For Gardening - Upper Body Pain Relief
(Classical Stretch Season 12: Episode 24)

To relieve upper body pain you must stretch and strengthen every muscle in your body. This Classical Stretch workout set in Montego Bay, Jamaica will liberate your entire body while focusing on your shoulders, back, and neck – leaving you completely pain free.



For Walking - Stimulates Balance & Strengthens Feet
(Classical Stretch Season 12: Episode 20)

Your feet are the foundation of your body – without strong, healthy, pain free feet you cannot achieve a strong, healthy, pain free body. Join Miranda Esmonde-White for a foot strengthening Classical Stretch workout



For Biking - Stretch: Psoas, IT, Hips
(Ultimate Stretch Workouts)

This stretch sequence will increase the flexibility in your hips, knees and lower back, making you feel more energetic while relieving hip, back and knee pain.