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2017 is in full swing and most teachers are continuing with previous contracts or in the process of increasing their classes and branching out onto new and exciting opportunities. It can be a challenge to keep your clients motivated. Below are some helpful points to incorporate into your 2017 classes to ensure your success!

Talk About Your Own Fitness Goals and Encourage People to Set Their Own

Encourage people to make 2017 about achieving their fitness goals. Essentrics allows us to gain strengthen and mobility of our full body which makes us able to do other activities we enjoy. Focusing on goals that will help to evoke motivation and passion. Make your goals realistic and specific. Goals are equally important for yourself as they are for your clients. Encourage your clients to work actively towards their goals and take the time to share yours

Invite Others to Join

Trying to increase class numbers?? Offer your existing clients a referral program, allow people the opportunity to come for a free trial on their first class. Build a buzz in your community, bring a social dynamic to your classes. Make new and existing clients feel welcome.  Your best marketing tool is word of mouth. Aim to leave a lasting impression with your clients.

Find Out What Excites Your clients and Build on That

Ask for feedback after your classes. Encourage your clients to let you know ways to improve. Constructive feedback is the best way to improve yourself and your classes. Open lines of communication are the what develops a sincere relationship and ensures people are getting what they want out of each session. Be open to change.

Daily Themes for each of Your Classes

Essentrics teachers are so enthusiastic about sharing the technique. Throughout their certification they are constantly learning new and exciting concepts. Many teachers do not have a background in science but find the principles behind Essentrics fascinating.  What purpose does knowledge serve if it cannot be shared? – Create a theme each week of your classes, connective tissue, relaxation, the spine. Sharing important pieces of information will inspire your clients to continue to maintain the health of their body.

Build an online community

Stay connected with your clients, create a Facebook page or group exclusively for your clients. This will make each of your class participants feel a part of something. Communicate changes, suggestions, interesting articles. The internet is an amazing tool to stay current and connected. Spend time on increasing ways you can correspond. The importance of connectedness cannot be undersold. People increase the chances of completing their personal goals when they have a clear and active support system available. 


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After hosting nearly 200 attendees we are thrilled with the feedback and success of our first ever Essentrics Symposium! A special thanks to everyone who made this event possible. We cannot stress our gratitude to all the amazing teachers that not only increased their knowledge and wonder but also for putting their expertise into action. Assisting with daily classes, offering one on one guidance, and sharing their insight with retreat attendees.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!


Inspired by the music they heard in Mexico?
Essentrics Instructors share their playlist!  

Gail Garceau 

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Jenny Bertrand 

Sahra Esmonde-White 




In 2016 Master Trainer and Head of Essentrics Europe, Danielle de Wildt, launched MOVE//West, the first pop up studio in Amsterdam. The daily Essentrics classes taught by a team of highly skilled teachers, helped to quickly grow the number of Essentrics fans in Amsterdam. It was also the first European hub for ESSENTRICS Teacher Trainings!

MOVE//West, located in the unique and beautiful Westerpark made Danielle realize that an inspiring space contributes to the experience you have in class. Amsterdam has plenty of these spaces to offer. After 11 months at the beautiful Westerpark it was time to look further.

As of January 2017 – the MOVE//West along with its team of teachers, have carefully selected inspiring and welcoming spaces to host their classes. The beautiful Belcampo Loft for instance; a spacious studio located at De Hallen. This area is a former tram depot in downtown Amsterdam, renovated into a popular place for culture, foods and fashion. Doesn’t that sound like an excellent location to bring our technique to a new group of students?


Turid Dramé is an Essentrics instructor from Amsterdam who also teaches West-African dance. She added the techniques and benefits of the Essentrics workout into her African Dance workshops with great results.
“African dance is a broad description of many different dances African ethnic groups have. I’ve learned in the 28 years I’m dancing West-African dances different dances from Guinee, Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast. Each ethnic group has its own rhythms and instruments.”
Turid trained with some of the best dancers from the National Ballets around the world. She likes to share these century old traditions, explaining the meaning behind the dances. Turid heard great things about Essentrics, and her curiosity lead her to begin to follow classes by Danielle de Wildt. She felt the benefits for her body immediately and began to explore a way to share Essentrics with her existing clients.
“West-African dance is heavy for your body. I danced on a very high level in various West-African dance groups training six hours a day. They didn’t spend much time on technique because they are used to dance in the warmth of Africa. It makes me injured (3 hernia’s) and I almost had to give up dancing. Essentrics (and Pilates) helped me with my back pain and I saw how well it also helped other West African dancers. I developed a West-African dance class incorporating the various stretches of Essentrics. In the warm up I added figure eights with arms, hip cleaners, calf and hamstring stretches and combine them with West-African movements of the choreography I teach. At the end of the class (having danced a full choreo) I use the Essentrics stretches again in the cooling down (baby stretches, hip blast, etc). People feel great. They have the feeling of ease instead of the tenseness after many other West African dance classes. The Essentrics way of warming up by oiling up the joints prevents them for injuries and make them aware how to move the joints. Instead of throwing the limbs and joints around people move them more at ease and more functional. It’s my intention as a teacher to make people moving without damaging themselves and with awareness of their own body. People need to see the important and fun of it.”
Turid’s students are happy with these new elements in the African Dance workshops. They feel great during class and above all: great after class and the next day. A lot of West African dance lovers are forced to stop because of injuries, but with the right warming up ,  cooling down,  and an increase sense of  body awareness, they can all participate again with ease!

                                                                                                                                                                         Jane Van Hout