ESSENTRICS® guarantees the quality of all of our products if purchased from or one of our verified resellers.
The following indicators can help you spot a counterfeit ESSENTRICS® product:

1. Place
You may find our products in various shops, libraries, gyms, and clinics around the world. However, if you find our products being sold online by anyone other than the verified resellers listed below, there is a chance that they are selling a counterfeit. - "Essentrics - Classical Stretch" & "Absolute Yogi" - "Essentrics Workout" - "Absolute Yogi"

2. Price
If someone is advertising our products for less than they are being sold on our website it is likely a fake.

3. Packaging and Playback
Counterfeit DVDs can be hard to spot to the untrained eye – here are a few clues.


If you suspect that you’ve purchased a counterfeit product, please let us know!

Email us at: [email protected] with as many details as possible (what dvd you purchased, where and when you purchased it, the merchant or website, and pictures of the counterfeit products are all very helpful).

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