holidays in Jamaica and we try to plan at least. Read More