CS Core Workout

Core Strengthening Workout 
2010 release - 55 minutes - English

Advanced workout. Not recommended for people with low mobility or those just beginning to exercise.

This Core strengthening workout is a favorite with my students, men and women alike. They never seem to get bored with it and ask for it over and over again. Not only do the exercises feel good while you’re doing them, but the overall workout gives fast outstanding results. Because of its popularity with my personal clients I decided to share it with everyone. This revolutionary spinal workout will unlock muscles in your core that you did not know existed making you both stronger and leaner.

This workout gets to the root of tight, painful back and hip muscles liberating them to achieve both increased range of motion and release of pain. Although the abdominal muscles are challenged throughout the workout, the floor work sequence is long, unique and strengthens the entire back and abdominal group. This is a workout you can do repetitively and notice increased strength and flexibility after each session.

The inches will also drop away from the powerful Core strengthening as your posture improves and your stomach flattens.

     Price 19.95$ plus 7.00$ S&H