30 Day Health Challenge
Do one Essentrics or Classical Stretch Workout per day

(min. length 23 minutes)
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Step 2
Follow our Custom Daily Workout Schedule
using specific workouts chosen for you
Depending on your fitness level, we have two types of workout schedules (beginner and regular).
Choose the one that is right for you!
Remember, you can also follow along with any Essentrics or Classical Stretch workout of your choice!
It isn’t mandatory to buy or watch all the chosen DVDs. What’s important is that you do one workout per day

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The best part of the challenge is the support you'll receive from your peers!
We'd love to hear about your progress and daily experiences...please post as often
as you like and ask any questions you may have!
Have Fun!
The purpose of this challenge is to kickstart your journey to a better, healthier, fit, pain-free you! Remember that you’re not in this alone—thousands of others are doing the challenge right along with you!