Essentrics Level 1 Package

Essentrics Training Series Level 1

Level 1
Principles of the ESSENTRICS Program

Learn the principles, techniques, anatomy, philosophy, physiology and objectives of the ESSENTRICS program. You will also learn to teach your first pre-choreographed workout. ESSENTRICS is a full body, stretch and strengthening program aimed at rebalancing the entire body’s musculature. You will begin to learn how to achieve these goals in Level 1.

Certification level: Essentrics Certified Instructor L1
Subject matter: Learn the Principles of ESSENTRICS

Learn more about Level 1

Level 1 is your introduction into teaching ESSENTRICS. This is a sophisticated program which needs to be learned in progressive stages. Level 1 manual teaches the basic techniques, exercises, philosophy and objectives, as well as applicable anatomy and physiology.


  • Instructor Manual: The principles of the ESSENTRICS program
  • Time management guide
  • Apprentice 30 hour teaching form
  • Evaluation booklet
  • PRE-CHOREOGRAPHED WORKOUT #1DVD,  "Full Body sculpting”

* If you are planning on teaching in French, we highly recommend you buy the L1 material in French - in order to use the appropriate terms - available in the French section of the Website.

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