I am still floating on my Essentrics little cloud!!! I owe so much to you: the training, the guidance, the empowering lift. Becoming an Essentrics instructor is not only about learning the material, the science, the anatomy and body mechanics; it’s also a whole journey about integrating, finding the essential purpose, always looking for the why and … growing … and expanding. When I embarked on this journey, I don’t think I fully realized how it would not only affect my own body but also my whole being. I did, although, quickly understand what a privilege it is and how incredibly rewarding it is to be part of our participants’ own journeys. Like I said, still on my little cloud!! The exam was a great integrative experience which I truly enjoyed, thanks to you! You are not only an awesome instructor/ master trainer, but also a very perceptive and and empowering examiner. Thank you from my heart!




I have just spent a full week in Montreal to further my Essentrics Training. I attended a 3-day Live Teacher Training Level 3 and a 3-day Live Teacher Training Level 4. It was the best thing I could have done. As a certified Level 2 instructor, this training helped me in many ways. My mind is trying to process everything. If anything, it has increased my drive and my passion to help people understand their bodies. To teach them how to heal and even age backwards one cell at a time. During this training, I made friends with fellow instructors. It feels like we are our own tribe. A group of people on the similar path of teaching others how to heal their bodies through movement… one cell at a time. We all have our own story of how we got on our journey of becoming certified Essentrics Instructors. We each have a story of how Essentrics healed our bodies. How the results amazed us and how we now want to share this amazing program with anyone willing to try it and feel the benefits for themselves.




Every training I go to, I learn more about myself, about my body and about how to help other people with their bodies. Then the icing on the cake: connecting with other teachers: for support, ideas, possible gnashing of teeth at times and celebration!




The level 1 live training is the best money I have spent! I honestly don't know if I could or would have finished. The training is not only so educational, it is so inspiring! For me the training made all the difference.




I've attended live trainings for L1, L2 and L3 in Estes - all have been amazing and have helped tremendously as I navigate through my levels and exams. I may attend L3 again next year as I get closer to that certification, but I absolutely recommend these sessions as part of the training! It has really helped me with cueing - Heather, Gail and Jenny are amazing! And I try to "hear" their cueing style in my mind as I teach my classes.




The live trainings are great! It is the perfect ways to gain a deeper understanding of the movements and feel inspired. It is also very motivating to help you get through the levels.




I thoroughly enjoy the live trainings especially meeting all the master instructors with all the expertise with cueing and watching us to correct us. And all the wonderful people you meet from all over Ontario!




Practicing Essentrics brings me back home to myself. It makes me feel grounded. When we make positive changes in the physical body, it filters into other aspects of our lives. All is interconnected. To go further, learning to teach Essentrics has given me a deeper understanding of the ways in which all is connected and has truly helped me developed a positive relationship with my body. My body used to be a landscape for frustration, anger & shame and now I feel like we are in partnership. I support my body and allow it to heal through movement and it supports me through life.

Anna Mackenzie, Certified Instructor



Hello. My name is Adrienne and I'm currently in the process of obtaining my level one certification in essentrics. I am a personal trainer with Canfitpro and I've had my own business for the last seven years training people in the conventional way of weights and body weight and movement and specific exercise to build muscle to make strong and everything that personal trainers do. I love essentrics. I really understand the science behind it and believe that it is the missing link to people obtaining freedom in their movement and range of motion and over all body strength in a very gentle and effective way. My hat is off to Miranda Esmonde-White and white and her daughter Sahra for creating it and bringing it to the public.




I first learned of classical stretch in the early 2000’s. One morning I turned on the TV, it was tuned in to Iowa Public TV and Classical Stretch was playing. I watched that morning, in fact, I watched Classical Stretch off and on for probably 3 months. It was interesting but looked WAY TOO EASY to do anything to change my body. After all, I was a professional couch potato. One day I said to myself “if it looks so easy, why don’t you just get up and do it!” and I did. I followed Miranda on IPTV as often as I could with my crazy work schedule. Season4 was my first set DVDs. My husband gave them to me for Christas and they were one of the best gifts I have ever received! In March of 2014 I retired from nursing after 41 years. In April of 2014 Miranda offered a 30 day challenge. We had plans and I didn’t think I could do a video daily, so dismissed it. On June 16th she offered it again and I took the challenge! I measured myself on day one and at the end of the 30 day- measuring my bust, midriff, waist, fullest area on lower abdomen, hip, thigh, knee and both biceps. Clearly I was looking for anypossible change. I lose 2 pounds, and 4 3/8th inches. I was so surprised! Since starting the challenge I have missed 3 days- 2 days were driving days to/from CO for Live Instructor Training, and one day I was ill. One year later, on June 16, 2015, I had lost 19.4 pounds and a total of 28/8th inches! 7 7/8th inches off my midriff and 6 1/8th inches off my waist, 4 inches off each thigh and over 2 inches from each bicep! More wonderful than the changes to the outside of me are the changes on the inside of me! I feel strong and toned, my posture has improved so much that if I slouch now it hurts!! It is safe to say that Essentrics has changed my life. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Cheryl Kemp



I've recently completed the Level 4 exam and can now officially say I'm a Level 4 instructor!! When I started the process 3 years ago I would have never thought I would (or could) accomplish this. I simply wanted to complete Level 1 and begin sharing my love for Essentrics with others. However, after finishing level 1, I intuitively knew that I must continue. I knew that the program felt good in people's bodies but I needed to why this was happening. Learning to teach the exercises in the proper sequence is where you begin, but I quickly realized it was so much more than this. There is a method to how to properly rebalance the body. There is also a need for a strong foundation in anatomy to help with the constant evaluating and re-evaluating of people's bodies that we must do as instructors. This knowledge aids in deciding which specific technique will achieve the desired result in your clients. Each level leads into the next, and while I didn't know it at the time, I see now how it made me a more well-rounded instructor. I feel confident I can work with different bodies and levels of ability. The process wasn't always easy, but attending a live training helped push me further. It was also a great opportunity to ask lingering questions, as well as meet others on the same journey. While I may call myself Level 4, I realize that the learning is never-ending. I can't wait to continue to explore the intricacies of the Essentrics program and continue to refine my teaching. Hope that's what you were looking for. A massive thank you again Amanda! :) Can't wait to take your class soon!

Jenn Mulligan



I want to thank Megan for the workshop she presented in Vancouver last week. It was amazing, inspiring, informative and very helpful. She's a fabulous trainer! It was also wonderful to connect with so many people in BC. Even better there are 3 of us who live very close to one another - we're going to connect over coffee soon! Cheers

Jana B



I am a newly certified level one instructor. I decided to become an Essentrics instructor after reading Miranda's story about how it helped her chronic pain. I have had a "bad" back for about 6 years now--some days I can barely get out of bed because it hurts so much. And I'm in good shape--I am a personal trainer and exercise regularly. When I first started learning Essentrics, I could not do the Airplane exercises, even with all the modifications. I'd get shooting, searing pain across my back. But I kept working with Essentrics. Now, even though my back is by no means "healed," it's WAY better than it used to be. And I can do all the movements, including the Airplane, pain free. Thank you, Essentrics!




First, I would like to mention a few things... The workshop was incredibly informative. The instructors were outstanding, and seemed to literally embody the Essentrics lifestyle (if there is such a thing.) They each combine an inner calm, great patience, and boundless energy all at the same time. They are a great inspiration to all Essentrics lovers. I'm very glad that I attended that first session. Being in the presence of these women, and fellow students was immensely helpful and distracting. It occupied my brain in a difficult time. Forgive me running on, I only hope you'll pass the praise on to the higher-ups.




I attended training last week in Colorado and want to express my gratitude for the professionalism and knowledge displayed by Heather Corey, Jenny Bertrand, Cassandra McCoy and Kimberly Woodring. The training far exceeded my expectations and has inspired me to go for Level 3 & 4 training next year. Thank you for providing such a high quality program.



I was working with Severina yesterday and she encouraged me to share how Essentrics has improved my health. Long story short, I have a familiar tremor that effects my neck and head. I've been on medication 4x a day for years. The tremor led to cervical dystonia which then led to complex migraines and vertigo. Since I started Sept. 2016 working on Level 1 Essentrics I have been able to cut down on my med's to 1 or 2x a day. I have not had a migraine and or vertigo since last October. Coincidence? I think not...For me Essentrics is an investment in my quality of life.

Karen McNamara
Level 1 Apprentice



This week I have been reviewing the educational materials provided for Teachers in Training. I have several certifications from a variety of US professional fitness organizations. ESSENTRICS Teacher Training is THE BEST certification program that I have ever had the privilege to participate in. The depth and breadth of the of the information provided is superb. The manuals, the emails, the dvd, and the required 30 hours of apprentice classes offer not just knowledge but also know-how. This is a top quality program. And the personal connection you have given me is the icing on the cake.

Thank you Meg!”
Karen Mackey, Evansville, IN



Miranda and Sahra,

I wanted to take a moment just to thank you both, again. I have truly enjoyed my journey with Essentrics this last year and genuinely appreciate its value within my training. It is a real pleasure to teach and see how broad-reaching the benefits are to all ages and athletic abilities. I look forward to continuing to learn and I am confident that Essentrics will continue to be an important part of my life.

Thank you both for your personal investment in not only the program of Essentrics, but also us as instructors. It really means a lot to me that, even having little to no understanding of Essentrics, I was able to spark an idea that will hopefully encourage many others to combine Essentrics with their current Training.

With Sincere Gratitude, Carrie James



I'm the crazy gal who showed up for Level 1 training in Montreal having never done a class...truly. I saw Miranda's books at my Mom's house and was intrigued...I'm a certified Yoga instructor and have taught Zumba...have weight trained and tried all "the latest"...and have never really felt truly connected to any of the above. At 54, I was not really doing anything regularly, and was definitely not at my healthiest and strongest. Since the training, I'm finally doing ESSENTRICS almost daily. And I just want to say...WOW! My body is slowly and beautifully opening up and lengthening in a way I've never experienced...especially my shoulders and lower back. It's amazing...and I love that as I work towards my Level 1 certification, I am experiencing what I hope others will experience in our classes. This is by far, the smartest, gentlest, yet most challenging workout I've ever done....but you all already knew that! Just wanted to share...

Laurie Lewis Ruel


I was first introduced to Classical Stretch 12 or more years ago by a massage therapist, who suggested it to help with chronic tight spots. I enjoyed the TV shows but usually didn't make the time to do it regularly since I didn't perceive it as a 'workout' but 'stretching' which often came last on my "Type A personality" list. Fast forward to about 5 years ago; after being an active yoga instructor for 17 years, among many other physical activities to "keep me fit", I developed bilateral adhesive encapsulates (aka double frozen shoulders). My sister, Sarah Mead, reminded me how much I liked CS and sent me Season 8 (which changed my body and my life). I randomly selected an episode and when Miranda said it was focused on frozen shoulder, I was instantly hooked…especially since I felt better after every episode I ever worked out with, and still do. I knew I was destined to be an instructor. Though I still love yoga, I mostly focus on Essentrics since it rebalances my body and nearly everyone can practice it, in some form. Level 1 was humbling after being a yoga instructor all those years and was told I had bad posture… But I dug right into both levels 1 and 2 with fervour. That fervor continues for the daily practice of Essentrics, for teaching and for learning more about Essentrics and the human body (especially anatomy). That ferver also continues for attending live workshops; eventually, I would like to attend all levels again. I also enjoy promoting Essentrics DVD's, Miranda's book(s), online streaming etc through my newsletter (in its 20th year) with about 1800 subscribers. I am currently choosing to focus my Essentrics time on teaching three or more classes/week locally, investing in live workshops (especially while Miranda is still teaching them, though I love and learn from many Essentrics instructors), responding to many inquiries I receive after people watch Aging Backwards, also mentoring other budding instructors in Western Colorado and frankly, many others through Facebook and personal emails.

Susan Mead


I’ve been an Essentrics instructor for about two and a half years now and I’ve seen incredible changes in not only my students’ bodies and their understanding of what exercise can be, but also my own. Since I’ve always taught other classes and enjoy variety, I have never had the opportunity to only do Essentrics. When the 30 Day Health Challenge started this January 2016, the timing couldn’t have been better. I had been sick the week prior to its start date, unable to do any exercise at all. I was also in the process of moving from Northern to Southern California and was struggling with a few other challenges and changes. I decided I would focus on my mental and physical health, to avoid more stressors, and give myself the gift of Essentrics. I can honestly say I haven’t felt this strong, healthy, energized or pain free in a long time. I grew up participating in swimming, gymnastics, dance and running and my body ,at twenty-six years old, is definitely feeling it. 28 days into the challenge, my hips now feel loose and free when I walk and rarely ache. Going up and down stairs, my quads feel loose due to smooth muscle tissue; what muscles should feel like! I used to have to schedule regular, painful athletic massages to achieve that. During the 30 Day Health Challenge, my cousin invited me to her Pilates Reformer class. I had never done a reformer class, but I was excited for the challenge; especially since I hadn’t used equipment in over a month. I was so strong, had perfect form, and the woman next to me was blown away. After class she told me “I loved watching you! Your form is incredible! You look like you belong in a Pilates video or poster. SO BEAUTIFUL!” I also couldn’t help but notice in the mirror how strong and lean my muscles were! Last week, my cousin invited me to a spin class. Well, I haven’t done a straight hour of cardio in a long time, but she was excited to share it with me and it was another opportunity to discover and prove the power of Essentrics! Again, I was amazed at my strength and ability to blow through the class with ease, and with great form. Essentrics provides us with no impact cardio similar to Tai Chi, but not a straight hour of running, bike riding, elliptical, etc. Another incredible point proven – you don’t need to spend an hour doing cardio; unless of course you enjoy it. My past experiences with any more than 30 minutes of cardio has always been adrenal fatigue, sugar cravings, extreme spike in my cortisol levels, and difficulty sleeping at night. I personally believe, especially as a female, that Essentrics’s impact on creating a leaner body also has to do with not drastically messing with hormones, as long sessions of cardio tend to do. I am so glad that I participate in Essentrics: Everything about my body, inside and out, feels amazing. My abs have tightened up, my posture has improved, hip pain has been eliminated, my muscle tissue has been smoothed, and I can still participate in other exercise challenges without fear of injury, (although I really don’t feel the need to on a regular basis). I now have an even greater appreciation for Essentrics, (I didn’t even think that was possible!), that will be passed onto each and every one of my past, present, and future clients.

Audrey Pratt


A gymnast as a child, I naturally migrated to some form of exercise throughout my lifetime. I always preferred group classes that were fun, rewarding and energized. Eventually I started teaching power Pilates and loved doing it for 14 years. For a few years I added in teaching a chair class through Humana health care. During this time, I developed a frozen shoulder so severe that I could not dress myself, sleep, etc. I quit teaching. During my rehab the other shoulder started to freeze. As I regained some movement, I began searching for exercises to aid in the healing of frozen shoulder and stumbled upon ESSENTRICS. I ordered Classical Stretch in June of 2013. Over a period of months, I kept pulling out the DVD, trying what I could, and finally realizing that my arm did not move like Sarah’s! My elbows barely reached my shoulders and opening back, pulling the elbows behind your shoulders was like watching an Olympian feat! Yet, I kept pulling out the DVD week after week, trying again and again until I was able to start some of the movements without severe pain. By October 2014 I was ordering more Essentrics DVDs. Feb 2015, I ordered my Level I package. Affirmation – LOVE Essentrics! Although I had some accidental physical set backs (life interferences as we all have), I received my certification around June. I was quite pleasantly surprised at the detail of feedback I received from the head office. Very encouraging and helpful! I found the entire process extremely educational and thorough. July 2015 I ordered my Level 2 (and plan on doing Level 3 and 4 in the future)… I have potential older clients with a variety of physical issues. Being 61 and finding a following of clients from 40-80, I want to educate myself fully in order to offer them confident assurance in my classes. From the realization of how others could benefit from the exercises that freed my body, to the joy of sharing Essentrics and its many benefits, I am where I am supposed to be, teaching this program. Since we are newly empty nesters and retired, it makes a regular teaching schedule impossible. But what is Essentrics if it can’t be shared? People flock to boot camps! Hence, Essentric 6 week workshops! My hope is that I may inspire and encourage a student to become an Essentrics instructor (no matter the age). Sharing this experience with others that are a part of Essentrics creates a stronger motivation than working alone. As my husband puts it, iron sharpens iron. The benefits for clients, both physically and mentally, are very rewarding to see and be a part of; nevertheless, being able to offer a consistent Essentrics class on the calendar is my hearts desire!

Gay Dippel,
Sunrise Beach, Texas


I have been teaching Essentrics for about 10 years. I think I qualify as someone who does the 30 day challenge every month, haha. I would like to share a little nugget of feedback that I received from one of my participants recently: "After taking your class, I get into my car and the first thing I have to do is adjust my rear view mirror". Essentrics really does make you taller!!!"

Elizabeth (Liz) Olson
Sherwood Park, AB


I've spent most of my career as a journalist, working in television as a reporter and producer. I loved it (still do.) However, the job required that I spend hours and hours working at a computer. The result, after years of working late nights and early mornings, was Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It was very painful and extended from my fingers into my shoulder and back. I tried everything; Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Pain Killers, Ice, Heat, Rest, Acupuncture. It worked, for a while. I started noticing a big difference in my pain level after I'd been practicing Essentrics for a few months. Not only was I stronger and more flexible, I had less pain. I was also able to heal a hamstring injury I'd had for about a year and the fact that I'd lost 5 pounds without even trying really sealed the deal. I decided to become a Certified Essentrics Instructor. I certified as a Level 1 instructor via the remote learning program. I was a bit concerned about the “remote” aspect as first, but the wonderful staff in the home office were always willing to answer a question via an email or phone call. I attended Level 2 training in January 2015 and it was an amazing experience. I and the other instructors in our group were able to learn firsthand from Essentrics creator Miranda Esmonde-White. Just being able to learn from Miranda in a class situation was invaluable. We were a small group, so she learned everyone’s names. The hands on approach made it so much easier for me to accomplish my Level 2 certification. Miranda was also very generous about giving advice about how to get our businesses to grow. I followed her advice and now teach 8 classes a week at various locations. I worked in Hollywood for many years interviewing celebrities. Miranda is certainly a celeb in the world of Essentrics, but I found her to be extremely down to earth, compassionate and dedicated to helping all of us become the best teachers possible.

Alesia Stanford


I've been teaching Essentrics since last October, I was certified level one in February. I just can't believe how much I love it and how good my body feels. I'm teaching six classes a week, some of them are small, some of them are bigger and all of them are enjoyable. When I first started this journey I never thought I would get my body to move the way we move as Essentrics instructors, now I find myself moving that way without a lot of thought… and I get the biggest thrill out of seeing the participants "get it." I just want to say thank you to Miranda and Sarah for making this work accessible to us.

Carole S


I just completed the Level 1 & 2 teacher training workshop with Miranda in Northern CA today. Thank you so much to Miranda Esmonde-white for making it such a wonderful, fascinating, educational and enjoyable experience. Your enthusiasm and compassion are infectious. Both workshops had a great group of ladies who were beautiful, intelligent and talented. It was a pleasure and a privilege to get to know you and to learn with you. For anyone considering doing a live teacher training, I can't recommend it enough. It's worth it even if you never become a teacher for the in depth exploration of Essentrics and its applicability to all aspects of movement, health and healing. It was definitely worth every penny! Thanks everyone!

Paula Hartgraves


I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that I was very impressed with the training this weekend. Erika is a fantastic trainer. She is extremely knowledgeable and very skilled. The other instructors were also fabulous (Maude, Meg and Gail). After this weekend I admire you even more as a business woman. I can see why your program is such a success. You have a wonderful personality and are surrounded by an amazing team. I am even more inspired and motivated to grow Essentrics in the Ottawa region after this weekend.

In good health,

Marianna Vakopoulos


I really enjoyed the Level 1 Live Teacher Training last month in Estes Park. After religiously following Miranda's program for the past four+ years, and attending the retreats the two years prior to this one, I am amazed how I think about the exercises differently now. I feel that my technique is much more refined, and I am more aware of the body positions and intentions for each of the moves. Love that! Heather and Erika provided wonderful guidance throughout the training.

Jani Van Deest


I have been teaching for more that 35 years, I am 54 and I have so many certifications that I forget what they are... I was told about Essentrics by one of my clients—I didn't have a clue what it was until I took my first live training in Montreal. Wow, I was finally going to get ‘real training’ with up to date information. After following the suggested program (if I needed support they were available for me) I did my level one exam. Surprise! I didn't only get a number on a piece of paper—I also had a follow up…someone telling me how I did and how to improve; she gave me written feedback and took the time to call me! Really, this is not just another certification, this is the way it should be. I always keep my knowledge up to date by doing many courses, but at this moment, the Essentrics training provides me with so much valuable ongoing training that there's no need to search for more! Thank you so much for keeping your standards high like you do for people that care to guide their clients toward health, rather than just animate a class.



Sahra, I am a budding Essentrics instructor (working on Level I since training with you precious mum in Estes Park, CO, USA last March) after teaching yoga for 13 years. I’m blessed to have about 8 students at every one of my “training” classes which I am teaching twice/week right now and they love Essentrics! So…I just ordered Pre-Cho 2 to keep them from getting bored (no sign yet) and simultaneously ordered 4 of your Essentrics DVD’s—they are fabulous, just like you! The 2012 DVD is totally cool. And BTW, I *adore* your website; I’ve also been a health coach and herbalist since 1996 so we have much in common. At some point, I know I will have to check out your studios in Canada by joining a training there and hope to meet you at that time. In the meantime, keep up the great work! Thanks in advance for your help. Warmly,


Dear Lynda,

I wanted to let Miranda, you and Sarah know how much I enjoy teaching Essentrics. I have one client who is still recovering from Gilliam Barre who is actually receiving messages further down his leg now and has much more mobility and strength in his leg. He works with me one session a week privately with just Essentrics and I asked him to work with one of our other experienced trainers for his regular strength work two other days a week. He is so pleased with his progress. Then there are my Parkinson's clients. My Parkinson's class on Friday mornings is loving the Essentrics workout that I have integrated into the rest of the program. One student tells me that she is walking better. The others feel that they have more freedom in their backs and shoulders. The class encompasses T'ai Chi, strength, hand to eye coordination sitting on stability balls, stretching and now Essentrics stretches. It is incredibly rewarding to help people with a chronic disease be able to perform their activities of daily life a little easier. My Essentrics class has built to 10 loyal students. I am going to begin teaching two classes a week toward the end of this month. Everyone in the class wants two classes a week. They can feel their bodies changing. One student, who also takes T'ai Chi with me, told me yesterday that she feels that between her T'ai Chi class with me and the Essentrics class, it has saved her life. She is recovering from a stroke, but you would never know that she had one now! Sometimes it becomes totally overwhelming when people say things like this to me. I am so grateful to be able to do what I do. My very best regards to all of you,