With Miranda Esmonde-White

(Open to eveyone)


Pain Workshop
How and why Essentrics provides lasting pain-relief to those in need.
At any given time, 1/5 of the population in North America is suffering from chronic pain; 85% of which can be relieved and cured through correct exercise. Miranda's new book and PBS pledge show (Forever Painless - November 2016 release) are on the topics of pain and pain-relief through Essentrics. This workshop teaches you what a pain message really means and how to listen to it. You will leave feeling inspired, confident and in control about changing the quality of your life.


Alignment and Posture Workshop
Gain access to your strengthening potential.
Poor alignment and bad posture interfere with our ability to strengthen our muscles efficiently and maintain healthy organs. In this workshop, you will learn the components of good alignment and proper posture. You will be given the tips on how to get the most out of every Essentrics and Classical Stretch workout, which you will be able to apply in your daily life. Learning how to move and stand correctly will recruit all 650 muscles—giving you increased energy and immune efficiency. We will not have to convince you about the power of correct alignment and posture…you will feel it!


Connective & Scar Tissue Workshop
Discover how each movement has an impact on the entire body.
Connective tissue connects and supports every cell in our body. Understanding this is key to maintaining a healthy, vibrant body. When connective tissue congeals and hardens from lack of movement or overtraining, it interferes with every aspect of our health—accelerating the aging process and contributing to injuries. Learn the difference between tight connective tissue and muscle tightness, and how to use the techniques in your Essentrics and Classical Stretch workouts to gently release and unglue connective tissue, which will liberate your body and strengthen your muscles. 


Relaxation Workshop
Tapping into the power of relaxation for deep healing, mobility and strength benefits.
We’ve been taught that the only way to get results in fitness is to work hard and push our body to its limits. This is a myth. There is untapped power behind relaxation. Learn how to use this invaluable technique throughout your Essentrics and Classical Stretch workouts to gain rapid, pain-free strength and flexibility. You will be amazed!