Dear Miranda, I've been doing Essentrics for over a year now and have seen a tremendous change in my body. I'm stronger and leaner and taller, which is a lot since I'm 5 feet tall, and the best is that I always sit up straight now. I just started Season 9 and am loving the challenge of harder workouts. About a month ago, I took an Alvin Ailey dance class - it was 1 1/2 hours, and we learned choreography from Revelations. I was able to do the class! I was a sweaty mess after, but I was so proud of myself for being able to do the class and feel like a dancer. I'm grateful to you and Essentrics because I couldn't have taken the class without you. The strength it takes to do the Essentrics workouts, along with the dance moves I've learned made me feel like an Ailey dancer for that hour and a half. I love doing your workouts - the current one is always my favorite, until I do the next one! I will continue doing the workouts! With much gratitude and please come to New York City to teach!

Janet R.

I started doing Classical Stretch after seeing Miranda on PBS in December 2014. I was facing surgery in January of 2015 and was concerned about the effects on my waistline in particular. Having had several surgeries for bladder problems and vaginal prolapse I was aware that after each surgery my abdominal muscles seemed to weaken. My daughter purchased Season 7 for me for my birthday in January 2015 and I have continued the program since. At first the abdominal exercises were quite difficult but now seem easy. I find that every spring when I get out my bike I am able to ride up hills better that I could prior to Classical Stretch. My swimming has become stronger and I can complete laps faster than I used to. I am now 72 years old and still work part time. I look forward to staying fit for many more years, thanks to Classical Stretch.


Many thanks to Miranda & Sahra for all of their helpful sessions in Classical stretch/ Essentrics. I am 73 years young & feel so wonderful as I participate in this form of exercise. I began a couple of years ago when I read Aging Backwards & did the exercises in it. I very much agreed with Miranda’s philosophy of gentle stretching movements bringing better health for all ages. Then, I found the mini- workouts with Miranda & Sarah on YouTube, so participated in those for several months. Now, I am getting up at 6:00am weekday mornings to exercise with Miranda on WSRE television program. I am presently ordering my own DVD’s so I can exercise anytime! I am encouraging others including my hubby to join me. Thank you so much for you help in keeping us healthy. Blessings!


I have always been pretty flexible & physically active. I was just diagnosed with arthritis in the right (dominant side) hip/hip flexor improved with the specific quad/hip/glutes programs 3-4 months have done the daily AM tv Classical Stretch body is changing, bending to my toes but my hands go beyond my toe by hand length to my wrist, Im stronger, balance improved, forehead touches knees, haven't measured but feel taller.

Keep Anonymous

I started with Classical stretch in 2015. It's lead me to a better body that continues to improve. I still have a long way to go but with Essentrics l finally have a way to relax my muscles. Pain relief, weight loss, and my athleticism have all increased. Thank you!


My journey through the 28 day challenge has been quite mind blowing! I am behind, as I started late. The biggest change I have noticed is my shoulder sculpting and my waist has really tightened. I feel that I have more energy and my posture increasingly improved. I just feel really energized and physically ‘good’ each day! First time doing this and will not be the last. What a great series you have put together!


I was looking for a workout I would actually do after commuting 40 miles each way and working hard delivering mail & packages all day. Classical Stretch far exceeded my expectations. I feel great! I’ve seen a chiropractor for years for a chronic stiff neck. My neck feels great! My legs are noticeably firmer & stronger. I’m more relaxed & sleep better too. I’ve shared this with many people already. Thank you sooo much Miranda!


Love, love, love my season 9 DVD! Unbelievable how much better I feel after the 22 minute workouts. Perfect amount of time for me in the mornings before heading to work. Better range of motion, pants fitting looser(yay!) and the pain relief workouts really help my knee and my back. Miranda does a nice job explaining the exercise movements and how it helps our muscles. I showed the video to my chiropractor and he was impressed with the pain relief workouts on this DVD. I explain your workouts to people like this: Before I started the workouts, I felt like the Tin Man from the wizard of OZ when he needed to be oiled. Now I feel like the Tin Man after he got his joints oiled! It's amazing! I would love to get my parents to try the workouts because I know they would move better and feel better. I already bought them the season 9 DVD but I'm not there to give them the 'push' they need to get started. Thank you so much for a workout video that I enjoy doing!


I just LOVE Classical Stretch! I have been doing Classical Stretch for about 5 years now and I feel better in my 40s than I did in my 20s. I love it so much I have my husband who suffered from shin splints and feet pain to do it for 2 years, He no longer has any pain at all he said he can't believe how good he feels. It has completely changed my body. I am a mother of twins and I started to program to try to get my body back. My body looks better now then before I had my twins. Thank you to Miranda and all the instructors at Classical Stretch. I feel amazing!


This is the second Health Challenge I’ve done. I’m 59 and I really like the challenge because I feel I’m not alone. I’ve been doing Essentrics for over a year and my balance and flexibility is much better than it was. I thank you for a program that I enjoy doing every day. I’ve given one of the DVD s to a friend of mine and I always suggest the program to others. Thank you!!


I love Essentrics workouts! I do them everyday with my partner. I have had M.S. since 2000 with no symptoms, I feel lucky to have found such a great workout!


I decided to do the Health Challenge as I had purchased the Classical Stretch Aging Backwards Season 12 TV series about a year ago after seeing the program on Public TV. I met the Challenge each day by choosing my own workouts. I especially liked doing all the standing stretching ones; alternating each time with the various all standing stretches. The 23 minutes seemed to go quite quickly and the rejuvenated feeling afterwards was such a good feeling. I would recommend to anyone no matter what age to either watch the series on Public TV or to purchase a set of the DVD's. Personally I prefer the DVD set so I can pop a disc in at anytime throughout the day. Thank you for such a great series of exercises. I also take Zumba classes at our local fitness center and find doing the stretches at home either before or after a class quite beneficial.


I have been following Classical Stretch on PBS, I joined online and now try to do at least one daily. I have been dealing with chronic health issues very long time and this program has helped me more than you all will ever know! I am hoping to be able to continue my healing with the help of your program. I am 58, I have lost over 70 pounds in the past 2 years and I am determined to stay MEDICATION free and only work holistically. I deal with Traumatic Brain Injury, Post Concussion Syndrome, PTSD, and all sorts of fun brain issues, exercise calms my brain and allows me to clear my head.


I have Type 2 Diabetes and I'm working to keep it in remission through exercise, diet and being very sensible about my lifestyle. I love all aspects of your exercise-anti-aging regimes. I began working with your programs on Essentrics TV here in South Carolina. And, at 80 years of age, I can tell you that I find these exercises easy to follow and they make me feel so young. My body is already responding to this stretching, bending, working out. I miss that FREE feeling when I don't do these routines on a daily basis. Thanks for your help, wonderful information and teachings.


I have made it to 2019 with the help of Classical Stretch. I began watching and doing the program from PBS in early 2017. Soon after, I realized I could not function well without this morning stretch. My husband of 27 years was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer 3 weeks after I retired. We then spent 3 weeks in Tijuana MX at a cancer clinic where I learned care giving for Dexter as we faced this disease. I found local San Diego PBS station airing Classical Stretch at 5am. While Dexter slept best before sunrise, I believe those episodes truly helped me get through each day of multiple therapies, tests and procedures Dexter would face during our time at the clinic and other medical facilities in Tijuana. I lost Dexter less than 3 weeks after returning home to North Carolina. I had lost 10 lbs in October in the aftermath of his diagnosis and then another 10 lbs during the cancer clinic stay. After Dexter died, I looked similar to him when I saw my body in the mirror. My average weight of 133 lbs at 5'6" was now 113 lbs by Christmas. I experienced the worst Christmas of my entire life. Classical Stretch was the only constant in my life at that time. I continued my daily stretching regiment because it gave me the best chance and foundation to recover. It took many months but soon the scrawny, skeleton with excess skin and muscle atrophy resembling a refugee prisoner became a healthy, toned figure appearing much younger than my 60 years. I rarely miss a day of stretching with Miranda. I am now 122 lbs of grateful joy still processing grief from losing my husband but appreciating each day I have on earth. I could not have survived and bounced back so well without Classical Stretch on PBS and on DVD.


I joined Essentrics online about 6 months ago. I had tried some of the DVD's first to see if it was what I was looking for in an exercise regime. I am really enjoying it and feel it has been very beneficial to "shaping" my body, improving my posture, toning my muscles. I like the variety of videos offered and the fact that I can choose to them when I want to-no need to drive to a class! I have really enjoyed the recent new offerings and have tried them all and done them multiple times depending on my day's activities. I find Essentrics compliments my other physical fitness activities well.


This is one program I've been able to stay with for several reasons: Miranda explains the purpose of the exercise movements; what is taking place physiologically; the respect that she shows; the ease in following her instructions (many exercise videos are not as easy to follow and you can't always catch on right away and so you wind up doing the movements sloppily); there's much better compliance because the workouts are pleasant and doable (there's something for everyone); and thank goodness the prices are fair and affordable; and yes, one does see results. I'm more flexible (can park the car with more ease when turning to look back, etc). And the balance exercises help too...I really need them. I'm a retired nurse and have worked with physiologists and patients in rehab settings; that's why I'm impressed with the exercise principles. It's valid and believable and keeps me going because of the explanations of the movement, etc. I even tell my doctors about it when they ask what kind of exercise I do besides walking.


I joined Essentrics online about 6 months ago. I had tried some of the DVD's first to see if it was what I was looking for in an exercise regime. I am really enjoying it and feel it has been very beneficial to "shaping" my body, improving my posture, toning my muscles. I like the variety of videos offered and the fact that I can choose to them when I want to-no need to drive to a class! I have really enjoyed the recent new offerings and have tried them all and done them multiple times depending on my day's activities. I find Essentrics compliments my other physical fitness activities well.


Well, been doing the exercises pretty much every 5 days on channel 25 in NYC for 5 years or so. During the recent ice storm in NYC, traffic was all jammed up as I left a meeting at the UN. As I walked home in the freezing cold, I felt like I was a gazelle, with sure footing, my quadriceps flinging out in front of me, with my feet so nubile and propelling.


I've been doing your workout for over a year with several health issues and I feel very strongly that this is the best tool a man could have to enjoy his full potential and stay healthy.


I have been athletic most of my adult life, mostly running, biking and weights. Until I started Classical Stretch religiously, I didn't recognize the importance of full body stretching. It's taken almost two years for my lower back pain to almost disappear and my arthritic big toe is straightening. My balance is 200% better and generally, I simply feel better. The most important thing I have learned is: not to push it, just go at a natural pace.


This program has been helpful for me in many ways. The last 2 years I have been laid up from severe back spasms after overdoing raking and my husband's health has deteriorated so I am unable to take my daily walks as often. With the help of these stretches, I no longer have the back spasms and am able to continue staying in shape while close to my husband. Love the program and love how she speaks to "us" in a way that makes the exercises easily understood and accomplished. Thank you again.


THANK YOU! I am 66 years young and in better shape and with better balance, strength and flexibility than ever before because I do my 22 minute workout at least 4 days a week (other days I walk, swim and bike). So today I did a ropes adventure course and completed two segments (admittedly the easy ones) and I know my strength and flexibility are due to my dedication to Classical Stretch. I am thrilled, tired and elated. Thank you for the only exercise routine I've stuck with, and my body is leaner and more defined than ever before! My gratitude is overflowing...keep up the great work!


I recently went to my doctor for a general check up. While I was at the office, he decided that he wanted to do a bone density scan. When the results came back he was floored! He told me that my spine was better than the best score on his chart. He also told me to keep up whatever I am doing as it is working. I have been doing CLASSICAL STRETCH solely since 2011 as I found it to be such a complete workout. I feel my whole body has gained strength and mobility. I have been an exerciser all my life but nothing has changed my body like CLASSICAL STRETCH. Thank you, Miranda!!


I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you. I discovered your program, Classical Stretch, quite by accident on my PBS stations in Los Angeles. I started with the program in March of this year and have done it almost every day since. I am definitely feeling the difference in my body. I am 72 and still have a long way to go I am sure, but I wanted to let you know that I feel your programs are helping me to feel better as well as look better and I really appreciate it and you! Thanks again.


I discovered Miranda Esmonde-White and her programs on television while traveling. Being a person who has exercised for my whole life, I quickly tuned in, especially since I am now retired and getting older. I had injured a large muscle in my thigh last year which had not healed, so I tried your videos on You Tube. I was hooked on the first day. I now am streaming the Essentrics TV and don't miss much. Since early September I have faithfully done the stretching each morning, only missing a couple of days in these past several months. I'm thrilled with the changes that have taken place in my posture and strength. My thigh muscle has healed, so I am no longer limited by that pain. To me, my story is one of great success because I can turn my nose up at subtle and not-so-subtle messages that I am getting old and need to slow down. I am very hopeful to be able to keep up living well thanks to my discovery of your programs. All of the people who provide the Aging Backwards programs are my heroes. I am very grateful for this gift. Happy New Year to you all!


I have been doing Classical Stretch on PBS at 5:30 a.m. out of Denver for as long as I can remember. Was thinking at 80 now, if I should stop. Had a mild back problem and went to a Dr. of Physical Therapy. He kept saying, "You have an amazing body. Do whatever you want for your age." He hadn't seen anything like this except from an instructor my age. Thanks to Miranda, I will continue to get up at 5 to join her. I am so happy that this effort has paid off. I have always wanted to go to Mexico but decided I can go with her every day.


For about 5 years I had been doing 'extreme' workouts on video. They seemed to be the only thing that worked for me to get in shape aerobically and build muscle relatively fast. I enjoyed working hard also so it seemed a good fit. However, I refused to do the stretching workouts included in the series because they hurt and the stretching exercises made me sweat and stress. I finally got to the point that I only wanted to do a 25-minute workout 3 or 4 times a week and still no stretching to speak of. This last year, my back got tighter and tighter, my glutes would also tighten up, and my feet hurt when I walked. I couldn't be in a store for very long before I had to leave because of the pain of walking. I thought it had to do with getting old. I went to the doctor for muscle relaxants for my back at one point. I bought a new mattress. Then one day, I saw the pain relief workout video Miranda was talking about on PBS. I thought I couldn't really workout in a rote way like I had been and Essentrics probably wasn't going to get me in shape, but at least I could find out what this pain free workout entailed. I liked the pain relief workouts and have evolved to doing Classical Stretch workout nearly every day. Well, my feet don't hurt anymore. My back doesn't hurt. I have less stress. My clothes fit better. My shoulders had always been tight and I had been to physical therapy for a slightly torn rotator cuff during the 5 years of the extreme workouts. My shoulders are releasing and my posture has improved. To my delight, the muscle chains have responded quickly since the beginning and I've learned so much about how the muscles are connected. All that pain was from overworking the muscles and not stretching! This way of working out, I tell people, is a much more enlightened way to exercise. I love it. Thank you for educating me on how the body works and responds. I used to stretch (I guess instinctively) by doing several stretches and not holding stretches until I was told by fitness experts I needed to hold the pose for at least 30 seconds to get results. Now I know from experience with Essentrics, it is so beneficial to only go to the end of the stretch and then come out and to be gentle. I've done also yoga, tai chi, aikido, and kung fu in the past and I love the Classical Stretch/Essentrics so much as it seems so pure and simple without needing to learn complicated names of poses/moves. I went to the office last week, and (most of us work from home) and saw people I had not seen for 10-20 years. So many seemed smaller and hunched over, contracted, and I felt so grateful to have found Essentrics. I really cannot express my appreciation enough for what you have developed to help people stay young and healthy. Someone told me, asking about my son, if I had any grandchildren on the way, and when I said not yet, she said, "Well you are too young to be a grandmother." I replied, "No I'm not!". She said, "Well, you look too young to be a grandmother." There's an endorsement for Essentrics right there. Thanks so much!

Jana B

I had little mobility without pain in back and hips as well as shoulder pain from overwork. But since Essentrics and Classical Stretch I have seen greater mobility, flexibility, and so much less pain. Thank you for the through workouts and all you continually do to help us be fit after 50!

Brenda Keene

I am 74 years old and have been doing the exercises for about two years and I have grown 1/2 inch they told me at the doctor's office. I work full time and have a lot of energy. And I like the way my body looks. Also, no pain.

Louise Dubberke

I have been doing Classical Stretch since it replaced the previous exercise program on our local PBS station. I try to do it every day even when on vacation. I couple of years ago I had my picture taken with my 2 sisters and my mother. I was shocked when I saw how much taller I stood than my sisters and mother. Also, I use to have a hip that would sometimes feel like it was out of joint, especially after I walked on uneven ground or slopes. I now seldom have that discomfort. If I do start to feel a twinge of such pain I do some Hip Cleaners and it is gone. Then last year I had my second Dexa Scan. I had my first one 10 years ago. At that time, I was told I had Osteo Penia. I was to take calcium and exercise using free weights. I tried calcium but didn't like the way it made me feel so I didn't take it more than a few months. I hadn't used free weights since Margaret Richards show was taken off the PBS station. I was nervous to hear the results of my Dexa Scan. When the nurse called and said that there was not much change in my bone density and told me to continue with the calcium and free weights, I smiled and thought 'It is my Classical Stretch". Also, my husband had watched but not participated in my morning Classical Stretch for years. A couple of years ago he decided to give it a try. After years of being on blood pressure medicine he has now been off it for months. I recommend your show whenever I have the opportunity. Wish I lived closer to your studio. Oh by the way I am 66 and hope that my PBS station never changes programming. I have been wanting to write to you for a long time. Thanks for the opportunity to share this with you.


I happened to catch Miranda on PBS (while I was flipping) here in San Francisco, and was particularly struck by a testimonial from a woman who was still quilting and hanging quilts into her 80s. I thought, "I want to have that kind of flexibility and mobility when I'm that age!" I tried out a couple of workouts on YouTube, and then signed up for your streaming service. I've been doing at least 25 minutes per day (usually longer) every day for 5 weeks now! I feel SO different, I can't believe it. My posture is much better, my legs and arms feel longer and stronger, and my core is much flatter and stronger all around. I also lift weights once a week, and my trainer has commented on my body's changes. But the most important change is that I feel younger and have more energy. Here's the weird part: no one I've talked to (and believe me, I've told everyone I know) has heard of Essentrics. Including my OT/Pilates friend, my yoga friends, my gym trainer, etc. Very strange, but I want to thank you sincerely for your technique and wonderful workouts (Miranda and Sahra!).

Jan Richman

I love, love, love Classical Stretch. I've been exercising with Classical Stretch and Essentrics for several years and I have more strength and flexibility than when I was working out with weights faithfully. I enjoy it so much that I do 2 different season's workouts per day and I look forward to the mix and what a difference it has made in my body. Mixing up the routine has given my body a different challenge… thanks so much because I look and feel much younger.

Lynda Ferierabend

I've started doing your stretching exercises each morning. I'm 61. I work daily with elementary school children and have to move A LOT. I now have so much more flexibility and balance! My back cramps and sciatic pain have gone away! THANK YOU!

Donna B

Good Morning, Essentrics People! I was wandering around the library two weeks ago and saw the the Aging Backwards book. I love health related books and like to spend time reading every night on health related topics. For years, I have believed that we can slow down and even reverse ageing with proper exercise and nutrition, so the title of the book alone was intriguing. I committed to reading a small amount every night. I was so impressed by what I was reading I shared the info with a friend of mine who is trying to get on a professional soccer team. He was so impressed, he bought the book and is implementing the stretches in hopes to avoid the types of injuries that he keeps getting. Anyways, the explanation in the book about fascia and how it can get twisted stuck with me. Just about every other day, I take some time to practice the stretches, focusing on getting the form right. Just two days of doing some hip stretches and the tightness in my groin area that I have had FOR YEARS (despite regular exercise) is almost gone. I can now do pliers without pain in my groin. I can't believe how fast that was. But here is the REAL reason I am writing...two years ago, I had my fourth c-section. It left me with what looked like a bubble or hernia on my lower abs. ugh!! I had my doctors look at it. They said it commonly happens with c-sections and they can't do anything about it. It happens when the fascia twists and creates a bubble of fluid. They call them cysts. The doctor said she could drain it but it would probably come back. I could have a plastic surgeon look at it, but as you could imagine I would have to deal with all the risks from yet another surgery. I had accepted this deformation would be with me for the rest of my life. I was not thinking about this so called cysts this week when I found the mini ab workout on you tube. I think I did two of them this week plus another intro video....and guess what??? My fascia cyst is GONE. I cannot tell you what a pleasant and unexpected surprise this is!! I look at it in the mirror and hope that one day I could afford plastic surgery to remove it. I am thrilled to have my flat tummy back again! Thank you! I plan on contacting my doctor's office and sharing this info with them.

Angela May

I've only done 4 workouts - and I already see visible differences! Yes, visible because even my husband sees it. I'll explain…I stumbled across your book at a second hand store and scooped it up right away. When leafing through the pages I knew the book and concept was what I was looking for, but didn't know I was looking. I am a very fit 47 year old who is active at the gym, and also enjoy hiking, cycling, and rollerblading. When I read the book I completely understood what I was missing. I quickly saw that Miranda's Essentrics workouts needed to become an important part of my regular fitness. I then did two of the workouts from the book, one on each of the next two days. Then on the third day I did a 13 minute intro video on the website. This wasn't enough for me - so I ordered videos and was super impressed when they arrived within only a few days. I then did one of the 23 minute workouts. That's all - so far a total of 4 workouts. This is what is visible to both me and my husband: I can now touch my fingers to the floor when bending over. I could never do this before, but not just with my fingertips...but I actually see my finger bend over onto the floor. This is amazing! I am assuming that my hamstrings and hips were too tight to do this in the past. NEVER could I have done this before. I also like to sit cross legged on the sofa, and in the last few years find that I need to 'creak' up and off the sofa to stand up. Now I just spring up and go. No creaking into standing! Cross legged sofa sitting and touching my fingers to the floor are the visible things only after 4 short workouts! By the way, my husband is also a very fit person who runs and does yoga. He absolutely sees the benefit and sense of implementing these workouts into our plan to be fit as we grow older together. We already understood about imbalances because of some injuries we have experienced. But we didn't know what to do to keep our entire bodies in balance and prevent the injuries in the first place. Thank you for these workouts! I am excited to make them a big part of my regular routine. In fact, I am so excited that I want to share this with others and have even considered becoming certified. For now, I'll hold off and enjoy the workouts.


Thank you so very much for your program. I have been using this program for almost seven years and I am in much better shape. I am 71 years old. I had thought I would have to give up the things I love, gardening and farming, but not so! I have more strength, flexibility and muscle tone now and no longer have foot, and hip pain. You have made it possible for me to have the life I love.

Thank you!
Sarah G Millis, Massachusetts

I have been doing Essentrics exercises now for only a few weeks and I am astonished at how much better I feel and how much more fluid my walking has become. Now 62 years of age, I have had pain, joint and mobility issues for some years now after a severe illness, and tried so many modalities, to some effect. But NOTHING has even come close to the improvements I have achieved in just a few short weeks with Essentrics. In fact, I felt improvement after my first Essentrics session and was greatly encouraged. I also really enjoy how Miranda teaches throughout each exercise much information that I did not really know. I thought I knew quite a bit about exercise, etc. but the Essentrics techniques are kinder to the body, much more effective and just feel good and are fun to do. I am a very attentive student.

I can now achieve the mobility I want, always be in working mode to increase mobility level and maintain the level well into later years.

I am so grateful, Miranda. Thank you for your very important work.

Much love,

Cindy R

I am 71 and first heard about classical stretch from my cousin in Iowa a couple of years ago. So I decided after a year of doing your program sporadically that I would take this 30+ day challenge. (I own season 6 through 10 plus special DVDs...) Each time I hear of a friend's ache or pain, I find myself saying that this is addressed in Classical Stretch. The only ache I have is when I go to another level of reaching, stretching, moving to my end point and then feel my muscles adjust to that new normal. Thank you for the programs, the information, the enthusiasm, and positive role model that you all are...and, did I say, beauty also!

Much love,


My husband and I are both in our seventies. I have worked out regularly since I was in my twenties but the last few years, I have been struggling with pain in my right hip and leg and my left leg would then compensate. The result was regular trips to the chiropractor and much less time at the gym. I have always loved to walk but more than 15 minutes and I was in pain. Last year I started to take Advil every morning just to try to get ahead of the problem. My naturopath said she thought I was putting too much stress on myself and my gym regiment was probably causing weight gain rather than loss. My chiropractor said I was helping to pay for his kid’s education fund but he felt I was doing too much. My husband, on the other hand, never cared much for exercise but loves to play golf. He has joined a gym on occasion but only in hopes of improving his game. He was having considerable problems – degenerative discs in his neck and back, frozen shoulder, lack of feeling and creeping sensation in his feet and general stiffness. He was worried about his ability to keep playing golf. I wanted a regular exercise plan that would keep me flexible and strong but would be convenient. I was becoming very frustrated! One day in December, I came upon your talk on Aging Backward. I was intrigued! I looked up your website and then called my oldest daughter in Vancouver. She was struggling with finding a convenient, reliable and appropriate program for a woman who has been told she doesn’t have a body for exercise. We both decided to order your tapes and my husband decided he would try the program rather than renew his gym membership. So, all 3 of us have been on your program. When we visiting my daughter for Christmas, we all started working your program. My daughter loves it but is only able to commit to 3 days a week. My husband and I have only missed 1 (for me) or 2 (for him) sessions…We get up in the morning and put on our gym clothes to work out for 8:30 am before breakfast. I have not had any Advil since... I am not pain free but almost so. Sometimes my hips are quite stiff in the morning but they loosen up during the workout. I still have to be careful with my right knee (structural problem) but I am hopeful. I feel so much better and my balance has also improved. My husband finds the workout improves his flexibility throughout the day. The stiffness in his body is lessening and he no longer waddles when he walks. The creeping feeling in his feet is almost gone and he is getting more flexibility in his feet and legs. He actually looks forward to doing the exercises because he is seeing more improvement than he got from the podiatrist, the chiropractor, or any of the other things he has tried. We are both dedicated to staying on the program.


Thank you so much for the 30 day challenge. I am 70 years old and I have seen amazing changes in my arms, abs, waist and legs. I have been exercising for years using weights and treadmill and I have not seen the changes and the increased strength like I have with Essentrics 30 day challenge. I love Miranda and I was so impressed with Sahra and I am a new fan of hers… I will continue the challenge because for me it has become a way of life.

Thank you so much……….Lynda

I am 75 and have been doing Classical Stretch daily for years. I feel it is helpful to me as I have Parkinson's. I especially like the format of season 10 because I can choose the standing workouts to be sure to work on my balance. I love having the ocean in the background, too. The feet work on season nine and ten have helped a lot. My doctor is always so pleased with me. The Parkinson's Advocates website now lists Classical Stretch on its resources.

Thank you,


I’m 88 years old, nearing 89 and I’ve been following you off an on,mostly on, since your inception in 1999. I’m still quite active: I swim 4 days a week, participate in your program in the afternoons. I also garden in the gardening season. I can still take off my sweater as you demonstrate without problems.

Take care

Ian R.

I am 78 years old and discovered Essentrics about 8 or 9 years ago. I have done the program's fairly regularly since then. They have kept me in good enough shape to live at altitude and continue hiking, biking and most important skiing. Even though my muscles have aged I can still perform, I was a dancer once (amateur) until my height dictated male roles so I appreciate the muscle usage information. Recently, I was in a store and a middle aged man told me I was very attractive and had excellent posture (I assumed he was a physical therapist or something as I have all my wrinkles and white hair).

Ann W.

I am a private voice teacher and have been using Kinetic Awareness, Feldenkreis and Alexandertechniques with my students for over 25 years. I’m not sure when ClassicalStretch came on PBS but I was taken with it immediately. I purchased the DVD’s and began to exercise at least twice a week… and any time I wasn’t teaching Idid the TV series. I have over the years bought every season from 6 on and have continually shared them with my students. They have made a huge difference in how those students, who work with them, carry themselves. They are better singers because of Classical Stretch. I have also given a whole series to friends for Christmas. They have become believers too. I am now 70 years old and teach about 45 hours a week and take care of two young grandchildren one night and day every week. I wasbeginning to have some foot and hip problems as well as aching at night but each time I did my CS, they went away. I just reordered Seasons 8, 9 and 10. Most of them are already out on loan except for Season 10 which I dofaithfully. I took the 30 day challenge and am feeling strong and flexible. I now have to do CS every day. It is a perfect foil to a busy day. I feel fit and energized!

Thanks you so much!

Anne D Hurley

As a senior citizen I really like the Classical Stretch series, even on mornings that it is hard to get going, once I do the workout (am working through series 10 right now) I always feel better both physically and mentally. I like everything about the program, from the exercises, music, the scenery - love it!! My thanks to all that make the cd's available for us,

Happy in Iowa…

I just finished reading "Aging Backwards". I am so inspired by the reality and truth. Not everyone is willing to give the proper credit for straightening out ones thoughts that become scattered when you are so passionate about something. Essentrics/classical stretch has been a gift in my life. My Grandma Shorty believed you needed to keep moving. She did Tai Chi at the senior center and kept kicking her legs in the nursing home even after she was forced into a diaper and wheelchair because it was "easier for the help to take care of her". She passed at 98 years old and only lasted that long because she kept fighting to move. I hope I never get forced into a wheel chair to make some else's life easier and can move freely as long as possible. Thank you for creating this program that helped me so much with two herniated discs and feeling my age and younger. Rather then how much older I felt.

Veronica P

Found the Aging Backwards program on PBS while channel surfing and was so impressed. My hips, knees and feet were so painful, so I was determined to try classical stretch. Have just finished the 30-day challenge and feel so limber and have so much less pain! I'm determined never to have hip or knee surgery or to be a crippled old lady Doing classical stretch every day will help me to be active and limber for years to come. Miranda, you have no idea how grateful I am that I found your program and that you created it. I'm telling everyone I know about it so that they can benefit from it as well! THANK YOU!!

Linda McGraw

I am 66 yrs. old. I have been doing classical stretch give or take 6 days a week in the morning with VPT for 7 months. I also have the DVD, season 10, for times I can't do it in the morning. I am more flexible now. My knee pains are gone and I can walk up and down the stairs without pain, which I had been living with for years, despite yoga and pilate. My sciatica pain is gone. When I get up after 20 min. of meditating, I don't need to grab on things to help me stand up. I love the plies. My only regret is I wish I had discovered classical stretch long time ago.

Hi Miranda,

You mention in your posture workout that you get emails from people saying that they are taller than they were before doing your Stretch set of exercises for posture. I don't know yet if I am any taller, but I do know that my posture is greatly improved after a couple of months of the Posture Routine.

What I love best about it is the feeling that I look good nowadays while walking. Before I would catch a glimpse of myself in a window, and I was always distressed at what I saw...dowager's hump developing and leading with my stomach out front!! Better posture means I look good in my clothes again too. Dresses are flattering!

I am 72. I exercise all the time (swim, lift weights, yoga), I have no health problems, and stable weight at a size things are good. But the older bones were beginning to be my nemesis. Now, I have more muscular control, and can see what a difference that makes.  

I was becoming pretty discouraged because one cannot just "straighten up!"  "Good posture takes strength," as you so rightly say.  I am definitely gaining that strength to a noticeable degree, and for that I thank you very much.

Warmest best,


Thank you, Miranda and company, for sharing this essential program on KCET, Los Angeles. We started, online using your free programs, then ordered a DVD. After less than 2 weeks, working with the Classic Stretch (Back to Jamaica) DVD, we feel so much younger. Our strength and flexibility have increased and we can accomplish things we thought we could not any longer accomplish - simple things, like walking with a youthful bounce, reaching for anything without pain, getting into and out of the car with ease - and finding relief from "maladies" we thought would accompany us into old age. We are in our mid 60s and this simple daily program has given us the gift of energy, as well. We are vibrant with energy - and it has all happened so fast! It is difficult to believe that the simple stretches can do so much. And - we look forward to each day's workout… Thank you!

Steve Robison

Dear Miranda,

I had a recent appointment with my Orthopedic Spine doctor. She compared my X-rays from 9 years ago with an MRI from this year… and was blown away! She asked if I had some magic youth elixir. She couldn’t believe I was 57. Looking at the MRI she said she was looking at a 30 yr. old back. She said I had somehow managed to reverse the aging of the spine and asked how I did it. I mentioned I had been doing Classical Stretch for about 7-8 months. She again mentioned how blown away she was and she just couldn’t believe it! Thank you for your program. I love it and appreciate what you have done to help myself and so many others.

Best regards,

I ordered and read this book and was so impressed and encouraged by Miranda's wisdom about aging that I am giving copies to my family and friends that I love and care for. I cannot think of a better gift for someone than the gift of strength and flexibility with age. To be given the hope- and indeed promise of being able be in control over how we age is priceless- I for one, "do not want to go gentle into that good night" and I do not want to be so afraid of growing old as I start to feel my once strong, limber body start succumbing to osteoporosis. Thank you,Miranda,for giving me the ability and power to control my aging process.In the past few months I have been doing your program on PBS and the differences I feel in my body are nothing short of miraculous. I am sure I am one of thousands that have called you a miracle worker.

Sally Nims

I have been doing Classical Stretch for a number of years.

I am 56 years old. Today I was at a wellness fair and I stood on a piece of equipment to check balance and they were to tell me what risk range I would be in for falling. Twice I had to stand for 15 seconds holding the spot in the middle of the "bullseye". It waivered a little bit and all I kept thinking was hold my core! My score was .8. The woman seemed surprised and asked my age and then told me I was in the 17-35 yr. range, which was .07-2.2. Because of stimulating my balance sensors like you teach us, I did remarkably well!

I did what I could to promote your program! Thank you!

Joan M

Dear Miranda,

I've been doing Classical Stretch for the past 17 years. I'm going to be 87 at the end of this month and no one believes me when I tell them my age. I attribute it to your exercise program and want to thank you for your help.

Mary G.

Hi Miranda,

I wish to thank you for your expertise and ability to demonstrate these wonderful exercises. I have been doing them since 2006 on a weekly basis and I am now 63 years old and swim a mile a day. I contribute my youthful appearing body to your workouts that have keep me agile and strong. My husband and I are from America (Colorado), however when I began using your DVD we lived in London and now live in Abu Dhabi.
I love them because it doesn’t matter where I am, I can exercise without excuse. When I first began, I had chronic left shoulder pain and now I have no chronic pain. Whew! I am convinced that sticking to the program is what created the disappearance of that awful pain that had been with me for several years. I love doing the exercises (I have your 2 segments of arms and abdomen and legs and butt) and by doing both segments get a great daily (3-4) times a week feeling while doing them and afterwards. It brightens my day and I feel more fully engaged with life.

Many thanks,

Dear Miranda,

I'm adding my comments to the hundreds, or more, emails you've received over the years letting you know how much your classical stretch routines have helped change their bodies. I began watching your program on my local public TV station in 2007 with season 4. Even though I was years younger than today I found it quite a challenge to do some of the routines. But I stuck with it several times a week and progressed with additional series, buying each one since season 4 so that I would never be without my regular stretch routine should the station drop your program. They did recently and I'm glad to have access to all the DVD's including season 9 which I ordered today.
In the past seven years you have indeed become a welcome face and exercise friend on a daily basis. My day isn't complete until I've spent those 24 minutes with you. Late in 2011 I was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of uterine cancer. I underwent a radical hysterectomy and 4 1/2 mos. of chemotherapy. During that time I didn't have the energy to do my daily routines, but did get back to them as soon as better health prevailed. By July of 2012 I was back in "full swing" with you and taking my DVD's on vacation to our cabin in Oregon which I do every summer.

Even with a diagnosis of some spinal stenosis in spring 2011, I have never found the classical stretch exercises to hinder my progress and I believe they have actually helped keep me from further degeneration. Today, I am close to 2 years free of cancer cells and feeling terrific at age 70. No one who knows me thinks I'm even in my 60's. Besides some good parental genes, I'm sure the 'young look' has much to do with my daily exercise routine which enables me to have good posture and balance, walk with ease and pop up from a seated position. My gratitude for your dedication to helping women feel and look better as they age is more than I can put into words. Even if the classical stretch series had not been photographed in such stunning vacation locals, I would still be making exercising with you a top priority in my life.

Elaine S.

Dear Miranda,

You may not realize it, but you’ve become a really good friend of mine, and I visit with you several times a week. I started Classical Stretch years ago in my early thirties with the full body volume one workout. I must admit, I wasn’t hooked. It didn’t grab me at first, and sadly sat in the closet collecting dust for years. Then two years ago I was able to attend a live Essentrics Class, and I fell in love. From there, I dug out that old Classical Stretch DVD, and added it into my regular workout rotation. I’ve suffered from numerous autoimmune disease from my mid-twenties (I’m now 39). I have really bad fibromyalgia, and arthritis in my knees as well. This spring I was diagnosed with PCOS, and Pre-Diabetes. I had been gaining weight uncontrollably, and was in so much pain I could barely get out of bed. All thru this past year I kept doing Classical Stretch no matter how tired I was, or how much pain I was in. It always made me feel better( I have most of your DVD’s). I also changed my diet due to the Diabetes/PCOS. Since then, I’ve lost over 30lbs since June 2013 which is the most consistent weight loss I’ve seen in years! I feel SO MUCH YOUNGER! Thanks to Classical Stretch, and Essentrics, I’m changing the shape of my body, and increasing both my strength, and flexibility every day! I have way more energy than I’ve had in years. The best part is…I have no more fibromyalgia pain, and my arthritic knees are doing so much better. I’ve gained two inches in height in the last two years from consistently doing your workouts, and my IBS-C is a thing of the past! I talk about you everywhere I go, and to whomever will listen. I’ve got my sister doing your workouts now as well. She loves the Essentrics!

I’ve given away your DVDs to multiple family members as gifts. I truly believe Classical Stretch, and Essentrics are the very best exercises on the planet. I love your last three seasons on DVD, and do those workouts religiously. I also love the re-release of your Essentrics DVD. I have, and do, all your thirty minute workouts for both Classical Stretch, and Essentrics.

I cannot thank you, and your daughter, enough for being such good, and dear friends. You’ve helped me tremendously to gain my health, and life back. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Keep making more DVD’s. I will continue to buy them, do them, and spread the word of the restorative healing powers of Classical Stretch, and Essentrics. I’ll be 40 next spring. My new mantra is “40, Fit, and Fabulous”. I know Classical Stretch will help get me there, and keep me there.


Dear Miranda and Team,

I can't thank you enough for what you all do. I am a 43 year old mother of a 4 and 6 year old. Having my children later in my 30's took a big toll on my back and hips. I thought I would have to live with it. One morning I turned on the TV and switched the channel to the a.m. news but accidentally landed on PBS and your show. On a whim, I followed along. It changed my life as well as my body. I have done some yoga and have some exercise DVDs. But they either left me feeling like a hopeless beginner or exacerbated my problems thus leading me to give up and start over. Much like a yo-yo diet. The Esmonde technique is so different. I now follow you twice a day! And look forward to that time. This is revolutionary for me. I experience immediate relief in my back and hips. And my posture! I stand straight am stronger all over and feel great. I love that I can stretch and strengthen all at once. I have told everyone I know about your program. My confidence has led to a better diet and I can play like a kid with my kids. Because of you, I am a more complete and satisfied person.

Thank you again.


Dear Miranda,

I feel I know you. I have been doing classical for about 6 months. I think I have the beginning of a success story going. I just turned sixty-six years old. In the last few years, I have gone from 5' 8 1/2" tall to 5' 6 1/4" tall due to osteoporosis and compression fractures. Posture has always been a problem for me. Though no one is saying my posture is better, I feel from the inside that it is. I am much more aware of my posture, abs, and the feel of my body. I have much more energy. I feel more fit. My husband says I am playing better tennis. I am hoping very much to impact the shrinking. I am feeling the beneficial effects of Classical Stretch much more than I have with any other exercise program (yoga, circuit training, etc.) I so like the teaching that goes with the workout in terms of targeting muscle groups. I feel motivated to do Classical Stretch everyday. The fact that it is only a little over 20 minutes makes it very managable.

Thank you so much for this gift.


Hi Miranda!

I have been doing your workouts religiously since December 17, 2012 on PBS (WQPT). One of my friends told me about your show. I have been diagnosed with degenerative joint disorder in my knees quite a number of years ago. Since doing your program, I have significantly reduced the joint pain in my knees. I cannot tell you how great that feels! I actually look forward to getting up at 5:30 a.m. so that I can work out with you at 6:00 before heading for work.

I am 59 and feel 29. And I absolutely love the backgrounds you have selected for your workouts, along with the music. I can’t believe how fast that 25 minutes go by!

Thanks for being there for all of us. You such an inspiration!!

Sara S

Thank you so much for changing my life. I stumbled on to your program on PBS and have enjoyed so many improvements in my body.

I had recently told my 90 year old mother that I did not want to live to be her age because at the age of 60 I already had too many aches and pains. This seems strange because I am very athletic and participate in multitudes of sports. But my hips and back were so tight and painful that waking up and getting going was proving to be more and more dreadful.

Now, after one month of Miranda, I am sleeping better, feel relatively pain free, and can face living into an old age, which my DNA will most probably mandate. You are a revelation and I look forward to taking you into my very senior years.

Lynn W

I'm a 62-year old woman who has recently been diagnosed with bursitis of the left hip. I looked up bursitis on the Internet, and saw recommendations of resting and icing the affected area. I was sick of limping around (I had waited about 6 months before going to the doctor), so I decided to rest the heck out of it and get better faster.

Well, resting made it worse! I felt about 100 years old and couldn't walk around my own house without leaning against things for support. I got frustrated and went back to gentle exercise, trying to work around the sore joint. After about 5 days of Classical Stretch, I was a new woman. I cannot only walk without limping, I have much more energy and have stopped even thinking about my hip. It's like a miracle. After doing my Classical Stretch every morning, I immediately ice down my left hip, and within 10-15 min., I'm good to go for the rest of the day.

I will never totally give up exercise again; I don't think we are meant to rest. No matter what the issue, Classical Stretch is gentle enough to do, and I have never become injured doing CS.

Thank you, Miranda!

Mary B.

I’m 63 and recovering from polymyalgia rheumatica, which left me very sore and stiff and barely able to walk. While at home from work one day I stumbled upon Classical Stretch and fell in love with it. I’m stronger and much more limber and feel like I’ve turned back the clock!

Ceci L.

Media Publishing Specialist wife and I purchased the 2DVD's of season 6 in mid December... currently we are on our 5th time thru the 30 we have missed few days.

We are 65 years the past springs I dreaded the flowerbed and yard work because of back and sciatica pain - being in not so good shape... Doing classical stretch since December - I did some heavy landscaping yesterday... and am absolutely amazed to how good I back aches... got up this am and did another episode... my wife has said often: "finally an exercise program that works" thank you...thank you...thank you ... Miranda... we appreciate your workouts so much...

George and Marty K.

Hello Ms. Esmonde-White,

I wanted to write to tell you how amazing your program has transformed my body. I am 37 years old. I was a kick line dancer in my early years (14-20) By the time I had my second child I had lost all of my flexibility. At my yearly physical exam, I was told I was at the maximum weight for my height. Not overweight, but at the point that if I continued to gain at the rate I was gaining and not find a good exercise program that was where I was headed. Yikes!!! I was diagnosed with Menieres disease (inner ear disorder) 5 years ago. I was told to be careful with what exercise I did.

Jumping up and down aerobics classes wouldn't be a good fit as I would lose my balance and feel "the spins". I was getting totally bored with just walking. I was flipping through the channels and came across your program on PBS. I watch it every day and even do a workout of my favorite moves on the weekends (The alphabet is perfect to help my balance and strengthen my legs).

Your program is a perfect fit. I have my balance back, I have not had any Menieres "attacks", my flexibility is as if I were 20 again! Thank you so very much for your terrific program! I look forward to waking up and staying in shape with you very morning!

Jodi S.
Charlotte, NC

Dear Miranda,

I am almost 82 years old, have exercised most of my life at home, over the years, but now it was a little difficult for me to do all that I once did and became very lax. Then I found you, God bless you. I have been doing the stretching exercises with you most days at 6:00 a.m on PBS in Cedar Knolls, N.J. (when I don’t oversleep). I am so very impressed with your exercises that I have been bugging my family and friends to do it with you, to the point that my family is angry at me, but my friends thank me constantly for informing them about you. But nevertheless, I purchased your series for my son’s 60th birthday present, as he recently found out that he has Prostate Cancer, stage 1 and was hoping these would be helpful. I tell strangers about your program. I think you are marvellous. I was getting the senior slump, and was upset about that, and since doing your stretching program, I have found, I stand taller, and have much more flexibility, strength and balance. I am almost able to grab my foot to lift my legs.

Thank you.

Dorothy Z.

“In Aging Backwards, Miranda Esmonde-White shows readers how we age at a cellular level, and what we can do to slow and reverse this process. Her pioneering exercise program can help anyone, at any level, maintain a youthful body as we inevitably enter into later stages of life.”

Claudio Cuello

MD, D.Sc., FRSC, OC, professor and former chair of the
Pharmacology and Therapeutics Department, McGill University


I am 58 years old and I have never been enthusiastic about an exercise program until starting this one. After a herniated disc years ago and osteoarthritis I thought my days of good physical health were over until I began this program. I have never felt better or stronger. The squats have taken inches off my thighs and after years of unsuccessful kegel exercises for incontinence the squats have completely corrected that problem as well.

Thank you for this valuable program. I tune into PBS to participate.

Diane P.

I started doing Classical Stretch on PBS last September when my son started school. I have been doing it 3-4 times per week for 10 months and look and feel better. I was not overweight before but needed to tone. I have lost 5 pounds and several inches from my waist and legs. I can wear a size 4-6. All of my clothes are too big.

I am 40 years old, have had a baby and can wear clothes I wore when I was in my 20's. I might even wear a bikini this year. I also used to have alot of back pain and tightness. I now rarely have back problems and when I do I can cure myself with Classical Stretch. Thank you so much.


North Carolina, USA