Exercise has been scientifically proven as one of the most effective methods to prevent brain cells from atrophying over time! And the most effective type of brain-body exercise has been found to be complex movements, rather than simple ones.

Examples of simple movements are walking and eating. When walking, the brain doesn’t have to figure out how to swing our arms or step one leg in front of the other. In our infancy, we figure out how to walk – but from that stage on, our body does it automatically.

Complex movements change constantly and require the brain to figure out how to do them. For example: bending to the floor to pick up a heavy bag of groceries, placing the bag on a counter, and putting the various groceries onto different shelves. This sequence requires the brain to communicate how to keep us on balance as we go from bending to standing while twisting and turning of the torso, arms, and legs in sorting out groceries.

Numerous studies have shown that exercise creates new neurons in the brain – with complex movements strengthening the synaptic connections between neurons. These same complex moves are used continuously in an Essentrics workout! They are deliberately designed to ignite and challenge the brain and leave the participant feeling stimulated and energized.



How does the brain help energize us? As the control center of our body, the brain requires an enormous amount of energy to function properly. The best way to produce energy for the brain is to use it! And since the brain contains a large percentage of the body’s mitochondria – the energy-burning furnaces found in our cells – the more we use our brain, the more mitochondria are required to both produce and burn energy! This is why brain activity leaves us feeling awake, focused, and ready for the day.



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These workouts will stimulate your brain – helping to reverse sluggishness, alleviate brain fog and prevent brain cell atrophy. You’ll learn how and why specific techniques and exercises in the Essentrics program help improve brain function and build new neurons, regardless of your age and fitness level!

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