Toning for Beginners DVD

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ESSENTRICS Toning for Beginners DVD 2-30 Minute Workouts
with Sahra Esmonde-White
2016 release – English

Also available on ESSENTRICS TV - online streaming membership

The perfect way to begin toning and shaping your body, while increasing mobility—without the use of weights. 

Toning For Beginners is a slow to medium paced workout that is easy to follow—guaranteed to stretch and strengthen all of your 650 muscles for a full body boost!

We flatten and tone your abs without sit-ups or crunches, tone your arms without weights, define your waist, and create lean, strong legs.

Full Body Toning & Barre Work (30 minutes)

A flowing, full body workout that begins with stretching and strengthening your core and shaping your waist. Next—grab a chair to help you lengthen and tone your legs and butt, as well as increase lower body flexibility.

Full Body Toning & Floor Work (30 minutes)

A dynamic workout that’s easy to follow for beginners—you'll begin with trademark Essentrics exercises to increase mobility and strength in your upper body and tone your arms, legs, waist and abs. Followed by our signature floor exercises to tone long, lean leg muscles, work your butt and increase flexibility in your lower body.

Time: 60-minutes
Standing, Floor & Barre
Level: Beginner + All levels
Pace: Slow to Medium


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