Choose among a series of 1-hour courses on topics that will enrich your training and build upon your understanding of the fundamental principles and building blocks of the Essentrics technique.
  • Theoretical, practical and applicable information
  • Discussion and Q&A period
  • Take-home material
  • Specialty Certificate (where applicable: a follow-up online quiz is required)

Neurological Workshop with Miranda Esmonde-White
What it takes for your body to move.
(Levels 3 & 4)
The nervous system is the basis of all movement, and understanding its function is fundamental as an Essentrics Instructor. In this Workshop, you will explore its role and importance in an applicable manner, through techniques and reflexes, to help your students achieve faster, safer, desired results in their workouts.


Pain Workshop with Miranda Esmonde-White
How and why Essentrics provides lasting pain-relief to clients in need.
(Open to everyone -- Morning Workshop)
At any given time, 1/5 of the population in North America is suffering from chronic pain; 85% of which can be relieved and cured through correct exercise. Miranda's new book and PBS pledge show (Forever Painless - November 2016 release) are on the topics of pain and pain-relief through Essentrics. This Workshop teaches you what a pain message really means and how to listen to it, and provides you with the tools you need to serve this clientele. You will leave feeling inspired and confident about changing the quality of people's lives.


Age Reversing Workshop with Meg Feeney 
What you need to know to teach this popular class.
(Levels 1-4)
There is an ever-growing population of people who have the will to exercise, but have no exercise program to turn to. They may have been sedentary for 20-30 years, had past injuries that never fully healed and are looking for a safe, complete workout that suits their fitness level and needs. We witnessed the popularity of the New York Times bestseller, Aging Backwards, and the award-winning PBS documentary Age Reversed, which inspired many older people to get moving again. Become a leader in this area and learn how to help this group take their first steps towards a healthier life through a great workout experience.


Alignment and Posture Workshop with Miranda Esmonde-White
Gain access to your strengthening potential.
(Open to everyone -- Morning Workshop)
Poor alignment and bad posture interfere with our ability to strengthen our muscles efficiently and maintain healthy organs. Learn the components of good alignment and proper posture and how to apply and teach them in every exercise of the Essentrics program. Teaching your students how to move correctly will recruit all 650 muscles—giving them increased energy and immune efficiency. You will not have to convince them of the power of correct alignment and posture…they will feel it!


Connective & Scar Tissue Workshop with Miranda Esmonde-White
Discover how each movement has an impact on the entire body.
(Open to everyone -- Morning Workshop)
Connective tissue connects and supports every cell in our body. Understanding this is key to maintaining a healthy, vibrant body. When connective tissue congeals and hardens from lack of movement or overtraining, it interferes with every aspect of our health—accelerating the aging process and contributing to injuries. Learn how to recognize the difference between tight connective tissue and muscle tightness, and how to use Essentrics techniques to gently release and unglue connective tissue to liberate your body and strengthen your muscles.


Relaxation Workshop with Miranda Esmonde-White
Tapping into the power of relaxation for deep healing, mobility and strength benefits.
(Open to everyone -- Morning Workshop)
We've been taught that the only way to get results in fitness is to work hard and push our body to its limits. This is a myth. There is untapped power behind relaxation. Learn how to use it through Essentrics techniques to gain rapid, pain-free strength and flexibility. You'll be amazed.


Barre Workshop with Sahra Esmonde-White 
Get excited about what Essentrics Barre can do for your body.
(Levels 1-4)
The world has become flooded with Barre Workouts that claim to offer a ballerina body while still using the same strength training techniques that have been performed for decades—leaving the body tight, bulky and in pain. Essentrics Barre is unique from other barre workouts offered in the market as it stays true to our principles of elongation and strength and freedom of movement in your joints. Learn a series of Essentrics Barre exercises and how to put together a well-balanced sequence to stretch, release and rebalance the Essentrics Big Four. You'll learn how easy it is to integrate barre work into your classes.
Please note that you can also apply this workout with the use of a chair in lieu of a barre.


Athletes Workshop with Gail Garceau 
Everything you need to train this specialty group.
(Levels 2-4)
For an athlete to win, they have to be injury-free and move rapidly with full range of motion. This high Level Workshop will help you understand how to analyze your athlete and put together a full-body workout tailored to their sport and the limited time you are given to train them. A must-attend session if you're interested in teaching this group.
Pre-requisite: Must be a Certified Level 2-4 Instructor.


Teaching Skills Workshop with Meg Feeney 
Changes your clients will notice.
(Levels 1–4)
Expert advice and valuable practical work that will review cueing, voice projection, intensity, pace, transitions, and more for you to confidently and concisely teach your class. Learn how to finish your thoughts and sentences to deliver accurate cues and well-developed explanations. These are details that take your class to a higher caliber.
*Extremely beneficial for every Level of Instructor.


Music Workshop with Amanda Cyr 
Using your playlist to create a workout experience.
(Levels 1-4)
Music is a key element of any Essentrics workout. Not only do songs help us time our routines, but they also ensure that we keep the correct pace, speed or emotional feeling within our exercises. This makes song choice crucial to the success of your routine and the retention rate of your class. In this interactive Workshop, we will go over the styles of music best suited to the various exercises in Essentrics, provide insight on how to choose music that will appeal to the various types of people in your class, and practice counting the beats. Music affects your emotional and mental state; learn from a pro on how to take your students on a musical journey through the different styles, rhythms and speeds that will make up each class.


Systems of the Body Workshop:
with Neuromuscular Therapist CMT,CHC, Julie Webster
Explore the human body like never before.
(Levels 1-4)
What holds us together? How are we standing? How do we move? This workshop approaches the study of the human body in an organized manner for you to easily comprehend how all the systems of our body work together to keep us healthy. We will take you on an interactive guide through the skeletal, muscular, cardiovascular, nervous and respiratory systems of the body, to provide you with a solid foundation that will help you explore further.


Muscles of the Upper Body Workshop:
with Neuromuscular Therapist CMT,CHC, Julie Webster
An interactive approach to the Top 3.
(Levels 1-4)
We will identify the key roles of the muscles of the upper body to understand their structure and functions within movement. This practical and interactive approach will deepen your knowledge base of how the muscles of the Top 3 work and, more importantly, what's happening to them during an Essentrics class. An invaluable workshop to understand our Trademark sequences and help you create your own for your Level 2 certification. You will gain a deeper appreciation of our full-body movements and understand why they deliver the outstanding benefits that they do.


Muscles of the Lower Body Workshop:
with Neuromuscular Therapist CMT,CHC, Julie Webster
An interactive approach to the Big 4.
(Levels 1-4)
Learning anatomy requires hours upon hours of memorization. We guarantee that you will learn more efficiently using the tools from this workshop. We will take a specific look at key muscle groups of the lower body to help you understand the roles that each muscle has in relation to movement. This practical and interactive approach will help you to understand and remember the origins and insertions of the Big 4 muscles. It will also allow you to deepen your knowledge base of how the muscles of the lower body work and, more importantly, what's happening to them during an Essentrics class. You will be able to unlock tight muscles and train your students much more efficiently after this workshop.



The hands-on experience of participating in our Live Teacher Trainings is invaluable. There is no substitute for the knowledge that you will acquire about yourself and the technique, while surrounded by your peers and Master Trainers. Class tricks and pointers, cuing, tempo, musicality, and perfecting the angles of the body are a handful of long–lasting benefits.

One of the most significant takeaways, however, is the development of critical thinking—necessary to your success as an instructor. Our Live Teacher Trainings will have you analyzing your own movements to get you thinking about what's happening—and why—to help you understand your students better.

Regardless of where you're at in the certification process, you may choose to complete 1 or 2 Live Teacher Training Levels during the Symposium, which also include additional Workshops that will elevate your teaching skills and help grow your career.

  • Levels 1 to 4 offered over 4 days.
  • Register for a single Level or combine Levels 1 & 2 together or 3 & 4 together.
  • Daily Workshops to feed you with the information and knowledge needed to excel in your training and simplify every Level. All of your questions will be answered!
  • Personal time with the team of Essentrics Master Instructors and Educators to help answer any of your training questions.
  • Each Level consists of 7.5 hours of training with a Master Instructor over two days.
  • Daily Live Group Classes (am/pm) with Miranda and her team.
NOTE: The completion of a Live Teacher Training Level entitles you to 4 hours of credit to put towards your apprentice hours.


Please note: You must pass the theoretical and practical exam of a Level, in order to become certified in that particular level. Attending a Live Teacher Training will greatly assist you in the certification process as you will develop a deeper understanding of the technique, and gain personalized feedback and tools to apply to your teaching for greater success.

** You must pass your exam portions and complete your apprentice teaching requirements to earn your certificate for each Level. Our LTT’s do not replace these steps, but rather accelerate the process by contributing to your apprentice teaching hours while providing an irreplaceable live experience.

BONUS - FREE LIVE Exams and Exam Prep Sessions
Book Ahead of Time!

For those already enrolled in the Essentrics Academy:

You may schedule a Live Exam Prep Session (to prepare for filming your exams in the future.)


If you've completed your apprentice hours and theoretical exam portion (for your current Level): You may schedule your Live Exam with one of our Master Instructors during the Symposium. This will replace the requirement for you to submit your video exam.

This is an amazing opportunity for teachers who are ready to showcase their teaching skills, but have yet to film their exam. You'll benefit from direct, live feedback from a Master Instructor who will evaluate your exercises and form and provide any necessary corrections.

Don't feel shy or intimidated—instead, get motivated!! Remember that, once you've booked your spot at the Symposium, you still have several months to get through your Level (and complete all the requirements).

Spaces are limited, so please reserve early. Please indicate on your registration form if you would like to book either a FREE Live Exam Prep Session or a Live Exam. Email [email protected] for availability.

LEVEL 1 – Live Teacher Training
Principles of the Essentrics Program

The fastest way to understand the theory behind Essentrics is to put it into practice, which is why we want you to begin teaching as quickly as possible.

In the Level 1 Live Teacher Training, you will be introduced to the principles, techniques, anatomy, philosophy, physiology and objectives of the Essentrics program, and discover the relationship that exists between them. This will enable you to confidently achieve the desired objectives from your workout when you begin teaching your Apprentice hours. You will also learn the breakdown of your first 1-hour Pre-Choreographed Workout (PCW), how to perform and teach all the exercise sequences correctly, and how to be aware of (and correct) common mistakes.

Upon completion of this Level, you will have the choreography and skills necessary to teach an Essentrics group class and purchase any of our PCW's.

NOTE: PCW1 is simple to learn with straightforward choreography. Try our Full Body Toning DVD for an idea of the difficulty level.
PRE-REQUISTE: Registered in the instructor certification program. Additional requirements: You do not need a background in health, fitness, dance, anatomy or physiology. Some of our best instructors have never taught prior to Essentrics. We do suggest you learn the basic muscles and skeleton at this level (included in your Level 1 Instructor Manual).
MATERIAL TO BRING: Level 1 Instructor Manual + exercise mat

LEVEL 2 – Live Teacher Training
Trademark Exercises

Trademark exercises are overall the most challenging aspect of the Essentrics workout, as they involve large, fully body movements that focus on deep strengthening of the spine and core. They are scientifically designed to rebalance the entire body’s musculature and decompress the spine while working through muscle chains, improving posture and relieving back pain.

Essentrics Trademarks have the most drastic impact on the shape and health of the body.

In the Level 2 Live Teacher Training, you will learn how to correctly execute all our exercises, transitions, and positions—which make up the components of a Trademark sequence—and develop your application of techniques. You will also be taught how to find appropriate music for these sequences by learning how to listen for the emotional story in each song, which will make your classes more powerful and enjoyable.

Upon completion of this Level, you will understand the purpose and power behind these full-body movements and have what it takes to create your own safe, balanced sequences. You will also develop musicality and use of techniques, cuing and imagery.
PRE-REQUISTE: Must be Level 1 certified or have attended/registered for a Level 1 Live Teacher Training.
MATERIAL TO BRING: Level 2 Instructor Manual + exercise mat

LEVEL 3 – Live Teacher Training
Flexibility and Therapeutic Exercises

Full body flexibility is one of the most important features of a healthy, pain-free body. Level 3 is focused on all of the healing benefits of the Essentrics technique.

In the Level 3 Live Teacher Training, you will analyze the flexibility-focused exercises and techniques in our program and learn how to use them to achieve deep healing, therapeutic objectives. Through this in-depth analysis, you will understand why students perform the exercises differently and how to adapt them to suit the many different body types, levels of fitness and health conditions you will find in your classes. This LTT will show you how to adjust a regular Essentrics toning workout to make it one for healing.

Upon completion of this Level, you will have learned over 50 original flexibility exercises targeting every muscle group of the body to increase the full range of motion of every joint. You will be proficient in standing, floor and barre/chair work—which is very high in demand—and be able to relieve aches and pains from chronic conditions, help with injury rehabilitation and confidently teach Essentrics Aging Backwards classes.
PRE-REQUISTE: Must be Level 2 certified or have attended/registered for a Level 2 Live Teacher Training.Additional requirements: To pass Level 3, you must complete or provide proof of prior completion of a basic anatomy/physiology course.
MATERIAL TO BRING: Level 3 Instructor Manual + exercise mat

LEVEL 4 – Live Teacher Training
Strengthening Exercises

Essentrics is a full-body strengthening program where muscles are developed to become strong, long, lean and slender. As we work our muscles in the elongated position, they strengthen as they are being lengthened, which permanently renders them more strong and flexible.
In the Level 4 Live Teacher Training, you will learn the science behind weight loss and anti-aging, as well as the importance of strength in our bodies on a cellular level.

Upon completion of this Level, you will be able to help anyone achieve their overall body shaping and toning goals and be able to work with professional athletes. Your clients will become stronger, faster, more powerful, and have more energy through our specific standing, floor and barre strengthening exercises. In this final Level, you will be taught how to apply all that you have learned in your training for you to design an Essentrics workout to suit any clientele and need; a very rewarding experience!
PRE-REQUISTE: Must be Level 3 certified or have attended/registered for a Level 3 Live Teacher Training
MATERIAL TO BRING: Level 4 Instructor Manual + exercise mat