I have been a very active/athletic woman. I belonged to Orange Theory, ran 1/2 marathons, was a competitive body builder in my 20's and 30's. My point being I loved to exercise. I started doing your Classical Stretch about 3 years ago. I quickly realized I should have started long ago! I grew tired of beating my body up, not paying attention to it and nurturing it. But I made great strides while doing them. Unfortunately, I suffered 2 strokes this past June. A vertebral artery tore in my neck and caused a stroke, then I had another stroke a week later after that. My vestibular system was affected, so my balance, vision and hearing were affected. I lost hearing in my left ear and about 20% in my right ear. I suffer from vertigo daily. I am in the process of reclaiming my life and have restarted your program. I feel so healthy and strong after I do them, but I struggle while doing them. But I know that I am where I am in my recovery journey because I had incorporated your workouts. My vestibular therapists tell me how strong my core and legs are and these will really help me in recovery. I am so grateful for your workouts and knowledge and encouragement, and that helps get me through a workout. It can be frustrating for someone like me who has been faithfully exercising since I was 16,to struggle through one of your workouts (because they were tough for me even pre-stroke!)because my balance is so affected. But I will continue these workouts and I know they will really help in my healing journey. I have had to learn to workout in a very different way, but I am so happy to be able to do them! Thank you very much for listening to my story and for helping me reclaim my life!


I am a recreational cyclist who is in training (off and on) to do a 100 mile event. For various reasons, the 100 mile event never seems to workout. Last summer I got a knee injury, but I don't know how. Maybe doing yard work. My knees have not felt right for a while. I happened to see your video for the first time on PBS fundraising efforts, and I found the series for sale on Amazon as well. I purchased the videos a few weeks ago. Yesterday my bike coach remarked how much stronger my bike workout was. I was easily able to complete a demanding interval workout for the first time in 4 or 5 months. Actually, I even threw in an extra interval for good measure. My workouts are intense as I get my heart rate way up into the 170 range. Yesterday my high end HR was 173. Maybe there is hope I will complete a 100 mile event in 2017!

Theresa Ziolkowski
Recreational Cyclist

Stronger, leaner and more flexible to the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro – Olympic fencer Bas Verwijlen about his training with Sabine Parent

It was a few months before the Olympic Games when I came in contact with ESSENRICS and Sabine, and in my view Sabine stands for ESSENTRICS. At first I trained together with Sabine. After a few sessions my girlfriend (also fencer) Ludovica joined us on Saturdays and on occasion I took twofold Olympian Rea Lenders with me to the workout. Just before we left for New York my Estonian sparring partner also experienced the workout and like me they were immediately excited about ESSENTRICS.”
“As an elite athlete, I am always looking for innovative and better training methods, and for me especially the possibility to achieve more range of motion, length and flexibility. Within fencing ‘reach’ is vital, therefor being able to gain a few centimeters in both shoulder and arm is a bonus. Thanks to ESSENTRICS and the training from Sabine, I am stronger, leaner and more flexible. This specific way of training lifts the old fashion way of stretching, as I know it to a whole other level. It makes me move more easily, not only in the Olympic arena but also in daily life. If you want an example of the effect of ESSENTRICS, just take a look at Sabine! Athletic, strong and lean.”
“The workout is programmed in a way that time flies. Every muscle group is being addressed accompanied by good music. I especially liked the coaching from Sabine because I believe that good coaching leads to better and faster results. She was also able to customize the work out to fit my wishes and preferences. For instance, when we trained on Monday after a heavy tournament and a long trip home, release and restore was more emphasized. While the training was more intense after a quiet weekend.”
“Finally, in Rio de Janeiro when I stayed in the Olympic Village I practiced the workout using Essentrics TV. I liked it a lot although it was hard getting used doing Essentrics without Sabine coaching me. To me Sabine is a real Essentrics ambassador. Her catching enthusiasm is very motivating and I’m very grateful she helped me getting in top shape on my way to the Olympic Games 2016.

Bas Verwijlen
Triple Olympian

As a hockey referee who does over 100 games a year, I will confess that your stretching techniques are a gift from the heavens! Without them, I would not be able to give my all to my students at school, or to my two daughters at home (while giving my all on the ice). Thanks for providing this knowledge to the masses.

Warren B

NHL- Montreal Canadiens Magazine Article Excerpt February 2013 Vol. 27.1

Part of the way the team has committed itself to spending more time on the ice and less time in the clinic this year is the addition of mandatory dynamic stretching sessions after practices. “That was something we had been thinking about incorporating for a few years,” explained Canadiens strength and conditioning coach, Pierre Allard. “The medical crew and I got together as a group when we saw how compressed the schedule was and knew we needed to be smart about what we were doing off the ice to keep guys in peak condition. “Sahra [Esmonde-White] and her group at Essentrics developed a new technique that works stretches through the entire range of motion,” he added. “It’s not like Yoga or Pilates; it’s very sport-specific.”

What started as a way to limit the inevitable groin injuries that would come during an intense, shortened training camp has blossomed into a routine the players have incorporated into their daily training regimens.

“Even on the road, sometimes we’ll rent a conference room and bring the guys in there to go through the stretches,” mentioned Allard. “I see guys warming up before games and practices using those exercises. They like it because it’s working; they wake up the next morning and feel a difference, so they’ve bought in completely. If it works, guys will enjoy doing it.

Pierre Allard
NHL MONTREAL CANADIENS Strength & Conditioning Coach

My name is Jacqueline and I just want to tell you I've been doing your workout almost every morning for about 2 years... I've been doing obstacle course races and the last race I did I came in 1st for women between the ages of 45- 49 (I'm 48 yrs old)... Thanks to your awesome workouts, I'm able to combine it with my daily strength workouts.. I feel stronger and more flexible than ever... Classical Stretch workouts are the best.. Thanks again and I will continue to recommend it to my friends, family and teammates.

Bronx, NY

Essentrics helped bring me back into the game after near retirement. My body was unable to function, injured and in constant pain. After the first session with Miranda I felt the pain disappearing. I really believe that this program has something in it for everyone; whether you’re looking to relieve pain, improve your sport or change your body, Essentrics is it.

Jonathon Power
Former World Squash Champion

In an article a fellow master skier recommended your Classic Stretch video. This what he wrote;

"How do you balance your muscles? I found a great program on WYCC broadcast tv (read that 'free tv' for you cable folks) . Miranda Esmond White is the instructor and she is a former ballerina who has learned how to balance the 600 muscles in the body in order to be fit in a healthy way. I love her 20 minute easy daily workout! My posture has improved and I have greater mobility and balance. As a 60 year old XC racer (who went through the fantastic CXC XC Coaches US Ski Team certification process) I am excited about the prospect of healthy joints enabling me to continue to enjoy the thrills of racing.

" I see a few choices of DVD sets on your website and wonder which David may have been referring to. I'm 58 and exercise a lot but have never stuck with a stretching/ mobility program. Looking to improve and stay more agile as I age.


Dear Miranda,

I am a former competitive swimmer and water polo player. Over the last 15 years or so I have kept myself in very good physical condition with weight training, high intensity cardio, and regular stretching routines. I am proficient in both yoga and Pilates.

About 3 months ago, shortly before my 61st birthday, I found your daily PBS program and began to do the workouts 5-6 times per week in addition to my other training. Your method works and is the best thing I have ever done. What I enjoy most is that your movements flow and never remain static. My overall muscle and skin tone has dramatically improved. The workouts truly release tight muscles and increase flexibility. You are absolutely correct when you say that you just feel good after doing your workouts.

I have told everyone that I know to start doing Classical Stretch/Essentrics. Anyone of any age can benefit from your method.

Thank you for creating this technique.
M. Fuller