The concept of aging backwards has been a popular topic among our community members.

Many of you have reached out to us asking for advice on how to slow down and reverse the aging process through exercise. It's important to know that every workout we offer has the same fantastic benefits regardless of the title!

The Essentrics technique safely and correctly engages all 650 muscles to stimulate your cells (the powerhouses that give you energy and burn calories), keep your muscles healthy, your blood flowing and your joints liberated, for full-body strength and flexibility. Our goal is to keep your body strong and mobile, while preventing and healing injuries in a safe workout. Correct exercise is the key to maintaining your youth and health, and brings with it many additional benefits!

By moving daily we can:

  • Correct our posture, which is essential to the health of our internal organs, and makes us look as though we’ve lost 10 pounds and 10 years in just 30 minutes a day!
  • Prevent muscle atrophy and cell death.
  • Live in a pain-free body (regardless of our age).
  • Reverse and prevent the physical changes that occur to our bones, muscles and skin as we age.
  • Maintain our weight, flexibility, strength, mobility and good health from our youth and well into our golden years.
All you need to do is utilize all 650 muscles in your body, and you can
do this with just one workout a day!

Here Are Some Suggestions For You:

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Age Reversing Workouts for Beginners with
Miranda Esmonde-White

In order to maintain our youth and vitality—we need to remain pain-free, energetic and have correct posture. Miranda's gentle, full-body, beginner workouts will help you achieve these goals by unlocking your body, boosting your energy and setting you on the path towards aging backwards.

These two Essentrics workouts will engage every muscle in your body, liberate your joints and improve your overall health.

Aging backwards takes only 30 minutes a day!


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Classical Stretch Season 9: Weight Loss and Pain-Relief with Miranda Esmonde-White

Every "Classical Stretch" workout uses the Essentrics technique!

This combination of 30 (23 min.) workouts will relieve pain and tone and strengthen your entire body. Start with the pain-relief workouts: a combination of deep stretch and targeted pain-relief exercises to encourage full body healing. Once you are ready for more of a challenge, move on to the weight-loss workouts. These fun and challenging workouts are aimed at melting the fat away, while strengthening and toning the full body.


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Essentrics: Toning for Beginners with
Sahra Esmonde-White

Miranda's daughter, Sahra, will guide you through a variety of slow-paced, beginner workouts. These two (30 min.) routines are easy to follow and guarantee to stretch and strengthen all of your 650 muscles for a full body boost! You'll finish these workouts feeling instantly lighter, looser and younger!


You may be reaping the rewards of our workouts, but do you understand how and why this technique is reducing your pain, increasing your mobility, and helping you to age backwards?

The human body is designed to remain pain-free, energetic and healthy throughout its lifespan.

With Aging Backwards, gone are the days when we had to accept the negative consequences of aging as inevitable and a "normal" part of getting older. In reality, we should never have to surrender helplessly to chronic pain, hip and knee replacements, loss of energy and mobility, poor posture, or weight gain—regardless of our chronological years. 

Most of us are unaware that the process of aging is triggered by cell death. In Aging Backwards, Miranda explains how you can slow down and reverse the speed in which your cells die, showing scientifically, how anyone can stay feeling young and vibrant their entire life!

Everyone, no matter their age, can benefit from the breakthrough knowledge and advice provided in Aging Backwards. It's never too late to take control of your body and never let aging get in your way! 

To learn more, take a look at Miranda Esmonde-White's New York Times bestselling book “Aging Backwards”.


We want to provide you with all of the resources necessary to do these exercises safely, correctly and on your own. Be sure to visit our website to view our Free Mini Workout Videos.

It's beneficial to do at least one mini workout each day. You may combine or repeat as many of the videos, as many times as you like. Try to do 2-3 mini workouts each day to see and feel optimal results.

Try any of our other free workout videos! We have something for everyone at every fitness level.

These workouts may be short, but they will still target every muscle in your body regardless of their length. Mix and match to do around 30 minutes each day!

Age Reversing Workouts with Miranda Esmonde-White
Essentrics: Shoulders, Upper Back and Pectoral Stretch

Check your local TV guide to find out if it will be playing in
your area or stream online on ESSENTRICS TV!

Watch a clip from Classical Stretch Season 11 (below):

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Miranda Emonde-White  

Online Interview with Miranda
on What the Fork? 

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Catch Miranda's online interview with health expert, Sheree Clark from What the Fork?—a practical and nourishing plan to feed yourself for health and happiness. Her interview is part of a free online interview series starting May 2nd with dozens of health, nutrition, exercise and lifestyle experts. 

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live class  
Attending a Live Class can be an invaluable experience. Work with a live trainer to make the most of your Essentrics & Classical Stretch workouts!

Find an instructor in your area! Select your country from the drop down list at the bottom of our "Find a Class" webpage. Contact any instructor directly to receive details on when and where they teach. Not seeing anyone in your area? Interested in learning more and sharing the Essentrics technique?Becoming an Essentrics instructor is an extremely rewarding experience. By completing your Essentrics certification you will learn the skills necessary to share and teach the Essentrics technique to your friends, family, and clients.

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"Two years ago I left a 20-year marketing career to focus more time on Essentrics. It's been one of the most fulfilling and rewarding decisions I've ever made..."

How Essentrics Helped Me

Learn more about why one of our Master Trainers, Jenny Bertrand, became an Essentrics instructor.

"The first time I ever thought of pursuing Essentrics teacher certification, I immediately tried to dismiss it. Realistically, how could a mom of three young children working in a demanding career, while studying for an MBA, possibly fit it in? Plus, I wasn’t a fitness teacher, so what did I know about leading exercise classes? After finishing my degree, however, the idea to teach Essentrics kept percolating in my mind, and I realized I needed to look into it further. So, I ordered the Level 1 materials and got to work. Working on the certification helped me get a lot more out of the workouts I was already doing with the Essentrics DVDs, so I figured out right away that even if I never actually became a teacher, I was receiving great personal benefit.

To earn my teaching hours, I offered free classes to my co-workers during lunch hour. From the first class, they LOVED how Essentrics made them feel. Even though I still had a lot to learn to teach it well, the pre-choreographed workout was so good that even a new teacher like me could succeed right away. Getting the feedback and seeing the results people were getting, hooked me to teach and learn more about Essentrics and how it works. Plus, I was feeling better than I ever had even though I had always exercised.

Since taking that first step to earn my level 1 certification about four years ago, I have gone on to earn all four levels. Two years ago, I left a 20-year marketing career to focus more time on Essentrics. It’s been one of the most fulfilling and rewarding decisions I’ve ever made. It’s also one of the scariest because it was a big change, but I would absolutely do it again! Every day I get to spend time with people who have decided to take some time to take care of themselves. Every day I get to hear inspiring stories about what Essentrics is doing for people. Every day I get to do something that fills my soul and nurtures my body and mind. I’m so glad I took that first step."

This is my story. I'm 64 years old and have always done aerobic workouts and light weights. November of 2014, I injured my shoulder while shoveling a heavy snowfall from the driveway. At about the same time, I was caring for our grandsons and doing quite a bit of lifting. Over the next nine months, my shoulder just got worse to the point that I couldn't raise my arm over my head and getting dressed was painful.

Then, one evening in August 2015, I was watching PBS and Miranda Esmonde-White was promoting her Classical Stretch DVDs. I had never heard of Classical Stretch before, so I looked it up on the computer and tried doing a few of the programs on her website. I also learned that she had a workout program on PBS at 6am, three times a week, so I started working out with Miranda in the morning. From the very first workout, the range of motion in my shoulder seemed to improve. I was hooked. I ordered the Season 7 Health Series and have been working out with Classical Stretch daily for almost six months now and have recently added Season 10 Strength & Flexibility for more variety.

I am so pleased with Classical Stretch and how Miranda Esmonde-White has helped me to heal my shoulder and improve my level of fitness. People probably get tired of me talking about the benefits of Classical Stretch, but I am 'over the moon' excited about it and wish everyone would give it a try.

Thank you, Miranda for creating such a wonderful program.

Diane S
Dassel, Minnesota

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