Pre-Choreographed Class 11

Preco 10

PCW 11 Preview

WITH Amanda Cyr

NEW Full Body Workouts! Includes 75 min. of songs to build your playlist!

  • Improve strength and stability
  • Challenge your balance
  • Enhance your sense of body awareness

This 1-hour workout is composed of standing, floor and barre work.

Note: This PCW offers the following workout variations:

  • 60 min Standing & Floor
  • 60 min Standing, Floor & Barre
  • 60 Standing & Barre
  • 60 Standing & Floor
  • 30 min Standing  


Main Focus: A combination both isolated and full body exercises designed to create a balance between strength and flexibly. This workout will work through the body’s entire range of motion enhancing you students sense of body awareness; leaving their whole body feeling energized and balanced.

Population: This workout offers a nice combination of release and strengthening exercises to appeal to a wide range of clientele. Taught to all levels at Essentrics studio.

Difficulty level: Easy to follow exercises that can be modified to increase intensity. Gentle enough to use with any clientele.

Exercise breakdown:


Trademark 1: Full body sequence using levers to help release tension in the upper back neck and shoulders all the while preparing the spine for the exercises to follow

Trademark 2: Combination of waist toning, and full body rotations aimed to improve posture and increase your sense of body awareness  

Kicks: isolated kick sequence, to enhance stability and balance

Arms: Dynamic combination of concentric and eccentrics contractions to tone and elongate the muscles of the arms and shoulders.

Plies: Slow and controlled plie sequence that incorporates the upper body engaging both the large and small muscles.

Adductor/hamstring stretch: Modified airplane sequence to work deep into the muscles of the lower back and hamstrings.

Calf sequence: Windmill variation, with focus on core strengthening and foot work

Clock Waist Toning: Combination of clock and side lunges to get deep into the muscles of the entire torso defining the waist and toning the abdominals.


Floor Work: Glutes, abs and hip toning exercises set in a unique sequence to strengthen all of the muscles that surround the hips.

Stretch: Big 4 floor stretch targeting, quads, glutes, IT band and adductors. Completed with a smooth and fluid spinal releasing sequence.


Barre Work: Side Leg Lifts combined with Karate Kicks. A smooth combination of activation and release to isolate the muscles and tone the muscles effectively. Heel raisers to strengthen the  feet and ankles

Barre Stretch: Easy to follow exercises that can be modified to increase intensity. Gentle enough to use with any clientele.

DVD+Handbook+Music Tracks
Released: Summer 2018


**IMPORTANT** You have to be a Level 1 Certified Essentrics Instructor (or previous CS certification) in order to purchase PCWs 2 and up. If you do not fit this criteria, you will not be shipped the PCW. We will reimburse your unshipped purchase minus any fees associated with it. No refunds on PCWs.

     Price 59.95$ plus 12.00$ S&H