I started doing Classical Stretch after seeing Miranda on PBS in December 2014. I was facing surgery in January of 2015 and was concerned about the effects on my waistline in particular. Having had several surgeries for bladder problems and vaginal prolapse I was aware that after each surgery my abdominal muscles seemed to weaken. My daughter purchased Season 7 for me for my birthday in January 2015 and I have continued the program since. At first the abdominal exercises were quite difficult but now seem easy. I find that every spring when I get out my bike I am able to ride up hills better that I could prior to Classical Stretch. My swimming has become stronger and I can complete laps faster than I used to. I am now 72 years old and still work part time. I look forward to staying fit for many more years, thanks to Classical Stretch.


My name is Justyna and I am originally from Poland. I immigrated to Canada when I was 9 years old and I live in Calgary, Alberta. In my first year of college I injured my lower back weight lifting. Since then I have been living with back pain. In 2016 my mom discovered Essentrics flipping through the channels. Back then, I had no motivation to do anything but she kept encouraging be to start excising. Last summer, I had a really bad sciatic nerve pain that lasted for about 3 months. I finally decided it is time to exercise with Miranda. Through the pain and tears I slowly made it through the first 23 minutes. Ever since Miranda has been part of my daily life. From the bottom of my heart I want to say thank you. I can't imagine my life now without Essentrics. Listening to Miranda while exercising brings me joy and inspiration. Thank you.


Dear Miranda, I've been doing Essentrics for over a year now and have seen a tremendous change in my body. I'm stronger and leaner and taller, which is a lot since I'm 5 feet tall, and the best is that I always sit up straight now. I just started Season 9 and am loving the challenge of harder workouts. About a month ago, I took an Alvin Ailey dance class - it was 1 1/2 hours, and we learned choreography from Revelations. I was able to do the class! I was a sweaty mess after, but I was so proud of myself for being able to do the class and feel like a dancer. I'm grateful to you and Essentrics because I couldn't have taken the class without you. The strength it takes to do the Essentrics workouts, along with the dance moves I've learned made me feel like an Ailey dancer for that hour and a half. I love doing your workouts - the current one is always my favorite, until I do the next one! I will continue doing the workouts! With much gratitude and please come to New York City to teach!

Janet R

Doing Miranda's classical stretch standing videos (only) totally changed my core within a matter of weeks. And once I began doing and learning the Level 1 Essentrics standing portion for just a few weeks, my core and legs (and entire body) quickly came into fabulous shape. This is coming from a woman who had an emergency c-section (where I was cut both horizontally and vertically) 19 years ago and lost all feeling and tone in my core... until I began Classical Stretch, less than a year ago! I had been to bodywork people and power-walked daily my whole life and yet I couldn't get my core (and posture) back after the c-section, until I began Classical Stretch and then Essentrics training....18 years after the emergency c-section! I believe in this program and I know from experience that it works completely.


Miranda, as I watched your Toledo OH PBS wgte program today, I was so impressed with your initiative to give accurate info to the general public. Over 30 years ago I switched from nursing in the medical profession to assisting chiropractic physicians because, when my own MD said they could not help the 3 diagnoses he gave me, it was under effective chiropractic care that I myself improved and that's where I saw countless others getting help. Where we were in the medical dealt with symptoms, the CAUSE is addressed in chiropractic. So you can see why I appreciate the info you offer....the same info that has been the chiropractic approach for years. What I MOST appreciate is your focus on the value of LIFESTYLE. My DC aligns the spine/joints, etc which is primary because, if the spine is not in natural alignment, physical activity can increase the injury. Then comes the importance of PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY, as you stress....as when you say we can't depend on the dentist to brush our teeth; for example. Currently I am privileged to be involved in the practice of Dr. Michael Hollerbach, DC and as someone has said, he has a "dream team". Dr. Hollerbach, a highly skilled NCTMB prior to becoming a physician graduating from Life University in GA, offers effective care that addresses the CAUSE of his patient's condition. Then he has therapists on staff who continue the process through a comprehensive program of nutrition, massage, and musculoskeletal work. From that point on, it is the ongoing initiative of the patient to adapt a LIFESTYLE that maintains the effective care begun in the office. And, as a patient myself, I believe this is a HUGE challenge because follow-up can be so difficult. When the patient is receiving care from practitioners who implement QUALITY services but effective results seem non-existent over time, often it is due to LACK OF PATIENT COMPLIANCE aka lack of personal responsibility. This lifestyle-focus that you stress is AWESOME and I want to thank you for getting this info out to the general public. Over many many years I've heard it in chiropractic seminars & it is all SO TRUE!!!!


A big "thank you" to you, Miranda, for sharing your knowledge and expertise in Classical Stretch by Essentrics. Nine months ago I was diagnosed with being a prime candidate for a hip replacement in the future. What with the exercises from my physical therapist, Classical Stretch, and the healing power from my great God, Jesus Christ, this has been reversed! I am rejoicing in the absence of pain and immobility. I'm looking forward to water-skiing and hunting with my son. Thank you, once again, for being a vital part of my healing and helping so many others in their times of need as well. God bless you richly.


Many thanks to Miranda & Sahra for all of their helpful sessions in Classical stretch/ Essentrics. I am 73 years young & feel so wonderful as I participate in this form of exercise. I began a couple of years ago when I read Aging Backwards & did the exercises in it. I very much agreed with Miranda’s philosophy of gentle stretching movements bringing better health for all ages. Then, I found the mini- workouts with Miranda & Sarah on YouTube, so participated in those for several months. Now, I am getting up at 6:00am weekday mornings to exercise with Miranda on WSRE television program. I am presently ordering my own DVD’s so I can exercise anytime! I am encouraging others including my hubby to join me. Thank you so much for you help in keeping us healthy. Blessings!


I have had back pain for many years and have been becoming quite stiff. I recently began watching Miranda on PBS here in San Diego and have been doing the Classical Stretch program most days. I have had an amazing improvement. I now have very little pain and am able to move much better. My balance is now much better also and I am getting out daily for long walks. Getting older is a worry and now I feel confident that I will be able to remain independent and healthy. I enjoy listening to Miranda’s encouraging instruction during the program.


I have always been pretty flexible & physically active. I was just diagnosed with arthritis in the right (dominant side) hip/hip flexor improved with the specific quad/hip/glutes programs 3-4 months have done the daily AM tv Classical Stretch body is changing, bending to my toes but my hands go beyond my toe by hand length to my wrist, Im stronger, balance improved, forehead touches knees, haven't measured but feel taller.

Keep Anonymous

I reached 45 and began having some incontinence issues. After I was hit by a car as a pedestrian, the problem worsened. I started using your program after surgery for my injuries, and could not believe how quickly my physical health improved. I can now wear regular underpants! Thank you!

Keep Anonymous

I am so happy to have been using your exercise programs over the past 20 + years. So many of the workouts are designed and work so well for me personally, to help maintain my health and to help control my muscle and joint pain. I just want to thank you and for you to know how much I appreciate the workouts, education, common sense, and your keeping up with the latest information and best practices. You understand so well that everyone does not fit into one exercise plan and each person has unique needs so that they can maintain and improve their health without causing injuries. I always feel wonderful in my mind and body after my workouts.


I am going to be 65 years young soon. I had a desk job, was overweight, and couldn't get the weight off. I tried to exercise on my own, joined several gyms, took yoga and pilates classes, went to chiropractors on an ongoing basis and had physical therapy over a period of 3 years. Each time I exercised, I felt worse. I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis of the lower spine, herniated disks and degenerative disc disease. I went to a couple of surgeons who wanted to do both cervical and lumbar spinal surgery. I fell several times and was afraid to walk on my own. I always had back pain and muscle spasms. I couldn't walk too far without having weakness in my legs and with the fear of falling. I gave up playing with my grandchildren because I was afraid of getting hurt or falling. I came across Essentrics in January on PBS and decided to order a DVD and join Essentrics TV. I absolutely love it and enjoy every workout. I have to say it was difficult in the beginning due to having such a tight lower back and hamstrings but I didn't give up. It is now 4 months later and I can't tell you how great I feel. I can walk up and down the steps without weakness in my legs. I am now playing with my grandkids and able to walk up and down hills without pain. I have more energy and clean my house without getting tired. I am so grateful for this program and what it has done to my life. It was an answer to my prayers. I really do have a better quality of life and plan to do more physical activities in the future. Thank you so much, Miranda, for this program and for your instructors I'm just happy to be moving.


At the age of 45 I experienced a back injury resulting in sciatic pain and tingling down my left leg with numbness in my left foot. I was completely unprepared for the physical and mental exhaustion that accompanied the discomfort; my mind was constantly preoccupied with the thought that this could be my "new normal." For the next 3 years, through relaxation practices and stretches (other than essentrics) I did heal to probably about 75%. I was able to make it through my part time job and to continue my hobby of ballroom dancing lessons a couple times a week but I needed to lie down during the day and had to carry cushions with me everywhere I went in order to sit with any measure of comfort. Two years ago (age 48) I was having a sleepless night and decided to watch PBS during a membership drive. That turned out to be a wonderful decision on my part because I was introduced to Miranda Esmonde-White and joined the growing list of people who thank God for her every day. In the past two years I have felt better and better. The healing has been slow, as you say,"one cell at a time," but it is measurable and continual. The part that feels most miraculous to me is the sense of hope and well being because I have a tool I can use every day and can envision a future without pain or discomfort. I no longer carry a cushion with me, I have more energy (which continues to grow) and feel more flexibility and mobility throughout my entire body than I noticed before, even when I was younger. Even my dance instructor notices the difference; he often smiles at a bit of progress I’ve made and says,"You must be stretching again." I cannot thank you enough. Thank you, thank you and thank you again!


I have been doing Essentrics for 17-18 years. It is the one program that I always have kept in my life. It is great for the periods when you are hitting it hard to keep you flexible and it is great for inactive times to prevent stiffness. Every 6 month my back and neck get out of alignment due to some over exertion. When this happens I get ocular migraines/eye clusters, basically a migraine with out the pain that causes visual disturbance. I use to go to a chiropractor when this would happen, he would realign me and all would be well for months. Now I realize doing Classical Stretch is helping me keep aligned or get back when I start getting Migraines. Last fall, I had a severe injury to my left foot. A chain saw blade shot at me and cut through my greater, second and third metatarsals sideways through the arch of my foot cutting 4/5s of my foot. I had emergency surgery. My tendons were not found. Imagine my fear for whether I would be able to do the things I love: hiking with my family, jogging, biking, skiing, snowshoeing, tree climbing and more. The morning before my accident I was running along a river bare foot in the 12+inch flood waters. Would I regain my balance? Would I be able to push my weight up with my injured foot? Well, it has been 7 months, I was not prescribed physical therapy so on my own I have been implementing massage and Classical Stretch into my life routine. At first I just tried to stand during Classical Stretch, then that got easier. Next I tried to bend my ankle and balance when simply standing there, now I am working on lifting my weight with just my injured foot. It is going great. When balancing on one foot doing bar work I would put a chair next to my hip so I would not tip while trying to regain balance. Five days ago, for the first time I did the bar work without the chair by my hip!!! I wanted to cry, I may have but I won't tell. Today I biked for the first time. I know that Classical Stretch is the reason I have made leaps and bounds to a pretty much full recovery. I guess my doctor must have thought I was the kind of person that would have the drive but I say, where would I have started had I not had Classical Stretch. It is any level you want it to be. Simple when you start and intense when you are a expert. Anybody can do it! There is no workout like it!!! Miranda is so educated on how the body works but it is more than that.....she was meant to do this, it is natural to her. She is super sweet and such a kind person. She cares for all of us! I actually am thinking of getting certified in Eccentrics to help others benefit. I would like to offer it for free because I believe everyone deserves to feel good. If it is free they will come, if they come they will start to have a better quality of life. Thank you Miranda, you are a real blessing. God must be so proud of you!


I have been doing classical stretch workouts for many, many years and have recently subscribed to your Essentrics tv program. I love it! Classical Stretch does wonders for my back pain and mobility. Plus, I feel so graceful! I seriously feel like I've had a massage after I finish a workout! Thank you so much to Miranda and everyone there!


I started with Classical stretch in 2015. It's lead me to a better body that continues to improve. I still have a long way to go but with Essentrics l finally have a way to relax my muscles. Pain relief, weight loss, and my athleticism have all increased. Thank you!


I was recently diagnosed with Meniere's Disease. I have hearing loss in one ear, extreme tinnitus, and sudden vertigo attacks. My life had come to a sudden halt. I found Miranda's Essentrics show on PBS and began doing it, even on not so good days. It's 6 months later and I can honestly say this program saved me. My balance is good and I always feel better after a workout. I never write reviews, but I wanted her to know how much she has helped me. Miranda's voice and calm passion for our health is a comfort money can not buy. Thank you Miranda you are an angel.


Dear Miranda, I'm writing to thank you for your breast cancer rehabilitation videos. After a double mastectomy and 12 months of 'rehab' I developed a frozen shoulder that three physiotherapists advised doing nothing about, they said that waiting it out would suffice. Desperate, and unable to raise my arm past my waist, I found your videos online and after 6 weeks I had most of my range of movement back. And every day I'm getting a tiny bit more. There's no doubt that the most important part of your video is your gentle, kind and calming advice to not be afraid. And I was so very afraid! Through your video, you accompanied me through a dark time and provided hope and encouragement when I really needed it - not to mention the best advice and program of rehab for my shoulder. Thank you for making such a difference to my life. If I could hug you I would. Love and best wishes and eternal gratitude.


I discovered Essentrics on PBS while staying in a hotel room 50 miles from my home in Panama City, FL, which was damaged by Hurricane Michael. The storm left me extremely stressed, adding anxiety and depression to the usual aches and stiffness I felt from being out of shape and suffering from increasing arthritis pain. Miranda's sunny attitude was just the encouragement I needed. My first class, following along with her, made me feel SO GOOD, I began to get up at 5:50 am every morning so that I wouldn't miss it. Classical Stretch gave me the routine I needed, made me feel great and now - 2 months later - even though I'm still displaced and about 4 weeks from being able to go home, I have subscribed to the streaming service and haven't missed a day of Essentrics since that first class on PBS. My body is leaner and slimmer, and best of all, I start every day feeling strong and pain free, with the presence of mind and body to face any challenge. The benefits are not only physical - the psychological benefit cannot be underestimated. Thank you, Miranda, for sharing your gifts with the world! You inspire me to be my best.


Have been using Essentrics for 1 year and a half. it has changed my life. I passed on the program to my sister who diligently has been exercising and at her last check up gained an inch. Amazing! I can do more and my strength is stronger than I have ever been. No more neck pain and my "pooch" is going away! Keep the DVDs coming. I love them and the variety! Thank you!


I have done these stretches since November 2018. In 1988 I was paralyzed and although I have healed enormously despite the MD world's horrible prognosis, some physical inabilities have remained a problem. But, doing these stretches every day since November 2018 have brought the following results: 1. lower back pain - gone after 4 days 2. my ankles are stronger 3. my hips move easier 4. I can kneel and my knees support me with no pain 5. I can sit on the floor without falling back on my butt because my hips wouldn't move 6. my jammed finger is unjammed 7. my neck pain from a car accident - gone 8. I can turn my head all the way to the left - couldn't after car accident 9. shoulder pain from twisting arm too much putting a pot away 5 years ago - gone 10. the knob which has formed on the knuckle of my index finger - almost normal again 11. my 4 broken toes stopped hurting. Most of these problems remained from my paralyzed incident in 1988. The others were at least 5 years old. I feel great inside my body. Thank you.


I did the 28-Day Challenge, because I had some shoulder issues, and I wanted to see how I would feel after a month-long daily diet of Essentrics. I'm a Pilates, and yoga instructor who practices these disciplines (including Barre) every day (about 1 to 2 hours day). Although I own a few Essentrics DVDs and try and squeeze in one or 2 routines a week, often, I just run out of time for it. However, I do know that it is totally different from the other systems of movement that I practice. I feel that the dynamic stretching/strengthening is quite beneficial, especially to my torso. I sustained a shoulder/arm injury a year ago, and that discomfort will just not go away despite different interventions, such as acupuncture, chiropractic and massage therapy. It is aggravated by my daily computer work. So I wanted to see what might happen after a month of daily Essentrics practice. Well, the results are in: my pain, although still there, has subsided tremendously. I can now move my right arm with much less discomfort than before. Thank you, dear team of instructors, for your excellent cueing and well designed routine.


I've been doing Essentrics daily since April of 2017. I subscribe to Essentrics TV, which I adore! So many workouts to choose from! I started after I injured my back and had recurring episodes of severe back pain. Essentrics has made these episodes of pain a rarity, and easy to resolve with a few workouts. Additionally, I have a very fit appearance. I am often told that I look 10 years younger than my 55 years. I had let my weight creep up over 2018, so this year I decided to get rid of those 12 lbs. When I saw the February Health Challenge for 2019, I decided to do it. I also committed to 3 days a week of intermittent fasting, so now at the end of the challenge I'm down 6 lbs., and it looks more like 10+ lbs. because I toned up so much. I did the regular challenge, and I really feel that it helped me reshape my body because it included some longer and more challenging workouts. I really love Miranda, and the energy of all the other trainers too. I always feel encouraged to do my best, but not at the expense of injuring my body.


These workouts seemed to address my shoulder injury (fell on ice) from way back and helped my mind-body connection in that area! I most definitely have a wad of connective tissue (maybe even scar tissue) in my right side stemming from my shoulder down through my wrists and fingers! At the beginning of the month, I was in tears because the pain in my shoulder area down my arm was pretty unbearable, but Miranda's instruction to be gentle and slow in my movements helped! Amazing! I can now move through these sequences with much more strength and much less pain. Thank God!!!!! I also have to mention the soundtrack music provided helps my mind immediately relax when I hear it and helps me go slow in my movements with the understanding that I am getting stronger! Yay! This is right down my alley because I refused to use muscle relaxers from my physician. I knew there had to be another way and I knew Miranda has the answer to my woes! Thank you, Miranda for helping me gain better posture and mobility!! You are a treasure!!


I work out with Miranda everyday. I found her in 2015 and have done her workouts daily since. She has totally changed my body and I am so much stronger and toned. Miranda is a blessing and I am so grateful for her awesome workouts.


Great improvement in posture and incredible increase in hamstring flexibility! She is so easy to follow on the TV workouts.


I have R.A along with Severe back problems. I discovered Miranda on PBS one morning two years ago. It is true that by doing her exercises 5-6 days weekly, I am pain free.

Keep Anonymous

I love the Eccentrics Program. I followed this 28 day challenge religiously and can honestly say that I have noticed a significant reduction in the stiffness of my joints and muscles. I’ve always had problems with pain in my feet and can’t believe that since I’ve started this program, I can walk around my home in bare feet or socks and don’t need to wear shoes all the time!!! My flexibility is returning and I feel so good at the end of these classes, it is amazing. I tell everyone I can about it as I believe it really works to improve balance, strength and flexibility.


My health challenge actually began over two years ago. Having osteoarthritis posed a problem for my knees. I started out with prescribed physical therapy exercises that helped my knees for a while. After four months of these routine exercises I experienced returned knee pain with a vengeance! That's when I sought out Classical Stretch on my local PBS TV station and purchased the DVDs. Miranda's full body stretch exercises were just what I needed to relieve my knee pain. After several months of daily Classical Stretches I experienced minimal knee pain with increased knee flexibility. Not to mention overall body rejuvenation and increased physical stamina especially while standing and walking. My exercise challenge began two years ago and continues today with my achieving a personal monumental success. Thank you, Miranda, for designing and sharing your well thought out exercise routines.


I really enjoy the exercises and feel a great deal better after each class.They are not intimidating. This winter I injured myself during a regular workout class and was in a great deal of pain. The arthritis really kicked in. While going to PT, I started Essentrics and now I notice that I am almost pain free. This made me realize that I will need to continue this type of exercise daily for the rest of my life. It certainly is worth it to be able to function well and do everyday tasks with ease. I'm also hoping that as I continue I can improve my muscle tone and lose a little more weight. I am seriously thinking of becoming an instructor.

Keep Anonymous

Several years ago I was diagnosed with tendonitis and prescribed a night brace. At that time I began searching for mobility exercises and discovered Essentrics. Within ten days of exercising, I was able to put the brace into storage and it hasn't been out since. I also realized, after a few months, that I was no longer having to use the banister to maintain my balance on stairs. I've been following these routines for a long time now and feel better than ever. Thank you Miranda!


I was already a fan of Miranda & Essentrics, but I decided to up my game and take the challenge. Although I didn't do every single day, I am SO much stronger now! The challenge also helped me with the winter blues, here in CT when it can be quite grey. Thanks to all the team!


Merci pour ce beau défi santé organisé! Je me suis remise en forme grâce au défi. Je me sens plus souple, plus forte et j'ai beaucoup moins de tension dans mon dos. Je me sens plus mobile et plus heureuse! Chaque jour, j'avais hâte à la nouvelle capsule! Merci et BRAVO!


I have been doing this program for a year. I have seen a tremendous change in my body shape, strength, and overall flexibility. I had mild planters fasciitis, lower back pain and hip pain. This program has completely relieved these issues. I feel so much better, have more energy and strength. I purchased Season 12 - Aging Backwards and the most current Essentrics Body Toning DVDs. Between the DVDs and what I often catch on PBS TV, I never get bored with my exercise routine. It’s the best program I’ve ever used!


My journey through the 28 day challenge has been quite mind blowing! I am behind, as I started late. The biggest change I have noticed is my shoulder sculpting and my waist has really tightened. I feel that I have more energy and my posture increasingly improved. I just feel really energized and physically ‘good’ each day! First time doing this and will not be the last. What a great series you have put together!


I love the Essentrics program! I've never been one to complete 30 day challenges or anything of that sort. Yet, here I am day after day, ready to stretch and relax for a quick 20 minutes. It's so easy! I've been here almost every day this month! It has made a difference in my posture and my gait and my sleep. I have an old hamstring injury that I am now able to "unstick" and mobilize by these most gentle PNF stretches.


I was looking for a workout I would actually do after commuting 40 miles each way and working hard delivering mail & packages all day. Classical Stretch far exceeded my expectations. I feel great! I’ve seen a chiropractor for years for a chronic stiff neck. My neck feels great! My legs are noticeably firmer & stronger. I’m more relaxed & sleep better too. I’ve shared this with many people already. Thank you sooo much Miranda!


In January, I decided that I really needed a change in my fitness routine. After doing Essentrics a few days a week since the summer, the February challenge gave me that push and motivation to change my routine. I have noticed that I have more flexibility, strength and am better toned than when I was using weights.


As if just getting older was not enough of a challenge, I was struck last year with painful, small fiber neuropathy of an unknown aetiology and disabling vertigo, also considered idiopathic! I have long suffered with osteoarthritis and fasciitis of the muscles. I began daily, 23 minute videos with Miranda and slowly increased my strength and flexibility and significantly reduced my painful everything! I very much enjoy emulating Miranda to the best of my ability and take great delight in her gentle, optimistic encouragement to perform the helpful exercises! I am a huge fan of the gorgeous scenery also featured in these videos! I extend my great appreciation for these well prepared videos. Thank you!


Due to a knee injury 2 years ago, my body had become so lame that I had to retire from physical work. In August, my sister introduced me to Essentrics and after 1 workout I instinctively knew that this was the the route for me to untangle the mess of accommodations that my body had become. Sure enough, by Christmas I was back on track. No more sciatica, locked calves, burning low back pain, and limp. All gone. I knew I now wanted to start doing a bit more, building, strengthening, in order to be ready for a 4-month opportunity of being on my feet every day at a busy garden centre. I logged into Essentrics and there was the February challenge! I did the Regular and am feeling confident and strong. Thank you Essentrics! You really did lead me out, 1 day at a time, from a daunting situation


It’s been 1 year since my adrenals crashed, and during those many months I was unable to do my usual classical stretch workouts. By February, I was able to do it almost daily again. I’ve seen my muscles strengthening, my ligaments also. I’ve been able to use my strength in ways I’ve not been able to in the past, without injuring my ligaments, which is great for me as they are overly flexible. These workouts are just the right amount of time so that my adrenals aren’t stressed, and I feel great and energized afterward. I wish everyone do these, they are the most intelligent way to keep our bodies in shape, and even great when we’re hurting. They’ve helped me through back pain, with a quicker than ever recovery. I could go on and on, gratefully extolling this program, thank you so so much Miranda!


Over the past 2 years I have done many 28 day challenges. I started Essentrics at 65 and was desperate to release and open up my continually contracting muscles and inflexibility. This has been a life long reality after an early injury to my back and the unfortunate results of Crohn's Disease. In 2009 I totally changed my diet to significantly reduce inflammatory foods as well as continue my process of learning to healthfully release high stress. My Crohn's is no longer diagnosable since 2014. When I discovered Essentrics I began my commitment to it daily as the impacts was noticeable almost immediate. Today my body is an asset! I feel, look and function more comfortably and powerfully while looking amazing!!! I no longer have osteoporosis, chronic pain in my feet, joints, hands, back and neck. I am now 67 and blessed to be in an incredible and loving new partnership that includes emotional, physical and intellectual experiences that were unavailable to me in my 40s.


I started doing Classical Stretch almost four years ago after I was hit by a pickup truck while riding my horse. I had a broken knee and after 3 months I was ready to re-enter the world of fitness. I saw Miranda's Aging Backwards on our local public tv station and ordered a DVD. WELL, I am and have been addicted for these past four years. I have a terrible degenerated spine but I have kept my range of motion and gotten my body in great shape through my daily fix of Classical Stretch. Even though I have exercised my whole life with aerobics, weights, running, yoga etc. this is the best genre for me. I own all of her DVDs except the beginners. I also bought three of the vintage (which I love). My saddlebags are gone, I love/hate the plies. I never miss a workout. My most exciting news is that my husband, 69 years old is now doing them with me daily. He just had a double hip replacement in September and as I write this he is out road skiing in our snowy mountain area. That is after we did our "Miranda" this morning. My daughter and I are attending the Classical Stretch retreat this coming October in Jamaica. We are so excited! Thank you Miranda for the wonderful fitness level you have given me. I am 64, but I horseback ride, hike, and look pretty darn good for a gal my age. Can't wait to see you in October.

Mary Lou

Love, love, love my season 9 DVD! Unbelievable how much better I feel after the 22 minute workouts. Perfect amount of time for me in the mornings before heading to work. Better range of motion, pants fitting looser(yay!) and the pain relief workouts really help my knee and my back. Miranda does a nice job explaining the exercise movements and how it helps our muscles. I showed the video to my chiropractor and he was impressed with the pain relief workouts on this DVD. I explain your workouts to people like this: Before I started the workouts, I felt like the Tin Man from the wizard of OZ when he needed to be oiled. Now I feel like the Tin Man after he got his joints oiled! It's amazing! I would love to get my parents to try the workouts because I know they would move better and feel better. I already bought them the season 9 DVD but I'm not there to give them the 'push' they need to get started. Thank you so much for a workout video that I enjoy doing!


I’ve been doing Essentrics for about 9 years so I didn’t do it as a challenge but just to feel a part of something bigger. Being in my late 50’s I find that Essentrics has helped me maintain a youthful, strong and flexible body. When I’m out with friends or just in general I can see how quickly my body responds compared to other people of my age, and often those younger! Recently my doctor commented on how he is amazed at how I’ve maintained my weight and physical fitness, he said I’ve even lost a few lbs since my last appointment 2 years ago. After listening to Miranda’s new aging backwards and the connective tissues it’s proof positive how important the correct type of exercise is to keep our bodies healthy, balanced and strong. Please keep the DVDs coming! I’m so grateful for Miranda’s work and passion that has helped me maintain a youthful, strong, flexible and agile body!


I rotated workouts between the Mobility and Bone Strengthening for beginners and the two connective tissue workouts. It was a challenge to me not to miss any days, but I did it! I am definitely more flexible, energetic, and even stronger all around. I am confident that I will be able to stave off injury and immobility if I keep these up. Thank you!


Mine is a 360 day story. I started Classical Stretch 3/6/18 and it has changed my life. I have always been slim, but I was getting weaker with each passing year and every time I tried to exercise, I would injure myself. I'd almost resigned to being that way and I saw Miranda on a fund raiser for PBS. My chiropractor keeps remarking on how much stronger I am, I can do activities without being in pain and I can feel the muscles in my legs and arms and stomach getting harder and stronger. I tell EVERYONE about Classical Stretch and have purchased the DVDs for friends. This is THE answer for a strong body.


I have degenerative disc disease. I registered for Essentrics TV. Because of daily participation in this program, I have minimal pain, and tools to relieve pain when I have it. This program has enhanced my flexibility, endurance and helped to balance my weight. Thank you Essentrics & Classical Stretch.


What can I say... I have been a fan of Classical Stretch for over 20+ years. With all of life’s challenges I truly believe this routine has helped me not only feel better but look better as well. Miranda is like have a personal trainer in my living room every morning. I am so thankful for these challenges they have been a true blessing for me.


I did Essentrics workouts at least 6 days a week for a number of years, trying to work through hip pain while maintaining, gaining strength and flexibility. At age 61, I finally had a hip replacement . I wasn’t allowed to exercise other than walking for 6 weeks, which coincided with the February 1 start date of the health challenge. I was surprised at how much strength and endurance I had lost after major surgery and 6 weeks of no exercise. During the first week of the challenge I was watching the clock and wanting the workout to be done after less than 5 minutes. By the end of the challenge, I was close to being at the point where I enjoyed each workout because I knew how good I would feel at the end. This shows both how much one can lose and how much strength and flexibility one can gain in just a month.

Keep Anonymous

I had kinks in my back, neck and shoulders. My feet would cramp up when I walked too fast and I had to wear orthotics to avoid pain when I walked. I work at a desk and thought this was just the way it had to be. I had been to physical therapists, personal trainers, and chiropractors. They helped a little but I still felt stiff and grumpy most days despite swimming and walking on a regular basis. I did Classical Stretch occasionally before, maybe once or twice a week. This time, I committed to doing a Miranda workout 6 days a week for a month. I kept a diary and noticed which workouts benefitted me most. After two weeks I wanted to do two workouts some days! I felt so good - flexible, pain-free, energetic - that I missed doing the workouts on the days I couldn't do them! I even do some of the exercises in the office during the day when I start to feel stiff. I shared them with several people at work who also like them. I can wear athletic shoes without support now, and have very little pain in my back. Thank you Miranda!

Keep Anonymous

During the 28 day challenge I was preparing for my 2nd hip replacement. I used Season 9 and 10 up until the day of surgery. I had to rest for 4 or 5 days after. After that I did a lesson rom Season 11 every other day for one week. Then I proceeded to do at least two episodes per day going forward with season 12. I believe these routines made me strong which helped with my healing. I am constantly challenged because I listen to Miranda about alignment and using your full length on every exercise move. Even though I have been doing this for approximately 14 years, I am amazed at how each episode requires serious work. I never tire of the routines. I find I can feel my core muscles helping me to lift heavy objects and protect my back. I have always been serious about exercise to help maintain my bones. I think that out of all the exercise routines I have tried in the past including running, step aerobics, spinning, weights, Essentrics, has made the most positive impact on my form and strength. I only wish I had given up the routines that impacted my joints much sooner. I look forward to my Essentrics time every day and I always finish in amazement about how better I feel. What a terrific work out. Thank you so much Miranda for sharing your knowledge. You have helped so many! I remain your dedicated fan.


I broke my ankle in 2017. Classical stretch has brought me increased movement in my ankle and joints, especially my shoulders that were overworked from using a walker. I have recovered most of the movement that I lost i9n my ankle and my shoulders are pain free! My flexibility has increased tremendously this past month. Each workout strengthens my balance. One thing that Miranda has taught me is to pay attention to how I stand. I never realized before that I roll my ankles out when I walk. It is something I am working very diligently to correct. I also have a knee that gives me pain from time to time and I am learning which muscles and tendons are tight and how to stretch and relax in order to correct that. I feel like a new person!


I started stiff, with knee, ankle and foot pain (yeah a lot of injuries in the last couple of years), feeling defeated. I still have a couple of days left because I have started late, but there is a major difference in my mobility and pain level. Pain - almost gone. I can walk up and down the stairs with no problem. I feel stronger, I have regained my balance - very useful now with all the snow and ice. I thought I would never be able to run again after my hamstring injury - but I am able to run - not much yet, but just being able to run is a joy. I also feel taller. A smile to Miranda, my hero. :-) Best of all, I have energy and enthusiasm to get up in the morning and exercise. Thank you.


I've been using Essentrics for quite a while but have created a rigorous practice over the last three months. The February Challenge has been a perfect compliment. My flexibility has increased, resulting in less stiffness and a greater 'spring in my step' (literally!). I'm noticing that my quads are lengthening and defining. I generally feel great - many thanks!


I loved it! I "only" did 25 out of the 28 days, but on the other days I was teaching barre classes, so fell like I was giving an Essentrics class, not just taking one. I thought I was in shape, but even just doing the beginner challenge proved me wrong. I could feel the difference in my body immediately: easier to move, twist, reach and bend. Even my husband said: "You are looking more trim since you've started this program." And he knows: he's a former athletic director. I looked forward to the class each day and missed it on the days I couldn't do them. It's such a great program I want to keep going on my own. Maybe psychologically one needs a challenge to start something, but now I just want to do it because it makes me feel better every day. Secretly I want to become an Essentrics instructor. It would feel wonderful to learn the body and the movements well enough to share them with others. Even the few changes I've incorporated into my own dance classes have folks saying they enjoy them and move more easily. Lastly, it's a pleasure to watch and "meet" the Essentrics instructors. Exercise programs are a dime a dozen; exercise instructors come and go, are talking gymnasts; but real people explaining and doing good movements, emphasis on proper body placement, and just downright pleasant personalities are hard to come by. Thanks for motivating us and being so smart and talented. it's made a big difference in my life and in the students I get to reach. Thank you!


My DVD's from Ms Esmonde-White had been sitting on my shelf here at home for several years and I never tried them because I thought it would not help me like so many other ineffective exercise programs have not. I have suffered from Fibromyalgia and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities since 1989. Also, Interstitial Cystitis. My sacroiliac recently flared up so bad that I decided to finally try the Essentrics program to see if it would help me. I started to do the ones listed for pain from the bottom up (starting with the feet). To my pleasant surprise...I felt like a ballerina after the first attempt. This is much more effective than the yoga, chi-kung or any other exercise program I have ever tried! I am now progressing through the program and along with driving out toxins from my body (mostly FD&C dyes) I am feeling better for the first time in years. This is not a joke! I am finally able to do something to help my poor, emaciated, aching body! Thank you Miranda!


I just LOVE Classical Stretch! I have been doing Classical Stretch for about 5 years now and I feel better in my 40s than I did in my 20s. I love it so much I have my husband who suffered from shin splints and feet pain to do it for 2 years, He no longer has any pain at all he said he can't believe how good he feels. It has completely changed my body. I am a mother of twins and I started to program to try to get my body back. My body looks better now then before I had my twins. Thank you to Miranda and all the instructors at Classical Stretch. I feel amazing!


I have done classical stretch since 1999 and it is 2019,. That means 20 years. I'm going to be 64 years old and in very good shape. Thank you Miranda Esmonde-White for creating this program!

Keep Anonymous

I got a late start to the challenge but I finished Day 16 today! I look forward to another workout each morning. I felt an energy boost pretty much right away - I did get tired by Day 9 but pushed through it. I feel stronger, toned and find I stand up straighter. I have more energy and focus than I have had in a while and have less joint pain and stiffness. I had been having pain and soreness in different areas of my body from doing the simplest things and in just these 2 weeks or so have felt such a difference in my strength and flexibility. I think the secret is doing a workout every day. Love the scenery in the workouts - now someday I hope to get to that Round Hill Resort in Jamaica!


My story is a bit unusual. I have severe rheumatoid arthritis which has caused joint damage in my feet, hands and wrists. I had a consult with an orthopedic foot surgeon who proposed a radical reconstruction of my feet, with fusions of all ten toes. This sent me into a tailspin of panic and I delayed out of fear. Around that time I joined Essentrics TV because of my back. After a few sessions, I was surprised by being able to do all of the foot exercises and could even stand on the balls of my feet. This was like a big red hand in front of my face telling me NOT to proceed with the fusion surgeries, so I got second and third opinions. The third doctor said I did not need fusions at all, and recommended less radical corrective procedures. Four weeks after each surgery I returned to Essentrics TV and gently incorporated the foot and ankle exercises, a tiny bit at a time, as post-op therapy. The exercises also helped with all the kinks in the rest of my body from being sedentary during recovery, and then limping in a surgical boot. If I had not discovered what my feet were capable of after trying Classical Stretch, at this time I might have permanently fused toes, and who knows what other imbalances that would have caused. It's like a guardian angel whispered in my ear to try Essentrics.


This is the second Health Challenge I’ve done. I’m 59 and I really like the challenge because I feel I’m not alone. I’ve been doing Essentrics for over a year and my balance and flexibility is much better than it was. I thank you for a program that I enjoy doing every day. I’ve given one of the DVD s to a friend of mine and I always suggest the program to others. Thank you!!


I have enjoyed daily exercising with Miranda for 5 years! I had a hip replacement in November 2018. After 6 home visits with a physiotherapist 2 weeks after surgery, the surgeon said I didn't need any more physiotherapy. Most patients need 4 to 6 weeks more of physiotherapy. The doctor said I was in great shape. I was given permission in early January to do any type of exercising I wanted to do....Thank you Miranda!!!


I love Essentrics workouts! I do them everyday with my partner. I have had M.S. since 2000 with no symptoms, I feel lucky to have found such a great workout!


I decided to do the Health Challenge as I had purchased the Classical Stretch Aging Backwards Season 12 TV series about a year ago after seeing the program on Public TV. I met the Challenge each day by choosing my own workouts. I especially liked doing all the standing stretching ones; alternating each time with the various all standing stretches. The 23 minutes seemed to go quite quickly and the rejuvenated feeling afterwards was such a good feeling. I would recommend to anyone no matter what age to either watch the series on Public TV or to purchase a set of the DVD's. Personally I prefer the DVD set so I can pop a disc in at anytime throughout the day. Thank you for such a great series of exercises. I also take Zumba classes at our local fitness center and find doing the stretches at home either before or after a class quite beneficial.


I have been following Classical Stretch on PBS, I joined online and now try to do at least one daily. I have been dealing with chronic health issues very long time and this program has helped me more than you all will ever know! I am hoping to be able to continue my healing with the help of your program. I am 58, I have lost over 70 pounds in the past 2 years and I am determined to stay MEDICATION free and only work holistically. I deal with Traumatic Brain Injury, Post Concussion Syndrome, PTSD, and all sorts of fun brain issues, exercise calms my brain and allows me to clear my head.


I have Type 2 Diabetes and I'm working to keep it in remission through exercise, diet and being very sensible about my lifestyle. I love all aspects of your exercise-anti-aging regimes. I began working with your programs on Essentrics TV here in South Carolina. And, at 80 years of age, I can tell you that I find these exercises easy to follow and they make me feel so young. My body is already responding to this stretching, bending, working out. I miss that FREE feeling when I don't do these routines on a daily basis. Thanks for your help, wonderful information and teachings.


When I turned 30, I began practicing a vigorous form of hot yoga, and loved it for many years. Ten years ago I had a freak accident on black ice which resulted in a full shoulder replacement, and a very bad break on one of my ankles that didn't set or heal properly. I had to work back to mobility very slowly with physical therapy, and after a year and a half of healing, could do a gentler form of yoga. Although I love yoga, I became bored, and didn't practice as faithfully as I needed to. About a year ago I discovered Essentrics on my local PBS station, and immediately ordered two DVDs, and found some workouts on YouTube. Now I stream it, and I'm so thankful to have this available with the variety of workout options. I think that maintaining my balance while moving is quite a bit more challenging than Yoga, and yet it's gentle on my joints. I feel relaxed and refreshed after doing an Essentrics workout. It has made a significant difference in how my shoulder and ankle feel on a day to day basis as they both become very stiff if I don't stretch them out. I hope to retire in three years or less, and plan to travel as much as possible. I intend to be healthy and strong enough to go everywhere that I have on my list of countries that I want to visit. And do it without pain or stiffness! Thank you to Miranda and everyone else for making Essentrics available through streaming! I love it!


Been doing this the last 4 years. It’s the BEST! Took away all my pain from a huge back fusion surgery. I try to tell as many folks as I can so they too can feel better. I met Miranda at a clinic in Colorado and she told me to be sure to do all kinds of workouts as I’d just been doing all standing. I think that’s what made the difference in my pain. Thanks Miranda for making my life a whole lot better. I am riding my horse again most days at the age of 73. Classical stretch rocks!!!


I am 76 and retired and Miranda is the reason I get up early everyday to do Classical Stretch. I have atherosclerosis, PAD, and if I didn’t do these stretches everyday I would be in so much pain. My heartfelt thanks go out to her.


Classical stretch has transformed my life! I work out daily to the show and it has given me my life back! Last year I had a brain tumor which was removed. It was non-cancerous but with many months in the hospital, I had lost my health and fitness I once had. Ten months later I felt well enough to start working out again. I started slowly with one workout a day. It wasn’t easy at first. Weeks later I was doing the workouts, sweating a bit and now feeling pain free! Thanks Miranda! You are my special angel.


I am 65 years old and this time last year, Feb 2018, I was in so much pain from my right knee and hip. I believe this was something that started to develop over the past few years but came to a head the end of 2017 and into 2018. I like to walk and live in an area that's good for walking and close to a lot of things so I am able to walk to them. When the pain got so bad I was limping and had to stop walking. My walking was limited to walking from my car. I started physio, chiro, massages and was told by my doctor I had arthritis in my right hip. After a few months of physio my hip started to feel better but my knee was still very sore and it hurt whenever I put any pressure on it. In Aug 2018 I happen to come across Classical Stretch on the TV and tried it and found that I was able to do the workout without too much pain so since I wasn't able to go for walks I started doing Classical Stretch 5-6 days/week. It's now Feb 2019 and I am pretty much pain free. I am back out walking again, although I am not doing any long walks just 30 - 45 minutes. Miranda's workouts helped me to become more in touch with how my muscles are interconnected. I feel my posture is better and my core is stronger. I've told so many people about these workouts. At the end of a workout when Miranda says hope you enjoyed your workout I always respond "thank you Miranda, I did". I'm very grateful that I came across these workouts. They are now part of my regular exercise.


Standing at the top of a six foot step ladder, in the garage, removing a 22 Kg item from the rafters the ladder collapsed. I fell onto my left hip, elbow and shoulder, holding the item as this was the safest method to not sustain a crushing blow. I immediately stood up. The hip was swollen with a throbbing pain that lasted for three days, concurrent pain continued but not as extreme. Elbow extremely tender. Had been stretching daily prior to this accident following the Aging Backwards book. Continued the daily stretching. 12 weeks for hip and elbow to recover and now I could feel the extent of the shoulder injury. Continued the daily stretching routine and now after 24 weeks the shoulder is near completely pain free in motion. At no time have I taken a pain medication, well except for the first evening I sipped on Crown Royal until I fell to sleep at 0400. Prior to this were two other incidents. The first I went to a physiotherapist for leg trauma/injury. After 4 weeks I was still limping and feeling dejected. I heard about Aging Backwards and began the stretching. Leg fully recovered and walking without a limp pure joy. Second incident involved a heavy blow to the chest and shoulder area. Stretched it out. Movement is extremely important. Being in good physical condition and an active person prior to the accidents has assisted in the recovery process BUT the advantage of daily stretching far exceeds just walking and being active in the home (gardening etc.). Thank you for your presentation of an extremely valuable life enhancing activity. My strength, balance and well being has benefited.


How do you write your personal story in a simple testimonial when the story you have to share means so much to you and has changed your life so much. I'm not sure a testimonial will do it justice, but I will certainly try. I have always been active in my life and enjoyed athletics. I love all types of sports and have tried to stay in shape for most of my life. Unfortunately, like most of us when I aged my body began to breakdown. My profession as a golf instructor was also tied into my body's health. By my late thirties, (I am in my late forties now) arthritis in my left shoulder, left foot and lower back prevented me from playing and enjoying the game. I continued static stretching and yoga classes and realized that my lower back would often hurt more after I stretched, I could never understand why? Unfortunately, things took a drastic turn for the worst in my life when I really injured my back making Thanksgiving dinner in 2017. I woke up the following morning with the worst pain in my back and any movement of my spine was extremely painful, and to make matters even more difficult, I had lost the ability to hold anything in my hands at all. I spent the next three months(when not doing class) with my left arm pinned to my chest and just tried to find any position sitting that would allow me to exist without being in pain. Finding comfort with back pain can be very challenging.That is how I found Classical Stretch by Essentrics. A few days after my injury I was up at 5:00AM because of my pain. I turned on my local PBS station and in those first few minutes of watching and listening I was skeptical, shocked and very much intrigued. Miranda was talking about things I had never heard of before but the way she explained them made so much sense to me. That first week I would get up every morning at 5:00 AM and do back to back episodes of Classical Stretch. It was truly unique and so different from any other exercise program I had ever seen. First of all, the fact that I could participate in the program with my back pain I thought was amazing. I quickly learned in those first few episodes, that everything I had known about exercise and the human body were about to change, and that Classical Stretch would forever change my life. My journey with Classical Stretch the last fourteen months of my life has been incredible. My back pain is almost completely gone and will be soon. The pain and stiffness in my joints from my arthritis is so much better and let me tell you my body feels completely different. I have movement and mobility throughout my entire body and I am capable of moving in ways I have not moved sense I was a kid or moved at all. I hope this inspires others like me who are in pain or are just tired of working out all of the time and not seeing a real change in their bodies. Give Classical Stretch a real try it has the power to change your life, or for many of us give us our lives back and for that I cannot thank Miranda enough, you are amazing! Thank you for giving me life.


I just have to let you know how incredible Essentrics has been for me. I gave birth to my first child on January 11th! Throughout my whole pregnancy, I continued to do your workouts at least 5 times per week, even if it was just a short 10 minute routine. Hello pliés! Just a few hours before I went into labour, I was doing Miranda & Eliana’s pregnancy floor work out. I thank Essentrics for my quick recovery! I am now just over 2 weeks post delivery and am back to my pre-pregnancy weight! I can not wait to get the go ahead from the doctor to resume my exercise routine! You ladies are amazing.

Dominique Sarah

I can testify I recently (last 6 months) had neck and low back pain. I saw your Public Television segment, ordered several tapes and started exercising every day with your tapes. After about 3 weeks I am pain free. Who knew and everything you say is true about the positive benefits of your program. I truly believe you are 100% correct with your program. Thank You.

Keep Anonymous

I wanted to thank Miranda for the gift of Essentrics! After I turned 50, I was having trouble with my knees and hip. I have been active for my whole life through walking and other various exercises on and off. I was having a hard time with going up and down stairs and would be stiff after sitting or lying down. When I was in for my yearly physical, I discussed this issue with my doctor. She gave my 6 strengthening exercises for my knees and IT band. They helped a little bit, but not quite. I was watching my local PBS station one weekend and saw Aging Backwards. First I got the book out of the library and tried some of the exercises. Since I also have had minor back issues in the past, I settled on the soothing your joints workout. I felt it covered knees and back. I cannot believe after 2 weeks,I was feeling no pain in my knees and IT band. I can run up the stairs and bend down to the lowest shelf at the grocery store. I can sit in the lotus position again and meditate. I also can get up from the floor without holding on and be more graceful when getting up. I jump out of bed in the morning with no pain! I have since purchased Aging Backwards and Forever Painless. I have not taken over the counter pain medicine in months!!! I want to do more of the workouts like the one for posture. Thank you for helping me help myself and making it so easy


I had a stroke 10 months ago. I was paralyzed down the left side of my body, though my left leg came back to life the next day. I was in the hospital for one month and I just wanted to die, thinking I was forever disabled. I am 73 years young and a former triathlete and marathon runner and used to working out at least one hour daily. I resumed my Classical Stretch workout the day I got home, the best I could without the use of my left arm and hand, and today I am 90% recovered, much to the amazement of all the physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists and doctors! I credit Miranda's Classical Stretch (which I do daily, sometimes twice a day) and my tenacity, for now being able to resume power walking, hiking my Labrador on the forest trails, pilates, and spinning at the gym. Thank you Miranda!


I have made it to 2019 with the help of Classical Stretch. I began watching and doing the program from PBS in early 2017. Soon after, I realized I could not function well without this morning stretch. My husband of 27 years was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer 3 weeks after I retired. We then spent 3 weeks in Tijuana MX at a cancer clinic where I learned care giving for Dexter as we faced this disease. I found local San Diego PBS station airing Classical Stretch at 5am. While Dexter slept best before sunrise, I believe those episodes truly helped me get through each day of multiple therapies, tests and procedures Dexter would face during our time at the clinic and other medical facilities in Tijuana. I lost Dexter less than 3 weeks after returning home to North Carolina. I had lost 10 lbs in October in the aftermath of his diagnosis and then another 10 lbs during the cancer clinic stay. After Dexter died, I looked similar to him when I saw my body in the mirror. My average weight of 133 lbs at 5'6" was now 113 lbs by Christmas. I experienced the worst Christmas of my entire life. Classical Stretch was the only constant in my life at that time. I continued my daily stretching regiment because it gave me the best chance and foundation to recover. It took many months but soon the scrawny, skeleton with excess skin and muscle atrophy resembling a refugee prisoner became a healthy, toned figure appearing much younger than my 60 years. I rarely miss a day of stretching with Miranda. I am now 122 lbs of grateful joy still processing grief from losing my husband but appreciating each day I have on earth. I could not have survived and bounced back so well without Classical Stretch on PBS and on DVD.


I am 62 years old. I had issues with plantar fasciitis and sciatica and have been doing Classical stretch for the past 2 years. I am continually amazed at how pain free I have become. I LOVE Classical Stretch! Thank You Miranda.


I am still floating on my Essentrics little cloud!!! I owe so much to you: the training, the guidance, the empowering lift. Becoming an Essentrics instructor is not only about learning the material, the science, the anatomy and body mechanics; it’s also a whole journey about integrating, finding the essential purpose, always looking for the why and … growing … and expanding. When I embarked on this journey, I don’t think I fully realized how it would not only affect my own body but also my whole being. I did, although, quickly understand what a privilege it is and how incredibly rewarding it is to be part of our participants’ own journeys. Like I said, still on my little cloud!! The exam was a great integrative experience which I truly enjoyed, thanks to you! You are not only an awesome instructor/ master trainer, but also a very perceptive and and empowering examiner. Thank you from my heart!


I had hip pain for a while. I was taking Aleve every night. The meds were giving me stomach pain. I am very active. I work at a school. I walk 3-4 miles a day. 13-16 flights of stairs every day. After doing Classical Stretch every morning for about six months, I can honestly say: no more pain in my hips. No more Aleve! I have been doing Classical Stretch for 2 years now. I feel amazing. I tell everyone about it. Thank you Ms. White!


Your fitness program is outstanding, and I'm past due in sharing all the benefits that I've experienced since starting it 3 1/2 years ago! -Wrist/forearm pain and neck/shoulder/upper back issues from over 30 years of desk/computer work went away -For the first time ever my biceps feel toned and even have some muscle -Lower body feels toned and stronger, can walk farther with ease and a bounce in my steps (as promised), and my pants fit better(as promised) -I have more energy to enjoy and keep up with my 6 grandchildren -I have more strength, flexibility and body awareness to not injure myself as I assist my elderly mom who has little mobility -I grew 1/2 inch Every time I feel strong and flexible doing ordinary things throughout my day, every time I feel my fascia ripple as I bend/reach/stretch, I will always be grateful to you and and your fitness program that easily fits my lifestyle and my personality!


I'm a metastatic breast cancer survivor with bone mets and osteoporosis. I contribute classical stretch to my quality of life and my ability to thrive while going through this cancer journey of radiation, chemo, etc. Because of your daily routine I'm able too continue hiking, dancing, traveling with the mobility that even my non-cancer friends are not able to do. Thank you for contributing to my story being one filled with inspiration and hope.


I recently retired from a desk job partly due to my back and hand pain, as well as it being a high stress position. I was never one much for exercising and constantly felt I had let myself down because I couldn't keep up with any exercise program. I felt like a failure and worried if I would be able to play with my grandchildren and continue to be independent in my later years. I found Classical Stretch on TV one morning about 3 months ago and have been an avid follower ever since. Not only has it reduced my back pain but has given me the flexibility that I've been missing my whole life. I had an injury in my early teens which, I believe, has caused poor posture, neck and back pain, numerous pinched nerves in my neck and frequent migraines. I now feel I have better posture, and my pain has been greatly reduced. Your exercises have been a god send and I wanted you to know that you're changing my life for the better. I find myself telling everyone the benefits of your exercise routine as I know so many people who can benefit from it; young and old alike. I'm now a regular watcher and think nothing of getting up at 6 am to exercise with you. It gives me instant energy and a sense of well being; a great way to start the day! I also love how you explain the correct way to do every exercise making me feel like it's a one on one session. It's made me realize how many times I've done exercises incorrectly in the past and actually hurt myself doing so. I want to thank you because, without your routine, I don't believe I would be feeling this good and I hope your show stays on the air for many more years to come!


This is one program I've been able to stay with for several reasons: Miranda explains the purpose of the exercise movements; what is taking place physiologically; the respect that she shows; the ease in following her instructions (many exercise videos are not as easy to follow and you can't always catch on right away and so you wind up doing the movements sloppily); there's much better compliance because the workouts are pleasant and doable (there's something for everyone); and thank goodness the prices are fair and affordable; and yes, one does see results. I'm more flexible (can park the car with more ease when turning to look back, etc). And the balance exercises help too...I really need them. I'm a retired nurse and have worked with physiologists and patients in rehab settings; that's why I'm impressed with the exercise principles. It's valid and believable and keeps me going because of the explanations of the movement, etc. I even tell my doctors about it when they ask what kind of exercise I do besides walking.


This woman has SAVED me. Between falling off horses in my youth crushing my C6 and 7, exercising very very hard, and always carrying more than I should because I have always felt invincible. In the last 6 years, I have really found the solution for a pain free life. I would be on pain killers and probably antidepressants but for the 23 minutes a day I spend with her. We as a society have always worked out incorrectly causing stress on parts of our bodies. I went to Chiropractors for years which felt good right after but does NOTHING in the long run to really get your feet and body in correct alignment. It is crazy to me how EASY it is to live pain free. It makes me so sad to see people needlessly in pain when there is a gentle and REAL solution no matter your age and NO... I don’t get a dime for saying this. THANK you Miranda Esmonde-White. I vow to try and get to a live class one day to say thanks.


I have been living with Complex-PTSD from a very violent and abusive childhood. It has had a cascading effect on my body and chronic pain has been an issue. I had always been in good shape and love exercise and that helped, but adrenal and nervous system fatigue kicked in a few years ago and I had to stop working out. I am healing well but my fascia is basically frozen, creating enormous pain and even some injuries. I had been having fascial release with a fantastic PT but she's dealing with her own stuff and hasn't been able to do fascial manipulation since April, and at this point I am in a lot of pain again. But now I have my DVD and that will help! And I just found a therapist locally (I drive about 90 minutes one way to see my PT) who practices a different fascial release technique and I have an appointment on the 26th! Merry Christmas to me. I am aware of how important it is to be able to help myself and Miranda's DVD's have been an incredible resource for me, especially when I've been unable to afford other help. I am really sensitive and intuitive and I can feel her generous heart and authenticity and there have been days when doing the Mobility and Bone Strengthening DVD with Miranda is what kept me going. Thank you, Miranda, and the entire team! You are making such a difference in ways you don't even know!


I have been a very active/athletic woman. I belonged to Orange Theory, ran 1/2 marathons, was a competitive body builder in my 20's and 30's. My point being I loved to exercise. I started doing your Classical Stretch about 3 years ago. I quickly realized I should have started long ago! I grew tired of beating my body up, not paying attention to it and nurturing it. But I made great strides while doing them. Unfortunately, I suffered 2 strokes this past June. A vertebral artery tore in my neck and caused a stroke, then I had another stroke a week later after that. My vestibular system was affected, so my balance, vision and hearing were affected. I lost hearing in my left ear and about 20% in my right ear. I suffer from vertigo daily. I am in the process of reclaiming my life and have restarted your program. I feel so healthy and strong after I do them, but I struggle while doing them. But I know that I am where I am in my recovery journey because I had incorporated your workouts. My vestibular therapists tell me how strong my core and legs are and these will really help me in recovery. I am so grateful for your workouts and knowledge and encouragement, and that helps get me through a workout. It can be frustrating for someone like me who has been faithfully exercising since I was 16,to struggle through one of your workouts (because they were tough for me even pre-stroke!)because my balance is so affected. But I will continue these workouts and I know they will really help in my healing journey. I have had to learn to workout in a very different way, but I am so happy to be able to do them! Thank you very much for listening to my story and for helping me reclaim my life!


I joined Essentrics online about 6 months ago. I had tried some of the DVD's first to see if it was what I was looking for in an exercise regime. I am really enjoying it and feel it has been very beneficial to "shaping" my body, improving my posture, toning my muscles. I like the variety of videos offered and the fact that I can choose to them when I want to-no need to drive to a class! I have really enjoyed the recent new offerings and have tried them all and done them multiple times depending on my day's activities. I find Essentrics compliments my other physical fitness activities well.


Well, been doing the exercises pretty much every 5 days on channel 25 in NYC for 5 years or so. During the recent ice storm in NYC, traffic was all jammed up as I left a meeting at the UN. As I walked home in the freezing cold, I felt like I was a gazelle, with sure footing, my quadriceps flinging out in front of me, with my feet so nubile and propelling.


I've been doing your workout for over a year with several health issues and I feel very strongly that this is the best tool a man could have to enjoy his full potential and stay healthy.


I am very pleased to say that I found out about Miranda's Classical Stretch program by just bumping into her "Aging Backwards" special on PBS a couple of years ago. I had been suffering from chronic pain syndrome for some years and felt helpless to overcome my condition. My heart told me that this might be an answer for me so I immediately bought a bundle. The first few times I did the workout, I cried because I knew this was my answer….and over time it definitely proved to be. I've been exercising with her by DVD in my living room almost daily ever since and I have been helped tremendously. I often receive compliments about my shapely body and how slender I am at 65, and a mother of 6 grown children and Grandmother to 8. In gratitude I wanted to pass along a heartfelt THANK YOU and also some encouragement to others considering the program to do it, because it works wonders! I'll be purchasing Season 12 as a Christmas present to ME! I love Classical Stretch! Thank you Miranda


I have exercised with you daily for many years and do agree that relaxing joints as we stretch and strengthen gives the best benefits. I'm 79 now, have scoliosis, but because of the exercise with you every day before all else helps me to stay as limber as I was many years ago ; and with good posture in spite of scoliosis. I praise your program anytime someone comments on age and ability to me. Thanks for making exercise a most pleasant tropical experience


Reading "Forever Painless" hooked me on the science. With ballet in my distance past, I bought the DVDs and "joined the class". Thank you for pointing me to exactly what I needed. I fixed my frozen shoulder in a few weeks. Years ago it had required months of expensive therapy. I shared with my doctor who said both he and I had to chalk bad feet up to aging. Now, no more orthotics for me and he is able to ski again! From workmates and family to complete strangers, it's brought me so much joy to play "Essentrics Ambassador". Thank you Miranda. You helped me and neither one of us will ever know how many others.


I have been athletic most of my adult life, mostly running, biking and weights. Until I started Classical Stretch religiously, I didn't recognize the importance of full body stretching. It's taken almost two years for my lower back pain to almost disappear and my arthritic big toe is straightening. My balance is 200% better and generally, I simply feel better. The most important thing I have learned is: not to push it, just go at a natural pace.


This program has been helpful for me in many ways. The last 2 years I have been laid up from severe back spasms after overdoing raking and my husband's health has deteriorated so I am unable to take my daily walks as often. With the help of these stretches, I no longer have the back spasms and am able to continue staying in shape while close to my husband. Love the program and love how she speaks to "us" in a way that makes the exercises easily understood and accomplished. Thank you again.


My best friend told me about the show on PBS. After a week of working out with you, I'm able to actually squat for the first time since a hip replacement 5 years ago. This technique is life altering. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


I have been doing classical stretch for a couple of years. In June, I had a horseback riding accident where I sprained my knee and put a tear in my medial collateral ligament. Even though I was in a full leg brace for 6 weeks, I did as much as of the classical stretch exercise class as I could. I believe that keeping active doing Essentrics with the leg brace and then continuing afterwards, accelerated my healing process. I enjoy and like classical stretch. I highly recommend it.


My lower lumber vertebrae are all shot with arthritis, bone spurs, slipped discs, and I lost a teaching job in the summer of 2017 because I couldn't walk because of resulting sciatica. After a brief respite, the pain and debilitation came back at the end of Dec 2017. On Dec 27th, 2017, I started doing the Pain Relief 30-min workout on the Age Reversing DVD that I got from PBS. I have done it daily since that time. I also walk 10K steps a day. I still have to be careful and driving is my main stressor, but I am pain free most times and quite active. I consider that Miranda's Pain Relief workout is what is keeping me limber, along with my consistent walking. I completed a half marathon, walking, on Sept 15, 2018, in 3 hrs, 54 minutes. The PF workout has made a major difference not only in my quality of life, but has allowed me to still move. Thank you Miranda for being at the vanguard of … no matter what age, we can be strong, active, and limber.


I recently went to my doctor for a general check up. While I was at the office, he decided that he wanted to do a bone density scan. When the results came back he was floored! He told me that my spine was better than the best score on his chart. He also told me to keep up whatever I am doing as it is working. I have been doing CLASSICAL STRETCH solely since 2011 as I found it to be such a complete workout. I feel my whole body has gained strength and mobility. I have been an exerciser all my life but nothing has changed my body like CLASSICAL STRETCH. Thank you, Miranda!!


I am a recovering cancer patient who is also an endurance cyclist. I have stuck with the bike because of my poor feet. I was born flat footed, and things have not gotten any better over the years. I have suffered along with something under my right foot for years. I was doing an Age-Reversing workout yesterday, and out of the blue the feeling of the baby rock under my arch finally disappeared! Honestly, I can walk across the hardwood floors with no shoes completely pain free! When I woke up this morning and the baby rock still wasn't there, I couldn't believe it. It's the miracle I have prayed for.


I just recently turned 30 and being diagnosed with lupus, lower back pain, among other issues that seem too early, it was just discouraging to think about. Physically, I only felt worse after trying weights and running. I found your morning stretch on PBS and have felt wonderful! I’m so thankful and looking forward to not feeling older than my actual age!!! Thank you for a different and most helpful workout technique!!


THANK YOU! I am 66 years young and in better shape and with better balance, strength and flexibility than ever before because I do my 22 minute workout at least 4 days a week (other days I walk, swim and bike). So today I did a ropes adventure course and completed two segments (admittedly the easy ones) and I know my strength and flexibility are due to my dedication to Classical Stretch. I am thrilled, tired and elated. Thank you for the only exercise routine I've stuck with, and my body is leaner and more defined than ever before! My gratitude is overflowing...keep up the great work!


About three years ago,I was introduced to Essentrics/Classical Stretch by a co-worker. At the time, I was going for physical therapy for a frozen shoulder. The therapy gave me some relief, but I was curious about the Classical Stretch program, and since there were special segments specifically for frozen shoulder, I began doing the exercises. Though I initially still felt some shoulder pain doing the exercises, it was bearable, and I felt that the movements were helping me expand my range of motion. In a relatively short time, I regained full range of motion in my shoulder, and, overall, I felt stronger and more limber. I decided to incorporate this program into my life on a daily basis, and I feel better than I have in years. I look forward to doing my daily Essentrics workout, and will do this program for the rest of my life.


I am a devoted Classical Stretch / Essentrics follower since Dec 2012 when I first discovered you on PBS CT at age 48. In 2017 I recovered from 2 serious eye surgeries. I know that because I was in shape both physically and mentally from performing CS and Essentrics every single day I was able to get through the hardest time. The videos are so therapeutic that I would just listen to them until I could start again. I designed my own recovery exercise plan using the less intensive and gradually working back to the more experienced. What I love is the physical alchemy that my body, mind and spirit feels every single day. I truly look forward to it. I have to be honest, I waited a long time before trying the Essentrics Stretch Series Workout, because neither Miranda nor Sahra were in it! Well, it’s just as magical and ladies I am hooked! Thank you Miranda for being so wonderful and uniquely special.


I have fibromyalgia, herniated discs in my neck and arthritis in my shoulder. I got a LOT better by losing a lot of weight. I completely changed my diet, eat a LOT of vegetables and fruit and am eating very little sugar and flour. I have felt pretty good, except for feeling weak, and having some pain if I sit too long, or do house work. I discovered Miranda's work about 2 months ago. So really, I have just started. I am trying to fit Essentrics TV in as much as I can, using the books for better understanding of each movement. I did a lot of dance and movement a long time ago during my undergrad years getting a performance degree, and I took anatomy and kinesiology in the late 70s as part of my dance training, so Essentrics makes a lot of sense to me. The other day, I got down on the floor with some kids and got myself right back up and someone asked me if I have been doing yoga. I gave them an "Essentrics -you have to do it" talk. My neck and shoulder pain also seem to be much more under control right now. That frozen shoulder workout is just the best. I just want to say, thanks SO much for your work. My "to do list" when I find the time in a couple of years, perhaps a retirement gift to myself, is to come to a retreat.


What a blessing Classical Stretch is to me! Twenty-two years ago after the birth of my first child, I was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis, which is basically arthritis in the spine. My doctor at that time told me to lose weight and take muscle relaxers. I lost some weight but did not want to take muscle relaxers for the rest of my life since I was only 27 at the time. Through the years I have tried several forms of exercise ranging from running, step aerobics, weight training, and occasionally pilates. But none of them seemed to help with the pain. Six years ago I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis all through my joints too. It caused me to focus more on fitness and trying to get in better shape. Recently at the age of 45 I had a bonus baby girl. After her birth the pain in my back and joints became more intense from carrying her around all of the time. In April of 2018, my sweet little girl decided to join my husband and I in bed at 4 in the morning and I couldn't go back to sleep because the pain in my back was intense. After 3 hours of reading I turned on the TV and it just so happened to be on a local PBS channel and Classical Stretch was just coming on. I decided to try it. And wow am I glad I did! I have only missed 6 days of not doing Classical Stretch/Essentrics since April 9th. The pain relief was immediate and the change in body shape was dramatic over the next few weeks. Anyone with a form of arthritis should try doing Classical Stretch because they will be surprised at how stretching for 23 minutes will change their lives. My four year old joins me most mornings in doing Classical Stretch and I think actually thinks that Miranda Esmonde-White is my close friend because I always thank Miranda at the end of each episode!


I am a mother of 5, hobby farmer, and an avid gardener. In my younger years, I always felt that if I needed exercise, I should just go to the garden and work. That worked very well for many years and I stayed extremely fit. As I got up in my 30s, this method was not working well at all. The harder I worked, the more I hurt, especially my lower back. I would get stuck in my stooped-over gardening position and end up hobbling around like a little old lady. I would finally give in and go to the chiropractor. This never really seemed to help, sometimes I was even in more pain when I came home. I knew at this point that I had to do something to help myself. That's when my Mom told me about Miranda. What a blessing! I started doing some of the short videos on Miranda's website. These helped me feel better so quickly, I went ahead and ordered several of Miranda's DVDs. When I found out I was pregnant with my fifth, I ordered her pregnancy workout. I was able to have my big 9 1/2 pound baby with no drugs or intervention at 38 years old. I have not had time to do a thirty minute workout each day since having my baby, but if I start to get stiff and hurting I do a few of the stretches and I'm ready to go again.


I started doing the classical stretch exercises last December a couple times a week. I started doing the forever painless exercises from the DVD because I had a few aches that weren’t improving. I had tried some physical therapy and was even doing Pilates classes. But my right groin and left shoulder weren’t improving. I even pulled my left hamstring when I went on a 5k race/run through the woods last November and tripped over a tree trunk. Just before the end of December I discovered that there was a Classical stretch program on PBS every weekday morning. I retired the last day in December and made it a point to follow the classical stretch program every morning at 6 am. I’ve missed just 10 times over this calendar year. I also purchased the 10th season to follow on the weekends when the PBS program isn’t on. Over the years I’ve jogged off and on but never bothered to stretch. I’ve found that stretching everyday has helped me tremendously. My right groin and left shoulder rarely bother me. My pulled hamstring gradually improved and no longer bothers me. In May my physician told me that I needed to do more than stretching so I began walking six miles each day. I also started jogging regularly again, I’m up to three miles. The walking mileage sometimes bothers my feet but I’ve found that the foot stretching and calf stretches help me keep my feet in decent shape. Since mid-February I started making good food choices and have even been able to lose twenty pounds. I’ve been very pleased that I started following the Essentrics technique, it’s helped keep me motivated to continue to make healthy choices. By the way, I’ll be 62 in October.


I am a retired nurse who also has severe scoliosis and have had surgery for this when I was 15 years old - my spine was fused. As time went on and I reached my late 50s my mobility especially my hips/ankles were severely affected and I slowed down and was having difficultly with balance etc. As I began the program after the 1st week I could already feel a change happening with my body. As time has gone by, this year my flexibility has improved tenfold and my balance issues are a thing of the past. I do the Age-Reversing Workouts (the 5 program 2 disc set). I do the weight loss 3 times a week and the cardio 60 minute 3 times a week and I cannot now imagine my life without the workouts. I have not really lost weight but many inches, especially my upper thighs and waist. I am forever grateful to you for putting out this video and as I said earlier cannot imagine my life without this now. Thank-you so very very much!


I broke my 5th metatarsal on my right foot, was in a boot for approximately 12 weeks. My doctor told me no physical therapy was necessary and go do everything I used to do. Well, that was not even possible, my foot was still healing and plus I had plantar fasciitis in that foot. I started taking Miranda’s "feet" classes daily and I can tell my foot and ankle strength has increased. My plantar fasciitis is almost completely gone and my 5th metatarsal is healed. I love the challenges, they keep me on track and I don’t have to look for a workout. Thank you for providing the smartest and safest workout I have ever been involved in.


Hi. About me - I'm 63. Besides brain injury, which is like my CPU not running well at all and often crashing, my back has hurt terribly and increasingly for decades, and fibromyalgia and plantar fasciitis exercises (with the doctors' recommendations that I never go barefoot) left me with more pain. I was about to go mad from the constant and increasing pain and inability to move. Other exercise programs, or even walking, left me more exhausted, and my back and feet hurt too badly to do much at all. I knew when my Grandma was in her late 80s, she could do much more than I could do, and do it freely. But I knew I was getting worse and worse, more and more unable to move or bear the pain I was experiencing. I had to go to the bathroom almost 50 times a day, go a lot at night, which meant I wasn't getting the deep sleep I needed. I stumbled across one of Miranda's PBS specials, and got an Age Reversing Mobility and Bone Strengthening DVD from the library, then bought the Age Reversing 2-DVD set from you. In less than a month, I have gone from total exhaustion and pain with any movement, and becoming more and more frozen and immobile and exhausted and depressed and full of despair, to being able to do about 7-10 minutes of the Age Reversing workouts. I can't move as far as Miranda at all, but I have far less pain than I did, can move more than I did, have more energy and can do more around the house (not a normal amount, but so much more than I had been able to), and I can't wait until tomorrow so I can do another bit of the program. Sometimes I even do another bit later in the day. I have NEVER liked to exercise, although I used to exercise anyway, but I look forward to doing tomorrow's routine, and look forward to increased energy, less pain, and a fuller life. I can NOT thank you enough. You have given me hope and a life.


I am a registered nurse and a one year breast cancer survivor. I gained 40 pounds from chemo-related steroids and because of the joint pain from tamoxifen I have been nearly immobilized. Being a nurse, I know I have to move. I developed a frozen shoulder from my double mastectomy for which I faithfully did physical therapy. A very dear old friend of 30 years saw me limping around our workplace and told me about Essentrics - she does a workout every morning. I was willing to try anything. I ordered the Age Reversing: Posture and Pain Relief DVD and it has been LIFE CHANGING! My pain and stiffness are slowly improving. Thank you SO MUCH for these workouts. I now am confident I can heal my cancer free body. am starting to feel more like my 52 year-old self instead of 85.


I was rear ended in a car accident almost 11 years ago. Even though I had been through physical therapy, I was taking ibuprofen daily. I started doing this program on PBS in March of 2017. Since then I don’t take ibuprofen for pain anymore. I’m ordering another season for weekends and days off. Thank you! It’s changed my life! I’m always telling people about this and many I know are doing this program as well.


I have been doing the no impact stretch every morning. I have had two bouts with breast cancer and this work out has helped me get back in the swing of things. After the chemo and radiation, you feel so tired and down... this work out has helped me get my energy back again. Thank you.


I just turned 70 and have been doing Essentrics with Miranda for about 8 years. I started with a PBS show, then purchased 2 of her DVDs and do them almost every day. She got me through a mastectomy and reconstruction and is getting me through borderline peripheral neuropathy. If I hadn't been doing the stretches regularly, I don't think I'd be doing as well today. My son laughs at me for talking back to Miranda when I do my routine!


This is the most effective workout I have found to manage pain and mobility issues for an autoimmune disease. I highly recommend someone with issues to consider this routine. I have also reduced my need for pain management medication since I started incorporating this into my routine. Thank you Essentrics!


I’d like to tell you how appreciative I am of what you do! My mom (turning 68 this year) went through a rough patch with anxiety and illness that she’s never experienced before. She started to your movements & has transformed since then. They have kept her lean and toned and able to play with her 5 month old grandson with ease. She told me yesterday she raked the entire backyard, and woke up with no soreness. NO SORENESS. I’d just like to thank you from the deepest part of my heart for helping her.


My back is feeling so much better and I feel very healthy.


The Classic Stretch exercises are helping me control arthritis pain.


Miranda, about a year ago I communicated with you for suggestions on my post-surgery rehab. Prior to back surgery (fusion from L 3/4 to T 10) I used your season 8 tv exercises. You suggested Back Pain Relief. I did that for a while and then moved on to season 11 and currently am doing season 12. I can do almost all of the exercises except for the strenuous twisting and stretch with you daily. I cannot thank your enough for your daily exercise programs. I am pain free and pretty mobile for someone who has had 2 aggressive back surgeries. You are a LIFE SAVER!!!!!! Thank you, thank you.

Linda Flanagan

I started to do Season 11, all over body workout, beginning of December 2017 and I have done the 28 minutes daily since. I cannot believe the difference in how I feel. I have much more energy, strength & Flexibility. Prior to doing these routines I had plantar fasciitis, it is now completely disappeared. I Am also reading the book ageing backwards who knows is very informative. Thank you for the great DVDs. Oh yes and now I can bend down and get back up easily.


For the last year, I have suffered hip pain and lower back issues. My sister mentioned Miranda's work and I found a video on YouTube. I was having terrible sciatica and I had immediate relief. In 2-3 days, my sciatica was gone. I ordered the Beginner's Classical Stretch in Dec. Even my friends are noticing an improvement in posture, body tone, and flattened stomach. I look and feel great and my friends are asking what my secret is. Hip still acts up occasionally but Pain workout really helps. Thank you, Miranda. Truly innovative approach. My husband is permanently disabled by a complete rotator cuff tear in the shoulder, a system of tendons that attaches the muscles. He is unable to lift his arm above 90 degrees, lift arm to the side or push the arm back. Cuff tears are very common and working the muscle can further tear the tendon as the muscle contracts. Safe workout for cuff tear is so much needed. I have many friends who have this injury which one can sustain from a fall or lifting something too heavy. Just an idea.


I am in good health but gained weight over the holidays. My hips and belly reveal some pounds to be lost and toning needed all over. I found Miranda on our PBS channel maybe 2 years ago and know that her program helps with flexibility and lower back pain. I struggle with varicose veins and her program also helps with leg pain. Oh - did I also mention I work at a computer so her program also helps with neck and shoulder pain. Very thankful to have found this and hope this challenge will motivate to be more consistent.


I am overweight and disconnected from my body. I found Classical Stretch on PBS in September 2017 and have done it nearly every day since. I love it!! Have dvds and have streamed for two months. I am respecting my body more and listening to it! I love Miranda’s explanations and motivational talks. I also have stretched out any pain and kinks. I pulled a muscle shoveling all the snow but stretched through it listening to my body and it definitely felt better sooner than previous years. Am hoping for toning, shaping, and weight loss. Have been making better food choices too! That gets easier the more I respect and listen to myself. I have to say this is life changing and it’s only been a few months!


I have been living with metastatic breast cancer for 5 years which had spread to my lungs and spine. After 2 bones scans it has been determined that my bone density has actually increased in the 2 years that I have been doing Classical Stretch! I am not always consistent so my challenge is to truly do routines every day.


After many years of exercising & staying in shape once I reached my 60's I suddenly had back issues. (lifted something heavy!) I discovered I had a curve in my spine & no longer able to do anything causing pressure on my spine. I miss Zumba, planks, jumping jacks, weights, etc. Once I discovered Classical Stretch by Essentrics, my back feels great! I don't need to visit the chiropractor as often. When I feel a slight twinge in my back, I do my Classical Stretch & my back feels massaged & strengthened. It's amazing. I bought the Season 10 DVD's, giving me a variety of classes & take them on vacation. I'm never without my stretching! Thank you, Miranda, for putting this style of exercise together. Something good came out of your ballet injury. God's blessings to you & your team as you continue to work at helping aging women/men.


I am 39. For years, I was a runner and participated in very intense fitness programs. As a result, my knees began hurting and continued to hurt for years. I had to quit running, which caused me to ache and be sore from the inactivity. I had two rounds of PT, saw doctors, had exams - no improvement. Then I happened to discover the Essentrics workouts. Within a week, I felt better. Months later, I no longer have the knee pain I'd had for years. I can move comfortably and feel great. My body feels younger and healthier than it has in a long time. Thank you, Miranda!


Classical Stretch has a very position impact on my overall health. I find once the routines are understood and learned, then the benefits really start. I am 67 years of age and have exercised regularly for the past 30 years. Of all the programs that I have tried over these years, this is the best! I also have osteoporosis for which I take daily medication as well as twice-a-year injections. In 2016, I was having problems with the upper left side of my back. I was seeing a chiropractor several days a week and that did help but I had to return at least weekly to keep my back aligned to prevent the pain. I was not able to sleep on my left side at all and would keep waking up from the pain. After a few months of classical stretch, I realized there was no pain and I have not returned to the chiropractor since starting this program. I have also found a great improvement in my posture. I am 5’8" and weigh ~115 lb s, on the thin side all my life I always had protruding ‘wing’ bones but no longer. Classical stretch has eliminated the ‘chicken wings’ in my back and I feel great. I have also drop a pant size (not that I really needed to) as my outer thighs are firm and the muscles leaner. I have also found overall body muscles improved without using weights. I cannot say enough good about this program and hope it never ends! I have converted 2 friends so far.


Thank you for your great programs! My Aunt, who is turning 85 yo has been doing your workouts for years! She shows no signs of slowing down! She introduced you to everyone! I am especially grateful to you and your program. I am 56 and your program is a saving grace for so many reasons. Your exercises are a godsend in helping me combat MS and recently osteoporosis. I am more relieved and assured that I can be healthier and stronger going forward. Western medicine has pushed Big Pharma drugs as their only offering. Thank God I am in front of these challenges with programs, Such as yours, front and center! Thank you so much Miranda!


Miranda, I thank God for you every weekday morning after you lead me through the best exercise routine I've tried and I've tried MANY. I have L3 and L4 fused discs (born with it) and having had four children in under five years, I have my share of stiffness. Your stretching routines give me lighter-than-air mobility. I can really enjoy running around with my kids in the yard now! Thank you also for all the knowledge you share about "mitochondria" and "muscle chains" and the wisdom that "our bodies are meant to last a lifetime." I have told so many friends about you! Love and thanks to you, my favorite exercise instructor of my life!


I have been doing Classical Stretch every morning for about 10 years. I get up in the morning, brush my teeth, throw down my mat and get going. I'm now 81 and recently went to therapy for an inflamed muscle in my hip. The therapist said I was her most flexible customer! I gave her one of my tapes and she said "it hits all the elements". I thank Miranda every day for my mobility and sing the praises of Classical Stretch every chance I get.


I do Classical Stretch every day. Sometimes twice a day. I found CS after a bout with sciatica and it has totally transformed my body. I have lost weight, inches, and have more energy than I could hope for. I have no pain anymore. God bless Miranda!


I discovered Classical Stretch almost 3 years ago. I had the TV on while going through my PT exercises (post pinched nerve in my back) and my PBS station was showing Aging Backwards. The second I saw Classical Stretch in motion I literally got up off the floor and walked toward the TV, mesmerized! I, too, had been a dancer and I knew instantly this was for me! I started with the Season 10 DVD set and have since added Seasons 11 & 9. My clothes do fit better and I look trimmer but, more than that, I feel so much stronger and have that promised "spring in my step". And I especially wanted to share that my bone density test several years ago showed I was moving toward osteopenia. Now, 2 years later, I just had another test and -- I believe thanks to Classical Stretch! -- my numbers hadn't progressed at all! Classical Stretch has been so liberating for me and I really feel that finding it was a gift from the Lord. I absolutely love it . . . and tell anybody who will listen that they will love it, too! THANK YOU for providing us with SUCH a wonderful, comprehensive, AND enjoyable way to stay fit AND FEEL GOOD!


In my 20s, I often used a cane, because my back pain was so debilitating, I kept a cane in my home, at my mother’s home, and in my car, as my back would just suddenly go out, And I would start walking like a tiny little old lady. (In my 40s, I was finally diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis, but back then the doctors have no idea why I hurt so badly daily. They simply put me on steroids from time to time, providing only short-term pain relief..) In my early 30s, I discovered MIranda on PBS. Since then, I have bought DVDs for friends, and referred countless patients to her PBS program. ( I am a nurse by profession). I’ve lost count of the number of DVDs I have passed on. In my 40s, the disease has progressed. I continue to control my pain, and make it less debilitating, by doing her workouts, as well the swimming three times a week. My sweet children often do her workouts with me, to keep me company. ....I simply want to give her a thank you. I’m not computer savvy, and for many years I wanted to pass my story I want her, to just let her know, thank you, thank you, thank you. THANK YOU. For someone who suffered with chronic pain for 20 years, and your workouts provide the best pain relief, better than any medication from the doctor, I cannot say thank you enough.

Thank you.

I discovered Essentrics on the PBS channel after I was released from PT following rotator cuff surgery on my right shoulder September 2016. I left PT with about 80% mobility. The other 20% was up to me. I had been teaching Zumba for over 3 years but had to take time off after the surgery. (Teaching with one arm in a sling got old quick.) I tried to go back to teaching Zumba (after being away almost a year), but was annoyed by a pinch I would feel in my shoulder from arm movements while dancing. I ordered the "Mobility and Bone Strengthening" DVD and started working out with Miranda several times a week. I pushed through any discomfort I was feeling in my shoulders to where I now have 100% mobility back in my right shoulder! The excitement prompted me to pursue certification. I've been in the fitness industry for over 20 years (I'm 62), and have taught Step, Yoga, Aerobics, Kickboxing and Zumba/Zumba Gold (which I just started back teaching). Anyway, I received the Level 1 material (July 2016) and started teaching in May 2017 to co-workers, then got a slot at the local Library on Wednesday evenings. I'm determined to end 2017 as a Certified Essentrics Instructor so I can start working on Level 2. Thank you, Miranda and Sahra, for this awesome program! I get so much positive feedback from my students and look forward to attending one of the live instructor training events. I'm also truly excited about becoming a member of the Essentrics community.
Jan Bostic
West Palm Beach, FL

I just want you to know that since I started your stretching routine every day, my hips have unlocked. I thought I was going to be a candidate for hip surgery soon, but now I know that all I needed to do was exercise. Your technique is absolutely miraculous. I will follow you every day. You are awesome!!!

Three years ago, my DEXA scan revealed osteopenia. My most recent scan revealed that I had increased my bone density by 3% and considered normal density. I attribute that to the Classical Stretch routines that I do 2 to 3 times a week. I do not take any supplements of calcium.

I love the show every morning on PBS. I’ve been doing the program for 4 months now, with GREAT results. I feel great each day and look forward to the program right after waking up at 6:10 am. Essentrics has helped heal my injuries from sports and given me new energy for walking and push-ups I do each day. I recommend Essentrics to everyone. Thank you, Miranda. Your positive voice and speech content, make it so easy to do.

Now that I have been doing your fitness routines, all stiffness has disappeared from my back, hips, and neck. It has also helped resolve my plantar fascitis, and reduced foot and ankle swelling. I have more energy and have lost weight too.

I have been doing this exercise for over 2 years. It has helped me with back ache, frozen shoulder, knee pain, etc. I can walk like I would when I was much younger. This is amazing. I do the exercise 5 days a week minimum. My friends and family members who followed my advice (young and old) are doing the exercise. Thank you -- I am grateful.

I have been doing Essentrics nearly everyday for the last six months. I am completely hooked! What a fantastic discipline. I am 39, and for most of my adult life have been a daily exerciser. In my 20s it was running, but through my 30s I have gradually worked my way into more strength work and less strictly aerobic work. Anyway, my point is that when I started Essentrics I was already in a faithful routine of Pilates and Ballet Beautiful, yet even so, I saw dramatic changes with Essentrics. After about two days I noticed that my sleep was deeper; after about a week I noticed that my hips suddenly felt like they unlocked; after a few more weeks I experienced the curious sensation of feeling as though I was walking with more forward momentum, more strength; after two months, I had lost an inch on my waist; within a few more months my thighs were slimmer and my rear more lifted. Also, random aches and pains stopped happening. These are the tangible differences, but the intangibles are just as significant--feeling strong; standing strong; capable of moving, bending and twisting throughout the day without a fear of weakness; feeling more svelte and feminine. Finally, I was diagnosed with osteoporosis at age 31. I feel that this program is good for my bones, and with some modification I do most of the movements. I hope to write again with a good report after my next bone scan. I was a subscriber for several months, until I found my favorite workouts, at which point I bought the DVDs. My favorites are Sahra's faster paced Class of 2012 and Strength & Stretch in Motion. In particular, I love the standing work. Thank you for the work you do. I feel prepared to enter my 40s with strength and poise.

I have been doing the Classical Stretch technique for about a month. I have the beginner's Mobility and Bone Strengthening DVD, which I have been doing faithfully, as well as recording several of the daily programs on tv. I have found that by doing these exercises, I have much less discomfort in my back, knees and joints. I feel more flexible, and am working on increasing muscle strength. I am a 67-year-old with a double scoliosis, which has limited some of the exercises I have tried in the past, but Mirada has a way of guiding you through the program, so that you never overdo or cause injury. She explains what she is doing and how it affects the parts of the body, and everything just flows. I know that I have found the way to exercise that is so effective and feels so good, that I want to stay with this program for the rest of my life! Thank you so much for the best program ever, and the music is lovely, also.

I started Essentrics in 2014 . I had a knee surgery and was struggling with how to get the body I always felt I could achieve. When I saw the classes on "lose a pantsize and lose those saddlebags" I thought "let me give this a try". The moves were gentle, easy on my knees but guess what? I lost a pant size, saddle bags disappearing! I get the program on TV and have purchased the CD’s. My husband has been watching the transformation of my body and wants to start doing Essentrics. I hope you share this story because for all the years I spent in a gym, I have never seen the results in my legs, posture, etc that I am seeing with this incredible program.

I found my balance wasn't as good as it used to be. I started working with Miranda watching Classical Stretch each morning. It has been over a year and I feel great. No more balance problems!

I had a lumbar laminectomy in 2010! It gave me pain release, but not for long. I started this program one and a half years ago and have been pain-free ever since! Thank you. I tell everyone about your program!

I had been having intense body pain & discomfort issues since last September. In April, I came across Miranda's PBS special and "living pain free" immediately caught my attention. The last doctor I had seen was suggesting Epidural Spinal injections in my back/neck. The pain & discomfort I was experiencing at that time was so intense, I was about ready to give in and have the injections. I felt improvement after the very first time I did the exercises - I couldn't believe it! I have been exercising with Miranda every day since and I am feeling the best I have felt in years. This has been life-changing for me and I share it all the time. In fact, today I gave a little mini-demonstration to a couple of friends! Over the past few months I have had 2 x-rays and 3 MRI's. I have been diagnosed with arthritis in my lower back, neck, and knee. I still have issues occasionally, but they are minimal... I can live with it! I am faithful about doing my 22-minute workout first thing every morning. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Miranda! You are my hero!!

After retiring a year and half ago I knew I needed to stay active. I looked on PBS remembering my Mom was a faithful Lilias follower. I love, love you Miranda. I only wish I had found you younger. I'm 71 and I share your program continually. I have had frozen shoulders in the past, I have had an arm injury, shattering the radial head and an implant. Praise God for medical advances. And for you who keeps me my moving and stronger and flexible. I am overweight, stiff, but every day I hear you and I am encouraged, I can be my better self. I am younger and stronger every day. Thank you!

I had a bad fall in February 2016, I was mostly bruised from landing on the driveway, part of my injuries were 2 popped joints in my right foot from folding it back against my calf. Over 9 months of visits, 4 Doctors told me it would never heal. I walked in severe pain for 15 months (nail gun shooting nails thru my foot pain). I had a DVD from an earlier purchase but wanted to change up what I was doing, so I purchased a 2 pack DVD set from PBS's fundraising event. After 3 months of doing the cardio program for an hour 3x a week. The joint in the center of my foot popped back into place. A week later the one in my toe popped back into place. I give all credit to the stretch and strength building of the program for healing. I am almost walking at my old pace again, my balance has improved, and I continue to do the program. Thank you.

I am 92 years old and began doing Classical Stretch two years ago when I was 90. About six years ago, I hurt my neck after falling and was unable to get rid of the severe pain. My daughter had found Classical Stretch to be worthwhile, so I began doing Season 4. Within 3 months of beginning the program my neck pain was gone. My children also noticed that my posture improved a lot and I was walking much more upright with my walker. As I continued to do the stretches, my whole body was noticeably more limber. After a year of Season 4, I purchased Season 11 for mobility. A few months later I suffered a stroke affecting my right brain. I had 6 weeks of rehab and my therapists told me one of the reasons I was doing so well was due to the exercise I had been doing prior to the stroke. I was able to regain almost all of my physical abilities. I am currently living in an assisted living facility and do Classical Stretch Season 11 after waking up each morning. It revitalizes my day. Thank you so much Miranda for your programs! Classical Stretch makes so much more sense than any other fitness programs I have tried. I plan to stay with the program as long as I am able.

Dear Miranda... I am sure I am one of millions of people that you have helped but I just had to write and say thank you. You will never know what an impact you have had on my life. I had a nerve injury that went undiagnosed for a very long time. I did not walk for a year and was in debilitating pain. I finally found a doctor who was able to get me on the right path to healing and was slowly mobile and functional again. But it wasn't until I saw your program on PBS and started doing the Zero Impact Cardio Vascular workout that not only could I walk but I could walk faster than everyone else! And then even after all that I still couldn't stand. Not even long enough to do dishes. I had started doing the posture workout just to improve my posture and realized that the more I did it the longer I was able to stand!! Sometimes when I did the workouts I would cry because I was so happy that I could move my body without pain. I just can't ever thank you enough. I hope one day to be certified in Classical Stretch so I can teach as many people as I can how to live in a pain free body. Sincerely,
Chaviva Lief

I have scoliosis and leg problems. It’s been 3 days I’m doing it 2 workouts per day and I can feel a difference in my body -- the pain is going away. I’m really glad that I have found this program. Thanks a lot!

My Health Challenge experience is rejuvenating! I'm 64 years young enjoying my body with its full range of mobility. I'm convinced that striving to continue to work out EVERYDAY will continue to keep me toned, shaped, strengthened, flexible and pain free. Benefits achieved: Posture improved - look and feel taller. Pain Free - chronic back does not go out anymore! Weight managed - increased energy to garden, hike, walk, etc. Able to do daily activities as needed or desired. Thank you Miranda and Sahra for your motivating Essentrics Technique. It body sculpts and has strengthened me without causing injury. Finally, I don't feel like a prisoner in my body; locked in pain and inactivity. I'm like fine, aged wine that gets better and better. :=)
Karen Marie

Miranda, I suffered for 2 years with chronic, undiagnosed Lyme. I couldn't even make a bed without resting for 10 minutes in the middle. The ONLY exercise I could tolerate was yours. Now, after a year of treatment and your exercises, I'm 85% back to normal, and when I started playing golf slowly again (9 holes), I was shocked at how much more flexible I am now compared to before I got sick, all due to your DVD. I will continue to follow your exercise regime without fail. Thank you.
Anne K

I started late using Mobility and Bone Strengthening DVD. I have more mobility in my shoulders and reduced pain in the back of my neck. As a pianist, more flexibility in the elbows and shoulders made a difference to my technique. I use the Mini Series regularly. What I need now are exercises to help me get down and up off the floor. What a great program -- it works!

I first began Classical Stretch to get relief from lower back pain & some knee pain I'd been experiencing on and off for several years. I'm very pleased to state that I have experienced relief from both. I had been looking for a form of exercise that did not cause injury but instead is safe and scientifically proven to work the whole body, all the muscles and heal damage from past injuries in each workout. It's important to me to continue to have very good mobility for the rest of my life as well and Classical Stretch insures results in all those requirements that I've had from a workout. I also want very much to get slimming & firming results and I am seeing a little by little improvement in that area as well. I always feel so much better during and after an Essentrics or Classical Stretch workout that I look forward to it rather than dread it. I've share the Classical Stretch & Essentrics with several others since finding this method and they like it too. I'm looking forward to continued improvement.

This is the best I have felt in years! I have regained movement I had lost long ago and my posture has greatly improved. Walking really does feel so much better and people do say "Are you alright? You've suddenly dropped weight!” Believe me that feels so good to hear and I am learning everyday just how important daily exercise is to my overall wellbeing. Many Thanks for a wonderful program, you've won me for life!

I am 54 years old. During the last 4 years, I have had numerous health problems, which led me to have two major abdominal surgeries. I also began having sporadic episodes of debilitating back pain. So much so that I went to the doctor thinking that I might have Multiple Sclerosis as I suffer from two other auto-immune diseases. I had seen Miranda's PBS episode on Aging Backwards, but never ordered it, so when the woman doctor, who was about my age, suggested that I try Essentrics workouts on PBS, I thought, "What have I got to lose?". Shortly thereafter, on April 16, 2017, I began subscribing to Essentrics TV, and I have been doing one Essentrics workout each day since then. In fact, I have only missed two days up to now. I always do my workout first thing in the morning. By the end of the challenge I had lost 5 pounds, going from 164 lbs. to 159 lbs. It looks more like 10 lbs. because I have toned up so much as well. I eat clean almost all the time due to being diagnosed with pre-diabetes in June of 2015, but was having a lot of difficulty getting any more weight to come off after initially losing 10 pounds, so I was really happy about this. Also, due to my back issues and or damage sustained from the surgeries, and illnesses that caused the surgeries I could not exercise consistently. If I walked for 30 minutes for 3 days in a row, I would start to have foot pain in my right foot and lower back pain, plus my hands would go numb when I was sleeping. So now after 3 months of consistent Essentrics I am virtually pain free. I pick an area of my body that I would like to work on and do the chosen workout every day for 2 weeks. This helps me to learn the workout, and to judge if my body is getting something out of it. I have focused a lot on posture workouts so I could strengthen my back, and I am now using core strengthening workouts with floor exercises. Each time I finish a 2 week rotation I can tell that I have become stronger. For example, I was too weak to do Season 8:Episode 10 Strengthen Hips and Core, so I did Season 8:Episode 29 Improve Posture and Flatten Abs for two weeks. Now, just two days ago I could go back the S8:Ep10 and do the workout. I have to stop in between exercises sometimes because I can't keep Miranda's pace, but I CAN DO this workout now! I also did the Season 8:Episode 6 Lose a Pants Size, and had measurable slimming in my hips and lower abdomen. All of my size 10s fit nicely now, and my slim cut pants are no longer skin tight. I really feel that I look slender now, and can now shop with confidence for pants! Lastly, I feel great. My energy level is up, and I don't fear that some part of my body is going to give out on me when I get up in the morning. Everything is loose and limber. I even measured my height and I gained a 1/4 of an inch, so I am actually 5'7 1/4" now. I didn't have particularly bad posture due to some other types of stretching I had been doing over the last few years, so I think that 1/4 inch is remarkable! I really want to thank Miranda for her Essentrics program. It delivers everything she promises it will!

Began with a very bad back and a hip pain that I feared would mean hip replacement. I have been doing aerobics, weight lifting and sit ups for 40 years. I saw Classical Stretch on TV by accident and did 10 minutes of stretch. Immediately had relief. Bought all season 11. After a month, no pain, stronger, better balanced, more flexible and feel much better. Do it every day. No reason why anyone can't! Thank you!

After months of declining mobility and increased joint pain, I was diagnosed with Sjogren's Disease. Prescription medicine left me feeling sick and weak. The Essentrics workout has increased my mobility and drastically reduced my joint pain. Thank you!

Lower back pain has disappeared with daily routine. In 1.5 years, I have grown 1/2 ", and have much more stamina in hiking, biking and gardening.
22 minutes a day= results.

Thank you!

My day is always more fulfilled when I do Classical Stretch as it gives me a sense of well-being. I am so grateful for the chance to really be back with Classical Stretch and doing my favorites as it is so lovely to be moving and being active with Classical Stretch. It is part of my life and I love doing it and feel so much better when I am done with the episode as my body feel more relaxed and fluid in movements during the day. I love your new series and will continue to be active because of you, Miranda, and you have been so much a part of my healing and feeling stronger. My day is more calming because Classical Stretch has the series of programs that gives me a healthy and soulful part of my life.

I am on my 5th month using season 9 DVD. I have lost some weight but before that I noticed my pants fitting better. What I am noticing now is how much flexibility I have. It feels like someone "oiled" my joints! The stretch exercise for Pain Relief has helped my knee and foot pain to the point that I did not have to see my chiropractor on such a regular basis. I tell everyone about how great these exercises are! My husband said I was your best sales person because I promote Miranda's DVD's to everyone...especially my husband. He really needs to use the PR for his posture and hips. Thank you for an exercise DVD that I have enjoyed doing and have stayed with it!

I have lower back problems and working out daily with Essentrics has helped relieve back issues. My husband has notices that I'm getting toned. Thank you so much!

Thank goodness for this wonderful new way I found to age without hurting myself trying to do what I used to. Since menopause my body has changed and I could not find any form of exercise that would not hurt me until I turned on my public television station and found Essentrics! I am so happy I am not hurting myself now. Miranda is so knowledgeable about the human body, and I never thought this type of "easy" exercise would have any effect. How wrong I was! Not only is this fantastic for my body but also my mind. This has made the transition into menopause almost painless. Thank you for understanding how to help and not hurt us.

I am 81 years old and have used the Pain relief workouts with Miranda. I have no pain and can move almost as good as when I was 30 years old, even though I have Atrial fibrillation. I have recommended your program to all my friends and have bought the Pain relief workout DVD for a couple friends as a gift. Thank you, Miranda, for sharing these wonderful stretching exercises.

In the spring of 2014 I badly tore a muscle in my back and with no use of my left leg at all I was off to the hospital in an ambulance. With suspicion of a torn disc, I was told not bend or twist at all but to slowly learn to walk again. By the time I got in for an MRI, there was no evidence of torn disc but by then my body had seized up completely. The road back was slow - it was months before I could put on my socks without lying down - but I was determined to get my strength and flexibility back. I tried physiotherapy, massage, active release therapy and yoga with limited success. Then quite by accident I discover Essentrics. I had so little movement at the start that it felt like I wasn't doing anything at all but I started to notice, ever so gradually, that mobility was returning. I’ve been a faithful follower for over two years now and I credit Miranda and her wonderful workouts for helping me gain back most of the flexibility I had lost in my back (it's a work in progress!) as well as much more tone and strength then I began with in my core and legs. This month I turned 60. A friend told me on my birthday and that I still had the body of an 18-year-old. It's not true but still nice to hear and after battling my weight for years, I can say that I now weigh less than I did when I graduated from high school. I am 1 pound away from my goal weight. I eat healthy and walk my dog daily, but none of this would have been possible without Miranda and her team. I've also gotten my sister and my 83-year-old mother doing the workouts and they are seeing the benefits as well. I will always be grateful to Miranda for giving me my life back!

I just turned 63 and have been feeling very old. I have been taking care of my 18-month-old grandson since his birth and was having a hard time lifting, getting up from the floor, etc. One day I had had enough and started streaming. It felt great most of the time and I have continued using it regularly. The first thing I noticed was my posture, I felt so strong and tall. Then my stamina in chasing my grandson improved. Then I noticed my muscles toning and my postmenopausal belly shrinking. One day I got on the scale and had lost about10 lbs. I am not a large person so it is noticeable. I am even seeing something they call a waist. Even before menopause my stomach was my worst area. I am writing this in the hope that someone else like me who is very skeptical about the claims Miranda makes during the sessions will try it and then see that it works. It is truly amazing. Thank you, Miranda, for putting the program together and sharing it with the world. I know that I will continue to improve instead of going downhill. Thank you, thank you!

Thank you, Miranda, for your fantastic series on Iowa Public TV. I had rotator cuff surgery 4 years ago. My physical therapist suggested that I'd probably get 80% of rotation back post op. I have 100% rotation back since I've been exercising with you. Plus, I've given the orthopedic surgeon and physical therapist the channel and time info so they can refer other patients. I notice a difference while on vacation and not doing my daily Essentrics routine - so now with streaming, I'll feel fantastic all year long. Thank you -- you're the best!

Last week my dear friend passed away. In her last few months she was in pain, heartbroken and scared... and she was certain to do some type of exercise, stretching, or walking most every day. Her resilience and surety that exercise made her mind clearer and her heart lift higher has inspired me in a way that I have never really felt before. I struggle with staying committed to daily exercise and as a result, I often have back pain, sore muscles, etc. Essentrics and Classical Stretch help me feel better almost immediately. I am working towards having more strength, flexibility and speed.

I am so excited; I exercised today for the first time since a month ago. The reason I stopped for that gap of time is that I took a very hard fall! I hurt both palms, inner right knee area and worse spot was the left outside on my left ankle. I thought I was on level ground but still had one more step to go. I fell on hard concrete. I think I have had strong bones, even before I started Classical Stretch. But the thing is, I did not break any bones and I did not swell up at all. After the first couple of weeks, bruises would appear through the next couple of weeks off and on in the places where I hurt myself, inner right knee, left ankle, and the top of both feet. I did take ibuprofen for the first week and used cold/warm packs the first couple of days with a couple of Epson Salt soaks. Then I ran across Miranda on OPB. It made since! So I read up on Classical Stretch, and then ordered Age Reversing Workouts Mobility & Bone Strengthening for Beginners. I started the program. I did it faithfully 7 out of 8 days in a row. I was getting better, feeling better in just that short period of time. When I finished with the exercises today it was very emotional to me. As I sat there I was crying saying to myself "‘I know this is what my body needs. My Creator wants me to be as fit as I can so I can enjoy the later years of my life!" Like Miranda says: "We were designed to move like this!" I want to keep on doing this as I did before the fall. We do not have to age sooner that need be. Thank you so very much Miranda!

Miranda, thank you for your wonderful program! I found you about 3 months ago. I was having a horrible time with my left shoulder. I hurt it lifting weights. I couldn't move it back at all, and if I moved it in certain ways, it was so painful I would scream out and it would bring me to tears. After just a couple of weeks of doing your workouts, I started noticing I could rotate my shoulder better. Now I can rotate it a lot, and I have very little pain. It has been a miracle for me for my shoulder. I also see a kinesiologist. After 6 weeks of doing your program, he told me everything about me was stronger. I have been exercising most days for years. It really is the kind of exercise you do that really does strengthen. My husband and I do it most every morning. Thank You!

When I discovered your show on PBS, I thought I had died and gone to heaven! It was shortly after I had two hip replacements in 2014. Although I couldn't do the hip stretches, my upper body responded magically to your stretches and it felt amazing. It would be a dream come true if there was some sort of safe stretching people who have artificial hips could do. We are limited though because we can't twist. If anyone could figure something out, it is you Miranda. I am so grateful for your methods. Last July I had a lumpectomy and 32 radiation treatments. I LOVE your stress relieving video for breast cancer and find it helps me sleep well. My six month checkup found me cancer free. With your stretching and proper eating, I intend to keep it at bay! Peace and many thanks,

Hi everyone. I'm a 53-year-old woman who has was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis 21 years ago. Thanks to advances in medical treatment, a healthy diet, and dedication to swimming I have done extremely well. I regularly swim 2000 meters, and I was able to do a 20-day trek in the Himalaya with my 21-year-old daughter just a year ago (Everest Region 3 Passes). That is truly blessed! This last year, I learned that the disease I have is affecting my spine (my new diagnosis is ankylosing spondylosis (AS)). My doctors are great, and again I stand to benefit from new treatment options. But exercise is considered part of the treatment. Inflammation caused by the disease affects fascia and ligaments and eventually (this is something I hope medicine prevents ) cartilage and bone. As for advice on exercise, my doctors are unfortunately pretty useless. I have learned that the medical industry, although it improves the quality of my life each and every day, is not the place to go for wellness. The morning can be the worst part of the day because things tighten up at night. So I turned to exercise. I tried several things, trainers, yoga, and learned something from all of them. Then I stumbled into Classical Stretch on PBS. Every morning at 7 am since early January I have been doing Essentrics. It is doing amazing things for my body! I feel better after each and every session. And I continue to swim because I love it. I am working now in Morocco for a month and, unfortunately, AS is pressing on a nerve causing sciatica. I woke up this morning with pretty bad pain shooting down the back of my legs. I streamed a 45-minute classical stretch video. I feel terrific! Thank you! Love your streaming capabilities! I look forward to taking a live class this summer!

I started doing Essentrics last summer with a goal to relieve pain. I had been suffering from achy shoulders and hips for some time and I knew with Essentrics I could completely reshape and rebalance my body. So I did, and so I have, I do a workout each day and I have literally felt my body transform, reshape, and get stronger. All my aches and pains have disappeared and even though weight loss wasn’t a big goal, it came fast and easy. I plan on doing these 20-25 minute workouts for the rest of my life because afterward I feel as if I had a full body massage! In fact, after this October, I have every intention of starting training toward becoming an Essentrics instructor so I can teach others that the true way to get rid of pain and to grow strong is through daily, gentle, full body exercises.
Thank you, Miranda!

I feel so blessed! Just want to say thank you for a fabulous program. I was originally looking for an exercise program for my mother who is having mobility and pain issues. I ended up buying both the age reversing DVDs and the pain work out for her and the beginners bundle for myself (I hope to have my hubby join me!) I would classify myself as: Mother of four who has exercised off and on but keep semi active. I am 5' 8" and weigh 140. I have kyphosis and very long neck. I suffer from neck problems off and on and all over, generalized body pain-that I sometimes don’t realize until I get a massage. I have had right arm/shoulder pain for 2 year from playing fetch with my dog. Massage and Chiropractic helped but didn't relieve. This pain disappeared, seriously, after 2 connective tissue workouts. Also, I have been gardening/weeding for over 3 hours a day since I started the DVDs and have no pain at all. I feel my muscles though in a good way from the workouts. Usually I pay the price dearly for going at garden hard! I feel stronger, lighter, energetic and tonight after the 3rd workout I just started crying- just a release I suppose- a calm, cleaning cry. I will be sharing this great program with everyone I know. A million thanks! God bless you all!

I got a jump start and decided to do an Eccentrics class every day in May and I am right on track - 2 more days to go. I am going to continue for the 30-day challenge! I have participated in fitness classes since my 20's until about 3 years ago when my shoulder became too painful to continue. I considered shoulder surgery but decided against it. I have been to physiotherapy and had chiropractic treatments which helped but didn't solve the problem. I read about Essentrics a few months ago and was intrigued. I started out with the PBS program and then ordered two DVD tapes. I feel like I have turned a corner- my shoulder is feeling better and I love the workouts! I do them after a brisk walk and feel great afterwards. Thank you - it is great to look forward to exercising again!!

I have been consistently doing Essentrics daily since February, and it has helped tremendously with my body pain and posture. I have been struggling with pain in my upper and lower back for years now, and this is the best I've felt without PT in years. I am hopeful that the 30-Day challenge will reinvigorate my practice, and my commitment to my health! Thank you so much!

I have rheumatoid arthritis, so I have to keep moving and hopefully lose some weight. I feel so much better after I work out for a half hour. The workouts are easy to fit into my schedule.

I am 54 and have had steroid shots for back pain due to osteoarthritis and spinal stenosis. I have had such great results with Classical Stretch and have regained flexibility and mobility that I thought was never going to have again. I am working now on diet and weight loss and I am eager to begin the 30-day challenge. P.S. I am now also being told what GREAT POSTURE I have! Miranda is so right on!

WOW!!! Classical Stretch has been LIFE CHANGING for me. I am 65 yrs old and consider myself to be in good shape. I have been very physically active for all of my life. Prior to Classical Stretch I was going to the gym 4 days a week , spending an hour lifting weights, walking 3 miles a day, doing crunches/sit-ups, planks, and taking a stretch and stretch and strength class. But, although I looked to be in great physical shape....my body hurt! My knees ached and my shoulders and back were often sore. In December I read an article about your book in the Costco Connection magazine and decided to order your book. I read it cover to cover, tried the exercises and then decided to order the DVD series and really commit to it. I have been doing one or two 23 minute work outs every day for four months and my knee pain is GONE! My back and shoulder pain is GONE and my body feel fantastic. I have recommended this routine to several of my friends who also fell in love with the results. Recently, my husband has started to do daily routines and in 3 weeks he is already feeling the results. Thank you for doing what you do!!!
Dianne S

I have polymalasia rheumatica and arthritis in my shoulder joints and feet. I have been using the tapes and I really think it is a way for me to keep strength and be active.

I was T-boned by a distracted driver on Dec. 2015, and I liked the pain relief I'd get from doing Miranda's workout on PBS/Public TV, therefore, I purchased the Season 9 DVD set and feel a little better. I am still in some pain but when I do the workouts, my pain ceases. I plan to continue doing the work outs, however, I would like to also see some toning, shaping, strength and muscle building upon completing this challenge.

Whenever I do your stretching exercises I feel so much better. Have back and neck pain and feel that I am losing flexibility. These stretches help relieve the pain and I can move better.

I discovered your essentrics videos on youtube while searching for exercises that would help with shoulder, neck, knee and hip problems. As a formerly very athletic but now painful 60 yr old guy, I'm very surprised how good these routines make me feel. These are indeed the most effective strength and stretch techniques I've come across.

Dear Miranda and Team: I have been doing Essentrics/Classical Stretch daily, usually for 1 hour per day, for 10 weeks now. I started out in a lot of pain and was hoping to get my body back to balance after years of lots of physical activity (but not "correct" exercise, as Miranda calls it). If I had only known 30 years ago what I know now, I would have been a lot more careful with my exercise! To date, I am in far less back and hip pain, and more and more often, in no pain at all. When I do get into pain the muscle spasms usually stop quickly instead of lasting for days. At 56 I had worried that in 10 years from now I would be limping around like an "old lady". I now know that I will be in great shape with little or no pain for years to come! I just resumed my bike rides which I had not done in over a year due to pain. After 1 hour of pretty intense riding, I got off the bike and...no pain!!!! Plus, I was amazed that my cardiovascular system felt like it used to feel when I was riding regularly. Rebalancing my body through this miraculous and brilliant Essentrics program is giving me excitement and confidence in my future. I cannot wait to see where I am at in another few months! Just thought I would share for anyone out there who is in a similar place in life. Sharon
Sharon E

I lead a relatively active life. Grew up in a large family of professional horseman. and still work part time in that field. My husband, of 34 years, and I have raised 3 wonderful children. We have just recently stated a small retail maple syrup business and I do lots of volunteer work in church and community. Well, when I found out the pain and limited mobility I had been experiencing for the last 5 years, was going to require hip replacement, I was really bummed! Doctors think it must have been something I was born with or just an insignificant injury in my late teens/early twenties that just got worse over time. Well about a week before my surgery, I saw a PBS show about Essentrics. (God's doing. No coincidence there!) I just knew they would be awesome for my rehab. I was right!! My surgery was in January of 2017, and as I am writing this in May 2017, I can tell you I will do these exercise till the day I die! I have shared this program with many of my friends and family. All who have taken the time to try them, are hooked too! I was totally shocked when my 78-year-old uncle who is still a practicing farrier and our son, who works full time as "sugar maker" (maple syrup producer), walking miles a day in the hills of Vermont, both began and have found tremendous pain relief with this program. (Just imagine a full bearded mountain man doing his classical stretch work out before work. Too funny huh?!). This truly is a blessing for anyone who will take part and I will continue to spread the news! Just wish I had seen this years ago. I often wonder if Miranda's little hip cleansing moves could have cleaned out the debris in my hip and prevented the surgery.... Right?!
Rebecca P

A day without Miranda Esmonde-White is a day without sunshine! I've watched Miranda's PBS Specials, read her books, tape her early-morning PBS 1/2 hour sessions and play them later in the day since I've retired. She's an inspiration and a real lady! Ms. Esmonde-White's session have been a God-send since recovering from a microscopic meniscus operation this past December. Although her sessions are not as strenuous as the programs I followed in the past, they are just as effective and far more enjoyable. My most sincere thanks!
Gail H

I am so grateful to Miranda for brining Essentrics to PBS. I started learning about her program a few years ago. I am in my late 60s and though I had exercised on and off I never found a program that felt I could stick with. I also recently have learned I have arthritis in my knees. This mobilized me in a way I have never been before. I do not want to let it get in the way of an active life. Miranda's wonderful personality and expertise have given me hope and a real way to change my health. I enjoy listening to all she has to teach and I so appreciate her encouragement, authenticity and dedication to making a difference in people's lives with her skills. I have begun to do the program with more regularity. It is true what Miranda says. You begin to have more energy and a greater sense of wellbeing throughout your body. I would love to have her as a personal trainer in person but I am so grateful for her tapes. I hope to age with much more hope and health now that I have found Eccentrics! Thank you!

I love your book and pain-relief workouts. I was very ill with psoriatic arthritis, lupus and fibromyalgia for over 30 years. I've learned to heal myself and include your workout as part of my daily routine along with detoxing, juicing, and organics. I'm a registered nurse, but now have a new mission, to educate and empower others who are suffering with chronic illness and autoimmune disease to improve their health and quality of life. Taking 20 medications, and undergoing multiple surgeries isn't the answer.
Cheryl E Suprize, AZ

I had been told to restrict my movements by a doctor, especially not to bend my knees as x rays showed I had 2 torn meniscuses, one in each knee. I stopped swimming breast and side strokes, stopped biking, and limited my movements. Every couple of months I would have swollen red hot to the touch episodes of painful knees, which left me wheelchair bound for periods of time till it subsided. One morning flipping channels I came across Classical Stretch and was motivated to give it a try. Miranda's clear instructions and life lessons soon became part of my daily routine and saved me. Her explanations and teaching how our bodies move and how to age backwards has been life altering. I can now run down the stairs in our home pain free. Just a couple of years ago I was contemplating moving to a one story because the pain was so severe. Thank you.

I've been doing Miranda's workouts for about 10 years. I had chronic hip pain and one morning my husband tuned in to one of her workouts on PBS and said he thought this looked like it might help me. It did and I ordered Season 4 and did it almost every morning despite my increasing hip pain and worsening mobility. I also bought Season 6 somewhere along the way and added that to my routine. 2 years ago I had both hips replaced due to severe osteoarthritis and during my recovery got lax about doing them. But a year or so ago, I got back into stretching again with Miranda on a regular basis and last fall when we went to Kansas as we do every winter, I got a group of women at my gym to do them each morning M - F. I am back in Maine and still doing them regularly, and my friends in KS have bought their own copies and are still doing it as a group. Most recently, I just bought the Season 9 series and am just starting through them.
Amy R

On Feb 7/17, I woke up at 4am, and couldn't get back to sleep. So, I started flipping channels, and came across Classical Stretch on PBS at 5am. I thought to myself, this looks quite interesting. That day, I set the PVR to record the program, and the next day I started my first stretch' and haven't looked back since! You see, I've had Fibromyalgia for years, and deal with aches and pains pretty well all the time. It wasn't easy to do the workout, but I did what I could and tried my best. It wasn't long before I started to notice a big difference in my balance, posture, strength and flexibility. And now my aches and pains were from the workout, and not the Fibro, which is so much better. Another great thing that happened, about a month later, I noticed my husband kind of shuffling across the family room. So, I said to him, "You really should try doing the Classical Stretch." I'm sure he was getting tired of me going on and on about how great it was and how much I enjoyed it. So, he started a few days later, and although he doesn't do it every day, around five times a week, he too, has noticed a big difference in his joints and muscles, and he's not shuffling around anymore either! I can't say enough just how much Miranda and her team have changed my life for the better, it really has been a game-changer for me. I now look forward to going out to different things, and if I am a bit sore when we get home in the evening, in the morning I feel just fine! Because of this, I actually look forward to the workout, and never miss a day. And that's my Classical Stretch story!

I have been into fitness most of my life and to the extreme level at most times. Unfortunately, I pulled my intercostal rib muscles and had to stop everything except walking. I saw Miranda on PPS and thought this could be my saving grace. I started doing the Classical Strech workouts in a very small space (not nearly enough room) but did it anyway and finally started to feel better. I had another huge setback shortly after (due to other issues too complicated to write about) and finally feel ready to commit again. I am starting to revamp a nice size room in our house to have my own fitness haven. I can't wait to get it finished but starting the program again in my tiny space. The timing of this 30-day challenge is perfect!
Carol R

I worked as a RN on the NICU floor then changed careers to to a desk job as an oncology nurse navigator. After hours of sitting at a desk, I developed pain into my neck and right upper shoulder, limiting my range of motion. I started Essentrics and within the first week my pain was gone and almost full range of motion returned. I love these workouts and how my muscles are developing into the long, lean muscles I always wanted.
Janine D

I was fortunate to tune into PBS during a fund raiser and Aging Backwards was featured. That was 1 1/2 years ago and it's changed my view of "exercise". Love the workouts now and am so happy I can do this for many years to come. My hip density increased just over 4% (dr said it's "unheard of for a menopausal woman"!) and no longer need injections in my knees-no knee replacements soon! Better balance and posture. I do these daily and enjoy every moment!
JoAnne L

I started doing Essentrics 2.5 months ago, beginning with 5 weeks of just the Forever Painless DVDs, and later adding in one of the 23 or 30 minute workouts each day as well. I have been suffering with back pain and hip pain for a few years now...the result of many years of "incorrect" exercises. Since I began my regular Essentrics workouts, I have had a significant decrease in back and hip pain, 12 lbs weight loss, an increase in energy and I have lost the stiffness that I was beginning to feel in my back, hips and feet. I plan to continue doing this amazing exercise for the rest of my life, and am very optimistic that I will eventually be completely free of pain and able to do whatever I want!
Sharon E

I had a pain in my neck for several weeks. I saw your workout for season 7, 2nd half and did the neck and back pain 20 minute workout that evening. I went to bed the the pain was totally gone. I was amazed. I now do your workouts daily and feel great, relaxed with no body stiffness. I am almost 71 years old and have been doing your 20 minute workouts for the last 8 months on a daily basis. Thank you, thank you. I have spread the word to many friends and some have taken my advice & have noticed a difference too.
Camille F

I have been doing your workouts for over a month and I feel fantastic! I had sacroiliac pain and was taking medication for it but since stretching with you I have not had to take the medication. Thank you!!
Debbie V

I was on vacation last summer and happened to see an educational channel presentation of Essentrics when I could not sleep. I was so impressed that I tried to find the book at the library, no luck. I was in deep pain so I invested in a video and the book. I read first and began to start the program on my own, at my own pace. I am moving better, not out of pain yet but progressing. Now, I think I am ready for the challenge. I want and deserve a body that serves me into my "golden" years. I so appreciate a different approach/philosophy to exercise and fitness. Now I believe I can do it.
Lois S

I started with classical stretch on Iowa Public Television about 8 years ago. About 6 months into it I was getting compliments on how lean I was, and my doctor was surprised that I'd "grown" an inch after a year... just like Miranda talks about. I turned a couple of friends on to the program... they both experienced relief from neck and hip pain and consistently thank me for it. I purchased a couple of sets of DVDs so that I didn't have to always work with the IPTV schedule. This was a big help in doing my practice daily. About a year ago I broke my shoulder in a bicycle accident. I couldn't do Classical Stretch. I was depressed, my joints were achy and I gained weight but did do my physical therapy. I finally quit the therapy, zeroed in on a healthy diet and started doing Classical Stretch every day, which was just the at home therapy I needed for my shoulder. It is as close to normal as it can be now, my joints are creaking and I've lost 30 pounds. I visited Jamaica this past spring break and was tickled to put on a two-piece suit and to be in many of the spots where I see Miranda leading the routines. Thank you for your inspired program. It changed my life, my looks and is keeping me YOUNG.
Lisa M

I have had bad posture all my life especially rounded shoulders. I can't wear regular bras because the straps always slide off my shoulders. Also, starting to get arthritis in my joints especially my right ankle due to breaking it in a car accident. I have noticed improvements in posture already from doing Essentrics for only a few weeks!
Patricia T

I have been following your program for 4 years or so. I really enjoy it. It has totally toned and re shaped my body. I've never been heavy and have always exercised. I even started when my two kids were small watching Jack La lane. He was great. I love your program. I love that you know your stuff. I've learned a lot. I also love that you do a different routine everyday. That's great so I don't get bored. In July 2016 I had a two level spinal fusion in my lumbar area. They went in from the abdomen. It was a big surgery. I haven't been able to do your program for almost a year. I've just recently been able to get back to it gradually. Today I was able to find your shows On-Demand. I was so excited to finally be able to watch you and do the program. It was like revisiting an old friend I haven't seen in a long time. My two younger grandkids love doing the exercises with me. The boy is 4 and the girl is 2. Thanks for a wonderful program. It has helped me a lot. I know it will help me with my recovery. Keep up the good work!! I've recommended your show to many people. Take care.
Linda R

I saw your PBS special during the pledge drive. It made so much sense and felt so true to me! I am 50 years old, a former dancer (high school and college) and have had knee, back, neck and hip pain- mostly from arthritis. I started doing your program 5-7 days a week and after a few months I am feeling better than I have in many years! I have told many friends and relatives and they too are feeling better! Thank you so much for your wonderful work! Classical Stretch has TRULY changed my life! THANK YOU!
Rebecca B.C

Thank you so much for your exercises! While I haven't yet worked through "Forever Painless" in its entirety it is really a God-send. After approximately 2 months of working with your book my pain in my hips and lower back has dramatically been reduced. I've been tuning and rebuilding pianos for 39 years and I'm also a professional pianist and organist. My home flooded in the August 2016 flood in Louisiana and at Thanksgiving 2016 I severely irritated some old nerve injury issues--extremely painful and debilitating!! I had been in a regular yoga exercise routine for more than a year when all of this occurred. While I had added a couple of your exercises to my routine my routine was not working for me. One morning, after watching your Classical Stretch program on PBS, I decided to find your book and give it a try and it is working. In fact last week for the first time ever, I actually experienced the feeling after my workout of having had a complete body massage. Several weeks ago while discussing your book with my massage therapist, she agreed with your statement about that. I know I shall be able to continue working on my home very soon thanks to your miraculous exercises.
Kathy R

I've always exercised and have done some dance, so I was interested in doing classical stretch - the movement really appealed to me. So, when I started doing it I felt taller and stronger, but what I really noticed was that the injury I had suffered in my lower abdomen was healing! I felt so much better, and have been able to do more abdominal work because of classical stretch! It was a game changer, I do it every day now. I would recommend it for everyone Love it, love it, love it!
Erica S

With busy and stressful responsibilities as a family caregiver I had become tired, out of shape, gained weight, slept poorly and my blood pressure was creeping higher. My doctor told me I needed to reduce my stress and incorporate exercise into my daily life. I began doing classical stretch routines following season 11. The first week was tough but I stuck with it and noticed after 4 days I was already more flexible & energized and after just 8 workouts I noticed my clothes were fitting noticeably better. After just 3 weeks I had lost 5 lbs. Now it is 3 months later and I have so much more energy, my sleep is better and my BP is back to my healthy baseline. I do your program 4 times a week on average and continue to tone & contour, getting back to a much healthier, stronger, energetic and calmer me. Your workouts are a perfect combination for me and I am making them a priority, tying to increase the number of workouts. I just had to write and say "thank you"!

I have been doing the classical stretch workouts fairly regularly for about a year and I have been telling everyone I know about how strong and flexible they have made me feel. My posture has greatly improved and my arthritis pain is gone. Two days ago I was hauling buckets of rocks for a landscaping project and I must have strained my back because this morning I had trouble getting out of bed. I dropped a spoon on the floor and I couldn't pick it up. I decided to try the season 11 back pain workout even though I really was afraid of moving at all for fear of my back spasming. The pain melted away as I moved slowly through the program. I'm not back to normal yet but I'm confident that I will be soon and I'll be a lot more comfortable today. Thank you Miranda. Your programs have literally changed my life.
Lois C

Started practicing yoga approximately 15 years ago to help open tight hips & ease pain of sciatica & added treadmill/biking to it. Before that I'd never done much exercising except for occasionally swimming laps & some weight workouts. Then 5 years ago I tore meniscus in my right knee & developed arthritis in my left knee to the point I tried cortisone, synvisc (didn't help much) and stopped treadmill due to the pain. When I had to adapt my yoga practice & try physical therapy, it helped a bit, but I was discouraged about working out. I never really liked working out anyway, so I kept up my PT exercises on my own & a bit of yoga. Then last year my sister bought me an Essentrics DVD and it changed my life. I'm serious about this - A year into working out with Essentric's DVDs and some early mornings with 25NYC TV that airs Miranda's workouts, I'm in better shape than I have been in years. I start my day with 5-7 minutes of yoga and then 25 mins of Essentrics. I do this 5 days/week and I can't imagine my life without this. My arthritis is quite manageable, I haven't had a flare-up of sciatica in a very long time, I'm more toned, more flexible, and calmer than I've been in years and I look great, if I do say so myself. Thank you so much!
Marguerite R-T

I watched your PBS special one morning when I saw Miranda bending and leaning. I thought "How can that be helpful?". I always exercised and lifted weights. I'm pushing 70 now and my back, hips and muscles are always hurting and tired. As I listened, I said to myself "this makes sense". I have been a computer research specialist all my life and was always open to new ideas. Everything you said MADE SENSE and I could see how lifting as I am now doing will NOT correct the atrophy in the ends of my muscles. Stretching, as you put it, HAD to be the solution. I was convinced! I have been stretching and twisting and contorting my body gradually more and more every day and I am, Thanks to YOU, using muscles that I have never used in past decades. I am writing to you to tell you that after only 1 week, people have commented to my "You're not limping anymore" and I feel terrific and my mobility has dramatically increased. Imagine how I will feel in a few months! I am now so much a dedicated believer in your system and approach to exercise that I have abandoned for now my weight lifting and replaced it with your techniques. Thank you very much for being on PBS in the early hours of the morning when I awoke that day. If it wasn't for that, I would still be limping around in pain. Again, thank you very much.
David P

Exactly 4 years ago, I was diagnosed with a severe case of Rheumatoid Arthritis. It was scary. I felt as if all my bones were scattered in million pieces. Suddenly, I couldn’t walk, sit, or perform any regular daily task. I was 29 and devastated. My husband became my nurse, showering and feeding me, and we were both scared of what was going to happen to me. My doctor prescribed many different drugs and I was taking about 8 to 10 pills a day. The pain went away gradually but the side effects of all that medication became a serious burden; I was exhausted all the time, became secluded and antisocial, gained a lot of weight, couldn't exercise or work because the medication made me feel nauseous all the time. It was a very sad time…. But then I found Essentrics. A good friend of mine insisted that I should try it and I did. At the very beginning I couldn’t stay for a whole class, I was stiff and had injures everywhere, my feet had lots of damages and it was hard to even stand straight. Slowly and with help from amazing instructors I could adapt the movements to my very limited range of motion. I can’t thank them enough- Megan, Gail, Amanda and Alexa- they saw me on my worst and helped me so much that I can’t even start saying how grateful I am! From this past October (2016) I started going to the studio and thanks to the amazing manager Jennifer, who is always ready to listen to everyone’s needs and suggest specific classes and DVDs, I also started doing some classes at home (I got the pain relief did and I am so happy!) Today I am medication free, I lost a lot of weight (a lot!) and I am pain free. My feet got back to normal and I am even back to climbing! For someone who less than one year ago wasn't even able to walk I feel super great thanks very much! I am a huge fan of Essentrics, I do it all the time because it makes me feel strong and healthy. Anyway, I could go on for forever but I will stop here.
Karina T

I just wanted to pass my comments on to Miranda. I've been doing Classical Stretch for only two weeks and it is amazing. I'm 63 years old and when I first started I was having hip and leg issues, so bad that I was limping. Well - thanks to Classical Stretch I am pain free. My posture is also improving and I feel full of energy and vitality. Thank you!
Donna Whitfield

I started following classical stretch shortly after the birth of my now 15 year old son. It was love at first sight, second,...and still to this day. It has been a very tumultuous journey since I started struggling with any physical activity in 2005. To this day, the only certain diagnosis is small fiber poly neuropathy, with an uncertain, probably genetic, cause. The silver lining throughout this ordeal was my daily Classical Stretch routine. While never truly without pain (because of misfiring nerves), sometimes having to split up a workout in bite size 1 minute segments, I credit the enjoyment, Miranda's contagious enthusiasm, the music, the variety of exercises,...with maintaining my muscle mass, strength, and flexibility. The downside being that doctor's underestimate the seriousness of this very debilitating invisible illness, because of my overall health. My dream was and is to eventually feel up to becoming an educator myself to share the same life changing effects with the world. I call myself jokingly the walking billboard for Classical Stretch, as I am trying to convince family & friends to take up this wonderful routine. Thank you for sharing this amazing gift & changing the quality of life, even for people with limited exercise tolerance like me. Thank you for a lifelong inspiration.
Kristien G

My knee went out a year ago and after barely being able to walk and constant icing, it improved enough to start doing some moderate exercise. I've always exercised a lot, mostly aerobic, hiking, cross country skiing, but not enough stretching and strengthening. So I started to do Season 10 of your series and kept at it 5 days most weeks. Was able to do light hiking in the summer, but overall starting to show improvement. In spite of that I was told the MRI in early September showed torn miniscus, messed up cartilage and baker's cyst. Finally got to see the preferred knee doc February 7th and he said the MRI was an overread, that I had a HEALING miniscus, but that he sees this in very few cases. My knee is a normal knee, could bend in unexpected way. That not only don't I need an arthroscopy, but I should ramp up my exercise! I know one thing for sure. I am 61 years old and I'll do your exercises as long as I am able!
Amy M
New York

I have a job that requires repetitive use of my dominant hand/arm. I am right handed. One year ago, my arm stopped working. I couldn't lift it and it hurt to grip anything with my right hand. I am a library clerk and I use my right arm/hand to shelve books, carry books and process books to put on the shelves. My right arm really does take a beating. I was on worker's comp. leave from mid-Jan through April. I went to physical therapy 2 times a week for that time. I went back to work the last week in April. My employer made adjustments for me by changing the height of my desk and purchasing a better chair. Physical therapy gave me hints of what I could do to lessen the pressure of using my hand/arm when doing my job. I went back to work in late April. Probably because my arm had rested for 3 months, I was able to do my job, for a while at least before it started to hurt again. I thought I would have to quit my job so as not to re-injure my hand/arm. Then I remembered I had the season 6 DVD of classical stretch. I did the arm/posture workout every day for 3 months straight and felt a significant improvement in the strength of my arm. I continue to do classical stretch every day and my arm is nearly 100% back to what it used to be. But I will continue to do the exercises to help prevent future damage to my hand/arm. And I could stay at my job. I still do the exercises every day and my whole body feels stronger. Thank you, Miranda!
Jessica S

20 years ago, I was very active; aerobics, skiing, and walking 30 miles a week. I began having knee pain and discovered I had dysplasia. I underwent an osteotomy to save my hip, which was good for about 20 years and then I underwent a hip replacement. However, after my first surgery I began having cramping in my leg and pain in my hip and lower back. I visited an ortho practice and saw a Muscular Skeletal DO, who would manipulate my hip, take an x-ray and send me on my way without a diagnosis. This went on for at least 5 years and in the meantime my pain worsened so I would hobble into work and move around as little as possible. Long story short, I’ve tried various treatments including a sports medicine massage therapist who helped but it did not last. I’m now 72 and was starting to think I’d have to learn to live with this pain and never feel good again. I discovered your program by watching PBS in my area and ordered your beginning video and have been doing it between 15 to 60 minutes daily for the past month. I could feel a difference after the second session and I’m beginning to be able to really get into the whole program except for the leg lifts. So, here’s hoping for the first time in over 20 years I’ll be pain free. Thank you for your insight into the need for correct movement to help alleviate mechanical pain issues, which I’ve evidently had for years but without true help even by physicians.
Diana S

I came across Essentrics on YouTube late last year. I thought it was very interesting! So, I went a wee bit further to search more of this exercise, and came across Miranda Esmonde White and her technique. I thought to myself what an interesting kind of exercise and I began liking it. I found that those movements were not just beautiful but they make those tight muscles more loosen up and flexible. I told myself, “I've found the best exercise in the whole world”! So, when I went into your website, I found those DVDs, for beginners, and I was on my way to heaven. So, in December last year I got my son to do an online purchase. I just want to say thank you very much Miranda for these great and beautiful exercises. Excellent!

I had a stroke a year ago this month at 62. Quite a shock as I was strong and active, a previous water aerobics instructor who was walking to and from work each day to feeling unable to walk straight. I have struggled with weakness, dizziness and imbalance. I started the program just 6 weeks ago with the Age Reversing Workouts for Beginners and am feeling stronger each day. My balance is still an issue but that will take time I am sure. I cannot easily complete all the exercises but try a little more each day. Thanks for the encouragement I get while doing these videos and the reminders that it is okay to modify each step and to relax... A big task for me.

My story starts almost 1 year ago. I was beginning to practice for the start of the golf season and had severe foot pain after hitting a bucket of balls. My family physician referred me to an orthopedist who took X-rays and diagnosed me with plantar fasciitis and osteoarthritis for which he suggested surgery to scrape the joints with a projected 6-week recovery period. Alternatively, he suggested a cortisone shot for temporary pain relief. Thankfully I decided to look for alternatives first. I found a website that told me more about the causes of plantar fasciitis being associated with what were described as nodes in the fascia. The primary recommended therapy there was massage of the nodes. While that seemed to provide some immediate relief, the pain came back quickly. Other pain avoidance techniques like taping the foot were also recommended but were obviously not a long-term solution. So, I did more studying about the causes of fascia problems and eventually realized that what I needed was to prevent them from occurring in the first place rather than trying to get rid of them after the fact. Searching for fascia balancing techniques eventually led me to Essentrics. I started out with the two-DVD package for posture, pain-relief, mobility, and bone-strengthening. The foot exercises there were a god-send and improvement came at a steady pace. I think too many people want an instant fix for problems, but patience and discipline paid off. I have been doing two workouts per day every day since. Within a couple of weeks, I found that I could play golf although I had to ride a cart and found myself in some pain after. Within another few weeks I found that the pain was less after golf and was relieved quickly with the right exercise. A few weeks after that I was back to walking the course and before the end of the year my foot pain was completely gone and I could play without any pain afterwards. Somewhere during the process the plantar fasciitis completely disappeared. The joint pain has also evaporated. Even my toes seem to be straighter and more aligned than they were previously. For Christmas I received the Essentrics Season 8 DVDs and have been doing those workouts since then. I've seen improvements in balance and muscle tone as well and even a diagnosed gout problem in one elbow vanished while I wasn't paying attention. I have recommended Essentrics to many family and friends. My family doctor was very surprised when I told him that the key to relieving the plantar fasciitis was exercising barefoot. Thank you so much!
Paul K.

I just finished my morning workout with you. I enjoy your show on PBS (Ch.20) 6am When I first began 4-months ago, I admit I did curse you at times. "OK Miranda, you go ahead and do that, I'll just watch for now and do this move instead." Then you said, "This is what you need for walking up and down stairs." Well, that got my attention!! I used to walk down stairs backward. Less stress on the knees. I enjoyed the benefit of your program immediately. Suffering from RA, there is always pain. Thanks to you, I am more mobile and much more flexible. The stairs in to my apartment are no longer something I dread. There are days today when I can almost run down them. Almost! When I work in the garden or around the house, I keep focused on HOW I move. Especially when reaching & lifting. Making sure to use those muscles properly!! Your program is excellent and I tell everyone I know! I am grateful that I discovered you one morning on my PBS station
Susan C

I discovered your exercise program several years ago, but it wasn't until I started spending a part of every morning with you, in balmy climes, no matter what NW Ohio brings, that I realized how great your program is. At 77, with osteoporosis and scoliosis, it's fantastic that I'm able to do what others my age are no longer able to do. I also have developed my core muscles so I can stand perfectly straight, even as the scoliosis continues to tighten each night. My left back above my waist shows the effects, but beginning my day with 23-minutes exercise I feel all the tension release, and energy for whatever I plan. My spinal doctor commented, "You are doing exactly what you should be, good job." I had melanoma on my left foot last fall, surgery with some skin grafting. That meant I could not exercise for several weeks, but within a month I had my normal energy back once I could start working out again. That foot is now almost back to the strength and mobility I need. Your DVDs are invaluable to my well-being and I've shared this with family and friends. Thank You for developing a perfect workout for any and every one.
Ruth Steele

After living well with Rheumatoid Arthritis for over 20 years, I learned this fall that the type of arthritis I have is affecting my spine and lower hips. My prognosis is good, but my mornings are slow and painful. I discovered Essentrics on public television and have been doing morning sessions every day now for a couple of months. It is making an enormous difference! Classical Stretch is exactly what I need to get moving and it continues to help me through my day. Importantly, Eccentrics respects the body and keeps me active. I am a new found enthusiast!
Sharon Stash

I've done 1 essentrics workout per day for the last 3 weeks and the amount that my stiffness and pain have decreased is truly a miracle. I have an arthritic condition called anklyosing spondalytis which causes pain and stiffness most of the time, this exercise is a game changer. Words do not express my appreciation for this work that you do.
Roxane Oake

Three years ago, I had had chronic sciatic pain and knee pain for a period of ten years. I started trying the PBS broadcasts of Classical Stretch on the strong (almost nagging) recommendation of a friend. Immediately, my pain lessened, but I still required a total knee replacement to undo the damage in my knee. In the first stages of my surgical recovery, I sat on the end of my bed and did as much of the Essentrics routines as I could without standing. I continued to progress to the entire routines to stretch and limber the fascia and muscles of both legs. I credit Miranda with bringing me to the point of physical agility that I had not had for fifteen years. This November, I could go on a Habitat for Humanity building project in Cambodia; and, this week, I was able to do "indoor skydiving" in a vertical wind tunnel. Why this is remarkable is that Classical Stretch has given me this amazing gift when I am turning seventy-two.
Elizabeth Wettergren

I've been doing the pain relief workout 5 to 7 days a week for just over a year. Yesterday I woke up for the first time in decades actually pain free. I had not seen my right ankle bone since an accident in 1970. Now I have a healthy, functioning ankle with no swelling, and no pain. And that is just one of several long-time injuries that is cured. I can't thank you enough. I'm going to keep doing the routines with you on going. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge with everyone.
Linda M

Classical stretch has changed my life! I have been doing the challenge for about a year (at least 5 days a week) and the changes I have seen in my health are profound. I no longer have lower back pain and my core is so much stronger that I can do other activities better. Thank you so much! I spread the word to anybody that will listen :)
Karla Klemm

I hurt my shoulder last spring and the doc said give it time to heal and try some physical therapy. The PT options from the doc did not appeal to me; I also was realizing that my regular cardio workouts were maintaining a normal blood pressure but I was becoming limited in some physical activities because my flexibility was becoming a real limitation. When my wife said I should check out Essentrics, my painful shoulder motivated me to give the ballerina exercises a try. After three weeks, my shoulder pain was gone. I have maintained an intense cardio workout but have reduced the frequency of these workouts and have added in Essentrics 4-6 times a week. I am reclaiming my flexibility, improved my cores strength and had great results on my latest blood work up. My blood pressure is normal, my HDL's and LDL's are the best they have been in years.
Charles Hendrick

I suffered from an L4L5 spinal injury and sciatica. Tried spinal injections, chiropractors, physical therapy, and even pain meds. Nothing worked. It was hard to stand in one place and climb steps. My back hurt every day. I've been doing this program for 15 months and feel terrific. It took some time, but I am virtually pain free! I would be scared to stop it for fear of returning to my painful past. It's worth every bit of the 23 minutes a day!
Sandy Hamilton

Thank you for existing. Essentrics has been a rock that I have clung to during very stormy times in my life. I have ptsd from war and terrible traumas that happened during my life here in Canada too. Classical stretch/Essentrics has never disappointed me in my search for comfort and relief. Even though I have been doing this exercise since 1999, I have just learned something new about it again by practicing every single day 30 days in a row. My body is at its best shape ever. I have more than 96% body muscle and that was before the 30 days so now I feel even more powerful. Also, with the 30-day challenge I could recover from a nerve injury from December that went from my shoulder all the way down to my toes on the right side and made walking very painful. (If that doesn't remind you of the muscle chains I don't know what will!) Furthermore, I have bad OA in my lower back and knee joints, also back of neck from old whip lash injury. Essentrics keeps my joints supple and mobile so I rarely have pain and stiffness. With Essentrics in my life as a mainstay, I am no longer terrified of aging and becoming immobile. Miranda and Sahra I pray you will live long, prosper and keep making as many DVD's as possible. You two make the world a better place and your work reaches the soul! The whole Essentrics team is wonderful - keep doing what you are doing the world needs you! Again, thank you, even though those words will never tell you how much your program and the mother-daughter team means to me. Miranda reminds me of myself so much and Sarah reminds me of my daughter, so it’s a real personal identification I feel with the whole program. Right now my ptsd is at the worst it’s ever been but I did the challenge throughout and I am stronger and more resilient now. Essentrics is one of my most important tools for living with ptsd for it helps with my trauma more than any other tool that I have picked up and learned along the way. Cheers!
Wendy Kingham

The challenge is just what I needed. I was in a motorcycle accident 18 months ago and am still having pain and mobility issues. The targeted exercise routine can only do so much and I tend to push thru pain in hopes of better results - but the issues persist. I followed your mobility cd for the challenge and will definitely continue with Essentrics. My mobility is now progressing. I realize that my whole body was affected and the targeted exercises were not addressing the back and spine where so much of the tension and rigidity is. I'm pushing for full recovery and Essentrics will definitely help.
Louise Smith

I believe everything happens for a reason and my life changed the day I accidentally stumbled on to Aging Backwards on my local public television station KCPT. I had never seen Classical Stretch but when I heard what Miranda was saying it all made complete sense to me. I had been in about a five year health crisis after going through gallbladder surgery, fibroid tumors, full hysterectomy, knee surgery and a third major car accident (all three times was stuck from behind) which resulted in facial fractures and reconstructive eye surgery. All of these things combined with extreme insomnia (which sadly I still have) left me physically & mentally broken. I quit my career because I felt I literally could not function and I spent about two years just shut down. I tried to help myself by attempting to go to a gym near me but without direction I flounder around. I tried weight training with a personal trainer but found I was creating additional pain so I stopped. I tried doing Piyo which I found enjoyable but could really only do modified variations of only the upper and lower body portions of that program. Then when I saw Aging Backwards I ordered the book and video and everything just clicked. I had briefly taken ballet in elementary school and many of the movements seem familiar from my youth and I find them very enjoyable. Both my regular physician and Orthopedic surgeon had told me that several of my pain/discomfort complaints were just inevitable consequences of aging but I wanted to explore if maybe Miranda's program could help me change that and it has. I no longer have the morning arthritic pain I was starting to have every day when I wake up. I feel stronger, leaner and more toned. I still have knee pain (result of two prior accident falls and two scope surgeries) but I'm able to still do almost all of the Essentrics movements. I have most of the dvds and do them 4-5 days a week and Piyo 2-3 times. I love Essentrics and Miranda & Sahra and plan to continue to keep myself able to move and function much better. Thanks to all of you!
Christi Beam

I was injured working out about four years ago and my right hip has never been the same, unable to stretch my hip/leg, which prevented me from doing many exercises that I loved to do. I found Essentrics late one night on TV and decided to try it, after four weeks my hip feel normal without pain. I don't even think about it anymore! I was sitting in my chair at work and thought someone had adjusted it, then I realized my posture had improved, I had to adjust my chair for a straighter back!! This is amazing, I am still learning and always look forward to my next session. I love the challenge, kept me on track, so I am actually doing it again! Thanks you so much!!
Karen Marcus

Miranda -- Thanks! I am a cancer survivor and have a chronic CHF --and neuoropthy I have been struggling with balance --Only 59 feeling like 90! Your workouts are a godsend -- energizing and strengthening without pushing it too far-- I recommend it to everyone I know--So glad I stumbled upon it.
Vinny - Darien CT

Through the benefits of Classical Stretch and the 30 day challenge, I am now able to get down and up from the floor without needing a chair for support. (In the past, it was necessary to do floor exercises on the bed rather than on a mat.) Doing Essentrics daily for 30 minutes rather than 1-2 times a week for an hour is making the difference. I have lived with pain for years and finally realize that with gentle movement I can "get my life back"! Thank you, Miranda!
Joanne E

Not really a story, but I just wanted to let you know how Classical Stretch/Essentrics helps me. I am a runner, albeit a slow runner, but a runner nevertheless. I just finished my Runner's World magazine and it had an article about doing yoga to help improve running and to keep injury free. My first thought was digging into my Classical Stretch and Essentrics DVD collection. Two years ago I had torn something in my right hip and was able to run, but not do major stretching. Now that the area is completely healed I have returned to Classical Stretch/Essentrics. This morning was my first day back and I did the full hour Barre Workout DVD from 2014. WOW! I can always count on Essentrics to help me feel good after a workout of stretching. I can always tell myself during those harder stretches that you wont have me do them until I scream "no more ever!" You have me do hard stretches, but the time length is always just right. I've signed up for my 3rd marathon in May and have a half-marathon in early March. I know Essentrics will help me get to the finish line in better shape!! Thank you so much for sharing your hints about deep stretching. Your DVD's are just what is needed to slow down, stretch and not hurt the next day. Wish I could stream your shows, but alas, I live in the hinterlands of Idaho. I'm glad for your DVDs.
Krista Hain

I had lots of milage on my poor body after two car accidents, a plane crash, and falling off a cliff in my 20s and 30s. Pain drove me to find something on TV that I could do every day at home. Lucky for me, I found Miranda (back when we both had dark hair), possibly in 2003 or 2004. I now am pretty much pain free. Oh, I do have occasional aches, as I live right under the jet stream with rapidly changing barometric pressure, but Classical Stretch at least 6 days a week and 10,000 steps every day keep me in great shape without pain, unless I do something dumb.
Judi Diamond

I am nearing 75 and have battled with some of the usual quirks of the body. On my way to my workout in January 7, 2008 I slipped on ice on a hill (looked like water) and severely broke my ankle, requiring 2 surgeries. I was "on my bum" for months. When I returned to my former activities( for back issues especially) I tried many things which were marginally successful. Then a couple of years in I happened upon you during the fund raiser on Public TV....and bam! I was intrigued. I can actually sleep without pain now. And my husband and I both are dedicated followers. We have purchased season 10 (nice to have along when we travel), but enjoy going to the seasons being broadcast too. You are my (our) inspiration. I love that you explain the how and why, and like us, you are not 20 years old either. But anyone seeing you walking down the street would think you were 18. THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I tell everyone I know about you.
Betsy C

I started with the program about two years ago after seeing your presentation on PBS on the local Seattle station. Lower back pain gone!! The program is somewhat addictive when you get into it and the sessions at around twenty minutes or so are just right. I notice that most of your "followers" are female. Men, at least at my age, are missing the boat. Congratulations and thanks for a great program and providing an exceptional exercise program.
Bill S

It has certainly helped my arthritic knees - I was really afraid to do the plies but started out very gently and slowly and now my legs are very strong and I have minimal pain. I follow the excellent advice of doing them like a rag doll when in pain (took me awhile to get over the feeling I had to push myself all the time, or avoid moving because I was sore ), but like Miranda says all the time "keep moving" and it really helps, more than anything I've tried.
Cleo H.

Loving your streaming as well. I was a classically trained dancer for over 3 decades of my life until my daughter arrived at age 39. Diagnosed with MS at 44 and had a failed foot surgery at 49. Since then I have had injuries galore= multiple knee ligament injuries, bone contusions from falling, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, heel spur, sesamoiditis, shin splints, piriformis syndrome, SI joint dysfunction, lower back pain, iliopsoas pain, hip arthritis, weak hip flexors all from my altered gait and MS caused spasticity. Started your program almost 2 months ago and feel my tight, weak and wobbly muscles finally starting to work together instead of against each other. First caught your program on PBS, WLIW NYC. Thank you for giving me some mobility back.
Karin D

Thank you for the program your offer on PBS. I've been able to overcome lower back pain and maintain a lean and strong body. Each morning, I spend time on the CPTV programs offered. I feel better and now can say I'm a breast cancer survivor and feel wonderful. I'll continue to follow Classical Stretch as long as I can.
Karen Rizzo

I am a 25 year old female, I had a back injury occur when I was 7 that has caused me to have a slipped disc in my lower back and when I was 21 I was in a car accident that tore a ligament in my neck. Your stretching and strengthening has done so much to help me. Before I started this program I would get a numb leg and I wouldn't be able to put any weight on my leg because I would just fall. It just wouldn't work. But, since I started doing this program I haven't had this problem AND my posture has improved. I have been doing your Classical Stretch for around 8 months now. I have been religiously doing the 24 minute workout every morning for about 3-4 months and I can definitely tell a difference with my body, the way it looks and feels. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the hard work you have done and do daily to make this program available! It has benefited my health immensely. I never thought I could feel this good, emotionally and physically.
Sira M.

Miranda, I started doing your workouts over 6 months ago, I'm 48 and have always been doing some sort of exercise but I noticed from out of nowhere I was scared, scared of falling, hesitant on stairs, pain in my knees and so on; I thought how did this happen, when did this begin....it's so sneaky, one minute you're fine, the next your afraid. I am happy to say since doing these 22 minute workout/stretches everyday my knee pains gone, I am no longer afraid I'll fall up or down stairs AND I even leap, skip a couple stairs as I go! Yes, it's that noticeable!! I swear these workouts are life changing and I am forever grateful! I encourage EVERYONE to do these workouts, you will not be disappointed! Thank you for making a difference!
Audra W

I purchased season 9 from your website over the holidays. I have recently been told by my doctor that I have arthritis in my SI joints, hip, and lower spine. I am 48 and ran until 2 years ago until the pain was so bad that I could not continue. Have been doing a workout from Season 9 every morning before work for the past two weeks...my range of motion and pain relief has improved already! So thankful!
Michelle F

Many changes for me in the past six months. Being on extended medical leave and then long term--retirement. Part of recovery, and being rather active all my life, hesitated finding exercise that worked for me. And by accident stumbled upon Classical Stretch--a lifesaver. I thank Ms. Esmonde-White every day and have purchased #11 through Amazon just in case no longer available on air. The scenic backgrounds just add to the enjoyment. And I look forward every day to these gems. #10 will probably next to have in my DVD library. Again, my heartfelt thanks for an amazing program and a brilliant teacher. So exquisitely well done!


Hello Miranda, I was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 41 in march 2016. I still have to go through radiotherapy after having my double mastectomy. I want to thank you for the videos, the good explanations (that we don't get here in Quebec. We are sent home with a brochure), but mostly the message of hope. I can't wait to be 5 years away from my own episode and can say that I am a survivor. Thank you very much.

I was awakened early on the morning of my 61st Birthday to see Miranda's "Forever Painless" show on KPBS. Here's the spiritual nature of my connection w/Miranda and Classical Stretch: I rarely (if EVER) turn the TV on in the morning, but I was "led to the TV 2 years and 2 months ago when I couldn't sleep. I wrote to you about this before because I've never felt so connected to ANYONE on TV as I do Miranda. As she spoke, I KNEW she was talking about MY body; I knew I could do 23 minutes of her workouts each day before anyone needed me for anything at 5am. Today was an affirmation that I am doing what God has led me to do for my physical fitness. When I talk about it, I hear a myriad of excuses why people don't take my program seriously: mostly because it doesn't make me sweat for hours, bear extra weight, require the gym or equipment, etc. How can one take such a regimen seriously? My mobility and outlook on life are drastically improved by Classical Stretch and I will be forever grateful whether I'm taken seriously or not :-)
Susy Shepard, San Diego


After watching all the testimonials recently on PBS, I wanted to share mine. A few years ago, I found myself with lower back issues after helping 3 people move and having a (backbreaking) yard sale within a few week’s time. I suffered with sciatic pain whenever I would lift anything (even something light). The pain went down to my calf and would continue until I had laid flat for the whole night. Over-the-counter pain meds wouldn't help. My best help was a heating pad. This went on for over a year. My Dr. suggested me taking 2 Ibuprofen 3 times a day for 2 weeks. (my usual dose was only one as I am small) The pain subsided but only for those two weeks. I had been thinking of possibly joining a gym hoping it might tone my weak stomach muscles and help my back but couldn't figure out a time I could fit it into my schedule. One day in November I had the TV on to watch the news to check to if schools were closed after a snow storm the night before. Classical Stretch was on and I started to try to keep up with Miranda for the fun of it. It felt so strange but good to my body & so I began twice a week to do the class...In my pjs! After only 4 classes (2 weeks later) I realized I wasn't having my normal pain!!! I also clean 2 houses a week and remembered that I had cleaned an extra 2 that week....and no pain! I tested it and chopped some pieces of wood...no pain! This felt like a miracle. I had been in much prayer for my back and believe that God answers prayer through circumstances. He orchestrated me to find Classical Stretch...I NEVER have the TV on at 6 in the morning! But now I do...as I have hardly missed a show since. And just bought season 10 so I can add more classes during my week. I have been a faithful participant for over 2 years now and have told my story to many others!

Thank you,

Jonell Dubief
Bend, Oregon

Hello, My husband and just discovered you! I ordered 2 CD's several weeks ago. Now, we have our Miranda 1/2 hour every day - Miranda I am losing the pain in my shoulder and my knees! (I was told by an orthopedic surgeon knee replacement was my option!) Thank you thank you thank you!
Elaine R

Miranda, I stumbled across Aging Backwards 1 1/2 years ago on Nebraska Public TV, was intrigued, and started working out with your show on Iowa Public TV. Before this, I had worked out regularly for years, but my back was repeatedly "going out", and it was happening on an increasingly frequent basis. Classical Stretch was exactly what I needed to fix that, and it is now my primary workout, aside from walking. I can name all the same kinds of benefits that so many others do, but I have a specific question about a surprising change I didn't expect. I have suffered from venous insufficiency over many years, and have had 6 surgeries due to this to install stents and embolize varicose veins (4 in 2012, and 2 in 2016). Despite the fact that I was active, worked out, wore stockings on long trips, avoided crossing my legs, and all they things I was advised to do and not do, my leg veins were slowly giving out one by one. It was explained to me that this is simply "genetic". I had a "standing ultrasound" diagnostic test at the beginning of 2016 because of pain and pressure inside my knee joint, and my doctor diagnosed 3 more bad veins, requiring 3 embolism surgeries, with at least 4 weeks recovery between each. By the time surgery 2 approached, the pain and pressure had gone away, but I went through with it anyway. I put off surgery 3 after that to wait for colder weather, as recovery requires 3 weeks in a compression stocking. When I had the next ultrasound, there was no longer a problem with that vein. By odd coincidence, in the very next Classical Stretch workout I did, you explained during the calf stretches that one calf muscle is called the "second heart", because it helps pump blood back up into your body. And during this time my symptoms slowly subsided, I had started doing your workouts on a very consistent basis. Coincidence? I have never found a workout in the past that had any emphasis at all on calves, feet, and ankles, because they all focus on "big muscles burn more calories", and "flatten your abs", and "boost your cardio", etc. I was even reluctant at first doing your workouts thinking "why do you care about those little muscles?" Sorry for the long story, but have others shared experiences about relief and perhaps prevention of varicose veins from doing your workout? I can't be 100% certain of the connection here, but all I know is my own interesting "coincidence". Thank you for all you do! Your workout has done incredible things for me!
Karen, Omaha NE

Thank you for your wonderful workouts. I am 63, have danced much of my life, and am in good health. However, I was having arthritis issues in my knee, plus back pain due to disc problems and surgery many years ago. After doing your workouts daily for two months, I feel like a new person! My knees are completely pain free and I can move however I want to move -- I have even taken up a tap dance class . My back has improved, and I have greater range of motion and hardly any pain. I feel stronger and better than I have for years, and have more energy. I can now go back to doing community theater, which I adore. I look forward to a future of wellness and lots of physical activity. Thank you!
Susan M.

I have some degenerative changes in my back (scoliosis, spinal stenosis and facet joint disease) that started causing me pain in 2015. A few months after the onset I discovered Classical Stretch on PBS and started doing it every morning. I would awake in pain every day but after doing the exercises would feel much better the rest of the day. I can really tell the difference when I am traveling or have other commitments that prevent me from doing the morning exercises. I have much more stiffness and discomfort. Classical Stretch will not cure my problem, but I am stronger and more flexible when I do the routine regularly and have less pain.
Barbara Wuehrmann

I've suffered from upper back pain for 30+ years, despite being athletic. At my last annual physical, I was told I had lost 1/2 inch off my height. I found Miranda on one of our local PBS stations several months ago and started her routine daily and bought a video to supplement. Result: no more back pain, greatly improved posture and and I've gained that 1/2 inch back. In short order. My daughter is now a convert. Thank you, Miranda!
Melinda Shaw

In the spring before I turned 70, I was rising early to run in the park near my home. I began experiencing a pain in my lower back and a sharp pain in my left thigh. I began downing pain relievers before my run to combat the pain. I then decided to see a chiropractor about the pain. She sharply advised me to stop the pain relievers before I damaged my stomach. She also advised me to stop running so we could find the cause of the pain. I needed a new workout. I remembered seeing some workouts on PBS early every weekday. I tried a yoga program, but had problems with some of the poses. Another program caught my eye: Classical Stretch. I vacillated between the two programs for awhile. Miranda's program eventually won me over. After over a year and a half, I have worked out to Essentrics and Classical Stretch nearly every day. I joined Essentrics TV where I have a wide range of workouts streamed on my laptop and ipad. Now I can workout when I travel too!

I recommend Essentrics for many reasons:

Every day I have the confidence that nearly every muscle,joint and connective tissue in my body has been worked out. My body is being re-balanced and my back and leg pain are things of the past. I had been concerned about my posture, but had no idea how to correct it. Well, I learned that correct posture is more than just standing up straight. Because of learning how to stretch and strengthen my spine, hips, quads and feet, the change in my freedom of movement was amazing. Now my body just wants to stand up correctly and it feels terrific. And what good is an exercise program if you don't enjoy it and see results? My running regime took a large effort and I really didn't look forward to it that much. I'd get up early, change my clothes, put on running shoes, get my music ready to accompany me and adjust my clothing to whatever weather was going on. With Essentrics, I climb out of bed (usually already dressed for my workout) grab my laptop and begin my workout - barefooted! No shoes required. Such an easy prep. And the amazing thing is - I absolutely enjoy it! The benefits of stretching and building strength in my bones (important to me because of osteoporosis concerns), my back, hips, feet, and spine, along with no-impact cardio workouts, I am assured that I am certainly on the right path for my good physical health. The cherry on top of this story is that I got to attend the Essentrics Symposium in Mexico this month. I learned that live classes are important for this program, if at all possible. I learned so much about my body. I learned correct forms for the exercises. I made so many good friends during a magical week. Thanks so much for being such an important part of my life.
Jacqueline Olson

I found essentrics by watching part of a PBS pledge break last spring. I googled essentrics teachers toronto and was lucky to find a wonderful teacher in my area whose classes I can walk to. Needless to say, anyone who has met Sheri Burge cannot help but be impressed with her knowledge, enthusiasm and killer smile, not to mention the 6 ft blonde hair on top of the 6 ft body. She makes classes so much fun and accessible for everyone. I had been challenged with chronic low grade back pain even though I was doing essentrics, yoga and having chiro and massage. After the symposium which explained clearly on how to deal with pain and how to do the stretching properly, i did not have any back pain. I am continuing to do my essentric stretching every morning and the back pain is almost gone. i am an essentric enthusiast and sharing the program with all my friends.
Gail Williams

I've had fibromyalgia for 7 years now. I've tried so many different types of exercise you name it I've done it. I discovered classical stretch on PBS 2 years ago. It has has made amazing difference with the number and intensity of my flare ups. This program has given more mobility and has energy level. So a big thank you to classical stretch.
Stephanie E
Arvada, CO

I wanted to say thank you to you for your programs on PBS. I have Fibromyalgia and it is the only exercise program out there's that has reduced my pain and has given me more mobility.  've had fibromyalgia for 7 years now. I've tried so many different types of exercise you name it I've done it. I discovered classical stretch on PBS 2 years ago. It has made an amazing difference with the number and intensity of my flare ups. This program has given more mobility and has energy level. So a big thank you to classical stretch.
Stephanie E.

Just a 'THANK YOU' from a long time user! I have a neuro disease called dystonia. It makes me very rigid. Recently it broke my foot. I spent everyday after surgery doing your leg & feet episodes (Own almost all dvds) & my neurologist is extremely wowed over by my flexibility and fast recovery! Thank you for your pnf exercises! I wouldn't be independent without using your workouts for years! Thank you for continuing to expand...your knowledge and the topics covered have created such happy, strong and WELL clients! Thank you and please don't stop! :)

After a hip replacement caused by a bad fall and a stupid decision to not see a doctor, I discovered your program on KSPS, PBS - has made such a difference!! At first, I could hardly do any of the work, but after two months (2 sessions, five days a week), I manage most of the workouts (not gracefully, but getting better). So, a million 'thank-yous'! I'm dieting and walking, too, so have lost weight, but the workouts have made a huge difference! Again, thank you.
Hilary Hawkins

Miranda - Thank you so much! Your exercises are amazing. My knees, hips & lower back pain is so much milder. I've been practicing yoga for years, but nothing worked for the relief of my tight hips & knee pain like your workout. I love the aging backward series & workout 5 days/week.

Marguerite R

This technique really helped my thumb pain due to arthritis and some postural issues. Like she says, it creates joint space. I knew that the day my thumb knuckle cracked; the swelling went away, and my ability to grasp things firmly without pain was dramatic. Very impressive. I'm an RN and I was taken by surprise with the aging backwards program.



I have to extend a huge thank you for your Classical Stretch Videos. I tore my ACL and meniscus playing tennis seven weeks ago. The first week of the trauma was terrible. By the second week I could feel my muscles atrophy in my entire body because of the immobility. It scared me and I did not like the way I felt. It dawned on me to start doing the Classical Stretch DVD. I knew I would not be able to complete the full activities, but I told myself to do what I could because it would begin to strengthen my legs and increase my mobility. I found more success from the videos than the twice a week physical therapy. Today, I was able to graduate and complete the PT in just two weeks. I have improved way more than I thought I would be able to at this time and feel almost completely normal.

Thank you again!

Nanette B.C

Here is my “Essentrics” Birth Story:

I elected to not have an epidural or any pain medication during the labor and delivery of my 5th child. I planned to use breathing and imagery as a method to relax and take the focus away from the pain and pressure of each contraction. While in the delivery room I envisioned myself doing feel-good lengthening exercises from Essentrics - such as the clock and other exercises with reaching and pulling. I did this for a while with mild contractions and soon decided to log on to Essentrics TV. I chose a Classical Stretch episode and did the exercises that I felt I could. When the contractions would come I would stop exercising and use the method of Essentrics imagery. At one point I decided to try physically doing the Eccentrics exercises during a contraction. One exercise I did was a plie with heal raisers. I found that was the perfect exercise to help with the contractions as they became more intense. As each contraction would come I would do a plie, lift my heal and put the pressure on my toes and then “squeeze an orange” with my heal. I would then continue the exercise on each leg until the contraction was gone. I was ABSOLUTELY AMAZED how the pain of each contraction subsided as I put pressure on my toe and and then heal! It was as if I was transferring the pressure from the contraction to my feet! I don’t know exactly how that “transfer” actually happened, I just know that it did!!! My husband and the nurses were in awe with how much control I had! I was able to do this until the “transition phase” of my labor. I am so grateful for the Essentrics program and how it helped me have a positive experience in the delivery room. Truly a blessing and success!

Much gratitude and love,

Teresa S

Dear Miranda, I have stage 4 breast cancer. I spent five years in treatment undergoing 13 surgeries . I am now in remission, for four years. My posture was horrible. I had no strength. Every time I tried to workout I injured myself. Nerve damage from chemo made those injuries a huge set back. Your workouts have saved me and encouraged me. I workout with you on public television, 6:30 am. Thank you so much for your mission to help people regain their health! God Bless

Sheila G

I've written once before, but just needed to let you know how much your DVDs benefit me as a 77-year-old that does them faithfully daily. I recently was diagnosed with melanoma on my left foot, surprising because there's no family history. But I've volunteered for years at a public garden- many, many hours spent out in the sun. Since I had permission to go on with normal activities until surgery I've been trying to get lots done before, when I'd be inactive for some time. Outside was almost done, and started inside, pulled out some things to clean under and behind, and surprised myself when I stepped around some of that and proceeded to fall! Hitting my knee with all my weight on a corner of a tool box before falling on to hit my head on a dresser corner. Bleeding and hurting, my husband drove me to ER, had x-rays and cat scan, I was so sure I'd probably broken my knee. BUT not so, and I'm 77, have scoliosis in my left back, osteopenia because I'm rather tiny, 4'8”. When I heard there were no breaks I absolutely knew that it's because I've been led by you to stress my bones and muscles so they continue to improve. A spinal doctor told me a couple years ago that I do exactly what my body needs, and am not twisted sideways at all because I've strengthened my core to hold my back straight. The balance moves have kept me very sure on my feet, so this fall totally floored me at the moment! But not to have even a fracture in my knee, with my age, bone size, etc. And it healed completely within a week, another benefit you mention sometimes. The larger cutting away to find any more melanoma 5 days ago also seems to be doing pretty much what we worked very hard for, the skin graft is looking good. I had to discontinue for a few weeks, but know I'll be right back in the normal morning routine, I'm very addicted to being able to do a lot of things people much younger can't. Thank you for your excellent way of making exercise such a pleasant relaxing thing! Your season 11 DVD is great, very explanatory, even for your longtime fans.

Ruth S

I credit doing the program for helping to avoid serious injury when I had a trip & fall earlier this week Toe of my shoe got caught in a sidewalk break; I literally flew about 6-8 feet, landed on my right outer thigh and hand. After, I had to do a lot of standing, sitting in a confined space at prayer services (Rosh Hashanah) for 3 hrs. but no problem. Yes I ache & my thigh's gonna be really colorful, my foot got scraped (shoe fell off while in the air), but that's it.  ù

THANK YOU - love the program.

Mindyl G

Hi! I began having bad back problems this spring. I wound up at an orthopedist and back surgeon for tests and found out I had degenerative disc disease, severe arthritis and spondylosis. I had cortisone injections in September of this year, and they helped, but I was still sore at the end of the day. I started doing Miranda's "Back Pain Relief" show and after just three times, felt so much better. In fact, I then took a weekend off and by Sunday, my back was tight again and achy. I am back with the program, and plan to stick with it. It works, and I am much more optimistic about my back health.

Thanks Miranda, you are the best!

Jeanie T

I have been doing your workout sessions daily for over a month now, after my aunt introduced me to your dvd. (I have been doing Season 9, Weight Loss and Pain Relief).  I have been a professional orchestra musician (viola) for twenty years in the Naples Philharmonic in Florida, and constant playing has started to take a toll on my body with some scary bouts of pain. I wanted to thank you for your approach to stretching and fitness. It has made an incredible difference in how I feel, not only physically but mentally. I am growing stronger and more flexible as a result and the stretches help immensely in my stamina for playing and practicing. I truly look forward to my morning routine and am making it a priority in the midst of a full-time job as well as raising three children, because without it I am certain my career would suffer. So, thank you so much for your cheerful, positive, encouraging attitude and your joy in sharing your own knowledge with others!

Suzannah C

Thank you so much for your Classical Stretch Program. I found your program while watching Alabama Public Television during one of their fund-raisers in the first part of this year.  It was just after I had had a bad fall that badly affected my sciatic nerve and lower back.  I sought Acupuncture for treatment which was very successful, but I still had the nagging sciatic nerve pain that twinged every time I walked.  I have been doing Yoga almost every day of my life since I was 17 years of age, so had a relative level of fitness. However, I decided to get your program after trying the exercise you said was good for backs.  I did this exercise after seeing it on the Public Television fund-raiser and found it amazingly redemptive.  I have been doing your program every day since I received my DVD in the spring.  I will tell you that the sciatic nerve problem has disappeared, and I have received compliments from people saying that I look different in some way. Your program is wonderful - it has given me arms that I feel I can now wear short sleeves, a flatter stomach, slender legs (never had those before!), great posture and a sense of absolute fitness.

Thank you, thank you.


I've been doing Classical Stretch for probably close to 5 yrs. I have scoliosis and for 35 or 40 yrs. had to see a chiropracter fairly often to deal with the pain. Since I started Classical Stretch I haven't had to go once and seldom have pain! I'm 81 and do a workout with you at least 5 days a week.

Thank you so much
Marilyn D

My right shoulder was so restricted I saw my Dr. who gave me a prescription for PT. We moved to FL for the winter where I began the workouts with Classical Stretch. I couldn't even lift my arm to push the garage door opener in the car! After a few sessions I had regained complete range of motion in my shoulder and no longer needed PT! At 74, my husband has improved both posture and flexibility. We know we need Miranda to keep us moving. We have ordered a couple different seasons and have shared them with others.

We are very grateful for your training, and so much better off for it!
Jan R and husband

I was in a car accident 4 years ago. I had started doing Classical Stretch the year before the accident. I must tell you how good I feel. The Classical Stretch Method has been a real aid and support to my recovery.

I cannot Thank you enough!!

I have an extensive collection of Classical Stretch/Essentrics dvds, but have been so out of shape that I always felt intimidated to try a workout and so my collection grew with hopes of slowly "taking the plunge". Fortunately with the latest additions of Aging Backwards and Toning for Beginners dvds, I was finally able to "come out of my shell". At 51, my body was starting to feel achy and so when I received the Health Challenge rotation with the two options (Beginners and Regular) I pushed myself to at least try. I really enjoyed the workouts and slowly my workout confidence has returned. In four weeks I feel lighter and more limber and I no longer feel achy and can now walk with more confidence. I look forward to a lifetime of Classical Stretch/Essentrics as part of my daily regimen.

Thank you Miranda and Sahra!
-Anne Marie

I am practicing the technique since 2 months ago and I really fell in love with it. I have bought 6 DVS and the book (in French, thanks for that!), after watching the episodes on the internet. I feel really positive and I love it!! What a wonderful way to recover mobility, strength and flexibility. I am 47 years old, from Venezuela but I live in Canada, and every time I can, I explain to my mother, who is over there, about the benefits and all my good experience after doing a workout. Last year, I had a shoulder injury (frozen shoulder + calcification + tendinitis) that kept me out of work for 10 month (I am an accountant and Zumba instructor at nights, so it was a really tough year). I decided to start again with the technique since December, once my physiotherapy was well advanced (what a wonderful complement it was to my therapy!!) I am very grateful to Miranda… Listening to her talk is so inspiring that after my experience, I decided to became an instructor soon :)

Thank you so much for everything!
Ginett G

I discovered Classical Stretch four years ago and not only do a workout almost every day but own two sets of several seasons, plus several Essentric's DVDs (one set is for me to use in Tucson, AZ, my home town, and the other set is for me to use when my husband and I live in California for the summer). I am now 77 years old and was diagnosed with severe spinal stenosis about eight years ago with a dismal prognosis of spending the rest of my life in a wheel chair due to the pain and degenerative symptoms of the disease. It was recommended that I do spinal surgery as soon as possible (laser would be the least invasive I was told). Well, the doctor was not aware of the power of stretching and exercising with Miranda Esmond-White! The pain and severity of the disease has lessened over the years, not progressed. I am more fit and trim than many people a lot younger (I have eaten healthy since 1979, exercised and even became a certified health coach in 2008 to help others as well) I can twist, turn, bend and put my head on my knees. I feel I owe it all to Classical Stretch!

Thank you Miranda.
Madeleine S

I just turned 60 this past summer and I have been doing Classical Stretch for about 4 years. This past summer on vacation, I had a trimalleolar ankle fracture and needed 8 screws and a plate. It took 6 weeks in a boot and I could not put any weight on my left leg. That was fun! I had to use crutches, walker and wheelchair. After 6 weeks I started physical therapy and they were impressed with my progress. I really owe it to Classical Stretch because I recovered quickly and I am able to do Classical stretch everyday! I love it… it makes me feel young (and now besides Classical Stretch, I do pilates and yoga and I feel great). I still can't run a race yet or jump around but I am working on it with your Essentrics! Thank you so much please do not stop!

Terry P (from New Jersey)

I love your show, your smile, encouragement and enthusiasm, and also all the great information you share as to how our body works. I injured my ankle last May – fractured my fibula and tore a tendon. I am still struggling with it. I’ve been back in a walking boot for 6 weeks and I hope to be able to go into a brace after this week and begin physiotherapy. I have been doing some of your workouts to get some energy and relieve some stiffness in my body from sitting so much these last few months. I’m ready to be active again and without so much pain and stiffness .

Thanks for your program.
Kathy H

This is my story. I'm 64 years old and have always done aerobic workouts and light weights, but in November, 2014, I injured my shoulder by shoveling a heavy snowfall from the driveway. About the same time, I was caring for our grandsons and doing quite a bit of lifting. Over the next nine months, my shoulder just got worse to the point where I couldn't raise my arm over my head and getting dressed was painful. Since my shoulder wasn't getting better, I was trying to decide if I should see a chiropractor or go to the doctor for physical therapy. Then, one evening in August, 2015, I was watching PBS and Miranda Esmonde-White was promoting her Classical Stretch DVD's. I had never heard of Classical Stretch before, so I looked it up on the computer and tried doing a few of the programs on her website. I also learned that she had a workout program on PBS at 6 a.m. three times a week, so I started working out with Miranda in the morning. From the very first workout, the range of motion in my shoulder seemed to improve. I was hooked. I ordered the Season 7 Health Series and have been working out with Classical Stretch daily for almost six months now and have recently added Season 10 Strength & Flexibility for more variety. I am so pleased with Classical Stretch and how Miranda Esmonde-White has helped me to heal my shoulder and improve my level of fitness. People probably get tired of me talking about the benefits of Classical Stretch, but I am 'over the moon' excited about it and wish everyone would give it a try.

Thank you, Miranda for creating such a wonderful program.

Diane S

First, I discovered Miranda on July 2, 2015; I was just a few days from turning 71. I saw her episode on frozen shoulders and flew out of the bed immediately ordered Season 6. It looked like exactly what I needed. I was beginning to have problems with both shoulders and feared that another operation may be in the making. And, I had noticed a twinge at my breast cancer surgery and axilla sites. One thing I may not have made clear was timeline. The frozen shoulders were within 2 years of the cancer and both were corrected by arthroscopic surgery in 2003 and 2004. However, since stretching with Miranda, the shoulder problems are gone and I no longer fear surgery as the answer. I have quite a bit of arthritis in my hands, knees, neck and one big toe but nothing that has been incapacitating until January 2015 when I began to hurt all over from my neck down to toes. I didn’t understand why because I walk 20-30 minutes almost every day. I also developed sciatica down my left leg. I didn’t feel well enough to even try the DVD’s. I finally exercised away the sciatica problem with a piriformis exercise but still not doing Classical Stretch. One December morning I jumped out of bed and started following her episode at the foot of my bed. Almost immediately after that I felt relief. I was hooked and began researching Miranda’s miracle. I was amazed at what I discovered. I had described how I felt to my friends, saying I was “inspired” and had discovered “the fountain of youth”, all before reading those same words in her book. I’ve since ordered the beginner’s bundle and do those frequently, as well as following her Season 10 on TV. I’m not very good at doing everything but I’m doing them anyway … and I’m moving and feeling like I used to. I’ve never liked structured exercise, classes nor going to the gym. I got my exercise from gardening, house work, and at work, I always took the stairs (many floors and several times a day) and never looked for a close parking place. I feel so much better now and enjoy Classical Stretch. What she has created makes total sense to me. I am committed to it and feel it is something I can do for the rest of my life, which means I will have a better, healthier life. I’m hooked! I have become a great believer in Miranda¹s philosophy and exercise regimen. I applaud her for her dedication and the programs she has given the world.

Warm regards,

I am continually amazed at the progress my body is experiencing after 3 weeks of daily exercises! I need to explain why this feels like a new life to me - I just turned 70 last month and have had type 1 diabetes for 30 years now. In the last few years I have felt all my muscles and joints becoming weaker and felt that my body was aging very rapidly. This made me very sad because I love hiking and being active with my grandchildren… Since they all live far away from home with their families I need to travel to see them and that is tiring for the muscles and joints. Today I flew to LA from Oakland and I was able to walk with my luggage for a long time including stairs etc. without getting as exhausted as I did the last time I traveled the same route. I feel like I’m living a miracle. You continually give me hope that I don’t need to atrophy and give up life or living fully yet. My next challenge will be another trip to France to see my younger grandchildren. I hope I can make it without too much pain and exhaustion! So I am continuing my Essentrics every day - even on travel days… Thank you so very much for your workouts. They are very cool as my teenage grandchildren would say!

Erika C,
Oakland, CA

I have a Baker's Cyst which was brought on by arthritis or an injury to my knee. It was being treated with steroid injections but not getting better or reducing in size. I was watching my local PBS and saw the Aging Backward/Classical Stretch special. During the pledge, Miranda mentioned that the stretches help to heal arthritis in the hand. I wondered if the low impact stretches would help to heal my Baker's Cyst, so I decided to order the DVD's. Instead of waiting 4 weeks for the Aging Backwards DVD's, I decided to start the 30 day challenge in January via the Essentrics website (ETV Streaming). I am so glad I did! After a week on the challenge I noticed that my knee was not feeling as stiff and swollen. After 26 days on the challenge my Baker's Cyst decreased in size from 3 3/4" x 2" down to 2 3/4" x 1 3/4". (My measurements were based on placing a tape measure end to end then top to bottom across the lump/cyst behind my knee.) The stretches have also helped to tone/sculpt my body and improve my posture. I feel great and look forward to the daily workouts. A big Thank You to you and your staff in front and behind the scenes!

Kathy B

Classical Stretch and Essentrics has truly been one of the most positive, transformative gifts in my life. Thank you so much for your generosity of talent in making this accessible to everyone, as we live in a very remote area. When I was in my late 30s, I stumbled upon you on PBS when I was just about ready to give up on myself and accept "the end of young" due to back pain from a lifetime of sports. After my first Classical Stretch routine, I thought, "Wow, that didn't hurt!" After the second, I noticed that it even felt good to exercise. By the end of the week, I noticed firming effects and muscles popping up where they never had before. The speed of results from these workouts is truly amazing! I am now 4 years without a back pain attack. I am about ten pounds lighter and a pants size smaller with no dieting. At almost 42, I am stronger and more fit and flexible than I have ever been. Even my skin is less aged and more vibrant. And best yet, I can enjoy my favorite activities with my family and friends again. I tell everyone about your program!

Stephannie S Baudette,

I am amazed these exercises have so improved my lower back stiffness!!!!!! I do the Mobility segment of the Mobility and Bone Strengthening DVD and it feels good to do most of the exercises When I wake up in the morning, my back feels so much better when I first get out of bed. It isn’t 100% better, but its 85% better and that’s a BIG difference! During the day, if I accidentally bump into something, my back can “take it” instead of feeling a jolt of pain. I can bend over much more comfortably. I wasn’t looking forward to going back for more PT, and now I don’t feel I have to.


I have a history of arthritis and went through a total knee replacement a few years ago. Since following the Classical Stretch program , all of my joints have been released and I no longer depend on pain medicine to get through the day. I just turned 70 and my ROM is so good and getting better as I follow the program. I just can't say enough good things about what a difference it's made in my life. I just ordered season 9 and I'm really looking forward to new programs. Thank you so much Miranda . You look amazing and you're such an inspiration to so many .


I am 39 years old with 4 children ranging in ages from 3, 8, 9 and 15. I have been active all my life doing plenty of sports, cheerleading, running and spent 10 years in the Air Force. I hurt my back in the Air Force in 2004 and since then I have always had lower back pain and issues. I had an ankle reconstruction at 31, knee surgery at 36 and in April of last year my L5/S1 disk completely ruptured out in the center and I had to have urgent surgery. It wasn’t on the sciatica nerve, but central on the bundle of nerves. I found Essentrics online and have been doing the workouts every day since july/August. I think I have only missed a handful of days. When I began, I could barely sit with my back erect and could not touch my toes and had stiffness and pain every day all day. I certainly couldn’t roll my hips up off the floor at all, and just to lay flat on my stomach was painful. As of last week I can finally lift my lower hips off the floor a bit with no pain. I can sit with my back erect and can do all the trapeze exercises with ease. They actually feel so good now! I look forward to the stretches and feel so good as I can now start to sleep with my legs all the way stretched out at night. I can pick up my daughter and can help my husband with our 4 1/2 acres of land. I now walk every day even in the cold temperatures in Ohio and love learning new things every time I do a work out. There are so many more things I can do that I could not do before. One of the best side effects of doing these workouts is that my core is becoming so slender. My teenager has been commenting on how amazing my abs look. :) My legs are finally becoming slimmer after years of bulking up, and my jeans fit so great. Thank you so much for the online streaming option. I LOVE it and even stream it when I am not at home. I hope you know how wonderful your workouts are!

Thankfully yours,
Jennifer H

I love love love love Classical Stretch!!! It has increased my flexibility and has made me more aware of my posture. I walk faster and the increased flexibility in my feet has helped my balance. I've done some kind of exercise for over 25 years including: strength training, power lifting, kick boxing, boxing, belly dancing, floor Pilates, ballet, yoga, Bikram yoga,jogging, walking, biking,etc… So when I saw the program on TV I figured it would be a breeze. Well, it wasn't and it surprised me (those deep lunges!) It is a wonderful work out. I've done it pretty consistently for almost 2 years. I subscribe to Essentrics TV when I don't get up at 6am for the show. I tell EVERYONE about it as I see and feel the improvement. I can out walk anyone: I can go fast now, so I walk fast. Also, I was diagnosed about 3 years ago with RA (and fortunately it still very mild) but it did make me interested in finding a way to exercise that is helpful… I can't thank you enough for this wonderful exercise program.

Gina Q

I have suffered with IBS, Chrons Disease, and Enterpathic Arthritis for 21 years. I am forty years old. I have three girls and have been married for 21 years. I work full time. I was really struggling to find a way to take care of myself. And with everything that I try to juggle in a day it’s very stressful. I came across your program on PBS. I tried it and love it. My doctor told me that I needed to do some form of exercise to help relieve stress because stress is a big factor with my illness. I would love to run but I worry about the effects it would have on my body. I used to walk then had to stop because of planter fasciitis. So now I do your program. It makes my whole body feel better. I have more energy and less stiffness. With this being such a stress relief I don't have as many flare ups with my health promblems. I don't even think of it as exercise. It helps my mind and body. I tell everyone how much this helps me. Your program inspires me to want to be even healthier. I would love to master this one day and teach.

Thank you, Nichole
Nicole A

I want to thank you for creating and sharing your workouts. Two months ago I couldn't even walk from my severe back pain. Then I discovered you a month ago. I fought through the pain to do as much as I could from your classes. Today, I'm still in pain but less of it. I'm able to walk more. I know this will be better than all the medical treatments I wasted my money and time with. I feel so much better. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! My flexibility is coming back. I am going to be doing your method for the rest of my life! You are an amazing woman. I wish you nothing but the best!!!


I have chronic bronchitis. I've never heard this, asthma or COPD mentioned in the program, but doing the program makes a huge difference in my breathing and comfort. It also reduces the amount of medication I need. AMAZING. I do two sessions per day and feel fabulous. I recommend the program to others who deal with these issues all the time. Thank you.


I'm in my late 80s and twisted my back in a fall I continued to do my Essentrics exercises and had to visit the chiropractor just once. In just a short time my back felt wonderful thank you so much for your wonderful exercise routine I had been working out with you for several years before the fall


I am unable to thank you enough for giving me a fresh new approach to exercise. A few years ago I tuned in to watch PBS. I was quite depressed, but I dragged myself out of bed and tried your method. I enjoyed seeing your smiling face and hearing words of encouragement. Your form and movement was so graceful, and you were in great shape. What a challenge! I looked forward to doing this. It became my way of getting myself moving and preparing for the day. I do it everyday, and after 4 years; I could not be more pleased with my fitness and physique. Yes! During roller skating I fractured my fibula and my ankle and foot were affected. After using your method; my foot pain has stopped. I have to pinch myself. Such a blessing to have been introduced to you and Essentrics. Movement rocks! My co- workers say that I am "aging backwards" without even seeing your program!

Martha F – Cincinnati, OH

I have been following your program for 2 weeks everyday. The difference in strength, mobility and experiencing less pain is a miracle. I am 64, suffer with osteoarthritis, diabetic nerve pain, I am overweight, have knee pain and sciatica. Since I have been following you, my body and mind have been much happier. You are amazing. Thank you.

Suzy Jay

I'm in my late 40s, quite overweight, and recently developed a "frozen shoulder". I was in such pain. I discovered Miranda on a PBS pledge break and I bought the two beginner DVDs for myself for Christmas. I LOVE them! My shoulders are completely unstuck now!

Amy Guzules

What I really want to say is that, for the first time, I think there's hope for me… The pain I had been experiencing in my hips and knees (diagnosis of hip osteoarthritis) had begun to center in my lower spine (which is also diagnosed osteoarthritis). I couldn't walk. And then, in the Bone Strengthening workout (performed with a walker) I zeroed in on something Miranda said about lengthening the spine. I really focused on that in each and every move, and the payoff was immediate, and continued into the next day. I believe the stretching and lengthening finally allowed the blood to circulate in my lower spine at last. I repeated the emphasis in today's workout and am eager to see more positive results tomorrow. If I get my mobility back it's going to be thanks to my diet and Classical Stretch (no medication and surgery as well!!!) Thank you, more than I can express!

Julia McGuire

I slipped and fell the other day on the ice and hit my head. I truly believe that by doing these workouts it saved me from breaking any bones and other than the bump on my head, I was not sore. Great testimony to your program.

Jo Delacour

Dear Miranda,

I just want to let you know my story with Essentrics…my super progress! I am 44 years old. Since my 30’s, I manage a Degenerative Disc Disease (L4-L5). There have been a lot of ups & downs, a lot of research on pain management, on the disease, and the impacts of different movements and exercise methods that can help with the pain. I have become a yoga instructor (hatha yoga) in the middle of this learning process. All this allowed me to skip surgery, for the moment. I believes that what is good, what works, should be shared and not kept only for me (my doctor agrees with this luckily). Since November 2015, I have been doing Essentrics on a daily basis. I use DVDs when I cannot exercise online, and Essentrics TV when travelling (or when I can have access to a computer). My work demands it a lot. I had to share with you my success with Essentrics. I was already living with daily pain (sciatica) when I started, but now at this moment, the pain has subsided… I am so happy, so happy. I even managed to get my husband doing Essentrics with me as well. I feel so comfortable, so energetic. Dear Miranda and Sarah, thank you for all that you do! I hope I will be able to continue doing Essentrics, I have shown your web site to my doctor, because even in case of surgery (it will be unavoidable, that is most certain) I am sure that Essentrics has also prepared me for the best recovery. And, most interesting, I get to practice my yoga and pilates feeling more agile, more comfortable, more aware. Good combination.

Best regards, Hug


Dear Miranda,

You are the BEST. I had back problems and went for physio over 4 years for this. Some made my problem WORSE. I had been exercising with you prior to the problem, but had to stop due to 2 rotator cuff surgeries (and then the back became so bad, I was afraid to move at all). Finally I got a physio who calmed the back problem, so I felt better (but the back still was not "fixed"). I then started with you again on tv and felt better and better… 4 months later I feel great!!!! Thanks to you. I told my doctor about you being better than physio and that he should tell all his patients to do your program. You are wonderful and I tell everyone to follow your program. Thank you so much for enabling me to move without pain, thanks to your thoughtful and skilled approach. You have improved me life. I know how much stronger and better I am and think of you when I move and do things all throughout the day. Thanks Miranda. Smarter than any doctor.

A. Lentzen

Six years ago,I had knee surgery that technically worked but left me in a lot of quad, hip, calf, foot and back pain. Pretty much everywhere except shoulders and head!!

I saw many professionals: chiro, physiotherapist, acupuncturist etc. In the last two years I have been diagnosed with spinal stenosis and sciatica, so all in all I was pretty much in pain, most of the time. And as many people with this type of pain would concur, barometer changes seemed to intensify all the above aches. I was very frustrated. I really abhor taking meds...drugs are not the solution.

After being diagnosed with spinal stenosis, the neurosurgeon felt that back surgery would be the only solution and while I felt that might be a solution I was very leery about that route.

In the interim, I had the good fortune of visiting an excellent orthopedic surgeon who was very sympathetic and explained that there are 20% of people like myself who have the symptoms I had after have total knee replacements. he did however encourage me to search out alternative therapies.

I tried, physio, chiro, acupuncture and various exercise protocols again, and while they did some good they were not the answer for me.

In additiion to the good advice of the otrtho and my gp I was also blessed in that I found Classical Stretch on PBS. I recorded the shows and I have to admit it took me quite a while to actually committing to doing them on a regular basis.

I have to say here that I have never been a major exercise buff ...I offer the excuse which is valid to some, that because of my knee injury in 1991 I was severely restrained from doing regular exercise, so of course my condition worsened and at that point in time, doctors here would not consider knee replacement because of my age (too young) so I waiting until I was 62 before I got it and still as I described above a lot of pain issues.

So back to Classical stretch, I finally decided to give it a go, 3x a week and I liked it, especially the ballet, tai chi aspect of the program. But I was still not getting a big change in my body pain, but again a wise gp asked me why I was only doing the program 3x a week and suggested trying it everyday. I listened & I started 7 days a week in early Sept and have not looked back.

The change is terrific: I feel so much better, so flexible, it is all amazing. I have to say that I am not totally pain free, but so much improved, it is just amazing. I cannot thank Miranda enough for this program... it really is fantastic.

I have told many people who have osteo pain etc to try the program but I feel like there are so many more people out there who would benefit from this and do not know about it.

How to get the word around is my goal, at least locally. There is no question that the great improvement I receive from doing classical stretch is outstanding and no question in my mind that people out there suffering joint pain can relieve these pains by doing Miranda¹s workout daily. The time spent is fun, uplifting and works. Throw out your pain pills and stiff joints, join the classical stretch folk and essentrics.

As long as I am standing I will never stop doing the Classical Stretch program.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I have neuropathy in my hands and feet, and she has helped me so much. Also, after a past stress fracture injury, doing Classical Stretch helps with my healing (my feet are getting stronger). I have arthritis in my hands, and the hand exercises help me with flexibility (and lessen my pain). The feet exercises help with balance and strength and helps me through my normal activities throughout the day. I have some favorite routines (such as frozen shoulder, stress relief, and core and spine), but no matter what I choose I always feel better after doing the movements. I love picking up the flower and have some favourite movements (like hip cleaner, cleaning the table, stress release movements, using the beach ball just to name a fewŠ.I do them throughout the day when I feel the need to). I tell anyone I can about Miranda and hope they all start to use her methods of healing.

I want to thank her so much for all she has done for me, and don't know what I would do without doing classical stretch... it has become part of my everyday life.

Susan Konst

"I have suffered from severe back pain for the past few years. I have always been active (marathons, tae kwon do), but recently my back pain had accelerated to the extent that I could barely walk, let alone do any kind of workout. I've paid thousands of dollars to chiropractors and physical therapists, plus taken all kinds of pain medications, and nothing helped. Pain meds just made me a zombie. I began doing the Classical Stretch workouts a few weeks ago, and the results are AMAZING. It's the first time I've ever finished a workout and said, "My back feels AWESOME!" instead of "Well, that didn't hurt my back TOO much..." and then reach for pain meds. No more of that!”

Nancy Kramer
McKinleyville, California

Yesterday (Nov.14th) i accompanied my spouse to an arthritis conference sponsored by INSTITUT de RHUMATOLOGIE de MONTREAL i attended a class given by Megan Feeney entitled Atelier pratique Etirements et flexibilité. It was a mind opener for me as i have suffered from lower back pain for many years. I really enjoyed your class and the way that you did the workshop. RREELLAAXX. It was a very enjoyable pain free workout. I always believed that the solution to my back problem was in stretching, but the hard part was to find the right one! I guess it was karma that brought me to your workshop. After the class I bent down to pick something up from the floor and my back pain was gone. After having been treated by Osteopaths, Chiropractors,Physical Therapists, this is the best that i have felt in years! After seeing the physiotherapists etc. they all seemed to reduce my pain a little bit and no one got rid of it completely. After the class finished, i talked with Meghan and she mentioned that you had a DVD specifically for back pain which I intend to purchase along with others that you suggest.

Thank You very much.

P.S. I am a 60 year old male and i have always worked out at Gyms all my life. I am in pretty good shape, but I have 2 total knee replacements, so any type of impact routines are not in the works for me.

Brian L.
Montreal, Quebec

Hello Miranda,

Wanted to tell you about my experience. I am trying to give a kidney to my brother who has polycystic kidney disease. One of the ways to insure that the kidney is adequate is height between the donor and the recipient. My height has increased by 1/2 inch as a result of doing classical stretch.

Thank you! Size matters!

Dear Miranda:

I just turned 80... and have been doing Classical Stretch for 4 years ; I sent you an email ‘way back when I first started in 2011, and the results are even better now. I figure I spend more time with Miranda than almost anybody, every single day, and she’s continually changing my life; so I’d better tell her! It’s not only great for daily mobility, but I should mention that I have had lots of spine disease (stenosis and osteoarthritis, back and neck surgeries, 2 rotator cuff surgeries), and Classical Stretch has helped me through the rehab process again and again. So for me, it’s a serious necessity to do the program every day. I fervently believe it will keep me going throughout my 80s. I also walk a couple miles every day (big dog) and do water aerobics and swim laps, but it’s the Classical that gives me the energy to do that, I believe.

Thanks for your daily inspiration!
Alice Fellows
Sonoma, CA

Hello Miranda,

I am thankful for your 5am San Diego workout that “brings me to” each weekday on KPBS.
I started last November (2014) and am fully 5’6” as I measured at the Dr.’s office for my physical before I turn 60 in January. I’ve been 5’5.75” for as long as I remember and I told the physician’s assistant, “I have grown my spine through Classical Stretch this last year!” Unfortunately, my eating has returned to former years of sugary foods, so the scales aren’t reflecting the 18lb. weight loss I had enjoyed before finding you on public TV.

I feel a debt of gratitude for:

1. Finding you on TV
2. Consistent willingness to awaken and move
3. Bringing Cozumel and Jamaica’s beauty into my livingroom
4. Overall health and wellness

Keep up the good work and inspiration!

Susy Shepard Lakeside, CA
(east San Diego county)

Dear Miranda:

In Feb. of this year I had a lifesaving surgery; a 54 pound contained cancer tumor was removed from my body and then I had an open wound - my recovery was long. In July I found you on PBS and we have been best friends ever since. I started working out with Miranda every single day. I've had complications with my hip and movement and I am NOW getting stronger, leaner and healthier every single day. I am SO GRATEFUL to you. I love working out now!! …This stuff works – I am 52 and my jaw dropped open when you said you are 66. AMAZING you look 20 years younger. Thank you! Thank you! I'll see you tomorrow at 5:30.

Thank you

Elizabeth Lindsay

I cannot stop talking about Miranda s program on PBS. After a below the knee amputation, I needed a program to help me regain balance and strength. Prior to amputation, I had spent three years on crutches and had lost proper spine alignment and range of motion in my hip and knee. After working with a prosthetics designer, we both decided that a stretching program would help return my gait to normal and give me the strength.

I had lost from the years on crutches. I found this show on PBS and began working with Miranda each day. I did not only gain strength and mobility but in the process I also unexpectedly had the double benefit of reshaping my body and correcting my posture. I feel stronger and motivated. If you cannot complete all of the stretches, just listen to Miranda, she gently coaches you to do what you can do. I am a thankful follower.


Hi Miranda,

I just want to take a minute to thank you for creating Classical Stretch. Today is my 64th birthday and I feel strong, stable, and healthy because of your program. Just 6 months ago I felt weak, vulnerable, and unstable. I had begun to fall frequently due to the declining muscle mass in my legs. My balance was not great. Due to long term steroid use (20 yrs) for lupus my body was changing rapidly as I age. I have participated in your exercise sessions every morning since I began five months ago. Some days I do two sessions! I am blown away by the changes in my body. My husband is extremely impressed with the strength I have gotten back. My balance is so much better and I brag to friends that I can spell the alphabet with my toes. I could go on and on. Just wanted you to know that for the first time I feel like I'm getting ahead of the lupus effects and restoring my body to health. Thanks so much for your dedication to sharing your knowledge the way you do

Jan Wall

just wanted to tell someone at essentrics how much it has helped me in just a few short weeks.. I have an extremely bad knee and a mildly bad ankle.. I am 44 yrs old, and because of my bad knee & ankle had stopped all exercise for the past couple of years..I noticed recently how difficult regular living became for me! Everything hurt & just doing daily activities became painful and exhausting. I happen to catch the classical stretch special on my pubic tv station, by accident one day & watching it made mr cry.. I bought the monthly subscription & started doing the beginners workouts a few weeks ago..the excitement I now have cannot come through this message.. I can move once again, I am having less and less pain everyday!! I does not hurt to do the workouts! The actually feel good, which is unheard of to me! My quality of life has improved tremendously in such a short time!!! I am excited about life again.. Now I know that it is only going to get better from here.. There are no words I can write to say thank you enough!

Cheryl Cox

Thank you for the invitation. I am not interested in training but I did want to comment that I am a 63 year old woman who saw you on channel 2 and I ordered two tapes. Much to my surprise I love doing them. I feel so much stronger and better everywhere and I think I have grown about an inch in hight. The posture one I do everyday. I am so grateful for your work and this way of exercise. Thank you so very much.

Debrah Bischoff

I want to thank Miranda for making me pain free for the first time in years. I am 63 years old and I work full time in front of a computer. My lower back pain was intolerable - I was at my limit with ibuprofen and my doctor was considering putting me on stronger pain medications. I was literally in tears several mornings because of so much pain. I saw your program on PBS by accident, and thought why not, I'll give it a try. I bought the CD and miraculously after doing the routine every day for the first week (as Miranda suggested) I am astonished to say I am pain free! Not only is the pain gone from my body, but being pain-free has also given me a brighter mental outlook. I definitely plan on continuing to do the routine at least 3 times a week. I urge those of you who are suffering from joint pain to give this a try. It is the real solution.

Marylin Harris


I am a member and an avid promoter and participant daily in essentricstv video streaming program. I travel almost monthly and take it with me on my iPhone or mini. The stretching and strengthening programs in particular the "hips, psoas and IT band" and "lose a pant size" and many others rotated into my morning routine have cured my ID band issue.. New Year's Eve after just a few dances, I couldn't walk across the dance floor. In January I could not walk without a limp and severe pain, and worse I couldn't dance more than one or two dances. Since I am a social dancer and dancing is my sport, with lessons and social dancing 4-6 nights a week, that was earth schatering not to be able to dance. I was depressed to say the least. Although I have been fit and exercised all my life, and I am a full time, professional real estate agent, now at 69, when my IT band attacked, I thought my dancing was instantly over. The IT band struck in a tango class so abruptly, I had to leave class. I went to my chiropractor, my physical trainer and my accupuncturist. Each of them helped momentarily. A dance friend recommended I try your program. After two - three weeks doing your program, I could dance an hour, then an hour and a half , now since February I have built back up to about 2 1/2 to 3 hours, It is heaven. I have many dance friends who I have introduced to your program. One of them just last night while we were out at the Chicago Botanic Garden music and dance festival, came up to me as we were going on the dance floor, saying, " I did "feet ankles and calves " HIp It band psoas" and ... .... today, what did you do?" SHe couldn't dance at the beginning of the summer due to back pain - with your program she's back full swing and she's got her husband into your program too. Many other dance friends are grateful for your help. Best Regards,



You are the answer to my quest to stay in shape as I grow older. I caught your PBS special around Feb. of this year and ordered DVDs. It has been almost five months that I have rarely missed a workout. I love them so much that I usually do two if I have the free time. I will be 61 next week and have degenerative disc disease and muscle spasms in the lower back. Also, I was hit by a truck on my horse last November (we are both fine) and had my knee broken in four places, so there is that challenge of healing and rebalancing. Your exercise is such a blessing to my life! I have lost 5 lbs without trying and my core is so much stronger. My waist is much more whittled and my legs (from plies) are super strong. I can stand in my stirrups all day on my horse. Thank you. I am one of your biggest fans and share this wealth when I can.

Mary Lou

Side story - my wife recently went to the doctor for her annual physical and everything looks good. The doctor wanted to know what she is doing to improve her health since bone density and other measurements have been getting better despite her getting older.. She attributed it to healthy eating and more importantly doing the morning exercises and classical stretch with Miranda (and me too - ha ha). And actually the doctor was going to look into these exercises for herself and even other patients.

We both know we feel better on a day we begin with a little exercise. And we miss the days that for whatever reason we put off doing our stretches. We are believers in this technique.


Dear Miranda -

I found your show only by accident on one of our Los Angeles PBS stations, and was immediately hooked.  I am taping every single show, and will get your dvds.  and of course your book.  I have been suffering with Arthritis and fibromyalgia, and I have to tell you that your technique has given me more actual relief than anythign I've done.
If I do your program at night before bed, I find that I wake up with so much less pain, and far more mobility.  it is truly giving me my body back.  I'm seeing my rheumatologist next week, and am going to tell her about it, and suggest she watch it, and try it.

thank you for all the healing work you do, and for the healing you put into the world.


I have had back pain for about 5 years now and I would dabble in Classical Stretch every now and then. I always felt amazing after.  But I wanted to lift heavy weights and with time constraints I wouldn't practice Classical Stretch like I should.

Fast forward to almost 3 months ago. Me and my 6 year old daughter were hit by a car while walking. As a result I have a grade 3 MCL knee tear and 2 herniated discs in my lumbar. Fortunately my daughter only had bruising to her foot.  I was just cleared to do exercise and get my knee bending. I immediately subscribed to Essentrics TV and have been doing episodes for almost a week now. Between that and using my inversion table I feel much better. So much so that my dream is to become a Essentrics instructor one day. I am very passionate about fitness and helping people. I have always wanted to be an fitness instructor and this seems like my calling. I always feel like everything happens for a reason. I need to save up money first :)

Thank you Sahra and Miranda for this way of exercise. It is truly magic!

Rosanne Burns

Dear Miranda and the Eccentrics team,

It happened about 8 months after I had my first baby. I woke (again) in the middle of the night to breast feed him and immediately I had an excruciating pain in my lower back. I couldn't move! It hurt so terribly, and I couldn't even pick up my baby. Earlier in the week I had been at the gym, of course wanting the last 10 pounds from the pregnancy to go away quickly. I had always been a fit individual, I was never overweight and I frequently exercised by playing tennis and practicing yoga. Then after this, I was never the same... or so I sadly thought. After a week or so the pain receded and I got my range of motion back. But then it would happen again, sometimes out of the blue. The mental side effects were becoming as bad as the physical pain. I saw a chiropractor who helped somewhat. Finally, when my son was about 2 I didn't have as much pain as frequently. Of course, I had stopped carrying him so often as well. Then I got pregnant again, and after this baby, it happened again. I hated that my pain interrupted routine and normal everyday activities, and more so I hated that I couldn't be a better mother. It stopped me from picking them up, playing or going out and doing things.

It would come and go, leaving me to my bed or the couch. Then this past year my prayers were answered. I fired my chiropractor who had still been treating me (for 5 years) without any advancement or suggestions. I did one shot of acupuncture (per my primary physician) and more importantly, I found Miranda. I decided that this was it and I was going to be in control. My doctor also told me that this was something I needed to fix, no one else could. And then one morning (I can't believe I missed it all these years) I saw Classical Stretch on my local PBS station. I haven't stopped since that day and I have been pain free ever since!!!!!!! :)

Miranda: Thank you so much for your knowledge and education! You are truly a fitness and health expert and unlike so many that do it because they have a great body, which you do as well! But with your approach and understanding you are superior and you truly are in it to make people feel their best. You are so endearing and I find that your delivery is so appropriate and never offensive. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love spending 30 minutes with you every day and my household is on a first name basis with you! My son knows "Miranda" and he also knows that Miranda makes mommy feel good, happy and strong.

I wish all the best to you! You are a wonderful, inspiring person.
Much love,
Lisabeth Dayan
Mequon, WI USA

Hi Miranda.
I just wanted to tell you that I saw you on a PBS pledge drive for the first time called Aging Backwards. I got the book and the DVD's. I have been doing the Posture and others for about a month now about 5 days a week, working up to 7 days. I am 54 and have arthritis in my upper back, lower neck and both shoulders, and other problems. Already I am finding the arm exercises which kill me, to be a little less stressful, my horrible balance is improving, and sitting up straight instead of slouching is not as tiring. Amazing, it is encouraging to continue. I have told family, friends and co-workers at work about your DVD's. So glad I saw that PBS pledge show. I hope it will help with most if not all of my health problems. Thank you.
Sue D.

Good afternoon Miranda,
I wanted to tell you my story, I am over age 50, I weigh 121lbs, 5'5",female and eat healthy. I used to figure skate, I still roller blade on weekends. I run a few days a week and I did yoga a maybe twice a week. So I am pretty healthy and only take vitamins, but for the past 16 months I WAS having daily pain/achiness/stiffness every day this was in my neck and lower back and I couldn't sleep at night without 2feet high pillows to prop up my back and neck, and I still couldn't sleep I was going to the chiropractor WEEKLY. and I bought so many different pillows and they didn't help. I was told I have degenerative disk in my neck. ( I also have a weak neck from a car accident from over 25 yrs ago)

Then one day I saw your promo show on TV. I knew as soon as I heard your program this is what I was looking for. I started your program that day and I had immediate relief! I only bought 3 DVDs but I do the workouts almost every day. My pain is gone! I can sleep normally again. I now only visit the chiropractor once a month for good maintenance.

So I cannot thank you enough and I think about all the people out there who can get the same help with your method...
Again, thank you, thank you!
Teresa L.

I had severe arthritis in both knees. My husband and I traveled all over the world, and I always needed knee braces or even cortisone injections to be able to walk. In the year 2000, a friend told me about CLASSICAL STRETCH on PBS, and I checked it out. In the early days, it was excruciatingly difficult, but in time, my whole body responded, and now 15 years later I can claim that I no longer have ANY arthritis in my knees!!! I cannot thank you enough. I am 72 years old (or will be in 2 weeks) and take NO medications whatsoever. Lots of vitamins and minerals, and of course my (almost) daily exercise with YOU!!!!

My gratitude to you forever!

Mama Mia Schneider


I want to share with you one of the many impacts, I believe, you are making in your new career. I’m a breast cancer survivor (9 years YAY!) and until I started your class my left breast, due to radiation and subsequent lymphedema and scar tissue, was as hard as a rock, with constant discomfort, Two attempts at PT didn’t help and breast massage was incredibly painful and a temporary solution. Two weeks into your class, the entire character of my breast began to change. The tightness started loosening up (with pain yet I knew what was finally happening so stuck with it). After about 6 or 7 classes, it became completely normal and no pain or discomfort. I am so grateful we crossed paths! 



Hello Miranda and Classical stretch team!

I found Classical stretch after I was released from the hospital June 2014. I slowly began exercising with Miranda each morning, getting stronger each day. I have been diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis which is a progressive lung disease, however that hasn't stopped me from exercising each morning with Miranda! Even though I am using an oxygen concentrator machine 24/7, I get up each morning and faithfully exercise with Miranda. Although at times its a challenge to exercise, I honestly believe your techniques help me breath better, have improved my posture, and have made my body feel stronger. I am waiting for a lung transplant and I have been told to keep moving keep exercising. I believe your Essentric technique truly have made me stronger and yet are gentle ways to do aerobics and strength train. I hope to exercise with you during my recovery after my transplant. Many tell me the wait before the transplant is the toughest time. You have given me a reason to get up each morning and exercise with you. Every day I text my sister to check to see if she worked out with Miranda. Sometimes I do both your classes if I feel strong that day. Thank you so much for helping me! Ps you also helped me eliminate a neck hump I was starting to get, you truly helped me age backwards! Please keep it up, I also love your daughter's YouTube videos and both your CDs! We love you Miranda!




Thank you for another awesome work out. I start every morning with you. I'm 54 and have been doing Classical Stretch for about 4 years. I started with you back pain video, hoping that your program would eliminate my almost constant, often severe, lower back pain. It did that, as well as making me much stronger, more flexible, and lighter! I often wake with a headache, but I do my Classical Stretch anyway. It's my first line of defense against pain. I'm also an older mom. I have a 15 year old and a 10 year old. I want to be as fit as possible so I can keep up with my kids and, hopefully, grandkids. I love everything about Classical Stretch. It's so peaceful, the slowness and the music. I love that I'm not killing myself to be fit. I love the deep stretching. Okay, I don't love the tai chi plies, but I love the results of them. I am strong and fit at 54! I'm healthier than I've ever been. That's a miracle to me. I went to Disney World with my family last Spring. I used to be the one that couldn't keep up with everyone else. My family had trouble keeping up with me! Thank you SO much for developing this program. It has helped change my life drastically. I will do it for the rest of my life, and I'm counting on it to keep me young and strong for a very, very long time.

Sincerely and with great affection,
Reyne B.


(A four-years later update)

I just HAD to contact you all again to follow-up with my personal progress!: Even though I do not mange to follow the program on a DAILY basis (maybe an average of 3 or 4 days weekly), this program has literally transformed my life. In my 60th year on this planet I have never felt better in my life!

For many years (a good 10) I suffered with a frozen lower back due to a disk injury. Combined with other soft-tissue injuries ( 10th thoracic herniated disk from a car accident at the age of 17 and a severe blow to a knee at the age of 11 or so, a horribly sprained foot mere recently), I lived in pain- sometimes extremely acute!- for most of my life. During my 1st pregnancy I could barely walk. There were months and years during which I experienced such searing pain with the slightest bump to my pelvis that it would bring me to my knees in tears. I didn't think I would ever ride a bicycle again... way too risky.

As I've always been athletically inclined, I tried many methods, as I previously related, including chiropractic and acupuncture. Nothing I've tried has addressed the core of the problem as effectively as your program ( though Tai-Chi and Feldenkrais came close), and it's only getting better!

I have just recently noticed that I can now pick something up from the floor while seated in a chair, and this morning I sat in meditation without any pain whatsoever! Needless to say, this makes the real goal of meditation (liberation!) MUCH more accessible, indeed, even possible at all.

It has taken me some time and practice to really GET it - the body-consciousness - and Miranda has only gotten more proficient at helping me to find it. She is hands- down the very best P.E. teacher ( so to speak) that I have ever had! This morning I was actually moved to tears with the beautiful celestial music, glorious backdrop, and Miranda's delightful personality, which shines through my television screen each morning!

At this time in my life, during which I have been going through difficult personal challenges, your program has given me a reason to look forward to my days, which are now virtually pain-free (if I manage to do the program!). I cannot thank you enough for all that you all do!

Congratulations on your new book, and I so look forward to our future evolution with essentrics and Classical Stretch! Maybe someday soon I'll seek certification as a teacher myself, as there is probably not a day that goes by that I don't extol your virtues to someone!

Sincerely and with great affection,
Megan Close-Dees


I started doing essentrics about 1/14/2015 and my husband joined in four days later. As I wrote before, we both saw an immediate difference in posture. Now that a month or so is passed, I must tell you the rest. My husband suffered from daily stress headaches due to his accountant at the computer profession. Nothing helped these at all. He hasn't had a headache worth speaking about in 3 weeks and that's saying a lot during a time of year when he works at the computer 14 hours a day. When he gets a small discomfort that feels like a headache, he does some of your moves for 5 or 10 minutes; the headache disappears. Also, he is sleeping deeper without sleep apnea and a lot less snoring. Finally, he used to lift weights, causing frozen shoulder injuries. He said he always felt strong but like he was drawing in and had no flexibility. With essentrics, he has a full range of motion in his shoulders, chest, and back.

I had terrible hip pain and immobility for 20ish years from two separate accidents. It was beginning to affect my lower back. AND it contributed to a separated pelvis I experienced while driving a tractor a couple years ago. This pain is gone. After bearing 5 children, I always had to remind myself to stand up straight. It was a huge effort to stay erect. As a short woman, sitting in chairs was always so difficult and detrimental to my posture. Now it's no problem to sit up straight without my back against the furniture. Gone is the pain in my mid back and between my ribs. (Who has pain between their ribs anyway?) It's hard to believe that such simple movements can do so much for two people in their 50s. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with the world. Now I'm trying to get my mother to do essentrics.

Ginger Conrad


Greetings from the West Coast!

After doing two 20 minute sessions 5-days each week religiously for one year and watching what I am eating carefully at the same time, my results are as follow:

  • I lost 10 pounds,
  • I lost 4 inches around my waist,
  • My pre-diabetic blood values are well within normal levels again,
  • My severely frozen shoulder is all gone,
  • Severe discomfort from carpal tunnel syndrome is totally gone,
  • My golf game is much better because of it.

After about 4 weeks, the exercises became a great routine. I do them first thing in the morning before breakfast - never call me between 7 and 8 am. I love it that I can do the exercises where ever I go - Hawaii next week. Needless to say, I am very proud of myself and will report back next year.
PS: I am well into “old age” and flexible like a wet noodle.

Thanks Miranda.
Greetings from Victoria,

Dὄrte Bradley

I have been a Classical Stretch aficionado since 2005 . Having trained in classical ballet (over 15 years), I was immediately taken by this method which was for me a continuation of my training. I had already done lots of research to find some kind of program that would gently but fully work all my muscles and lubricate my joints. Nothing was meeting my expectations until I discovered Classical Stretch / Essentrics. It was for me a real revelation! The DVDs (I have about 10) are extremely well designed in their approach as well as in their music. I do the exercises every day (or almost every day!), and besides keeping me in shape, they prepare and maintain my muscles for my downhill ski season. Since I like variety, I am always looking for the latest DVDs on Essentrics.com and buy them as soon as they are released. I think, however, that the francophone population of Quebec should be made more aware of this EXTRAORDINARY method. Meanwhile, congratulations and thank you very much!

Éliane Comtois

Hi Essentrics team,

After discovering your intro videos on youtube last year I can honestly say that I have found the stretch program that I will follow into old age. Simply doing your youtube videos has done amazing things for my body that has been weakened since the age of 12 when I snapped all three bones in one ankle. As a result of this injury I have had constant trouble with one side of my body being weaker and tighter than the other and this has heavily impacted on my ability to perform other exercises and stretches. From the first time I tried the essentrics stretches I could feel release in places I could never get to before with standard stretching. I can also work a lot harder now when exercising which has been incredible for my fitness. My husband suffers from nerve damage in his back and even he gets some tension relief from your method so thank you so much! Thanks again and keep up the awesome work. Kind Regards

Aynsley G.

Dear Miranda and Sahra,

I think its been almost a year that I started Essentrics and I'm really happy to be doing your classes regularly. The classes are fun, the instructors are all great and the facilities are fantastic. I started the class to recover from a slipped disc in my back, and recovered completely until I pushed it too far and regressed a bit. Still, essentrics helped me with my back immensely and lose a lot of upper body mass I had leftover from swimming. I can only imagine how much the upward stretches help our body position in the water and arm entry. When I first started, the classes didn't seem so hard, but as I got better and understood the motions better, I find I am able to adjust the effort as much as I want. Having different teachers is a great way to ensure we hear the explanations in different ways which I really appreciate. I know my posture has changed immensely over the year and it feels great. It really hit me a few weeks ago when I got on my triathlon bike for the first time in two years. The position is a bit different from the typical road bike position as the hip is rotated forward and the fore-arms are brought in forward and to the center. Essentially its like the c-curve in class but with the arms in front with elbows practically touching each other. I used to be able to tuck and hold this position comfortably for hours, now I can barely hold it for a minute. It feels so weird to hunch over and constrict my chest now. Thanks again,

Daichi S.

Dear Miranda,

I wish to thank you for your expertise and ability to demonstrate these wonderful exercises. I have been doing them since 2006 on a weekly basis and I am now 63 years old and swim a mile a day. I contribute my youthful appearing body to your workouts that have keep me agile and strong. My husband and I are from America (Colorado), however when I began using your DVD we lived in London and now live in Abu Dhabi. I love them because it doesn’t matter where I am, I can exercise without excuse. When I first began, I had chronic left shoulder pain and now I have no chronic pain. Whew! I am convinced that sticking to the program is what created the disappearance of that awful pain that had been with me for several years. I love doing the exercises (I have your 2 segments of arms and abdomen and legs and butt) and by doing both segments get a great daily (3-4) times a week feeling while doing them and afterwards. It brightens my day and I feel more fully engaged with life. Many thanks,


Dear Miranda,

I'm adding my comments to the hundreds, or more, emails you've received over the years letting you know how much your classical stretch routines have helped change their bodies. I began watching your program on my local public TV station in 2007 with season 4. Even though I was years younger than today I found it quite a challenge to do some of the routines. But I stuck with it several times a week and progressed with additional series, buying each one since season 4 so that I would never be without my regular stretch routine should the station drop your program. They did recently and I'm glad to have access to all the DVD's including season 9 which I ordered today. In the past seven years you have indeed become a welcome face and exercise friend on a daily basis. My day isn't complete until I've spent those 24 minutes with you. Late in 2011 I was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of uterine cancer. I underwent a radical hysterectomy and 4 1/2 mos. of chemotherapy. During that time I didn't have the energy to do my daily routines, but did get back to them as soon as better health prevailed. By July of 2012 I was back in "full swing" with you and taking my DVD's on vacation to our cabin in Oregon which I do every summer. Even with a diagnosis of some spinal stenosis in spring 2011, I have never found the classical stretch exercises to hinder my progress and I believe they have actually helped keep me from further degeneration. Today, I am close to 2 years free of cancer cells and feeling terrific at age 70. No one who knows me thinks I'm even in my 60's. Besides some good parental genes, I'm sure the 'young look' has much to do with my daily exercise routine which enables me to have good posture and balance, walk with ease and pop up from a seated position. My gratitude for your dedication to helping women feel and look better as they age is more than I can put into words. Even if the classical stretch series had not been photographed in such stunning vacation locals, I would still be making exercising with you a top priority in my life. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU.

Elaine S.

Dear Ms. Esmonde-White,

For the last two months I have been following your program on public television (WEFS-TV, Cocoa, FL). In this short time the results and benefits of working with your program have been wonderful and spectacular. Despite holiday overindulgence, my body looks slimmer and leaner. All of the stretching exercises helped me appreciate how tight and un-flexible the body can become if we don't move. When I'm standing in line I do the foot exercises! And the biggest benefit of all, I'm sleeping better. I don't feel sleepy or have the need to take a nap during the day and nighttime sleep is more restful. I tell everyone who will listen about your program. Thank you for the wonderful work that you do. Best wishes to you--

Dee in Florida

Dear Classical Stretch,

I found you on PBS (KRMA in Denver) when Miranda was doing her workouts in Florida and I seem to remember some in Upstate New York – anyway it was a long time ago! I don’t have a remarkable recovery or weight loss story – I'm just an average person (now 62) who has tried to keep fit most of my adult life. I’ve had brush with breast cancer (lumpectomy without radiation) and have had wrist surgery and a surgery for a tissue cancer – all within the last 8 years. I know that I have weathered each of these much better and had for the most part a completely pain free recovery because I do this program 5 days a week. In addition to walking everyday Classical Stretch is absolutely one the best things about my day! Thank you so much for being there. P.S. I also have an older sister who does this work out everyday too!


Dear Miranda,

You may not realize it, but you’ve become a really good friend of mine, and I visit with you several times a week. I started Classical Stretch years ago in my early thirties with the full body volume one workout. I must admit, I wasn’t hooked. It didn’t grab me at first, and sadly sat in the closet collecting dust for years. Then two years ago I was able to attend a live Essentrics Class, and I fell in love. From there, I dug out that old Classical Stretch DVD, and added it into my regular workout rotation. I’ve suffered from numerous autoimmune disease from my mid-twenties (I’m now 39). I have really bad fibromyalgia, and arthritis in my knees as well. This spring I was diagnosed with PCOS, and Pre-Diabetes. I had been gaining weight uncontrollably, and was in so much pain I could barely get out of bed. All thru this past year I kept doing Classical Stretch no matter how tired I was, or how much pain I was in. It always made me feel better( I have most of your DVD’s). I also changed my diet due to the Diabetes/PCOS. Since then, I’ve lost over 30lbs since June 2013 which is the most consistent weight loss I’ve seen in years! I feel SO MUCH YOUNGER! Thanks to Classical Stretch, and Essentrics, I’m changing the shape of my body, and increasing both my strength, and flexibility every day! I have way more energy than I’ve had in years. The best part is…I have no more fibromyalgia pain, and my arthritic knees are doing so much better. I’ve gained two inches in height in the last two years from consistently doing your workouts, and my IBS-C is a thing of the past! I talk about you everywhere I go, and to whomever will listen. I’ve got my sister doing your workouts now as well. She loves the Essentrics! I’ve given away your DVDs to multiple family members as gifts. I truly believe Classical Stretch, and Essentrics are the very best exercises on the planet. I love your last three seasons on DVD, and do those workouts religiously. I also love the re-release of your Essentrics DVD. I have, and do, all your thirty minute workouts for both Classical Stretch, and Essentrics. I cannot thank you, and your daughter, enough for being such good, and dear friends. You’ve helped me tremendously to gain my health, and life back. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Keep making more DVD’s. I will continue to buy them, do them, and spread the word of the restorative healing powers of Classical Stretch, and Essentrics. I’ll be 40 next spring. My new mantra is “40, Fit, and Fabulous”. I know Classical Stretch will help get me there, and keep me there. Cheers,


Dear Miranda,

How many people say they feel like they know you? I bet a lot! I do, too. I found Classical Stretch on our local PBS station four years ago, when I was asking God how would I ever regain my strength and muscle tone after the year I had been through. I had always been healthy, athletic, and strong until I was diagnosed with lupus. In less than a month, I was bedridden and lost 40 pounds. My skin sagged and muscles atrophied. I was 55. Within a few months, I began an all-organic, vegetarian diet, choosing to forego the “traditional” experimental meds that are prescribed by rheumatologists. I visited a naturopath doctor, who said that this was 50 percent of the battle. She prescribed specific supplements that would help to restore kidney and liver function. I could feel myself getting healthier but was still weak. Then I found your show. I pushed myself to do it that first day and the second. By the third day, I was ready to do it when it came on. Gradually, I felt stronger. By the end of the first year with lupus, I never missed a day of Classical Stretch, my labs were close to normal, and I was out walking two miles a day again. It’s four years later, I just turned 60 and feel better than I have in many years. I even celebrated with a bucket-list birthday present – I went skydiving over Hawaii!!! I’m now on a soapbox and tell everyone they should be doing this. Thank you! You are providing hope for physical healing for so many, including me. I’ve thought about becoming an instructor. YIKES!


Dear Miranda and Team,

I can't thank you enough for what you all do. I am a 43 year old mother of a 4 and 6 year old. Having my children later in my 30's took a big toll on my back and hips. I thought I would have to live with it. One morning I turned on the TV and switched the channel to the a.m. news but accidentally landed on PBS and your show. On a whim, I followed along. It changed my life as well as my body. I have done some yoga and have some exercise DVDs. But they either left me feeling like a hopeless beginner or exacerbated my problems thus leading me to give up and start over. Much like a yo-yo diet. The Esmonde technique is so different. I now follow you twice a day! And look forward to that time. This is revolutionary for me. I experience immediate relief in my back and hips. And my posture! I stand straight am stronger all over and feel great. I love that I can stretch and strengthen all at once. I have told everyone I know about your program. My confidence has led to a better diet and I can play like a kid with my kids. Because of you, I am a more complete and satisfied person. Thank you again.


I will be 43 in a few short weeks. I am a single mother and paralegal, hunched at a computer all day with constant and severe neck shoulder and mid back pain, every night going to bed with ice packs from my neck to my tailbone, headaches and stress beyond belief. I began your show on July 1 along with a CLEAN program. I wake up every morning and do two of your shows (DVR’d) before work. About a week ago I was getting ready for bed and my daughter asked me if I wanted my ice packs. I realized I didn’t HURT! For the first time since an auto accident in 2002, I went to bed without an ice pack on a part of my body and ibuprophen or naproxen in my system. My posture is so much better. I have a large chest and always hunch forward, no amount of chiropractic and massage therapy have helped. Now I sit and walk with my shoulders back and head high! I’m down 10 pounds with another 30 to go. But I feel great!! Thank you so much!!


Dear Miranda,

I feel I know you. I have been doing classical for about 6 months. I think I have the beginning of a success story going. I just turned sixty-six years old. In the last few years, I have gone from 5' 8 1/2" tall to 5' 6 1/4" tall due to osteoporosis and compression fractures. Posture has always been a problem for me. Though no one is saying my posture is better, I feel from the inside that it is. I am much more aware of my posture, abs, and the feel of my body. I have much more energy. I feel more fit. My husband says I am playing better tennis. I am hoping very much to impact the shrinking. I am feeling the beneficial effects of Classical Stretch much more than I have with any other exercise program (yoga, circuit training, etc.) I so like the teaching that goes with the workout in terms of targeting muscle groups. I feel motivated to do Classical Stretch everyday. The fact that it is only a little over 20 minutes makes it very managable. Thank you so much for this gift.


Hi Miranda!

I have been doing your workouts religiously since December 17, 2012 on PBS (WQPT). One of my friends told me about your show. I have been diagnosed with degenerative joint disorder in my knees quite a number of years ago. Since doing your program, I have significantly reduced the joint pain in my knees. I cannot tell you how great that feels! I actually look forward to getting up at 5:30 a.m. so that I can work out with you at 6:00 before heading for work. I am 59 and feel 29. And I absolutely love the backgrounds you have selected for your workouts, along with the music. I can’t believe how fast that 25 minutes go by! Thanks for being there for all of us. You such an inspiration!!

Sara S.


Just wanted to write b/c I'm so happy to have finally found a low impact yet challenging exercise routine I can follow! And it's gentle on my arthritic toe joint-no burpees or lunges-yay! Love Miranda's approach to isometrics and her fun teaching style. Thanks!

Robin (Calgary)

Hi Miranda,

I am almost 69 years old. I have been doing the Classical Stretch Age Defying Series for about a year. I am in heaven. I have been working out since I was 35, so I wasn't in bad shape. But these stretching exercises have made such a difference in my flexibility and balance. And I have a solid core and solid abs. I had arthritis in a thumb joint and sometimes when I walked down stairs my ankle would buckle. Not anymore. Nope. No more joint pain and my ankle bends just like it should. Thank you so much.



My name is Danielle. I'm 38 years old, and I have psoriatic arthritis. I absolutely love Classical Stretch and how it makes me feel, and the range of motion it brings back to my body. I call it my dessert, because I love to add it on to the end of my regular workout - it is so yummy! I have a 4 year old son who is my workout buddy most days. The other day after my workout, he asked me "Mommy, are you going to do your Fantastical Stretch?" That's his name for Classical Stretch! So adorable. I think it's a great name, because that's exactly what it is!! I just had to share this with you, because it was so cute :)

Danielle Austin

Dear Miranda,

I must tell you what happened to me last week. On Wednesday morning I did the Season 7, Strengthen Your Bones routine and found myself feeling great all day, really energized. In the evening I took a fall! I had been hurrying along, bundled up in the cold, on an unfamiliar, poorly lit street in New York City. I didn’t notice a spilled milkshake on the sidewalk. One minute I was striding along, the next I was on my side on the pavement. My right boot heel had slipped on the slick of the milk. I went splat, but wonder of wonders, I was completely unhurt. Nothing broken, nothing bruised, except the gloved heel of my right hand which broke the fall. A passerby helped me get up, and I continued on my way as though nothing had happened. I know I have Classical Stretch to thank. My muscles were loose, I just rolled with the fall. What a feeling of exhilaration to know that my workouts protected me from injury! It’s great to look good and feel good. It’s even better to stay young inside. Classical Stretch is indeed a fountain of youth. Kind regards,


I have struggled with plantar fasciitis for at least 7 years. Since I am a nurse and spent long shifts on my feet, everything that I tried was out balanced with the ill effects of those long shifts. In addition to the arch issues I had also injured my back between my shoulder blades. For a number of years I have been seeking chiropractic care for these issues weekly to monthly as it was. Well, NO MORE! Approximately two months ago I discovered the Esmonde technique on our local PBS station and decided to give it a try. Prior to my injuries I was very active, doing Jillian Michaels videos daily and feeling quite fit. I had become very out of shape since. I am now nearly pain free. It is difficult to even put into words the difference this is making in my life. We have recently graduated our youngest child, relocated to a completely new community, and now I can do what I desire to do with confidence!! I praise God daily for leading me to you :-) Thank you, Miranda, from the bottom of my heart (and feet!!),


I just wanted to let you know that my husband stumbled across your PBS program while trying to find me an exercise program that I would enjoy. I started watching and doing your Classical Stretch in mid-January. In three weeks I noticed a BIG difference in my posture and overall muscle tone, not to mention losing a few inches in the midriff area. I had undergone a left breast mastectomy in September 2008 and neither of my surgeons (breast surgeon nor plastic surgeon) suggested any kind of PT after the surgery. I did get (and now I can’t remember if I asked for them) a little set of ‘exercises’ to start stretching out my shoulder/arm after the surgery. I did those and I regained the ability to lift my arm over my head, and some of the mobility returned. It wasn’t until after I went to a deep tissue Swiss masseuse about 1 year ago, that I discovered how much ‘scarred muscle tissue’ I had. She helped me a great deal. And just recently she helped me with the ‘binding feeling’ around my chest that I was still dealing with. Even after 3 weeks with your current stretch program on PBS I was still having issues. I have been so pleased with your program that I actually get up every morning to do the workout (it airs at 5:30 am here in Colorado). I was so pleased with the results I have seen in my own body that I have been telling everyone I know. Then I talked to a client that had a double mastectomy 5 weeks ago (she had the same plastic surgeon as I did) and found out that he didn’t give her ANY kind of PT info. So I told her about you and about my masseuse. Today, I wondered on to your website and discovered your Cancer page. WOW! So I have sent it on to her and to another friend that had a mastectomy last fall (again, the same surgeon and again, no mention of the PT). I hope they will be as happy as I am with your program. I look forward to my 23 minutes every morning (I take Sat and Sun off) with you! www.breastcancerrehabilitation.com

Pam S.

Dear Miranda,

My body and I want to say thanks to you for sharing your knowledge, being so encouraging and making it possible for me to regain strength, flexibility and confidence. With that comes a re-awakened sense of purpose, perspective, hope and enthusiasm for life. A fall right after Christmas, which resulted in a slight back injury, stopped me in my tracks. Your Back Pain Relief video helped ease me along and back to a good starting point to then begin the Core workout. This all came after many months of only taking daily walks, which have been part of my routine for years, but which aren't enough to keep my whole body feeling exercised. Less than a month after starting the core workout, I already feel stronger all over, more flexible and so motivated. Doing these stretching exercise at home allows me to work at my pace, stop and go back, and most importantly, breathe a lot, and noisily. I'm sure I'd be self-conscious in a group about making anything like the noise I very comfortably do in my own living room. When I finish the 55 minutes I feel so happy and grateful to you and almost always say a big thank-you for doing what you do and being there! Sincerely,

A happy 61-year-old


I am 58 years old and I have never been enthusiastic about an exercise program until starting this one. After a herniated disc years ago and osteoarthritis I thought my days of good physical health were over until I began this program. I have never felt better or stronger. The squats have taken inches off my thighs and after years of unsuccessful kegel exercises for incontinence the squats have completely corrected that problem as well. Thank you for this valuable program. I tune into PBS to participate

Diane P.

I discovered your DVDs while watching the Marilyn Denis show when I was recovering from hip replacement surgery last May. As I rehabbed, I very carefully performed what exercises I could without compromising my new joint and recovery. I am now four months post-op, and can do most of the exercises in the first DVD, and I feel great. I just wanted to thank you for helping me get my body back its strength and flexibility. I am heading for my second replacement next month, and will continue with your program when I am able. What I like best, is the fluidity of movement with no abrupt anchoring or angling of limbs. I truly didn't think I'd feel this good again. Best regards

Eve C

Athabasca, Albera

Hi. I’ve been doing Miranda’s classes at 7:30 each morning before work ever since I discovered her on PBS while home on vacation a couple years ago. I enjoyed it SO much that I asked my boss if I could change my hours to come in a half hour later just so I could do the show before work. She said yes and I’ve been doing it ever since. I’m 64 and I feel so much more limber and “straight” and lately people have been telling me I look great. I have had a lot of rheumatic aches and pains over the years, including a serious bout with polymyalgia rheumatica, and nearly 20 years ago my Dr said if I didn’t exercise regularly he’d see me in the operating room in 20 years. Well, I’m happy to report that that’s one meeting I haven’t had to keep. I love Miranda. She can make me laugh out loud in the middle of a class with some of her comments. And Classical Stretch allows me to let out my “inner ballerina” for thirty minutes a day. I’m so grateful for this show. I can’t imagine not doing it.

Ceci L.

Thank you so much for changing my life. I stumbled on to your program on PBS and have enjoyed so many improvements in my body. I had recently told my 90 year old mother that I did not want to live to be her age because at the age of 60 I already had too many aches and pains. This seems strange because I am very athletic and participate in multitudes of sports. But my hips and back were so tight and painful that waking up and getting going was proving to be more and more dreadful. Now, after one month of Miranda, I am sleeping better, feel relatively pain free, and can face living into an old age, which my DNA will most probably mandate. You are a revelation and I look forward to taking you into my very senior years.

Lynn W

Dear Miranda,

I was channel surfing a few weeks ago and found your show on PBS and decided to follow along and within 10 min. I felt more open in my rib cage and shoulders than I have in years. I'm standing straighter and my shoulders are back finally! I have scoliosis and degenerative disc disease and arthritis and have limited mobility my low back! A constant pinch. I'm much more flexible and feel more enegized than I have in years. I'm feeling toned in my arms and legs and my abs are getting stronger! I truly want to thank you and I will be ordering other series to help me "come back" from all my pain from years gone by! If all goes well, I might become as a certified instructor as I have been raving to alot of people about your technique and how it's helping me. People want to know more! People from all walks of life have aches and pains and don't know what to do and Im just the person who wants to help...you have truly given me hope for recovery! Thank you Miranda

Teresa, Indiana

I'm a 62-year old woman who has recently been diagnosed with bursitis of the left hip. I looked up bursitis on the Internet, and saw recommendations of resting and icing the affected area. I was sick of limping around (I had waited about 6 months before going to the doctor), so I decided to rest the heck out of it and get better faster. Well, resting made it worse! I felt about 100 years old and couldn't walk around my own house without leaning against things for support. I got frustrated and went back to gentle exercise, trying to work around the sore joint. After about 5 days of Classical Stretch, I was a new woman. I can not only walk without limping, I have much more energy and have stopped even thinking about my hip. It's like a miracle. After doing my Classical Stretch every morning, I immediately ice down my left hip, and within 10-15 min., I'm good to go for the rest of the day. I will never totally give up exercise again; I don't think we are meant to rest. No matter what the issue, Classical Stretch is gentle enough to do, and I have never become injured doing CS. Thank you, Miranda!

Mary B.

Dear Miranda,

Thank you so much for the breast cancer rehab and stress relief exercises. They have provided me such welcome relief and reassuarance. At 5 weeks out from my lumpectomy, it looks like I have regained my complete range of motion. May you be repaid many times over for your generosity www.breastcancerrehabilitation.com


I "accidentally" discovered your program when I flipped on the TV in the middle of the day and the last 1 minute of the program was on. I have always been very in shape and physically active. However, that all came to an end about 5 years ago when I severely injured my ankle in an exercise class at the gym. Over the years I've had 2 surgical procedures and lots of Physical Therapy. My ankle no longer holds my foot at its natural angle, and has limited range of motion. This has entirely thrown off the structure of my body from my foot all the way up to my neck. I'm in pain. I haven't been able to do much physical activity and have gained 20 pounds over the past 5 years. I have kept trying a number of different exercises and the result has always been the same, increased pain over a week or two and then having to stop altogether. I can't give up and just keep trying. The only thing I've been able to tolerate has been a slow to moderate walk on the treadmill about 3x a week and making sure I don't do it two days in a row. I started recording your show on PBS about 4 weeks ago. The first week I started off doing 1 episode every other day and my pain had not increased. Plus, my pants were so much looser that I had to tighten my belt a notch. And this was from only doing one 23 minute episode every other day! I was also still keeping up with the walking on the treadmill. Going into the 2nd week I started doing 1 or 2 episodes a day, depending on my schedule, and started interval jogging (3 minutes jogging, 3 minutes walking) for 30 minutes instead of the slow to moderate walking because I just felt stronger. I am now going into week 4 being able to interval jog 3x a week, and I'm still doing 1 to 2 episodes of Classical Stretch every single day. I'm in no more pain than when I was just walking. And in fact, overall, I'm in less pain. I was going to the chiropractor at least once a week. I haven't been to the chiropractor at all since I started Classical Stretch. Yesterday I tightened my belt another notch! I feel stronger every day. A few days ago my 6.5 year old daughter jumped into my arms at bed time and I carried her up the stairs to her room. This is the first time I have been able to physically carry her up a flight of steps since we moved into a house with stairs over a year ago! I still have not lost any actual weight, but I'm hoping if I keep at it, that will eventually happen as well. Until then, I'm happy with my body so obviously becoming more functional and stronger (along with having to notch my belt tighter twice in just 4 weeks)!

Nancy S.


I am a 60 (almost 61) year young woman who has always been active and love living life. I have taken exercise classes most of my life and have never had an instructor like you. I never knew, or was told to really stretch my muscles. Your program is so effective, I noticed a difference in my body (in my clothes within 2 weeks of working out with you. Within 1 month, I noticed an improvement with no clothes on. It just keeps getting better and better. I was also experiencing back pain; which was very pronounced when I stepped down only a few inches. I no longer am experiencing that pain, after following spending 23 minutes with you each day. An Orthopedic back surgeon told me that I have regenerative disk (lower spine) and may require surgery later. I don’t think I will need that thanks to you. I still have some back discomfort, but not pain as before. If you have suggestions to help the healing process, please advise. I am excited and look forward to working out with you every day. Some people want to live a long life; but never think about their quality of life. I want my quality of life to be superb until the day that I die. I believe that is possible because I take care of myself in every way. Thank you so much for helping me stay as young as I feel and look. I am eternally grateful to you.

Gwenetta W.

Off and on for years, I've suffered from some back pain. I know am dealing with knee pain. I have worked up some "streches" from some of the rehab papers I've been given by Doctors. After only ONE SHOW this morning, I'm hooked. You put together all the things I've learned in such a way I felt like someone had just handed me a gift when I turned on your PBS show this morning. Thank you for making me feel like the exercising I've been trying to do IS going to help me to get back into a normal routine. Yes, I love to dance so my goal is to be able to dance again with little to no pain.

Michele J.

I've been doing classical stretch 5 times a week for two years and it has improved my arthritis and posture. It's the best stretching show on television. I even have one of your videos for weekends.

Pam C.

As a teenager I did ballet, modern and ballroom dancing. I also played tennis and was a competitive swimmer. The I got a really bad back problem, and had years of treatments, mis-diagnoses and narrowly missed back surgery. Fed-up, I took matters into my own hands and returned to exercising. Gradually returned to being fitter, but only recently, at age 73, I joined and international dance class, and now I've discovered your wonderful workout. Just when I needed it, because my back has started aching again. I'm hooked, and can't wait to turn on the TV so I can do the stretches with you. Thank you so much.

Ester S.

I have been working with Miranda for two or three years. Do not recall just how long. Just before that a bone scan said my osteoporosis number was -3.5. Still I refused the bone medication because of what I have read concerning how it damages the jaw bone(makes it porous)and the thigh bone. I recently had a dexa scan and the number was -1.5. My health care provider wrote to say that "you are now no more likely to break a bone than any other woman." She also noted: "exercise trumps everything. I worked out with Miranda because it felt good. Never dreamed it would raise my bone scores. Now I wonder just how good can it get. I am deeply grateful to Miranda. Now I can even have her travel with me!!!!

Sherry K.

Dear Ms. Esmonde-White,

I just want to thank you on behalf of both myself and my mother. I am 22 years old and have danced my whole life but, because of extra bones, have suffered pain and arthritis in both my feet, one of which required surgery when I was 16. The issues with my feet have, in turn, caused pain in my knees and back. Thanks to Classical Stretch that pain is nearly, if not completely, gone while also helping me remain stretched out and strong for dance. My mother Maria was the person who turned me on to Classical Stretch. She is a 57 year old high school teacher who needs to stay mobile and pain free to keep up with her students. Her mom just turned 80 and, because of a life that was not particularly active, she is basically immobile. Despite having a bad back from a slipped disk that required surgery when I was only 2 years old and a resulting numb leg, my mom gets up and does Classical Stretch every morning when it airs on our local PBS station in Charlotte, North Carolina before she goes to school. She is an entirely new person for having started your Classical Stretch regimen. She is pain free in her neck and back even after hours spent looking down while grading papers. Thanks to you she will be able to keep up with any future grandchildren and great-grandchildren in a way that her own mother cannot. We both find ourselves getting antsy when we have gone to long without "Stretching Classically" as we call it. I cannot thank you enough for helping to ensure that my mom will be healthy, happy, and mobile for a long time to come. Thank you

Sana K. Charlotte, NC

I have faithfully participated in classical stretch for two months (5 days/wk) and have noticed many improvements. After having foot surgery two years ago, my posture and balance was off due to wearing boot and using crushes for six months. This caused a slight limp in my walk, misalignment of my foot and consistent pain. RESULTS: stronger & toned muscles improved posture inches loss body curves more defined less pain in knees, hip, back and foot foot alignment is better more energy FUNCTIONAL T T ESTIMONY: Walking down the grocery store aisle, my legs suddenly went in opposite directions as I held tightly to the cart. It was as though I had done a mini split. It happened so fast I didn't know what had just taken place. As I looked back to see what I slipped on, I saw it was a yogurt spill on the floor. Immediately, I thought about how a fall was prevented due to working out with CLASSICAL STRETCH. I'm committed for life.....thank you Miranda ♥

Lind B.

Bought two Essentrics DVDs hoping that they might help my knee which I feel was bothered by a tight muscle that simply would not loosen. I did one workout per day for about 4 days, and my knee seems to be working fine. It would suddenly give out. Now it feels quite stable. So far! So good! Thumbs up! The Montreal retreat sounds great. I would have to figure out what to do with the husband. Keep up the good work!

Sharon E.

I’m 63 and recovering from polymyalgia rheumatica, which left me very sore and stiff and barely able to walk. While at home from work one day I stumbled upon Classical Stretch and fell in love with it. I’m stronger and much more limber and feel like I’ve turned back the clock!

Ceci L. Media Publishing Specialist

You are my absolute FAVORITE. After a year, & trying to stretch through some yoga, I decided I have to go to an orthopaedic doctor. He examined me by asking me to do certain stretches & pulling my leg one way & then another. He said he wasn’t going to send me for an MRI because if I had sciatic nerve or herniated disc I would be in excruciating pain. He also ruled out periformis syndrone. His diagnosis was a pull in the gluteal muscle. I also was told it is not easy for blood flow to get there for circulation. He gave me a prescription for me to go for Physical Therapy. I came home & decided to start doing Season 4 Series, starting with episode 1 & after the 4th episode I noticed the pain that I had for a year was just about GONE, & I hadn’t even started Physical Therapy. AMAZING. If I do decide to go to physical therapy I bet I can show the therapist some of your technique. I always talk about you & now when I tell my friends about how I started doing your program, the pain is just about gone. This morning I was doing your new Health Series which I just received, I heard you mention Karen from Maine. I met Karen when I attended your retreat in Montreal in 2008. I remember she told me, she had just discovered you on PBS in her area, & I told Karen that your show was in my area (Phila.) for 5 years & unfortunately was taken off the air. At that time your show was only on Saturday’s, so I did your program once a week. I then purchased your 2001 series which was in 2002. Since then I now have 9 Classical Stretch DVD’s, including Sahra’s. I noticed the new Series is very intense. I have done 4 episodes so far & I break a sweat. I love the new series. I also feel the Back to Jamaica is also pretty challenging. I am now 67 & have put on some weight & also back fat that I do not like. So I am going to do your program faithfully every day & hopefully I’ll lose weight & get rid of the back fat.

Patty C.


I have this pain on my right knee since I was hit by a motorcycle some 40 years ago. Now that I have discovered your classical stretch exercises on TV, I have been doing these exercises everyday. I notice that I do not feel the pain anymore and I have not taken any chondroitin glucosamin or arthritis pain medicine since I do the classical stretch. Your show airs on TV at 0530 everyday day here in Memphis, TN. You help many people with your classical stretch.

Maura D.

Thank you for devoting you life to stretching and freeing people like me from pain. I had the worst headache after using some sports equip-eliptical machine- it stressed so many muscles in my arms and traps. I saw that your program was on at 12:30 pm. I have watched your program for 9years and this was a new routine it cured my headache.

Marguerita H.

Hi Miranda,

I am a 54 year old gal who has been following your show for about a year. My weight has never been an issue, but prior to doing your class, I found myself grunting and groaning when I stooped to pick something up, or twisted around to the back seat of my car. Since watching your show- no more grunts and groans! I also feel myself standing taller, breathing deeper, and not feeling pain after a day of physical work. I am a professional elf…we set up Christmas decorations in building lobbies, hospitals, etc. I drive a 24' truck, and am up and down the lift gate, barking orders, sweeping floors, whatever needs to get done. We earn our living for the year in 15 intense days (plus tons of preplanning). Anyway, because of you I am able to function like a 20-year-old with no soreness, and minimal fatigue. Thank you, Miranda!! I love your upbeat, perky spirit, and the beautiful locations you film at. My living room is my gym- no need to drive anywhere which is awesome. Keep up the good work. You are such an inspiration, and I tell all my friends!

Jean in San Francisco.

I am 58 years old. I just wanted to add my 2 cents worth regarding exercising to the Classical Stretch show with Miranda. I have been working out with Miranda at 5:00 am Mon-Fri for over 8 years. Whenever I miss for a week for any reason I begin to immediately tell a difference. This program has helped me make it through menopause & chronic back pain. I still have back pain from time to time, but usually it is gone once I exercise. I notice it more on the weekends when I don’t do my exercises. I used to have severe hip stiffness upon rising from any surface. It would take me a few minutes to be able to start walking normal. I no longer have that pain at all. Those horrible sumo squats that you have us do all the time are the reason I believe. I’m like everyone else, not crazy about doing them, but when I do them on a regular basis I can tell a big difference in my walking ability. I sent tapes to my Mom when she turned 80 for her b’day & told her they might help her with her back & knees. She started working out faithfully with them & loved the results. She is now 87 & after knee surgery she has not picked the exercising back up yet. She says she will eventually. I have also tried to get several of my friends to work out with the show because I believe in the routines so much. One of my friends has fibro & I know it would help her. Thank you for your dedication to the wellness of the human body. I have greatly benefited from the years you’ve been on the air.

Lynne G. Rockvale, TN

Thank you for your encouraging newsletter--I started doing Classical Stretch when I was recovering from a broken tailbone--I wondered if it would help me recover quicker--after I recovered from my injury I stopped doing the stretches--felt a difference. Prior to my injury I couldn't vacuum my house without getting sharp pains that shot down the back of my hip/thigh muscle...now that I do your stretches I'm in the best shape I've ever been...50 and going strong! Thank You!

Teresa Gobin

Hello Ms. Esmonde-White,

I wanted to write to tell you how amazing your program has transformed my body. I am 37 years old. I was a kick line dancer in my early years (14-20) By the time I had my second child I had lost all of my flexibility. At my yearly physical exam, I was told I was at the maximum weight for my height. Not overweight, but at the point that if I continued to gain at the rate I was gaining and not find a good exercise program that was where I was headed. Yikes!!! I was diagnosed with Menieres disease (inner ear disorder) 5 years ago. I was told to be careful with what exercise I did. Jumping up and down aerobics classes wouldn't be a good fit as I would lose my balance and feel "the spins". I was getting totally bored with just walking. I was flipping through the channels and came across your program on PBS. I watch it every day and even do a workout of my favorite moves on the weekends (The alphabet is perfect to help my balance and strengthen my legs). Your program is a perfect fit. I have my balance back, I have not had any Menieres "attacks", my flexibility is as if I were 20 again! Thank you so very much for your t

I have been doing Classical Stretch daily for a year from DVDs. Each morning I look forward to getting up and doing a workout before I do anything else.

I started last year, and here are the results: I'm stronger, and I have more range of motion, less pain, and more energy. I can't thank you enough. My 70th birthday is three weeks away, and I'm planning to do a cartwheel to celebrate!

I feel so much more flexible. I can bend down without any pain, it's like no big deal. I also notice that my waist is smaller.

When I am consistent with the program I feel so good. I started doing the program in 2009 and rave about it to others. I have inspired some along the way to do the program and currently, she tells me how much better she feels and within 2 weeks there was a noticeable difference for my friend. I love the program and will do it for the rest of my life. Thank you, Miranda.

Thanks so much for the 30-day Health Challenge! Besides all the diversity of shaping and toning, it is a good way to get to know all the different episodes on Essentrics TV. Thumbs up!

Ciao from Amsterdam,

I stumbled across your exercise videos early one morning on PBS a couple of years ago. I have done Jazzercize, running, swimming and even reached a level where I could teach kickboxing a while back but none of these programs was what I really enjoyed enough to keep doing the program every day. That first time I remember thinking this can't possibly produce results. I noticed a marked difference the very first time I completed a twenty-minute program. But let me share a more interesting result. My husband and I own a four and one half acre blueberry farm. Even though we have over 400 plants we aren't large enough to hire out to do the field work. So he and I do all the mowing, weeding, trimming, cutting etc. ourselves. It is my job to use a special machine to work around each plant. It takes a lot of strength to keep this machine under control. I also do a lot of bending and pulling weeds and blackberry bushes all to get the fields ready for u-pick. I had been using your videos (two or three programs a day) for about six months when spring had arrived and we were in full preparation mode for summer picking. I became aware that I had no problem using this machine. There was no discomfort in my shoulders or my back or core. I was so surprised. This is the second year that I have been able to use the trimmer without discomfort. And I first thought that this program couldn't possibly bring results! Not only does the program help me maintain my weight, it enables to move with grace and comfort. I am doing two to three programs a day because I love doing them and I find a new way to use the movement demonstrated in all my activities. (Which includes spending very active times with my two grandsons--riding bikes, swimming, walking, and picking and eating blueberries!)I talk a lot classical stretch to anyone who will listen--I can say that I actually enjoy exercise and I do to anyone who will listen!

I first started Classical Stretch a year ago with my sister in law! I love it and I can see a difference with only a couple of workouts a week. Want to be accountable every day to see more results!

After 3 years of having health issues on and off, one thing I can always depend on to make me feel better is Essentrics. I have been a fan for a few years now and I'm very much interested in taking the trainer certification one day. I feel the 30-day challenge is a fun way to get into the habit if practicing it consistently. I am looking forward to how much better I know I will look and feel in 30 days.

Dear Miranda, I wanted to let you know that I believe your Classical Stretch program has made a huge difference in my life. At age 49.5 I just tested for my black belt in taekwondo (after classes for over 8 years). I completed the test along with a 13 and 16-year-old and was told by the judge’s panel at how inspiring I was. I had been doing Classical Stretch for 8 months prior and felt that it improved my karate skills as well as kept me injury free. I am thrilled with the results and tell everyone about the program (I have read your books too). I plan to practice Essentrics/Classical Stretch the rest of my life. Thank you!!!

After doing yoga (almost) daily for years I started noticing that if I sat for any length of time it was hard to stand and then begin to walk. After 20-100 steps, depending on the day, everything was fine again and off I'd go. Someone told me about Classical Stretch and I have been doing it ever since. Miranda's reference to fascia and the importance of continuing to move while you exercise resonated for me.

I have been doing your PBS workouts for 6 months and I love how they make me feel. I have more flexibility and energy.

I've been doing classical stretch for several years now and love it!

31 years ago, I had a bad fall, damaged my neck and lower spine, and broke ribs and badly damaged my kidneys. Several years ago, I had another fall, and ended up with a frozen shoulder and had to go for x-rays. It was discovered that the chronic inflammation from the old injuries had developed into degenerative arthritis in my shoulders and spine and right hip. It was suggested that I consider joint replacement and bone fusions, I refused. It was also suggested that I go on narcotic painkillers, I yelled at the doctor I was so angry with him! I walk with pain every day. I refuse to take strong painkillers, I like being in control, and don't like the way they make me feel. I don't take anything stronger than the occasional Naproxen Sodium, or aspirin. But I was getting worse, the pain was almost unbearable, I knew that there had to be a better answer then the drugs and side effects from them. I tried herbs and minerals and Naturopathy, I tried massage and Reiki and acupuncture and Chiropractic; some relief, but not the answer. One Sunday morning, I was scrolling TV channels, and saw Miranda on our local PBS station being interviewed. I changed the channel, but heard her say the word "arthritis", so I changed back to see what she had to say. I watched the rest of the program, and listened very carefully to the testimonials given. I went and read about her program online and decided to order her DVD "Aging Backwards Mobility and Bone Strengthening". Did I mention I'm also a caregiver for my disabled elderly mother? It involves lifting her and transferring her from her bed to her wheelchair. Not easy when there are spinal injuries and arthritis issues. I started doing the exercises for mobility first. I was very stiff and could only do about ten minutes the first couple days. I worked at it every morning, ten, fifteen, twenty, twenty-five, finally, I could get through the entire thirty minutes. Two weeks in, I was feeling more flexible, and could put my shoes on more easily just as Miranda had promised. I had less pain, and could stand straighter, and no limping and favoring my right hip. My body started firming up, I was encouraged to start doing strength exercises in the afternoons, while still doing mobility in the mornings. Lifting my mother is getting easier, people have started noticing I've lost a little weight. I'm encouraged. I buy the second DVD, Posture and Pain Relief. I'm using more new muscles that I forgot I had. I am determined to continue the program. I'm telling everyone I know the difference this had made in my life, and a few others have been motivated to order their own copies of the DVD's. I am determined to keep up the movements and to lose more of the extra weight that has slowly crept up over the years. I can't thank the program enough.

I am on the road to realizing my BEST, HEALTHY self! I am incorporating nutrition, exercise as well as mental "floss" (prayer and meditation). I fell off the wagon a decade ago - to be my best, authentic self, I NEED these things. Miranda is an inspiration and I love the workouts! Thank you for developing such a rounded workout that takes care of the aging body...gently.

I've been practicing Essentrics for two years and just love it. I also practice yoga but lesser so. I used to do more yoga than Essentrics but find Essentrics brings more joy and results. Now, I do more Essentrics than yoga. However, the combination of it and yoga have made me very body aware and hence I make better choices about eating and sleeping and taking care of myself. Essentrics is a way of life - not simply an exercise program! I am a mum of two young adults who both plan to have families in the near future and I want to be that grandparent who has energy and stamina to play with my grandchildren. And besides, I love how energetic I feel and I don't hate it when someone tells me how refreshed, healthy and young I look and seem. Who doesn't like those things! Thanks for the work that you do. If only everyone could understand that exercise is meant to be joyful and add to the quality of your life so that when not exercising, you can do so many enjoyable activities, more people would do it! I share the program as often as I can! Keep up the great work! You all inspire me to be my best self!

I have been doing Essentrics now for almost a year and a half and it works wonderfully. I can reach now some 7 centimeters further and that is very good for me, because I am quite small. I like to do some more to keep my strength and flexibility. I am Now 76 and I love the exercise.

By doing the Classical Stretch workouts broadcast on my local PBS station, I am in better shape at age 70 than I have ever been in my life. My friends and my daughter keep ourselves motivated by asking "Have you Mirandized today?" No one wants to say "no". Miranda is an "on screen girlfriend" who has helped change our lives for the better.

I used to do Classical Stretch every day and felt better than I had in years. But my husband and I bought a fixer upper house and stopped since I was spending all my time working on it. Now that's it's done, I need to start it again. Love it! I have a full season DVD's so I never get bored of it!

My wife and I, recently attended the Essentrics weekend, in Estes Park, CO. Although I had watched Miranda, on TV, for many years, I had not performed the exercises. Our experience, was very enlightening, both physically and in knowledge development. We truly enjoyed the exercises and the lecture session Miranda proved to be, the gracious and pleasant personality, that we all recognize, on the TV. She kindly took the time, to get to know you and understand your individual situation. Additionally, her Instructors, Susan, Amanda and Gail, moved around the room and mad sure to we all were positioning ourselves correctly. This is a great team and they made it a Great experience! Thank you, Ladies!

I became motivated to get healthier after I had a double coronary bypass at age 58. I learned to eat healthy and exercise. After 8 years of going to the gym I discovered Essentrics and was delighted to rejuvenate my joints - Head to Toe! Essentrics is actually better exercise that my routine of treadmill, elliptical, and bike.

I have needed to reintroduce daily exercise into my life. I have had back and foot surgery and both have left my body with inflamed tendons and stiff muscles. I found Classical Stretch by total accident - or perhaps the universe was telling me something - as I woke up on my couch to the show playing. I have decided to follow this show for at least a month every morning as it is exactly what I need. A gentle way to move my body and start my day. Plus, it makes me sweat and improves my posture - and that is after only one session. I am hoping to get accomplish all fitness goals - strength, posture, pain relief - but in particular I hope Classical Stretch will improve my flexibility.

I recently retired, and my exercise routine fell apart (I used to go to the gym at work). I need strength and flexibility, and I need structure or I won't exercise. (Didn't love the strength class I went to, but it was effective.) A friend recommended Essentrics. I decided to try for a month and see... Love it, but still getting used to the moves. Love having a "curriculum" to follow.

Thank you to the creators of Essentrics and the wonderful staff. Also, thank you for providing the wonderful service of Essentrics TV. My pregnancy has been symptom free up to 37 weeks! I started practicing the pregnancy DVDs daily around month 4. I have had no hip pain, no back pain, no leg cramps and not even digestion issues. I just practice the pregnancy workouts daily and do a few Essentrics stretches before bed. Before pregnancy I had on off sciatica and used Essentrics DVDs to overcome it. I was expecting a flare up of sciatic pain during my pregnancy but so far nothing. My midwives and doctor are also very impressed with my healthy pregnancy. I am so impressed and look forward to studying Essentrics after my pregnancy.
Karen M

I have been doing the workouts of Essentrics and Classical Stretch for 2 months and I just love them! I already have more strength and flexibility. I do them each morning first thing out of bed! I look forward to my workouts and am inspired to live a healthier life.
Nancy D

I'm approaching 60 truly ready to take care of my body. Previously moderately active, I'd shifted towards sedentary - now aging forward instead of backwards. As a Connective Tissue specialist, I recognize the many valuable benefits resultant from Essentrics full body rebalancing through simultaneous stretching and strengthening. 20 years of massage and bodywork education make the theoretical portion of the program an easy extension of my knowledge, but I'm a beginner at actually keeping up with the workout! I've personally educated myself on, prepared for and have now executed plant-based nutrition in 2017, losing 20 pounds and decreasing my body fat 5%. I'm going to approach the challenge of getting myself physically fit in the same way: education, preparation and execution. Education (watching Miranda's SUPER helpful instructional videos to learn the moves - prevents frustration when the challenge starts), preparation (putting an hour for myself into my schedule every day now - so when the challenge starts, time is no excuse) and at the end of the month - challenge starts and time for execution (YAY!!) Absolutely stellar! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Valerie L

I started Classical stretch 12 years ago when I happened upon it on a PBS channel. I am an Adv Nurse Practitioner specializing in pain management. My belief in this style of stretching as exercise is the best I have ever tried....and I have tried them all! I tell all my patients, family and friends about Classical Stretch! I have stretched with Miranda 5-6 mornings a week for 12 years! I am 64 years old and am my high school weight of 120lbs and in the best physical and mental shape of my life! I am an avid pickleball player also, and Miranda has surely kept me from injuring myself by keeping me agile! Thank you, Miranda! My next adventure will be to become an Essentrics instructor!
Barbara H

I work all day at the computer. Your exercises really help me relief the pain in my wrists, shoulders and arms. It also help me get more flexibility in my low back. I really feel renewed after your exercises. Thank you.
Lina G

I found Miranda 5 years ago and she has changed my life! I had just celebrated my 50th b-day, and when I looked at the party photos I knew I had to do something (I looked terrible and didn't feel so good either). Five years later I feel great, but it didn't take that long to feel better! I may not have a perfect body, but my body is strong and capable. Every part of me works. The morning back aches I had grown accustomed have been out of my life for years. I used to see a chiropractor regularly. No need to now. Thank you, Miranda! Not only did you get me of the sofa, you've taught me how to take care of myself and I'm teaching my family.
Sherry O

I started with Miranda Esmonde-White a little over a year ago and have never felt better in my life. Now my husband exercises with me every morning.
Kathy H.

My dream is to be an instructor however I am happy to be exercising most every day with my streaming and DVD's. I love Essentrics and classical stretch. My goal is to be the strongest and most flexible 70+ around! Talk about aging backwards, this program is fabulous! You just have to do it!
Katie G

I have exercised my whole life. In fact, I became a certified trainer about 7 years ago. I discovered Classical Stretch on my PBS station 3 years ago and cannot express how grateful that I did. Nothing has changed my body the way Classical Stretch has. I feel better than ever, fit, healthy, slim, flexible, young, sexy! I cannot get enough! I recommend this to all my friends and family. My sincerest thanks to Miranda, Sahra, and the whole crew!

Very truly yours
 Suzy C

My sister-in-law shared a DVD with me last year and I loved it! Bought the Weight Loss series and can see changes in my health and body and I've only been doing 3 x a week!
Lynn R

I worked out consistently from the time I was 25. At first, I was a runner, then substituted various aerobic classes as running became painful, lifted weights and about 10 years ago started practicing yoga. As I've aged, it has become harder to be consistent with the old routines due to arthritis and muscle pain. My cycle would be: aerobic workout, injury, rest and recovery, repeat. This winter I discovered Classical Stretch and Essentrics. This technique has given me a way in to pain-free consistency, working my muscles while feeling GOOD! I can add in long walks and have the strength and stamina for everyday activities without injury. I also have osteoporosis so I'm highly motivated to take care of my bones and muscles! I'm a happy fan!
Mary G

I have been following Classical Stretch programs for three years. I am an avid downhill skier and swimmer. I have never really stretched since high school, but following your program; it has been absolutely priceless for me. It helped me prepare for and complete the Hellespont Swim (6.5 km from Europe to Asia across the Dardanelles) in August 2015 and I skied 51 days in 2015-2016 and 40 days this past winter. Injury free and strong! Recently, I spent 18 hours in a car over a 48-period. I was in pain. I completed a workout the morning after the car ride (Season 8; a seated stretching workout) and I was renewed! Mobile, feeling great and rejuvenated! I am a true believer and share your program with everyone who complains about getting older (I turn 58 this June). My Mother's Day wish list contains a request for seasons 8 and 9 on DVD so I can do your workouts and stretches anytime. I follow you every day I can on PBS. Fondly and thank you so very much! You are an inspiration to me!
Lisa N

This past January the Classical Stretch PBS fundraising special magically appeared recorded on my DVR - neither myself nor my husband recorded it - and I was immediately intrigued. I started recording 6:30 am episodes, and very quickly ended up purchasing seasons 9, 10, and 11. I have been faithfully doing Essentrics ever since, rarely missing a day. I've toned up, lost some weight, and best of all regained an inch of my height! I've finally found my soulmate workout!

Changed my body and feeling great! No aches. I've been doing Essentrics for about 4 years. I am a fan of WYCC Chicago. I get up before 6AM to do it on TV. I also have the CDs and exercise 6 to 7 mornings a week. I need to keep up with our 15 grandchildren!
Dea F

A friend with a second home in Steamboat Springs CO told me about Essentrics and the classes she took there. Here in Kansas City there are no instructors so I get up every morning at 6:30 and follow the show on PBS.
Wendy S

I have done the Classical Stretch on and off for a couple of years, watching the programs on TV, but about 4 or 5 months ago, I decided to pay the monthly fee for being able to do any of the classes online. I have had neck, shoulder and back pain for years and I have gone to chiropractors, and even physical therapy. However, since I have been doing the Classical Stretch programs every morning, my pain has gone away most days unless I overdo in my part-time job as a retail merchandiser and playing with my two granddaughters. I moved to the Denver area because my daughter and granddaughters live here and I usually walked every day or I would go to the gym, but this past winter I would do my Classical Stretch every morning and walk if the weather was permitting, which is hard sometimes here! Anyway, I am pain free most days, but if I am sore from work or playing with my granddaughters, I do the program specializing in whatever aches, whether it be shoulders, back, etc. I do most of the programs that Miranda has but also do the others on occasion. I am excited about participating in the 30-day Health Challenge.
Liz R

I am the owner of a Holistic Health Center and have tried many different types of exercise programs. I started Classical Stretching a few months ago, I noticed an improvement in my flexibility and energy level. I have been recommending it to my clients, who love it! A nice added bonus - the cellulite on my thighs has noticeably smoothed out! Thank you!
Diane R.

Miranda, you have changed my life, I can't thank you enough. I have been taking your class for the past 10 month, every day, 3 times a day in my city. I also purchase you tapes and I just turned 69. If I had 10 Thousand toughts I couldn't thank you enough. Yes I suffered with back pain and feet pain. I can't believe how good I feel.
Jacqueline A-G.

I began working out with Miranda via the Classical Stretch TV show broadcast on PBS in January of 2016. I committed to the workout 5 days a week. My body is changing immensely and I feel strong and energized. I have osteoporosis and I am confident that God led me to discover the workout. I look and feel terrific and I am thankful for Miranda and her teaching.
Susan S.

I have been practicing Classical Stretch for a year now, and the changes to my body are just amazing! While I ran in my 40s and used a rebounder trampoline in my 50s and into my 60s, nothing compares to the quality of the workout that I receive with Classical Stretch! I also love Miranda's encouragement and explanation of why the various moves in the program work. I am grateful to Miranda for helping me to live an active and productive life which I hope will take me well into my 70s and beyond. Thank you so much!
Ruth G.

I just want to say thank you so much for empowering me with movements and knowledge that allow me to receive my optimal health. My cells are regenerating filled with all your positive energy!
Kyra A.

I just signed up for the Essentrics TV and just love it! Easy to use and so well priced! I have worked out all my life and now that I am in my 60’s, I do not want so much wear and tear and cannot always get to a class due to travel. I have never done an exercise that targets everything and feels so good! I am so impressed with the content on ETV! I can take this everywhere with me! I am looking forward to better posture, and keeping a well-toned body. I was starting to feel so old and these exercises make me feel like I am in my 30's again! Thank you for sharing your knowledge! I am going to tell everyone! Best Regards
Gayle H.

Spent many years doing various other exercises and only started exercising with Miranda's videos about 2 years ago. Took me about 6 months doing routines faithfully to realize how good I felt. Only wish had been doing them 10 years ago. I do not miss a day. Take no prescribed medications but do take some vitamins. I am a very young 82. Thank you Miranda. You are really on to something.
Ann C

My husband joe and I have been practicing Essentrics, first on PBS, then by subscription. Joe has had multiple sessions for physical therapy and Essentrics keeps him stabilized. I have exercised all my life, certified to offer yoga through the Kripalu Centre for Yoga and Health in Lenox, MA. We both garden and walk vigorously, yet Essentrics offers a vast array of knowledge about how to exercise safely every day. I have gone through all the sessions at least five times, typically two per day. It is energizing and life giving. The instruction is superb and we like the challenge of movements. All the instructors have their own skills. We travel about three months a year for UN projects, so having the convenience of Essentrics has helped us enormously to shift hotels, airports, conferences, gala dinners and to keep balanced. Everywhere we go, you are cited by us as the best way to stay informed and healthy, maintaining quality of life forever. The 30-day Challenge was a chance to highlight specific classes that we both liked. I will repeat it again and again. Peace to all of you.
Joseph and Barbara B.

I've tried a lot of different types of exercise, but the Essentrics ways is the greatest. I notice the result in the first week. I'm turning 40 this year, but my body says I'm 30. I feel it in the way I walk, I move, and even the back pain that I got from sitting at a desk all day has disappeared. The fact that it takes only 25 minutes a day is so great. And I can choose a different one every day if I want. I can go slow and have a better result than running for 40 minutes. I even do it on the job with my colleague that made me discover Essentrics. I will make my mother start so she can have a better life and reducing the pain that follows her. It's the best way to feel alive. Thanks a lot.
Annie L

With more than 10 years of following Classical Stretch via PBS, videos and now streaming I realize the benefits of these effective maneuvers.
Sandy T

I found Miranda on PBS while looking through channels in April of 2016. I exercise with her every day. While I will never be able to do with my legs what she does, I am much more fit than when I was doing "other" exercises and lifting weights. I feel an affinity to her as we are both the same age and both breast cancer survivors. God Bless Miranda and PBS for sharing her, and all those that teach her classes.
Vicki Sunderman

I started doing your Season 4 videos about the middle of January and put the word out at the local fitness center that I would be happy to bring my video to the gym and now have 3 - 6 ladies doing it every weekday as a group. We all are loving it and 2 have bought their own copies.
Amy Robinson

After years of middle distance running and racing (+ 10K) I have found that Classical Stretch (via KBYU, Provo, Utah and CD's) is a solid path to full body strength and mental satisfaction in a brief daily workout. Thank you.
Michael Harrington

I have really felt the benefits of exercising the Classical Stretch way. I have DVR'd the programs on NJTV and play them back, usually after work. The exercises have really helped me to feel more flexible and pain-free. I think it has also helped me to lose weight.
Joanna Evans

I started Essentrics exercises because I needed to do something. I have tried different routines before this and have been for physiotherapy, acupuncture and massage. All are helpful but I was constantly spending money to feel reasonably good. Walking tall was a struggle. These Essentrics exercises are wonderful and I can feel the effects after only two - three weeks of following Miranda along with the DVD. Thank you.
Jacqueline Kurmey

I thoroughly enjoyed the 30 Day Health Challenge, and just started a new rotation this morning. I have had the pleasure for many years to catch Miranda's show on my local Rocky Mountain PBS station, and I own a handful of the Classical Stretch DVDs. I also attended a weekend retreat in Estes Park back in May of 2013, and enjoyed that immensely. Your recent challenge came about during a difficult time in my life - over the last two years I have had to care for ill in-laws, and dealt with both of their passing away within 3 months of each other. The personal stress and struggles I had in dealing with our family's loss, as well as other changes in my life, led me to stop taking care of myself in several ways, which included me stopping my exercise with Classical Stretch. However, a couple of months ago I decided it was time to start taking better care of myself, as I look ahead to turning 50 in February 2018. Your challenge was the perfect way for me to begin this journey of getting back to "me!" I printed off the schedule you provided and hung it on my fridge. It was great holding myself accountable, and having that visual to guide me. I did not miss a single day! Thank you so much for always being there, and providing such wonderful exercise for mind, body and soul. I appreciate all that you do, and am so grateful that you have been such a positive influence in my life. I look forward to feeling healthier and stronger as I approach the age of 50, knowing that Classical Stretch will be helping me along the way. Take care, and God bless!
Anna Geisenhoff

I discovered Essentrics during a class at the YMCA and instantly fell in love with it. So much so that I brought my two work colleges to join me in a class and they were hooked. Unfortunately, the Essentrics instructor left the YMCA and we knew we had to continue our own. We decided we would purchase some DVD's and take over our office boardroom during our lunch period. That was the best decision we have made and have committed to three times a week. We upload the Essentrics DVD to the very large screen in our boardroom and as we stretch to the music and enjoy the visual beauty of the ocean background, we become transformed, relaxed, energized and fully appreciate how Essentrics has become so very beneficial to us, physically and mentally. Thank you Essentrics!
Cindy Zilbert

I love these series, they are movement oriented, alignment is stressed and the scenery fantastic. Every time I watch a video, I learn something new - something to strive for. I feel great and have tons of energy. Thank you!
Michelle Sebik

My 22-year-old daughter and I did the regular workouts together for the 30-day-challenge. We are going to start again and try to do another 30 days. We love how the daily exercise makes feel. We own many of the DVDs, but have been streaming Essentrics TV for the challenge. The streaming is great to help us get through the Minnesota winter!
Barb Swenson

I discovered Classical Stretch in December 2016, when I stumbled upon it at 5 a.m. on a PBS station. I started doing it along with Miranda and fell in love with it, so I was excited to do the 30-Day Challenge! I didn't miss a single day, and I can feel a difference in my body. Muscle tension and tightness are easily released and I've built muscle tone in my thighs and upper arms. I've decided to keep going and turn my 30-Day Challenge into a 60-Day one. Then 90 days, etc.! Thank you for Classical Stretch/Essentrics. I'm especially grateful for Sahra; she's an excellent instructor because her explanations help me get into and keep the correct form for the movements.
Sarah Decapua

I feel much better. Less stiff and am hopeful if I continue to do the 30 min daily workouts it will help me relief pain and age gracefully
Kathleen Elfallah

I was motivated by the sequential variety of the daily selections. It was never boring. Therefore, I never missed a day. I was thrilled that I was no longer "condemned to the freedom of choice" from the many offerings. I intend to follow the 30-Day Challenge workout categories, substituting episodes. Thank you for keeping me motivated and engaged!
Barbara Parisi

I appreciate the variety of workouts, the reminder of how much I like Season 10 with its seascape backgrounds, the vintage Miranda workouts, Sarah's programs, and the overall experience of being included in something larger than myself. This winter has been especially challenging for many US women so the support of women to join together, keep active, and care for ourselves has been an antidote to depression. Essentrics, you played an important part. Thank you
Nina Dougherty

I used to play sports and just did a hardcore weight/cardio challenge. Over time I hurt myself more than anything. I saw Essentrics on Facebook and started the challenge. Heck, what did I have to lose. I LOVE IT!! I am stronger, no aches and pains, and feel freer in breathing and clarity in brain and body. I am going to get the videos. I love this concept. Thank you guys for doing what you do! Keep up the great job you all do. I tell everyone I know.
Rhona Newman

It was an awesome challenge! I did an exercise routine when I normally wouldn't have just because of the challenge. On Day #27 I was doing a stretch routine at 10PM because I was so close to succeeding in the 30-day challenge. Thanks much! PS I adore Miranda. Keep up the good work!
Rhonda Schulz

Doing Essentrics everyday has given me more flexibility and strength. It is wonderful to be able to move freely and without pain!
Jaye Russo

I have been doing Classical Stretch every morning for the past few years. From the first time I did it I felt amazing after the workout. I am hooked and feel so much better. I usually do 2 classes each week day and one on the weekends. Such a great program.
Susie Ostermeyer

I have been doing classical stretch throughout all 11 seasons, but I committed to the challenge and did it! I feel great!
Karen Rice

I caught your show on PBS IN December and instantly knew this is what I needed in my life. I bought your dvd and started on January 7th I do one 30 minute class every day and | can't begin to tell you how much better I feel the bonus is I have lost 14 lbs. Thank you I am telling all my friends about your program so they too can feel better.
Marg S

Just had to acknowledge how amazing season 10, episode 3 has been for me. A new workout I discovered in the Health Challenge. The movements are exquisite. Miranda explains them with such knowledge and attention. I feel benefits everywhere in my body. A superstar of a program! Thank you!!

As I age towards my 70's, I want to keep my mobility limber and rid my body of a few aches and pains that seem to hit me again and again! 2018 is our big trip to visit our son who now resides in New Zealand. I want to go pain and mobility free! I am enjoying the challenge you have going on at the moment and will carry on after this challenge, I have 3 seasons on hand, so it should get me through 3 months, then will repeat. I live in the Okanagan, the southern interior of British Columbia where there is no one that teaches Classical Stretch, however, when we make the trip to Victoria BC, I always attend Rosemary Mason's classes. I love them!
Anita Pearson

Classical Stretch has helped my arthritic knees - I was really afraid to do the plies but started out very gently and slowly and now my legs are very strong and I have minimal pain. I follow the the advice given and do them like a rag doll when in pain (took me awhile to get over the feeling I had to push myself all the time, or avoid moving because I was sore ttps://www.facebook.com/images/emoji.php/v7/f57/1/16/1f609.png), but like Miranda says all the time "keep moving" and it really helps, more than anything I've tried.
Cleo H

I have enjoyed Classical Stretch for 3 years. I have actually grown! When I was young I was 5'4 1/2 inches tall. Over time I shrunk to 5'4". My last physical I was 5'5"!!! My posture has never been better. My achy hips no longer ache. The program is great for stress relief. The program just feels so good. My body thanks you. And thank you for being on IPT. I tell everyone about it.
Laura Patton

Hello! My Husband (of 30 years) and I have always believed it is important maintain a healthy level of physical fitness. We have tried many programs together, (yoga pilates, work-out videos), and even had a weight room set up in our home. When we found Classical Stretch last year we knew we had finally found the program we have been looking for all of these years. This program works out every part of our bodies giving us full mobility. I especially love that even our fingers and toes are included! Our weight equipment is for sale! We won't be needed it anymore and we look forward to enjoying fitness with Classical Stretch/Essentrics for many years to come! Thank you!!!!!
Deborah Telley

Sometimes I think I'm a walking billboard for Eccentrics because I tell so many people how great it is and how much it helps me. I found the eccentrics program on a PBS infomercial in December of 2015. I had been dealing with years of pain after falling on my tailbone in 2013. My son had just turned 2 months old. I was holding him and fell down the stairs. Since I had to hold on to him, I couldn't brace myself and fell on the wood stairs. Over time, the pain shifted from my back to my pelvis. I am a very active person and I was loosing my ability to be active in triathlon, hiking, skiing and other activities. I went to physical therapy, pilates, chiropractors, massage therapy and several other healing professionals. But, I started developing headaches and on and off numbness and tingling in my arms and legs from all the pain and manipulations. Soon after I saw the infomercial I was able to borrow DVD's from the library. Not long after starting the workouts, the pain was going away. All the psoas muscle stretches helped my pelvis stretch out and relax. The posture workouts helped my headaches. I was hooked immediately. The DVD's are so popular at the library and the nearest classes are at least 30 minutes away and are so popular you have to get there very early to get a space. So I soon subscribed to eccentrics tv. I now practice several times a week at home. Often with my 2 children who are now 4 and 5 and half years old. (I just recently saw the video of Miranda with the school kids practicing - how awesome!) I want to become a trainer and hopefully bring the program closer to home. I wasn't able to attend the training last year. But the new training dates in CO were just posted! I'm hoping that I can make it!
Kat Allen

I started this program when I was 72. I am now 77. I do it faithfully 5 times a week and love it. I feel fabulous. I hope to participate in a retreat with my two daughters in the near future.
Mary Jo Culver

Classical Stretch has provided me a body fit enough (in my Golden Years) to participate in a Global Village home build for Habitat for Humanity and to do an indoor sky jump (in a vertical wind tunnel) with my children and grandchildren. That is a lot better than the sedentary life of chronic pain I was preparing to experience without Essentrics in my life!

Beth W

Hi Essentrics Community,
I am 62 years old and in great shape. I have been doing the stretch routines of Miranda Esmonde White on and off since I was 46 years old. In addition, I walk my dog every day from 2 to 4 miles depending on weather conditions. I am very flexible and owe this to Miranda. Thank you! I think this challenge is a great way to start the New Year and get all of us energized.

Sincerely with hopes of peace and blessings for all of you,

I found Miranda on PBS television. I have been a faithful follower for years. The Classic Stretch program changed my life. Thanks Miranda!
Deb Whitney

First of all, I want to thank you for creating such a wonderful program. I learned about Essentrics from your show that aired on PBS about relieving pain through movement, and I immediately wanted to buy the Pain Relief DVD and have my husband try it, because he suffers from a lot of arthritis and other kinds of pain. I also suffer from plantar fasciitis and back pain, so I was interest in trying it for myself, too. I have had some difficulty getting my husband to try it, because he says he hurts too much, but I have been using the DVD and Essentrics TV almost daily, and I absolutely love it! If I don't get a chance to do one of your workouts in the morning, I honestly miss it. I actually look forward to doing the program in the morning, before work, because I feel so much better afterwards, and I start may day energized and with much less achiness. I never get bored, because there are so many different episodes to choose from. My family has even noticed a difference in my body, which is so great. I look forward to doing your program for many years to come and looking and feeling better as a result. My husband is even getting inspired by watching me, and he says he will start trying to do it with me, soon! :)

Bonnie Jackson

Your programs are FABULOUS! My husband is 74 and I'm 67 and it's exactly the kind of program we both need. No weights, just the weight of our bodies. I've lost 10 lbs, my A1C is down from 6.9 to 6.5 and my fasting blood sugars are almost normal! Of course I'm eating mostly a plant based diet and lean meats. But you are a joy in our life! Thank you for continuing your great program and the education you bring with it!
Gail D

I have been doing Classical Stretch since season 8. I am an active and athletic gal but have struggled with spinal stenosis and arthritis in my lower back for 20 years. Thanks to CS, I am pain free and mobile. I look forward to my daily 22 minutes with Miranda and I have introduced this technique to friends and family of all ages. I have also purchased DVDs for gifts. Many Thanks to Miranda and Sahra for sharing their gift of healing and strengthening.

Katherine Shafer

I supplement my specialized Parkinsons en mouvement dance classes, which take place during the week, with the excellent Essentrics Aging Backwards classes on Saturdays. I enjoy the challenge level and variety; I never feel pressured to push myself too hard. At the same time, I always get a good work out and immediately feel the benefits. Many thanks to Meg and the other instructors for helping to keep us on the move.

Kim Bartlett

I am new to Essentrics first time to try it was Mexico Had back pain 6 weeks prior to Symposium two massages and a visit to my Ciropractor the day before my flight down. Steady improvement over the week. Now that I'm home been doing posture with Miranda's DVD. Al most pain free I am 79 years old and going strong.

Hope you have an other one next year.

Robert Moor

I've been doing Classical Stretch and Essentrics since 2002.  Your exercises have been there for me whenever I got injured or needed a stretch, or felt heavy and slow.  They are the perfect anecdote to a stressful life. I just finished the 45-mins Connective Tissue Pain Relief workout and I love it!  I have Lyme disease and am often out of alignment, with stiff neck and shoulder on the right side, and migraines twice a day. Today I woke up with pain radiating from my neck to my right hand, not in acute pain, but having trouble cooking, esp slicing through meat. I did the workout at night and I feel so much more mobile. The tippy-toe work was felt all the way up to my head...long muscle chain being released along with my migraine...THANK YOU.  The migraine may have left with the change in barometric pressure, but the Connective Tissue workout definitely accelerated the relief. I like that you remind us not to force...that there is more to gain by being gentle.  Your graceful approach suits me--I don't feel that I have to adopt an athletic, pumped-up persona to enjoy your workouts.

I enjoyed the program so much, I'll do it again tomorrow for more mobility!
Respect and gratitude,

Pauline Lee
Calgary, AB

PS.  I am a friend of Andrea Kljajo, who lives across the street from your studio.  Sahra Esmonde-White once lived downstairs from her.  Andrea thinks she discovered Essentrics, but I had been doing it for years before her!  I live in Calgary, and whenever I am in Montreal I make sure to fit in a workout at the studio!  Sometimes Andrea makes it (once), sometimes she sits on your couch outside....


Miranda, I am your biggest fan! I've been doing your program 2 years and it has changed my body, mind, and life. I promote you to everyone that asks how I look so great. I am 40 pounds lighter and down 3 sizes and the most important benefit, no more pain! I can't thank you enough for giving me my life back after a horrific car accident that damaged my body so badly. I look forward to seeing you every morning to start my day off positive and pain free. Keep making more DVDs so I can continue improving, God bless you!

Paulette M R


Last night, my 10-month old nephew was over, who has been walking for about 2 months. He was scooting all over the living room and his Auntie Martha was able to scoot right along with him. My mom was so impressed by how limber I was. I told that I had just ONE PERSON to thank! So thank you, Maranda --You are one of the blessings in my life!

Martha M


I will use Classical Stretch for the rest of my life. This service (along with two similar PBS programs) helped me defeat nine different disabling orthopedic conditions over a six year time period. I am almost done with the last one, a serious quad injury. At the age of 60, Classical Stretch helped me go from disabled to athletic, keep my weight low, and give me higher fitness goals than I would have dreamed possible.

Fred D


I am 64 and have been doing the season 10 Classical Stretch TV series daily since 12/26/15 and have really noticed a difference in my body. I do at least 1 or 2 episodes daily. I have always worked out doing all forms of fitness since in my early 20's. This is the best workout series I have ever used. People keep asking me if I have lost weight. I have firmed up and my waist is down an inch. I have always felt strong but now feel stronger. I love the flexibility that I feel in my spine. When done with a workout I always feel as though I have just had a back massage.

Debby G


I just had my one year anniversary of doing Classical Stretch every day. I’m using Season 9 and 10 on Public Television and on DVDs. It has made an incredible difference in strength, lack of pain, endurance, weight and a happy spirit. I spread the news about Classical Stretch whenever I can and am excited to hear when friends have taken it up. Thank you so much.

Margaret L. , Naturalist


I was introduced to Classical Stretch by the PBS station in the area where I lived. I would record the program and then complete it before going on my morning walks. We moved and the PBS station did not carry this program so I ordered DVD’s at various times. I have been doing one segment per day for the last three years. I recently went to visit my nephew and his wife, and I attended an exercise class with his wife. Amazingly, I was able to keep up with many half my age. Afterwards the trainer spoke with me and said he would have never guessed that I was 64 years old. A tribute to this wonderful program! Thank you so much!!

Jo N.


I have been doing Classical Stretch/Essentrics five days/week for over 3 years and love it. Shortly after I retired in February 2013, I found the program on a local PBS station. By the end of the second week, I could see a remarkable change in my appearance and in the way I felt. I was hooked. I purchased a set of DVD¹s to take with me when on vacation. I grew 3/4 of an inch and lost 20 lbs. and look fabulous (forty years of desk work had really taken a toll on my body and I had become the shape of the office cubicle I sat in). My goal is to slowly learn and practice the instructor material so I can share this terrific, life-changing program. I would like to be able to teach older people (like myself) to reduce or eliminate every day aches and pains and achieve a higher level of fitness… this will be a fun endeavor sharing something I truly believe in. Thank you to Miranda and her entire team for up-lifting me and improving my well-being, which I hope to share with others.

Marjorie T.


It's beyond motivation - just happy to be there, watching Classical stretch, working on feeling better every day with Miranda… and, it's payday every day! It's like putting money in the bank of Health & Well Being with immediate payback - like compounded interest but better. Its only been a week but it's already making a palpable difference in the way I'm moving my body, actually thinking about if I'm standing taller, and finding greater ease in bending and reaching w/o the usual level of fear of pain... I'm learning that moving all those muscles every morning w/ Miranda enables them to move better together throughout the day. That's the difference I'm feeling in small, noticeable increments. And, I'm just delighted! Thank everyone of you on her staff & team for being part of this wonderful new beginning in my life - I am deeply grateful and ever so hopeful. Sincerely,



Please tell Miranda that I love her, love her work. I did not think she could get any better, then Season 11 came along and it is brilliant, love it. Miranda's explanations make so much sense to me. I only discovered Classical Stretch this year (I live in Australia) and I have been streaming Essentrics TV for about 5 months now. It is a great concept and I do at least one class every day without fail. I am hyper-mobile, small boned and thin . My posture and strength are now much improved. I am developing muscle in my back and in my calves too and I am standing taller. Just wonderful. I am very grateful for the work of Miranda and Sahra and they are an important part of my life. Thank you.

kind regards
Helen W


I realize that I am long overdue in thanking you for your program. I have been doing Classical Stretch and Essentrics for probably 6-7 years and have read AGING BACKWARDS. I’m a yoga teacher (and retired RN), and I find your program much more helpful physically than what I have been teaching in my classes. I do at least one class daily, and feel energetic, young, even graceful, in spite of hip and hand arthritis. I just enjoy feeling good. Thanks so much,

Sally L


I bought of bunch of DVDs lead by Sarah a few months ago and I just wanted to take a minute to tell you that I am so grateful. These workouts have changed my life both physically and spiritually. Thank you so much for all the time and energy you put into your creating. I feel like I have a new best friend.



I STRONGLY recommend this program, and Miranda Esmonde-White! For approximately 60 days I have been using her program. I started with this DVD: there are two 30 minute workouts (she strongly recommends doing a work out every day and I have been pretty faithful to that) I began to tell my choirs about the workouts…They told me about her Monday through Friday program on PBS at 5:30 in the morning. So I started getting up around five and doing those workouts which are about 22 to 23 minutes long. I have had chronic shoulder issues and sometime ago was told I have no Cartlidge in my shoulders. While I still have limited range of motion, my strength and flexibility have both increased and I can lift things above my head much more easily than before. A few years ago I had a rather awkward fall which has caused me problems in my left hip and groin. Over the last few weeks I have noticed less and less problem and discomfort. In fact, this morning I am completely pain-free in that joint. I am thankful that I saw the pledge for her program on PBS… I am a believer! When I saw the pledge I thought to myself, "that's what I need!" I have been proven correct.



I worked out once a week with a professional trainer. I was always sore, though, and constantly needing to get massages. One day, my masseuse told me about Classical Stretch, and that she loved it, and actually did little workouts during breaks between giving massages! She showed me Essentrics TV, and I was intrigued. I started that night and was hooked. At first, the workouts were releasing so much pent up stress that I'd have to lie down a bit afterwards. After a week, my entire posture changed. I felt so good. I was learning so much with Miranda: the teachings about fitness Miranda gives during the workouts are so insightful! The workouts with the professional trainer were making me feel worse, so I stopped. Fast forward 6 months, and I have not missed a day with Miranda and Sahra unless I had a cold and was on medicine. I do one workout daily even if I'm traveling. I use my phone or computer right in the hotel room even if it's almost midnight, I get my workout in! I have never been regular about exercise and am now. I feel light years better. The strength is both internal and external. My mind is relaxed, proud, and happy after each "mini vacation" workout. It helps me cope with some difficult times in work and home life. If I wake up nervously anticipating my workday ahead, I feel ready once I've had my 23 minutes with Miranda. I even got promoted. I went back to the masseuse who recommended Classical Stretch to me. As she felt my back and legs she could not believe the difference. No knots. Excellent strength. "You feel so balanced in your musculature. Like a dancer!" She was amazed! On Christmas morning, I literally said, "Merry Christmas, Miranda!" to my screen! Thank you for your personality, encouragement, gentle and brilliant workouts. I am tremendously grateful! Los Altos, CA



I have been doing Essentrics and Classical Stretch for 2 months consistently and I have to tell you how much I love it. I have tried many forms of exercise, and feel like essentrics is what I have been searching for. I am 64 years old and have never seen such rapid results. Not only do I look and feel better, lighter and younger, but I actually look forward to working out. It has blown my mind and frankly I have become a bit of a fanatic, recommending it to many friends and family who are now as obsessed as I am! I have always said in my 'next life' I am coming back as a ballerina!

Connie H


My name is Erin, I am 33. I stumbled upon Classical Stretch on PBS when looking for an alternative workout while pregnant with my son. My life completely changed, as did my body, from that moment on. My son is now 2 and I do Classical Stretch everyday. I am often asked how I maintain my figure after pregnancy and I will tell all who will listen how cutting edge and life changing this program is. I realized that I wanted to take the commitment I already have to doing this workout daily, and combine it with the passion I have to share it with others by becoming certified to teach! I am looking forward to joining this amazing team of trainers!

Erin D


just wanted to thank you for your wonderful program...I'm in Tucson and I do it at 6:30am...took me time to get used to that hour but it was worth it...I feel so much better...you're the only trainer who starts out slow and builds...and I love it...and that you are a former dancer ( I can relate to many of the moves…I have some dance training and would love to do it again)... I also love how you explain each move's benefit...it's encouraging and informative…



I want you to know I am absolutely thrilled with Classical Stretch and have been doing the DVD's for about a year. I am doing 2 of them now most every day. I purchased your ETV membership as I wanted to keep at it on the road. It is a wonderful program and I love the selection available that I can choose from. I am a VERY happy customer and am amazed how helpful it is even though I have rheumatoid and osteoarthritis and osteoporosis! I am strong, in shape, maintaining good flexibility and weigh 108 to 112 lbs. I used to workout 1 to 1.5 hrs. to maintain fitness and was getting injured to boot. This is a huge improvement for me and my doctors ask how I keep in such good shape for a 58-year-old woman. I hope I can write you every year with such success, thanks to you!

Mary Ann L.

I don't normally send in reviews or testimonials but I had to make an exception for Essentrics. I happened to see Miranda on our local PBS station with her show on Aging Backwards last March (2015). And, even though, Classical Stretch is the longest running fitness show on PBS -- it's not shown on our local station so I had no background on any of the exercises . Needless to say at age 62 , the idea of aging backwards holds great appeal ! So, I purchased and read the book Aging Backwards and then decided I needed to try the exercises too. I'm much better at doing almost any new task when I can mimic the process so , the videos (ETV streaming) made perfect sense to me . I started initially with doing the exercises about 3 times a week and I definitely felt great each time I completed a session . The 25 minute time frame is perfect for me -- I can always find 25 minutes in my day and doing them at my leisure at home --PERFECT! At the end of most of the videos Miranda says "And you should be doing these every day !" Well --- guess she got me because by May of 2015 I made the decision to do a workout everyday and I've stuck to that for almost a year! I have become almost pain free everywhere with an amazing ability to stretch , turn , twist, in ways I haven't done in years. And, best of all when I'm finished with my exercises for the day --- I feel fabulous ! I have tried sooooo many different workouts over the years and though I've kept active I've NEVER liked any of them . I just know that to be healthy that we need to keep moving and Thank You Miranda Esmonde-White for letting me find a way to do that with a smile .

With Warmest Regards,
Linda C
Salem, MA


I am 70 years old this May. My story started when I began playing Pickleball about 4 years ago. After playing for a few months, my right shoulder, right knee and left hip were stressed causing pain in these joints. I was taping my joints trying to keep playing. I didn't want to get on the roller coaster ride of cortisone shots that other friends were doing. I had watched Miranda on Classical Stretch a few times but not regularly. I decided to get serious and went to her website and read what she had to say to athletes and committed to Classical Stretch 5 to 6 days a week, and within two months I was pain free and continue to play Pickleball 4 times a week with no pain or injury since I started the program. I have told many people and Pickleballers about it and will never stop doing Essentrics.

Thank you Miranda and Sarah.
Carolyn M
Englewood, Fl.


I started doing Essentrics workouts about two months ago. I saw a PBS special about Classical Stretch and I was intrigued. I have exercised my whole life, but the jarring, pounding exercises were taking a toll on my joints. I have RA and I know the importance of moving every day. I love Essentrics! I have noticed my body changing in ways I never expected. I am more toned, my joints and muscles feel so much better and I know I am doing something good for my body. Thank you for this wonderful method of movement. This is something I can do for the rest of my life.

Linda T


I cannot begin to express my love for Classical Stretch. Started last October 2015 and have done it 7 times a week since the first workout. I've never felt better or taller. No longer do I feel the need to lift heavy weights or do pounding aerobics. I only supplement the class by walking 10,000 steps a day with a renewed spring in my step.

Patti F
Royal Oak, MI.


I just found Aging Backwards - I normally stretch for 30 minutes and do yoga for 30 minutes every day. I tried your first posture routine and 2/3 into it, my dog had to go out. So I stopped and walked him and realized I felt different! I had perfect posture with no muscle tightness, I felt lighter, graceful as if floating. I was astonished! I have never felt that after years of yoga. What a difference.

Penny W


I loved the 30 day challenge from January 2015. I got to know different workouts. I got to see how changing the workout every day helped different parts of my body. And I loved how much better my body felt. It got me thinking that maybe it’s not health problems I have, but lack of exercise problems, because after exercising every day for only 10 days, I felt much more strong, lithe, fit and flexible. Maybe I don’t need all those supplements. Maybe I need to do Essentrics every day instead.



I try to do your workout five days a week. It helps me to have less knee pain and I feel better to boot.

Hans (80 years old)


I wanted to thank you again for all you do. I posted on your Facebook wall last summer that in my grief (my father passed away) I had difficulty being active. The only thing that helped to "wake me up" and return to my normal healthy habits was you! My father died at 65 simply because he wouldn't take care of himself in any way. He was confined to a wheelchair because he wouldn't move. All throughout my childhood he just sat in a recliner, glued to the TV. When I would visit my father in the nursing home or hospital, none of the doctors or nurses thought he could be my father- they all assumed he was my grandfather. That is how much his inactivity prematurely aged him. His bad habits were enough of a motivator for me to be the opposite and so I'm a very healthy adult (and a good role model for my students, friends, and congregation). But once grief took over, it was hard for me to be motivated, and I credit you with restoring my motivation. I really enjoy your positivity, your healthy advice, and the sharing of success stories. I also enjoy the relaxing music and the locations you film in- it makes me feel like I'm on vacation too! Classical Stretch looks like it should be easy, but you really work us!! My figure is improving and so has my posture. Thank you for creating such a positive and effective program. You are a role model to me and countless others!

Sabrina U
Palatine, Illinois


I wanted to give you some feedback on your 30 day challenge from January 2016 - it was absolutely wonderful. My sister and I both did it and told several people how great it was. I think by you knowing the videos and setting it up our program for us we are assured of getting a very balanced type of monthly workout. I found it much more enjoyable than looking at them all and trying to decide which session to do.



I just wanted to reach out to say that I recently decided I needed to get into better shape as a 45 year old female. I had purchased a workout video with Shaun T called Cize and was doing my best to follow it every day, but my hip joints and whole body was so achy and sore that I was not enjoying doing the exercises. I hurt for days after doing the routine. I happened to catch the special about Miranda's program on PBS and subscribed to her channel almost immediately. I thought this might be a way for me to accomplish my goals without killing my body. In short, I am feeling better. My body does not ache and I have done the program for 10 days in a row. I actually look forward to it and do not want to skip a day. I just bought your book and am reading that too. Now I am discussing your program with my husband who is 55 and a high school phys. ed teacher and college football coach. I think his students and players would all benefit from this. I wanted to say thanks for helping to change my attitude toward getting into shape. I have a long way to go, but I am not dreading the journey. I am actually excited about it and think I can be successful.



I just completed your 60-Day Challenge (starting January 2015)! What? You didn't know about your 60-Day Challenge? Well, it's the expanded version of your recent 30-Day Challenge. For the first 30 days, I followed your schedule for the Beginner level and the second 30 days, I followed the schedule for the Regular level. I just finished it yesterday and didn't miss a day. Last year, I purchased most of the Essentrics and Classical Stretch DVDs (thank you for the bundles pricing and for your sales!). My plan is that this is my exercise program for life, and I want to absorb all the wisdom that Miranda and Sahra share about the benefits of exercise and proper form. I love the message that we can chronologically age but keep ourselves physically strong and flexible. That's my goal, and I thank you for the daily encouragement and for providing the tools to accomplish that goal. Your program is challenging yet doable, with beautiful flowing movements. Who wouldn't want to work your exercises into her life? It's pure pleasure with a feeling of accomplishment! I appreciate that you pack a wide variety of exercises into a short period of time so that there's no excuse to fit one workout into my day, each and every day. Thank you for all you do. I'm so glad I found you, and I look forward to seeing you every day.



I have completed a full year doing your workouts 3-6 times per week by following on PBS. This perfectly compliments my regular resistance/HIIT workouts. Just as Miranda says, my body is totally realigned. I am wearing clothes that I bought over 20 years ago. Now at age 62, I am proof that you can age backwards if you just give Miranda's program a chance (especially the killer plies).



This is by far the very best form of movement/exercise/training that I have ever done. There is no way that I can stop telling almost everyone that I know that they will absolutely find doing these sessions to be life-changing. I am only 2 months in, but, after many years sitting in a cubicle all day and having many difficult issues arise, I am extremely thankful to have found Classical Stretch/Essentrics. I just told a co-worker about it again today and want to make this available in our fitness center for everyone to uses. Thank you more than I can say.....thanks millions

Jake K



What a great way to stay fit without leaving the house! I work from home primarily and have two young children. This has given me the opportunity to challenge my body while improving my posture and flexibility. Streaming Essentrics and Classical Stretch DVDs were such a blessing for me. Thank you so much!

Erika O.


I'm 58 years old and this is the first time I have exercised 30 days in a row! In fact, I'm on day 33 in a row now. I even enjoyed the 2 hour long workouts; something else I haven't done before. I'm making steady progress, and love I how feel after the workout! I really appreciated the program being set out for me. It can be hard to choose from all the options each day. With the 30 day challenge in January 2016, I felt that I was getting a balanced program through each week. I look forward to the next challenge! As Miranda says, "See you again tomorrow!"

Ginny D.


So happy with the Health 30 day Challenge from January 2016 . Thank you so much! It really helped me understand the technique in a new way and improved many aspects of my own form. I thought the Super Sculpting Series was the best for toning, but now I am in love with Miranda's vintage Arms/Abs and Butt/Legs



My daughter and I accepted the 30 day challenge in January 2016, and we were able to stick with it for most days. If we missed a day we would work harder the next. We are feeling great and really notice a difference in our flexibility. We will continue to exercise and be motivated by Miranda and Essentrics tv. Thanks.



I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the Essentrics Health Challenge. I didn't miss a day, and I enjoyed working through the schedule on your website. In November, I treated myself to most of the Essentrics and Classical Stretch DVDs, knowing that this is the workout that will keep me aging backwards for the rest of my life. I want to benefit from all of Miranda's and Sahra's wisdom, as they explain not only the techniques and proper form, but also the why's behind them. I will be able to turn to Miranda and Sahra to make me feel better whenever I experience an ache or a pain--and even better, to prevent injuries and pain. I look forward to my daily workouts with Miranda and Sahra, who have also made me a daily world traveler (Montreal, Jamaica, Mexico!). Thank you for the wonderful workouts with flowing, beautiful movements. I am by no means perfect at doing them, but I look forward to improving as I work hard on my form every day. (No cheating on movements here!) I can't imagine the work that went into creating, not only the foundation of these workouts, but also the variety of movements, clear explanations, beautiful settings, and complementary music. Miranda and Sahra are a pleasure to watch and are wonderful mentors. Thank you all--Miranda, Sahra, and everyone who supports them--for helping me preserve my good health and fitness in such a pleasurable way. I am truly grateful and appreciative.

Best wishes and love,



I started the Pain Relief Season 9 DVD a little over 6 weeks ago. I know I am supposed to be pain free in a few weeks, but at the age of 66, and with knees that are challenged, I do not expect that to happen right away. However I have gone from walking with a rocking back and forth motion to walking most days like a regular person thanks to your great program. I have become a dedicated fan of you folks and try telling people about how much help it is. For myself, I do 6 or 7 days a week of the 23 minute workout. I think it is wonderful, as body parts move much better then they used to. I am walking up and down stairs somewhat better and will improve with more work. Also my posture is improved. I was a dedicated runner in the 1980s for 8 years…now my game plan is to stick with you folks into my 90s. I am impressed with the diversity of your dvds, lots of which I am not ready for yet, but I have bought 4 so far so I have lots of room to grow. Each morning I wake up somewhat stiff, and after a bath with some stretching, a quick walk with the dog, I try to be doing the Pain Relief dvd by 5:15 AM (as I leave for work by 6:30). I am sorry that Miranda had to have the challenge of cancer, but I believe she was saved through her own good work and many blessings so that she could help the rest of us….I am so thankful that your pain brought a huge blessing for the rest of us. I have also bought the Aging Backwards book and found it helpful to understand the aging process. As you can tell I am dedicated and very thankful for your help in giving me more flexibility (I no longer feel like I am much older then I am, because in my soul I enjoy life and want my body to have the same attitude)… there are too many things to do here in the country to be stiff (I have a driveway that is about 300 feet, and with your help, shoveling is getting much better). A huge thank you, and keep up the good work.

Ralph C Kleefeld



We call it Strip and Stretch-- we walk the dog at 5:30 a.m., come home and strip down to work-out- appropriate clothing, set up the video-- and off we go to somewhere gorgeous with Miranda. In half an hour we feel like we've been to our masseuse and just returned from a vacation…Never once do we hurt or fear ripping something-- it's only healing. My husband laughs at the fact that he now does "ballet" moves. However, his golf partners are not laughing as he burns them right off the course. His flexiblity in every joint has never been bettter. We both have years of hard, pounding exercise on our bodies that we are starting to unwind. He was a pro volleyball player- and rode moto cross--and downhill skier. I lifted weights 6 days a week, ran and finally did a bootcamp at age 58 for two years. So we have a lot of miles on these joints. Miranda, you have delivered us from being sore, achy, and tired all the time. I wanted so much to improve my posture- so I joined a gym and never went. It just wasn't right...and then I saw Aging Backwards. BINGO! I am taller, my digestion has improved and, best of all, my bum is shaping up! We love to spend our early morning with you and will never stop. We are in this to the end. We laughingly call ourselves Essentric-evangelists...we can't help but share the good news of a new body and wonderful information. Much love and many thanks,

Dave and Cynthia H

P.S. I took my Ipad to work and put on a video in a conference room. A coworker joined me--in her skirt and boots, no less. Floor work and all. She was just glowing afterwards and asked me to bring it back. I will be sharing this wonderful exercise program with my other coworkers who all need it



What's NOT to Love?! -Low impact exercises explained to you, as they help move, stretch and strengthen your muscles, joints and increase mitochondria! -A multitude of routines that can be done in your own home, at your own time, with little to no equipment necessary for any age and conditioning. -costing .50 cents a day (if you have the streaming membership). I can't come up with any excuse not to do the Essentrics program..!

Ann O.
San Diego, CA


Just a few lines to say how happy I am to have found Classical Stretch. I start each day with Classical Stretch. Over the years I've done tai chi (10yrs.) Go to the Y for for seniors, but always felt I was missing something. I also introduced my son to the program (he is a bus driver and suffers from back pain).



Loved the 30-Day Challenge you had in January; it was a great incentive for combating the winter blues by participating in healthful exercise! I utilized Essentrics DVD’s every day & the results are very positive : )




I'm sure you all hear this all day long......... I'm so thankful for the classical stretch team: I gratefully thank you almost every day! Your program is how I manage chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and stay in shape to ride my sport bike (at 45!!) every day, without medication.

Alicia G.


I took the 30 day challenge as a way to get more familiar with Essentrics/Classical Stretch. I’ve done a little of it off and on over the last couple of years when I could catch the show on PBS. I got the DVD Aging Backwards, with the four routines and the 60 minute total body workout. I am 56 years old, active, have been doing yoga for several years and I am a runner. I never seem to be able to stick with the yoga daily though, often going weeks without doing it. I have recently slowed down on the running too, as I have had some hip and knee aches and pains. I loved the feeling I got from doing the essentrics workouts over the 30 days. My posture has improved, and it has helped to shape my midsection more, as well as strengthen my quads and loosen up my hips.

Linda G


I have been doing my best to do a workout daily, and sometimes twice a day. I love the fact that I have a monthly membership to online streaming and I have access to a variety of videos. I particularly like the relaxation videos in the evening because they help me relax, and I sleep better. I also like the fact that I have access to 15-minute videos and I can either do 1 or I can combine them. I love your program. Thank you!



I am a 48-year-old average athletic male (two workout gym visits per/week) who last year started to feel old. A lot of stiffness, knee pain, back pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, neck pain and blood flow issues. I play hockey once a week and was dreading the start of the season as I didn't feel strong and flexible. I had that feeling of an injury waiting to happen. Then at that time I came across the Essentric's program advertised on TV with Miranda Esmonde-White. Not being one of those types of people that buy things from TV advertisement, I decided to watch the short workout 4 min videos on YouTube. I was enjoying the non-weight bearing workouts and was noticing an improvement in all of my ailments. I decided to purchase the full video DVD package. Since then I have never looked back. It's the best thing I ever did. My hockey game has really improved where I feel stronger with more stability and agility. Most importantly having more confidence on the ice resulting in enjoying playing again. In addition I am skiing with confidence like I was 20 years ago! Now I can see why the Montréal Canadiens hired Essentrics to help with their workouts!! My wife is also on-board with the program and I have introduced it to some of my friends who are also enjoying the benefits. I am a huge strong believer in this new dynamic way of working out. Results are quick and noticeable. After years of attending workouts at the gym I never had the same results. In addition, it save's me time by not going to the gym and just working out at home. For me it's as simple as 20 minute, 30 minute, 40 minute or 60 minute workout-it's all good. Thank you Miranda and Sahra as you have changed my life. Cheers,



I have thoroughly enjoyed this last 30 day challenge and feel so much stronger, flexible and lighter- I want to keep it going- I hope many others have enjoyed the challenge as much as I have.

Thank you Miranda!

Erika C.


I am 69 and have been doing Classical Stretch for several years. I consider myself lucky that my local PBS station airs Classical stretch during the work week at 6 a.m. I also have a library of both Classical Stretch and Essentrics dvds. There is nothing like crawling out of bed, turning on the television and "going to it". I am ready to meet the day. No sudden miracles took place, but there is nothing better than feeling younger than a number and being able to move with strength, grace and agility.

Thank you, Miranda and Sahra.

Diane M.


I have done yoga for 30 plus years. Now I do Essentrics Aging Backwards exercises and they seem good for me. Arthritis is an issue but I can do all the movements Miranda demonstrates. It's great! Miranda's personality is an added Plus! The lessons feel like One on One.

Marilyn H.


I love the 30 day challenges as it is a bite I can handle! One thing I have noticed is that my core strength is better. I can now carry a laundry basket full of clothes up and down stairs. My flexibility and strength are much improved.

Jane M


Last year I was on a ski trip and noticed my body was getting tired quickly on the Colorado slopes. Being 62 and a grandmother , it was chalked up to my age and getting older . However, over the summer I started doing the Classical Stretch tapes (seasons 4 and 8). In Sept I combined my daily work outs with Sahra s Full Body Toning DVD twice a week. Never have I felt more fit ! I can keep up with my grandchildren who are all under 8. This winter I took 4 of them skiing. While they were in ski school, I returned to the slopes again. No sore muscles. No winded lady needing to stop to catch her breath. Thank you Essentrics Team for giving me my best time on the slopes in 40 years. I will sing your program's success to anyone!

Jane E.,
St Louis Mo


I've been a subscriber for a number of months now to ETV and have been doing an Essentrics workout almost daily. I participated in the Health Challenge and loved it. It got me to try other types of workouts and made my workouts more well-rounded (as I work to be LESS well-rounded! lol). I've noticed a difference in my body. Especially my legs and my butt. I'm 58 years old and have the mid drift area issue as my biggest challenge. I've always been physically active and find the belly bulge a real issue. Thank and you and please continue all that you do! I'm looking forward to the next challenge.


Cheryl D.


Thank you Essentrics for your wonderful contribution to exercise. I have been using several of your DVDs and am finding shockingly better muscle tone. I am 64 and always have been active doing a variety of exercise from walking, yoga, qigong, somatics and Jane Fonda style exercises. I have no big health issues, and think I am reasonably fit from them after all these years. But, in all honesty, I have experienced significant posture and muscle strength improvement after just about a month of doing your program. And I thought my posture had been pretty good. I just feel lighter and more settled in my stance. It is truly amazing. I really look forward to doing them every morning.. faithfully.

Judy S
Amherst, NH


I would like to share the incredible beneficial impact that Classical Stretch has had on my lower back pain, overall flexibility and the development of a very strong stable core. As a builder I have experienced several seriously painful lower back episodes over the last 25 years…until recently I have always been very stiff in my lower back from side to side. After 5 weeks of classical stretch 6 days per week I have noticed that I am no longer stiff in this area. So I want to express my sincere gratitude to Mrs. Esmonde-White for her dedication to improving peoples lives through the Classical Stretch technique. Thank you very much!!!

Best regards,

Steven Harrell
Crestone, CO


Hello Miranda!

I am 62 and have been doing this program for about 6 years. Recently My husband and I walked across England (110 miles) and I made it ibuprofen free! I attribute that to this wonderful program. I feel great and now my husband is doing the exercises with me. He saw how pain free I was during the walk and wanted the same results! Can't thank you enough Miranda

Sue Cronin
Iowa City


Hello Miranda!

I've been a "Miranda" fan for 5 years now! I love Essentrics TV (streaming) and the freedom it gives me to access my workout on my laptop anywhere I go. My husband has had two back surgeries and we think Classical Stretch has hugely benefitted him. He travels frequently with this job and does a Classical Stretch episode in his hotel room. This workout has changed my life! After doing Classical Stretch all winter I am more than ready to garden in the Spring. Love it!

Patty Baker


Hello Miranda!

I am a sixty-four year old woman who has been using your program for the last year. Last December I had been randomly scrolling with my remote when I happened upon a PBS interview with you. I was attracted to your philosophy of lengthening and strengthening through movement, and I decided to purchase a DVD. Since last January I have done my best to engage in the program nearly every day, and I must tell you how pleased I am. I appreciate everything about it. It is effective, and I can honestly say that my muscles and joints are both stronger and more flexible. I have noticed that I am stronger when I take my walks, when I dance at a wedding, and even while I shovel snow. I am amazed because I have not felt this strong in years. Your program is convenient and I can do it nearly anywhere because I don’t need a lot of space or anything other than a chair. I like that it is concise. I can benefit my entire body in what I consider a relatively brief session, and even if I am tired or busy, I can still usually fit it into my day. My body looks better too. I am not overweight, so I was not concerned about dropping pounds, yet I find that I am firmer and tighter. So, I’m writing to say thank you and to let you know that you have a pleased and devoted follower.

Carole Croll


Hello Miranda!

I wanted to send you a message of Thanks… I started your program around 5 years ago. I do one session a day 5 days a week (most of the time!) and I love it. I am a former collegiate cross country and track runner and I had gotten so used to running as my default workout, but then I had a knee that just wouldn't stop hurting, until I stopped running. I needed something else and then I found you. I feel stronger that I ever have. I feel truly functionally fit. I am 38 and I feel as good or better than when I was 18. I am a forester this makes me so prepared for the physical part of my job. I can cross a log over a creek without any problems (thanks to ABCs!) I have also found that just walking in the woods that I lose my balance much less often now. I love how your program makes it so easy for me to workout. I wear my workout clothes to bed, wake up and workout at 5:30. It's such a great way to start my day. And I love that I'm not drenched in sweat and need to shower right away too, I'm a before bed shower person! There are just so many things about your program that make it sustainable, practical, fun and an awesome workout. So many thanks to you and your team for sharing this with the world. Now if I could convince everyone I love to do this program that would be great!

With Sincere Thanks,

La Porte, Indiana


I just wanted to send a quick note and say thank you so much for essentrics TV online! I am only 30 years old but have thyroid issues and because of that traditional exercise can wipe me out for days on end after only 30 minutes of cardio. I picked up your system about a month ago and admittedly, I have not been consistent until recently but in only a few short days have seen drastic improvement in my movement, energy, and overall feeling of health! I am so appreciative for the access to many different types of exercises. As a mom with two small children the 25 to 30 minute workouts are absolutely perfect because they are just long enough to do some effective work but also allow me to fit it in around the kids schedule. My chiropractor has also been praising you as well my adjustments are so much better because of classical stretch.

Thank you so much!”
Shelley Carpenter

It was Winter of 2014 when my Achilles tendon began to get noticed. I went to therapy, took medication, massages, nothing worked and I was having problems to walk normally. I live in NYC where people walk a lot and I was feeling totally miserable. During Spring 2015 I was watching PBS on a special programming. Miranda Esmonde-White was promoting her latest book. I remember I had seen her before with some videos on stretches but they were aired at a very early hour when I am running out for work so I never remembered later to google her. That day in Spring, after her very informative program I bought her book and one of her DVD's (series 10) which is a very generous compilation to exercise daily. Since May 2015 I have been doing these exercises every single day including Sundays! We are in November 2015 and in half a year I can't begin to tell you how improved I am.

The benefits were first felt in my Achilles of course, but then I noticed that my legs were lighter and my step happier and bouncier. Every morning I would wake eager to exercise and to jump out of bed and push the DVD button to happiness. Only seeing Jamaica's vegetation and the blue sea makes me happy and then all the movements improved greatly my posture and my back and neck pains. I am very happy with the results that I know will accompany me through this coming Winter. Generally I feel rusty and achy during Winter but I thought it was all "normal". Thank you for giving me back the mobility of my body, thank you for giving me happiness and youth all again. I walk now down the streets of NY with a happy bouncing in my step and Manhattan is getting smaller day by day... I am 48 years young and I am just getting better and better. Thank you so much for helping so many of us achieving what we thought was lost.

Rocio Torres

A friend told me about Classical Stretch a few years ago. I have Season 9 and 10 and do them faithfully. As such, I have promoted this program to well over 1000 people, including friends, church friends, and family. Also, I am a park supervisor and send out a newsletter in which I mention the program. I am also an assistant coach with a Master's swim team so I tell all the swimmers about it too. I can't seem to help myself, but I tell everyone I get in contact with who mentions anything about being tight, sore, would like to be more flexible, needs a warm up, needs a cool down, or wants a way to unwind; I mention Classical Stretch. I absolutely love this program.

I know the classes will be fabulous. :-) Have a great time here in Southern California.

Miranda! I've been watching your Classical Stretch on KLRU in Austin, TX, since I discovered it, for about 2 or 3 weeks. I am not a beginner exerciser by any means. I love to workout. But I'd had a weak "left shoulder" due to a past job, many years ago, as a waterman delivering 5 gallon bottles of water. Stress would cause the muscles to tense up & cause terrible pain, even up my neck & into my jaw. I also had to be careful when weight lifting; but still I would get some pain that I had to work on. I MUST SAY - since I have been following your TV show & the classical stretch workouts, all my muscles are getting stronger & leaner and my shoulder muscles are not hurting. After a workout I do some pulling-stretching to decompress the muscles. THANK YOU for developing & sharing your techniques.

Carol C.



We thank you for your wonderful exercise program. We are both getting older, 59 and 51, and haven't liked what we see or how we feel. Even though we both walk and do other exercise, poor posture, pain, stiffness, and slowing down have been our reward. Those symptoms for the next 30 or 40 years are not our idea of living. We never watch television. However, this week we are vacationing at a place with television. I, Ginger, saw the tail end of a PBS fund raiser with your exercises as the focus. Your little talk about posture, pain, stiffness, and so forth spoke to my soul. I immediately looked for everything I could find on the internet about you and it. I tried a mini workout and felt fantastic. I told my husband and we got your TV subscription. True, it's only been a few days, but we both can't believe how much we like it. Instead of feeling like going back to bed after one of your workouts, we are energized. Instead of creeping along with extra sore muscles as we have with other exercise, we feel lighter and freer in our movements. Both of us are already standing up straighter. I had a short flu but did workouts those days regardless. It seemed to shorten the duration and reduce the symptoms of the virus, too. Anyway, I think my favorite part is the reminder of my beloved childhood ballet classes. Thank you so much for your hard work and perseverance in getting this revolutionary movement program before the public. We will forever be grateful.

Joseph and Ginger Conrad


Dear Esmonde Technique Staff,

What success stories can you share about swimmer athletes who use Classical Stretch/Essentrics? Our son is a freshman in high school and on the swim team. I would like to talk to his coach, who is also an Occupational Therapist, about Essentrics as a part of their training. Also, which program would you recommend I suggest for them to start with?

I first learned about Classical Stretch this spring when my mom experienced dramatic results in flexibility and movement after a month of following Miranda on PBS. I introduced my mother-in-love (my husband’s mom) to the program and she has since purchased the Essentrics training materials to begin her certification.

Miranda and Sahra are becoming a regular part of our family. As a mother of six boys myself, I want to stay strong and flexible to keep up with them. I absolutely love The Esmonde Technique! I am re-energized after every work out! The science behind The Esmonde Technique intrigues me. Thank you for all your research, knowledge, and experience in this fitness program.

You have blessed my family more than you know! I look forward to mine and my family’s continued health and fitness, flexibility and strength.


Hi, Miranda,

I have been doing exercises with you on PBS for about a month and I love it! You seem to really know about the human body and you share your knowledge so sweetly and just a bit at a time. Your personality is so endearing. And I finish your program feeling good, not exhausted or sore.

I hope to see improvement in my posture and more balance and flexibility as I continue with you. But the important part is that I enjoy it so that keeps me coming back for more.

Thank you!!



I wanted to thank you for your well thought out lessons. I am a 67 year old male who has doing them five times a week for over a year.

So many men, myself included, have spent our earlier years doing exercise for strength and stamina. I find value in your knowledge of and conviction about the importance of stretching. Your approach has many similarities to true Chinese Internal training which was another fortunate experience in my life. The movements emanate from the core. “One thing move, everything move.”

And I sense, as I am sure most of your viewers do, that you genuinely wish to help people improve their health.

You are doing good work. Thank you.


I am 52 years old and needless to say life seems stressful and hectic. My body is beginning to not do the things I ask! A friend told me about this workout on PBS. I did it for the first time this morning. My legs are shaky, but wow, I feel better from those 20 min or so! I will be doing this every morning. Thank you. I think I may have found what I am looking for!

Lisa M.

I am 54 years old and didn't believe you when you said some people have actually grown an inch instead of shrinking. Well at my last physical I indeed had grown 1/2 an inch. We went to dinner with friends last weekend and all of my friends my age and younger said they found tat they had lost inches in height but I could honestly say that I had grown instead of shrinking. I could only attribute the growth witht my daily classical stretch routine. My daughter and husband convinced me to purchase a bikini on out last vacation as they both said I have an amazing body and I should show it off. I am shy by nature so I will probably only wear it in the back yard but anyway I must give credit to the posture and slenderizing exercises I have learned on Classical stretch. My daughter and I try remember and help each other do the exercises when we are on vacation as I really feel out of sorts when I skip them and get stiff and sore if I miss a day or two. You should have seen us on the cruise ship exercise floor trying to balance as the ship was rocking back and forth, very challenging indeed.

Thank you so much for this gift as I have helped myself and daughter keep a healthy routine of eating well and doing my classical stretches and walk the dog daily and I don't go to a gym anymore as I feel this is what keeps my feeling and looking my best. My friends say they need to do what I do as it works.


I have been doing Classical Stretch for a number of years.

I am 56 years old. Today I was at a wellness fair and I stood on a piece of equipment to check balance and they were to tell me what risk range I would be in for falling. Twice I had to stand for 15 seconds holding the spot in the middle of the "bullseye". It waivered a little bit and all I kept thinking was hold my core! My score was .8. The woman seemed surprised and asked my age and then told me I was in the 17-35 yr. range, which was .07-2.2. Because of stimulating my balance sensors like you teach us, I did remarkably well!

I did what I could to promote your program!

Thank you!
Joan M

Dear Miranda,

I've been doing Classical Stretch for the past 17 years. I'm going to be 87 at the end of this month and no one believes me when I tell them my age. I attribute it to your exercise program and want to thank you for your help.

Mary G.

Just wanted to let you know that i recently found the show again on pbs after a number of years, used to do it many years ago and weas grateful to find it on again. love the show please continue to keep up the great work.


In my youth I was very active. I danced, performed, did choreography and taught aerobics. I understand first hand the benefits of being strong and active. As time passed my exercise waned to the point where I had done nothing for nearly 6 months!

I am so grateful that I found you one morning while channel surfing. It looked like an "easy" way to get moving again. I found the workouts not only challenging, but extremely effective. It has restored vitality in my body and my posture has never been better. People comment on my posture all the time now and I give the credit to "Classical Stretch"! I start my day with you all every morning! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

R L. Edmond, MD

Hello, Miranda,

I came across Classical Stretch DVDs many years ago on Amazon.com - I bought 2 that are now part of your Vintage Collection. I was amazed at how logical, easy and effective the exercises were, and being an ex-dancer I had no trouble following them. And the classical music at the background - it cleanses your mind at the same time as you do the workout. Pure bliss! I had been dancing since childhood (ballet, folk and jazz), done tai chi and yoga for 2,5 years - and now I had found a perfect blend of them all!

But the true value of Classical Strech I discovered this spring, when after 2 years of being forbidden to do any excercises at all, I started recovering from a severe case of gallstones (which I successfully dissolved with the help of Chinese Medicine). By summer, I was able not only to return to my great love of the past 5 years - Argentine tango - but also to participate in an extremely intensive tango festival (6 to 10 hours of dancing a day). It would not have been possible without your videos! I am still doing the Classical Strech and Essentrics exercises 3 to 6 times a week and have found that they help greatly with my tango stamina. I´ve also taught some excercise sequences to my mother who now feels younger, more loose and backpain free.

So thank you, Miranda, for this amazing techique! I am so lucky to have found you! :)

Katrin / Europe

I've been doing karate since I was 19-years old, yoga for the past 10 years, and other fitness oriented 'courses' during this time. Out of these, Classical Stretch is tops for enhancing my flexibility and range of motion.

I discovered Miranda quite by accident on TV one morning and decided to 'follow along' for a few minutes. Up till then, stretching programs seemed to me...well, boring. Hers is exciting; actually I'm hooked. I watch her each weekend on PBS and have purchased her CDs. What she says about the slenderizing and strengthening effect of these exercises is all true. I saw the improvement in my physique in a few weeks. To be honest, I'm very limber for a 57-year old man, and Miranda's show has greatly enhanced this. Please do me a favor and thank her personally for this.

Classical Stretch is now a big part of my life.


Hi Miranda,

I just wanted to tell you that I just recently started recording your programs on DVR in the past few weeks because I have been on a mission to lose weight, exercise and get healthy and fit this summer. I have never had the will power to follow a specific diet before, but I have found my determination. I lost my job this summer and have found solace in regaining control in other areas of my life, since my job situation is slightly out of my control.

As a child/teen I was involved in dance (ballet/tap/jazz) for several years and then at the end of my high school years and college years I delved into martial arts. Those are the only two sports/exercise programs I have ever been able to stick with for any length of time. I just enrolled my daughter (almost 4) in her first dance class this past spring and it made me start to miss dance. Finding your classical stretch program has helped me to partially satisfy my desire to go back to dance (I can't afford it right now, plus there aren't many places that hold adult intermediate dance classes). It has invigorated my soul, and I actually look forward to working out, something I haven't felt in about 10 years.

Thank you for your inspiring work. I love that I can feel certain areas being targeted each time. I have still maintained my flexibility from years of dance and martial arts, but my muscles have become very tight and atrophied through lack of use. It has made me feel so much more alive to participate in your program and feel those muscles lengthening and strengthening once again.

Noelle P.

Hello Miranda,

I can almost echo Alice's comments on the first page I clicked to for success stories. I have been a dedicated yoga practitioner and teacher for more than 40 of my 68 years. I have no major health problems that I am aware of and I can move as well as (if not better than) most average 40 year olds. However, a few years ago I had noticed a small decline in my balance and joint and muscle strength and stability. Nothing alarming, but something to pay attention to.

I, too, happened upon Classical Stretch on PBS in the early morning just over a year ago. As a yoga teacher and massage therapist, I could immediately see the benefits of this program from a health and movement perspective. I love the flow and grace of the movements, the full range of motion and the essentric challenge. After working out with the TV for many months, I bought two of the PBS series, and the Core Workout so I would not miss a day of practice. I, of course, still love and teach my yoga. I have incorporated some of your movements into my classes, promote your name and your program to my students and have allowed interested students (who can't manage the 6 a.m. PBS time slot) to borrow a DVD to sample it for themselves. And, I have restored my sense of balance, improved my core strength and the muscle tone of my limbs all the time enjoying the grace and flow of your program....satisfying my inner dancer!

P.S. My sister, to my surprise and pleasure, recently commented on my well formed arms when she saw me recently in a sleeveless top.

Thanks to Classical Stretch (and my commitment to staying strong and healthy)!

Marilyn D.

Dear Miranda,

My mother just turn 82 and she stills does your classical stretches and subsitute teaches at school. She still puts on her Bloch in line soft ballet slippers and does your DVD every day during her 1 hour break.She uses her chair and does her daily routine including using the chalkboard as a ballet bar. She is a great inspiration to all of of us.

Kenny D.

I am 66 years old, and always travel with my mat (Pilates, yoga). On a trip to San Francisco this weekend, I turned on the tv early in the day, and discovered Classical Stretch! This is the way I love to move and stretch,and at last someone has put it all together and made programs and dvds??? I am so excited! I did the program and enjoyed the good feeling!

Now, I have found your web site and can order dvds and SHARE this method with my fitness friends of all ages. But believe me, for an aging but fit body, this method is the best I have found, and I started working out with "Yoga for Health" on tv in 1962 with Richard Hittleman! Alice

Alice G.

Dear Miranda/Classical Stretch,

I am so glad I found you on one of our local Public Broadcasting stations (KCSM). I'm no athlete. I am a 51 year old telecommunications worker who is beginning to feel old, physically. Miranda is so easy to watch and to follow. The routines are difficult sometimes but as someone once said "No pain, no gain." My 9 year old daughter and I do your workouts together and we love it.

Thank you for helping me to feel better and feel younger.

Roy W. Daniels
San Leandro, CA

To you and your whole staff, Thank you for going back to the program of exercises used in your earlier years. My body is beginning to take shape as it did when I first started your exercise program many years ago. I notice my good posture, now, when I get dressed in the a.m. This is good work on your part along with your wonderful staff.

Keep us looking good, Miranda. Continue to grow and thrive in all of your endeavors.


I love Classical Stretch! I do two workouts a day and when I don't I don't feel as good as I should. I'm like Miranda, she has brought it to my attention about how important posture is. I see many people that are unaware that it is a problem for them.

I was watching a Dr. Oz show and notice that Dr. OZ has an issue with it as well. I know pointing it out to people is like telling someone they have spinach between their teeth, kind of embarrassing. So how do we go about telling the world about this important aspect in their lives? Thank you Miranda! You are the best! I'm trying to take better care of myself and eating right.

Stacy D.

Congrats on the increase in interest. I am amazed by classical stretch-essentrics every time I do a workout.

Two quickies:
1. The latest series is really challenging. Very much like the core workout dvd. Although I must admit I occasionally curse m.e.w. during the workouts, it is awesome & well worth the suffering. :) Really love the new backgrounds & night sessions. And as for m.e.w, a great personality & humor comes through on the sessions.
2. Is the chicago tchr trng still happening? And will you offer more opportunities in the us?

I'm not teacher level yet but this is a much less expensive option for me to get real experience. I own several dvds of cs & the latest is on my local pbs station. I love it! Thank you all for getting this type of exercise out there. Nothing compares.


I have flown past our PBS-tv station and have seen Miranda doing her stretching. I always thought it was too simple to be effective but dah. I decided to try her out one day. I’ve been working out to some extent all my life but this stuff actually made me cry from exhaustion. I worked up a sweat and get a great workout.

I’ve only been doing it two weeks and I can already see results. My leaning over and bending has improved dramatically. My sore knees have actually gotten better. My sore tight back is definitely looser. I can hardly wait till I have a year under my belt. I had no idea my quads were so weak. I may be 64 but I plan on keeping up with my grandkids and this will be the ticket. What a gift into my life!


Candy H.

Congratulations on your continuing success! Especially since I'm not faithful in keeping up with any exercise programs as I should be, I greatly appreciate how you not only have created programs for unathletic, uncoordinated persons like myself but also explain in great detail how to correctly do the various movements. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful techniques on PBS! Aloha!


Hello - I have fallen in love with your workout, and want to sign up for the teacher training program. p.s. for someone with poor posture, this workout is amazing!!

Thank you,