Miranda, as I watched your Toledo OH PBS wgte program today, I was so impressed with your initiative to give accurate info to the general public. Over 30 years ago I switched from nursing in the medical profession to assisting chiropractic physicians because, when my own MD said they could not help the 3 diagnoses he gave me, it was under effective chiropractic care that I myself improved and that's where I saw countless others getting help. Where we were in the medical dealt with symptoms, the CAUSE is addressed in chiropractic. So you can see why I appreciate the info you offer....the same info that has been the chiropractic approach for years. What I MOST appreciate is your focus on the value of LIFESTYLE. My DC aligns the spine/joints, etc which is primary because, if the spine is not in natural alignment, physical activity can increase the injury. Then comes the importance of PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY, as you when you say we can't depend on the dentist to brush our teeth; for example. Currently I am privileged to be involved in the practice of Dr. Michael Hollerbach, DC and as someone has said, he has a "dream team". Dr. Hollerbach, a highly skilled NCTMB prior to becoming a physician graduating from Life University in GA, offers effective care that addresses the CAUSE of his patient's condition. Then he has therapists on staff who continue the process through a comprehensive program of nutrition, massage, and musculoskeletal work. From that point on, it is the ongoing initiative of the patient to adapt a LIFESTYLE that maintains the effective care begun in the office. And, as a patient myself, I believe this is a HUGE challenge because follow-up can be so difficult. When the patient is receiving care from practitioners who implement QUALITY services but effective results seem non-existent over time, often it is due to LACK OF PATIENT COMPLIANCE aka lack of personal responsibility. This lifestyle-focus that you stress is AWESOME and I want to thank you for getting this info out to the general public. Over many many years I've heard it in chiropractic seminars & it is all SO TRUE!!!!



I'm pretty fit for my age. Lost 35 pounds in 2016-17 by changing my diet and am trying to lose 15 more and keep it off. But I have some vulnerabilities in my knees and lumbar spine that I have to take care with. I have made exercise a part of my life for many years. I cross train, doing weights, elliptical, swimming and walking and of course, my classical stretch DVDs and Essentrics on TV. Classical Stretch really helped me gain flexibility, and as I age, I think it will become a bigger part of my exercise routine. I've been a massage therapist for 36 years, and I see clients from all around North America. I encourage them all to find your program and practice it regularly. I even sent it to the ABMP (professional massage) magazine as a suggested client tool: Thank you, Miranda for all your wonderful help! I encourage virtually all my clients to us the TV series Classical Stretch by Essentrics, which has aired on PBs stations around the country for 15 years and is wonderful for all body types. It’s stretching, strengthening, and education tolled into a 22-minute workout, six days a week. The host is a well-educated former ballet dancer who explains movement and kinesiology in lay terms. If all my clients used this tool between massages, they’d be so much better off. It has helped me tremendously.

Susan Stone
LMT, Owner Hired Hands Massage, Las Vegas, NV


I am an ICU nurse (56 yrs old) and have always had nagging shoulder, neck, and intermittent back pain. I have been committed to health for years. I maintain my weight (125 lbs and am 5’ 7”), and have regularly exercised and strengthened my core 3 times a week - since my 20’s. I am in very "good shape". However, on 11/9, I was getting out of my car, and my back spasmed so badly that I couldn’t work for 5 days. I was on bedrest taking anti-inflammatories and icing my back. At that time, I began thinking seriously about the “classical stretch” episode I had seen on PBS in October on a random Saturday. I started doing some mild stretching videos that I saw on YouTube and found my back healed faster. When I went to the website, I saw the 30 day challenge and decided to commit fully to a schedule of daily stretching and strengthening. I signed up and have been using the TV series daily. I am so amazed at the difference in all of my joints and muscles! In fact, I have stopped my previous “weight training” schedule (25-30 lb reps), running, and other sports that were aggravating my back. I have found this type of work out to be the most revitalizing and helpful for my body. My back has not been aching at all. As Miranda says, if I do have a day where I am achy, “I know what to do to fix it”. I feel so empowered. My posture is better - which relieves my neck pain. As a nurse, I know the importance of how all muscles work together, but I have never implemented a plan to keep my body the healthiest. I tell all of my colleagues about this technique - as I think nurses are in most need of stretching and core strengthening. Thank you so much for challenging us ! I am forever indebted.

Best regards,
Kimberly G


Dear Miranda,  

I am writing to thank you for creating the Esmonde Technique. I am a 67 year old  physical therapist assistant. I am also a personal trainer and have done private training and classes for over 16 years. Your PBS shows have intrigued me for years, but constraints  of work and life kept me from further investigation.
In May of this year I had a serious accident. Dislocated elbow, radial head excision, coronoid process fracture and destruction of medial and lateral collateral ligaments. All resulted in radial head replacement and ligament reconstruction. I was immobilized for 9 weeks. My range of motion is thus far limited.  
When I got the ok to exercise, I began looking at classical stretch youtube videos. Changes have been miraculous. I am awaiting my Level 1 instructor material and look forward on my journey through the instructor levels.  Many thanks to you.  Hopefully, I will be able to meet you some time to thank you personally for this gift. 

Best to you, 

Jean Gorman


Hi there,

What makes Miranda’s program unique is that it rebalances the biomechanics of the body and its joints, by a series of comprehensive stretching and strengthening exercises that really help, making the body supple and strong. But one of the major things that should be noted is that no external device or equipment is being used! Therefore, anyone can do these exercises, no matter where they are! In terms of the long, strong and lean look, it is due to the fact that the Classical Stretch program does not use any weights to pump the muscles up, giving them that bulky look, but uses specifi c techniques such as a contract-relax technique, which are part of the P.N.F family (Proprio Neuromuscular Facilitation) which is commonly used by physiotherapists and other health professionals, in hospitals and clinics all over the world. By lengthening and strengthening your muscles, I have seen people here lose inches of fat everywhere, sculpt their body, improve their posture and decrease their pains enormously, and best of all, plant a permanent smile on their face. I have seen it over and over again. This is why I truly endorse Classical Stretch, it delivers results.

George Demirakos Pht, CAT

Classical Stretch is a unique approach to physical fi tness and over all body wellness. This innovative training technique targets the muscles and joints from many different angles and planes of motion. Classical Stretch combines profound stretch of the muscles and at the same time forces the core muscles to contract eccentrically. This unique technique creates conditions for the strengthening of the muscles without muscular hypertrophy, helping participants to achieve the slenderized muscle. It also creates conditions for body fat loss in targeted areas. A stronger, better-balanced and more fl exible body encourages an individual to use his/her newly possessed recourses by engaging in more active everyday life leading to overall body weight loss and better health.

Dr. Andre Kulesza PhD Physical Education, Sport Science, Biomechanics

As a yoga instructor since 2000 and practitioner for longer, I’ve recently been humbled to learn I have adhesive encapsulitis (frozen shoulder) in both shoulders. It took 8 months of pain to get diagnosed, 2 months of PT to see real progress (with ups and downs), but only one of your recorded programs to feel a difference today in one shoulder which has been especially stiff and painful lately. Bravo!

Susan E. M
M.H. Herbalist, Yoga Instructor, Speaker and Award-Winning Author

As a chiropractor with over 25 years experience, I have had the opportunity to work with 1000’s of patients. I recommend “Classical Stretch” to all my patients…not just for “back pain” but for general wellness, posture, and movement awareness. My patients who do “Classical Stretch” 3 times per week notice increased flexibility, strength, balance and reduced stress. In the course of my career I have researched many exercise options for my patients. I have never seen one as comprehensive from head to toe, easy to follow, affordable, and informative. Miranda is a genius!! Two thumbs up for Classical Stretch!!!

Beth Barnett, DC Chiropractic Physician Past President Tennessee Chiropractic
Association CCSP, DACBO, CCER

Dear Miranda,

I am a physician, mother, wife, business owner, and like so many other women, overworked. I however am no longer stressed out and in pain because I literally do a minimum of 1/2 hour or more of Essentrics a day no matter what. You are my life saving medication - I haven't needed an anti-inflammatory since the first week I started doing your program. My daughter and her friends, doctors and nurses at the hospitals, my brother, and many of my friends and now their friends are doing Essentrics and tell me they can't believe how something that looks so simple can give them the results they were unable to attain with other exercise programs. One of my best friends, another doctor, quit her "stretch" class after trying your program. She said the class made her hurt, she wasn't seeing any changes I have raved before on how I feel with the resolution of my fibromyalgia pain which for me is the most amazing result.

Patrice M, M.D.

"In Aging Backwards, Miranda Esmonde-White shows readers how we age at a cellular level, and what we can do to slow and reverse this process. Her pioneering exercise program can help anyone, at any level, maintain a youthful body as we inevitably enter into later stages of life."

Claudio Cuello
MD, D.Sc., FRSC, OC, professor and former chair of the
Pharmacology and Therapeutics Department, McGill University

"As a chiropractor, my job is physically demanding. I toss around people who are sometimes three times my body weight! I started doing Miranda's workouts ten years ago, and now I recommend them to ALL of my patients, even for those with joint problems. It is safe, easy, convenient, and complete . . . the total package!"

Dr. Beth Barnett
Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician