Watch and learn some tips from MIRANDA ESMONDE-WHITE, Creator of ESSENTRICS

Soothe Your Joints

Straighten Your Posture

Speed Your Weight-loss

Increase Your Energy

Relieve Your Pain

Enhance Your Balance

Improve Your Mobility

Protect Your Bones

"Am I doing this right" ? - Diagonal Reaches

"Am I doing this right" ? - Arms

"Am I doing this right" ? - Warm Up

Put a Bounce in Your Step

Proper Hip Stretching and Strengthening

How is your reach?

Move with a Purpose

"The Proper Way to Stand"

Hip Pain Relief

Upper Body Pain Relief

Mini Workout to Slendize your Waist

A look to the "Caribbean Spine"

Grade Ones and Twos Love Classical Stretch!

Classical Stretch - How to do a "Neutral C"

Classical Stretch - Mini Ab Workshop

"Am I doing this right" ? - Feet

  Importance of going to the end of a stretch

Mini Workshop "Posture"

Mini Workshop "Osteoporosis"

Feel Good and Healing Exercises

Slenderize Your Legs

Ceiling Reaches

Frozen Shoulder

Frozen Shoulder Exercises

Teacher Training Head and Neck