Essentrics Level 4 Package

Level 4
ESSEntrics STRENGHTENING exercises

Learn how to effectively use this technique with many familiar and innovative exercises. You will learn ESSENTRICS theories, techniques, objectives and exercises for toning, strengthening and shaping the muscles. You will also learn the science of weight loss, muscle development, body toning & strengthening and anti-aging. In this manual we evaluate different strengthening techniques and discuss the different objectives and benefits of each method.

Certification level: Essentrics Certified Instructor L4
Subject matter: Learn ESSENTRICS strenghtening exercises

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ESSENTRICS is a full-body strengthening program that achieves increased flexibility primarily though not exclusively through strength. In order to benefit from increased flexibility the muscles need to be strengthened in a lengthened position. It is a well known fact that any perceived flexibility gained when doing passive flexibility disappears immediately once you begin to move. This is because all movement requires strength and so the muscles revert to a contracted length. However if the muscles are strengthened in a lengthened position, they will remain lengthened when movement recommences.


  • Instructional DVD
  • Time management guide
  • Apprentice 18 hour teaching form
  • Evaluation booklet

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