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Instructor Newsletter - February 2015

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Essentrics™ is a unique program that is praised for increasing flexibility, strength and relieving pain. New instructors are introduced to this program by learning how to teach a safe workout for people who want to improve their posture, release tension, shape their body and increase mobility. As you gain experience and educate yourselves through the different manuals and Live Teacher Trainings—you will begin to learn how to offer a new aspect of this program: healing. This is one of the most exciting avenues for an Essentrics instructor to get involved in but it takes a lot of training and real commitment to learn.

There are many personal trainers who have a kinesiology degree and are injuring clients on a daily basis. In order to want to ensure that none of our Essentrics instructors cause anyone more harm than help—it is very important that we begin learning how to heal someone who has severe health conditions. Apprentice hours should be practiced with “healthy, uninjured” people, until you are able to recognize the difference between healthy and unhealthy movement. Any instructor who does personal training for healing, needs Level 4 knowledge of the technique in order to effectively help their client. Attending a Level 3 - Live Teacher Training is the best way to understand the issue of pain and pain tolerance, which is vital in knowing when to stop and when to keep pushing.

- Miranda

We recently had a Mini Workshop in Montreal with Erika Vipond teaching a breakdown of the Pre- Choreographed Workout 2 and had some really positive feedback!

Caterina : “Erika continuously made reference to Level 1 without comprising the Level 2 participants. I picked up details and techniques from the Level 1 Live Teacher Training. Her articulation of the poses and area of the body working, while executing a particular sequence was impeccable!“

Lynda : “I want to thank you for the workshop [yesterday]. I got a deeper understanding of Essentrics and the correct way to go to the end of movement. It was very interesting.”

> Check out our upcoming Live Events for more information on workshops, teacher trainings and fitness retreats!



What is a Pre-choreographed Workout?
A Pre-choreographed Workout is a specialized routine designed by the creators of Essentrics to meet all the standards of the Essentrics trademark. The sequences are carefully placed in order to evenly stretch and strengthen all 650 muscles, which rebalances tight and weak muscles and increases strength and flexibility.

Who teaches Pre-choreographed Workouts?
All of our teachers-in-training who are certified Level 1 are required to teach the pre-choreographed workouts until they are certified Level 4. Even our Level 4 instructors still teach pre-choreographed routines to this day because they have been so effective in providing their clients with fast results.

How many Pre-choreographed Workouts should I have memorized?
After you become certified Level 1, you may begin learning any one of our 7 Pre-choreographed Workouts right away. Try to alternate teaching a different routine every 6-10 weeks, and you can go back to your first routine to mix it up for your clients and yourself. The more routines you memorize, the faster and easier it is to learn a new one.
- 1 Year Teaching: have 2 Pre-choreographed routines memorized
- 2 Years Teaching: have 4 Pre-choreographed routines memorized
- 3 Years+ Teaching: have at least 5 Pre-choreographed routines to alternate through

What does the Pre-choreographed Workout Manual include?
Each Pre-choreographed Workout Manual Includes:
- Manual: 30 min. version of the workout,
  60 min. version of the workout,
  Some include a 1h15 min. Barre version
- DVD: full workout non-stop
  Breakdown of each sequence

Why do we need to teach Pre-choreographed Routines?
By consistently following the same workout for 6 weeks your clients will be able to follow and anticipate the exercises much easier, allowing them to work harder and engage more muscles throughout the workout. It is important to learn a variety of workouts to be able to change it up every couple of months in order to challenge your clients and keep them interested. Teachers who create their own routine are putting their clients at risk of overdoing a particular muscle group/joint, which can cause more harm than good. There is a particular logic to each of these workouts that you will begin to learn through teaching them. Once you are a fully certified instructor, you will have the knowledge and experience to piece together your own routines.

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What's on Our Playlist - Side Leg Lifts

“Pull out and lift- hip forward! Knee down and stretch your leg, point your toe. Open your chest, pull out more and rotate- Good, now eight more!”

Sound familiar? Even instructors dread this exercise: Side leg lifts. We do them for strengthening and stretching; creating long, lean, toned thigh muscles and decompressing our hips before a deep stretch. Here’s some music with a beat from our Instructor of the month, Marnie Kuhn that will bring some fun to this exercise so you don’t sound like a broken record.

- Uptight (Everything's Alright) - Stevie Wonder
- Temptation (7" Edit) - New Order
- Uptown Funk (feat. Bruno Mars) - Mark Ronson

In 2009, Marnie was introduced to Essentrics by her friend and fellow Essentrics instructor, Tracy Collins. With the lack of diversity in various exercise programs in Windsor, Ontario, Marnie knew she wanted to share the benefits she was feeling and seeing as a result of practicing Essentrics with the rest of her community.

With a Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of Windsor, Marnie now works in Administration at the University. In addition to her administrative work, she has become involved with both employee wellness programs and student fitness classes. Marnie teaches 3 Essentrics classes there per week and has since received the Gord Smith Healthy Workplace Award on behalf of the University of Windsor and the Workplace Wellness Committee.


Marnie faces the challenge of marketing her classes in an area where it is not as known, but the awareness is growing through each student she works with- “perseverance is essential!” In the future, upon completion of her Level 4 training, Marnie plans on reaching out to the varsity athletic teams at the U of W to gain additional experience working with athletes.

Congratulations and best of luck Marnie!