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ESSENTRICS Barre Workout / 60 minute
2013 release - English

Also available on ESSENTRICS TV - online streaming membership

Barre work has been a main component of ESSENTRICS since its inception. ESSENTRICS barre work allows your muscles to strengthen and stretch at more effective angles, resulting in deeper stretches, higher muscle engagement, and more targeted and elongated toning.

Intuitive and balanced, the Essentrics Barre Workout DVD offers a complete full body workout in every one of its five tailor-made combinations.

Featured on the DVD are two toning workouts, two stretching workouts and an ultimate barre workout. Aimed at both men and women, and effective whether you have half an hour, 40 minutes or a full hour to dedicate to fitness today, the Essentrics Barre Workout will leave you feeling rebalanced, elongated and strong!

Individual Segments
Standing | abs, waist, arms and posture | 15 minutes
Floor Toning | thigh and quad thinning | 9 minutes
Floor Stretch  | hips, back and hamstrings | 7 minutes
Barre Toning | legs, butt and tricep toning | 15 minutes
Barre Stretch | complete hip, back and lower body stretch | 15 minutes

Pre-mixed workouts from segments
1. Power Full Body Tone | Standing & Barre Toning - 30 mins
2. Thigh Thinning Workout | Standing, Floor Toning & Barre Toning - 40 mins
3. Full Body, Hips & Back Stretch | Standing & Barre Stretch - 30 mins
4. Hips, Back & Hamstring Stretch | Standing, Floor Stretch & Barre Stretch - 37 mins
5. Full Body Barre Workout | Toning & Stretching Workout -60 mins

Note: Premix workouts 1 & 2 are for toning, strengthening, weight-loss, posture improvement, and help with osteoporosis prevention and reversal. Premix workouts 3 & 4 are for pain relief, flexibility and healing.

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