Strength & Stretch in Motion


Full Body Workout: An intense flowing combination of trademark Essentrics exercises. This dynamic standing workout will lengthen and tone every muscle in your body leaving you with flatter abs, a defined waist, toned arms and shoulders, lean legs, and improved posture.

Core and Legs
: This workout consists of trademark standing exercises that will strengthen and lengthen your abs, waist and back, combined with effective Essentrics floor exercises to tone and slenderize your thighs.

Shoulders, Upper Back and Hamstrings
: A classic Essentrics workout for upper body flexibility and improved posture. This workout begins with standing exercises that will loosen tight shoulders and relieve tension in your upper back, and then moves on to floor work to loosen the hamstrings and lower back. The result: increased flexibility in the upper back and hamstrings, increased range of motion, decreased pain, and improved posture.

Hips and Hamstrings: A classic Essentrics hip stretch. This workout begins with stretching and strengthening of the feet, the foundation of all movement, and then using a chair helps to work deep into the hips, psoas and hamstrings, to give you flexibility in your lower body, pain relief, and improved range of motion.