We’ve compiled research that explains why gentle exercise helps to support the immune system; more reasons to do your daily Essentrics full body stretch!

Our Wellness Challenge is focused on wellbeing, so we’d like to share what we’ve learned about gentle exercise. Upon review of the science, it appears that exercise helps to support the immune system, if it is not too intense or too frequent.

Though the reasons why remain unclear, several studies have shown that moderate exercise has a beneficial effect on prevention of illness. However, as the exercise becomes more strenuous, the effects begin to turn downwards, i.e. you see fewer protective benefits as your exercise becomes more strenuous. (Chit-Ming Wong, 2008)



To keep our immune system robust, it’s important that we keep our body in balance and our stress levels down. The immune system is very responsive to exercise, and the way in which we exercise – especially regarding the intensity and frequency. While exercise has shown to be an effective way to boost our immune system and relieve stress, studies have shown that moderation is the key to reducing risks associated with infections. (Chit-Ming Wong, 2008)


  • Choose mild to moderate exercise to support your immune system
  • Keep your muscles, joints and connective tissue mobile and unlocked
  • Do stress relieving activities that work for you: read, listen to music, meditate, etc.


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