Distance Learning- Start your certification today!

Attending Live Teacher Trainings is a great experience for all levels of instructors. While there is continuously more information to learn as science advances—the Essentrics technique always remains consistent. Beginners to the program, avid participants and master trainers are all present during each Live Teacher Training level—making it an ideal learning environment that everyone can benefit from.

You are not marked or tested during the Live Teacher Trainings, but you will receive Honours and each day of training will give you a credit of 2 hours to put towards your apprentice hours (3 day teacher training = 6 hours of credit) for the corresponding level.

For those who have not had time to go through the entire Manual/DVD here are some key points to go over before attending a Live Teacher Training.

Check your e-mails
The teacher training department will be emailing you pertinent information leading up to the day of your training. Make sure to carefully read these emails for information on location, room numbers, dates/times of classes, schedule, where you can go to eat lunch, etc… We encourage you to print your live teacher training emails, along with the detailed schedule and bring them with you on your first day!

Have Fun!!
- Meet other teachers and learn from each other—make new friends!
- Exchange information and share teaching tips
- Have fun and take pictures! (these are great to post on social media)

Note: For those who do not receive their books until the day of the training—we recommend trying the online mini workouts to prepare their body for the exercises.

What to Bring: