Classical Stretch Season 12


Aging Backwards

Complete Season 12 on DVD - Episodes 1 to 30 (4 disc set)
2017 TV series, Broadcast on American Public Television
Available in closed captioning


Aging Backwards only takes 23 minutes a day!

The latest season of Classical Stretch uses simple science to help viewers take control of their aging process. Every workout in this series will work your full body – activating each of your muscle cells and loosening any tight connective tissue or injury. This straightforward biological process effectively fights the aging process, relieving pain, loosening and lubricating your joints, and maintaining your strength, posture, balance, and mobility.

All 30 episodes of Classical Stretch have a different pace and focus (age reversal, pain-relief, full-body strength, balance, and mobility) to suit all needs. Each 23-minute workout engages the FULL BODY—stretching and strengthening all your 650 muscles while rebalancing your 360 joints.

The Classical Stretch series is based on the Essentrics technique whose philosophy is that you can age backwards by moving every muscle in all directions, with a balance of mobility and strength. Each of our muscle cells contain an abundance of mitochondria—microscopic furnaces responsible for burning calories, providing energy, and keeping you feeling and looking young. By moving every muscle, you activate and feed these furnaces—keeping them alive and healthy while preventing muscle atrophy. This is accomplished with gentle and dynamic exercises that are safe, while challenging, for every level of fitness.

We recommend engaging your muscles and joints once per day to keep your body feeling young, healthy, balanced and vibrant!


*If you are new to the technique we recommend that you start with these entry level episodes*

    All Standing (AS)     All Barre (AB)     Standing & Barre (SB)     Standing & Floor (SF)

Episode / Title / Type


1201 / Full Body & Plantar Fasciitis Release - AS*
1202 / Hip Pain Relief and Stretch - SB*
1203 / Quad Strengthening - SF
1204 / Weight Loss and Calorie Burn - AS*
1205 / Back Pain Relief - SB*
1206 / Full Body Strengthening - SF
1207 / Posture - SB*
1208 / Long Adductor - SB
1209 / Back Pain Relief - SF*   
1210 / Endurance and Power - SF
1211 / Finger Arthritis - AS*
1212 / Hamstring Flexibility - SB*
1213 / Toning the Waist - SF
1214 / Spine Strength - AS*
1215 / Shoulder Pain Relief - SB

1216 / Relieve Neck Pain - SF* 
1217/ Full Body Toning - AS
1218 / Psoas & Hip Stretch - SB
1219 / Waist Slenderizing - AS
1220 / Stimulates Balance & Strengthens Feet - SB
1221 / Connective Tissue - SB
1222 / Hip & Glute Flexibility - SF
1223 / Stretch Your Spine - AS*
1224 / Upper Body Pain Relief - SF*
1225 / Improve your Balance - AS
1226 / Stomach Flattening - SF
1227 / Shoulder Strengthening - AS*
1228 / Full Leg Toning - SF
1229 / Body Shaping - AS
1230 / Quad Flexibility - SF* 

Note: For our new Classical Stretch participants, the entry-level episodes are great workouts to begin with. They are intentionally designed to gently and gradually allow your body to work through all of the movements as you adjust to your new program. Always listen to your body and begin slowly and comfortably. You'll get through these episodes with ease and very soon will be ready to do any of the other workouts. 

If you’re accustomed to the Essentrics technique – don’t hesitate to also begin with these entry-level episodes. While they are slower in pace, they still offer all of the same fantastic benefits found in a standard Classical Stretch/Essentrics workout. Remember the importance of respecting your body's limits and moving at your own pace. These workouts can be as challenging or as mild as you make them!

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