Alenquer, Portugal
First European stop on our tour: Portugal! Instructor Carla Rodrigues not only offers classes in Portugal, but she also offers her classes in Portuguese! The benefits of the Essentrics workout are going global. FACEBOOK

Valencia, Spain
Taking Essentrics to Spain! As our instructors move throughout the world, Essentrics is shared in new cities and environments. Canadian instructor, Terence Wissler, recently moved to Spain to work with the Espai de circ - AVC (Asociación Valenciana de Circo) -- leading to a wonderful opportunity for this organization to discover the power of Essentrics. FACEBOOK

Essentrics Ibiza Break
Sol Beach House - Ibiza, Spain

Essentrics Amsterdam with Danielle De Wildt went south to Ibiza to host an Essentrics Retreat at the sun filled Sol Beach House. Joining this yearly Essentrics retreat is a wonderful way to discover the island of Ibiza. @danielledewildt

Giessbach hotel on Breinz Lake, Switzerland
Next stop Switzerland. Robin Becker is stretching her way through Europe! Pictured here outside the Giessbach Hotel on Breinz Lake. Robin teaches out of Portland, Oregon at Snap Fitness & Chintimini Senior Center.

Bottighofen, Switzerland
Essentrics is growing across the globe! Seeing the technique reach into new countries overseas brings encouragement to those starting their classes in smaller areas. Pictured: Eefje Van de Ven. @l_eefje

Kerkira, Corfu Greece
Moving further southeast, we land in the Greek Islands! Instructor Sara Hamel catches some beautiful lighting on a quiet beach in Corfu, Greece. @Sara_corfu

Central Harbourfront, Hong Kong
Now into Asia! Instructor Jos Yeung teaches outdoors with the backdrop of Hong Kong in the distance. Her class numbers have reached into the hundreds – an exciting addition to the Essentrics community worldwide! @essentricswithjos

Mexico Symposium 2018
Riviera Hotel Resort

Southward to Mexico! In April 2018, we hosted our second Essentrics Retreat & Symposium just outside of Tulum. This retreat is one of the few opportunities that participants have to be corrected by Miranda and her team while taking classes - allowing everyone to excel with their home workout practice. Our bodies transform and new knowledge is gained, as we become inspired by the people we meet and the friends we make.

Turks and Caicos Islands

The white sandy beaches and deep blue waters of Turks & Caicos in the Caribbean put it at the top of our bucket list of holiday destinations! Instructor Kelley Kennon has taken her Essentrics practice to Club Med Turkoise.
@Healing_movement @Club Med Turkoise

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Southern hemisphere! Instructor Christina Zuniga is pictured after her final class in Sao Paulo. As a departure gift, her students presented her with this stunning exercise mat, painted by a Brazilian Artist. Christina will be making her way back to Arlington, Virginia. FACEBOOK

Toronto, Ontario
Back to North America! Our favorite time of the year to bring out colorful fitness wardrobes.
Instructor Nicole Thacker teaches out of Toronto studio, Framewrk. @coliee21

Flagstaff, Arizona
Originally from Madison, Wisconsin - Essentrics Flagship Studio Instructor, Ellyn Ochs is pictured here as she travels across Arizona taking unique Essentrics photos along the way. @ellynessentricstrainer

Colorado Live Teacher Training
Estes Park

We love the chance to bring our Essentrics Instructors to beautiful locations for their Live Teacher Trainings. There’s always something magical about breathing in the fresh mountain air while practicing daily movement and learrning the science behind Essentrics.

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