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Aging Backwards Class Names


Since the launch of Miranda Esmonde-White's New York Times bestselling book, Aging Backwards and award-winning documentary on PBS, Aging Backwards, in 2014we've seen a surge in demand for group classes that were slower-paced than regular Essentrics classes. We then introduced Essentrics Aging Backwards classes, in order to respond to the needs of a new clientele that was coming to class. These new clients had multiple concerns: having been sedentary for many years, they wanted to feel safe while getting back into shape; they were in pain or had long-term injuries and wanted a workout that wouldn't hurt them; or they were older clients who wanted to feel like they were among their peers.

Over the last two years, the popularity of these slower-paced classes has grown exponentially. We've since created a PCW for this type of class, and given modifications to existing routines to make them more suitable for this clientele. Going forward, we plan on offering specialized workshops and more PCWs to help our instructors effectively serve this population.

In November 2016, we launched a new book and a new PBS show titled Forever Painless. We know that as with Aging Backwards with Miranda on PBS, this new show will attract many people with various types of pain and injuries. In order for our classes to have a consistent name that appeals to those clients who are looking for a non-intimidating workout that will help them on their path to both reversing the signs of aging, and treating their painwe have created a list of class names that will appeal to both groups.

You can refer to our new class name guidelines below and choose the one that best suits your targeted clientele.

Note: It's important to identify the types of students that you wish to attract in your classes, and then choose a class name that will appeal to them and their needs. This will ensure your classes are successful and well-attended.


* Essentrics Release, Rebalance & Restore
* Essentrics Gentle Stretch
* Essentrics Aging Backwards  
* Age Reversing Essentrics 
* Essentrics for Seniors (Community centres, senior homes—targeted to seniors)


* Essentrics remise en forme
* Essentrics en douceur
* Essentrics rajeunir en s'étirant
* Essentrics pour les aînés

Release tight muscles, rebalance joints and restore your body.

This is an age reversing workout that will restore movement in your joints, flexibility and strength in your muscles, relieve pain, and stimulate your cells to increase energy, vibrancy and your immune system. A slow-paced, full body workout created by the author of the New York Times bestseller, Aging Backwards and Forever Painless.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]