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mini workout videos:

Aging Backwards

Introduction to the Mini Workouts
Straighten Your Posture
Speed Your Weight-loss
Soothe Your Joints
Increase your Energy
Relieve your Pain
Enhance Your Balance
Improve Your Mobility
Protect Your Bones

essentrics & classical stretch mini workouts

Hamstrings, Hips and Psoas Stretch
Quad and Waist Thinners
Achilles Stretch
Shoulder, Upper Back and Pectoral Stretch
Waist Thinners
Thigh Thinners
Full Body Stretch
Mini Posture Workout
Strong Core and Lean Legs
Hip and Hamstring - part 1
Hip and Hamstring - part 2
Weights - Free Arms Toning
Mini Body Toning
Flexibility Workout
Hip Pain Relief
Upper Body Pain Relief
Slendize Your Waist
Mini Ab Workshop
Back Pain Relief and Prevention
Pregnancy Workout
Season 7 - Episode 1
Season 7 - Episode 2
Season 7 - Episode 3
Season 7 - Episode 4
Season 7 - Episode 5
Upper Back and Should Pain Relief

breast cancer Rehabilitation Mini Workouts 

Getting Started
Rehabilitation Exercises
Stress Release Exercises
Miranda's Story

instructional videos
essentrics & classical stretch instructional videos

Chair / BARRE Tutorials

Choosing the right chair
How to use your chair


"Am I doing this right" ?- Diagonal Reaches
"Am I doing this right" ?- Arms
"Am I doing this right" ?- Warm Up
"Am I doing this right" ?- Feet
Put a Bounce in Your Step
Proper Hip Stretching and Strengthening
How is your reach?
Move with a Purpose
"The Proper Way to Stand"
A look to the "Caribbean Spine"
Importance of going to the end of a stretch
Mini Workshop "Posture"
Mini Workshop "Osteoporosis"
Feel Good and Healing Exercises
Slenderize Your Legs
Ceiling Reaches
Frozen Shoulder
Frozen Shoulder Exercises
The Esmonde Technique
Neutral C
Teacher Training Head and Neck

Press videos
essentrics & classical stretch