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ESSENTRICS is a dynamic, weight-free fitness program that strengthens the muscles in the elongated position; quickly creating a long, lean and rebalanced body. The unique fluid movement of ESSENTRICS slenderizes and tones the abs, waist, thighs, arms and back, while improving posture, flexibility, agility and strength.

This revolutionary fitness technique goes beyond changing the look of your body; It is smarter than that.

It strengthens the muscles eccentrically, a concept opposite to the conventional, concentric view of strengthening. With the systematic use of techniques like rotational movement, PNF and isometrics, ESSENTRICS pulls the joints apart & empowers every muscle in the body.

It is an easy to follow, lifelong workout that benefits people of all ages and fitness levels who seek not only strength and flexibility, but also injury prevention and recovery. ESSENTRICS rapidly and safely conditions the full-body so that it can be done daily, helping you feel energized, positive, healthy and strong.


Learn to teach the dynamic strength and flexibility workout followed by the NHL’s Montreal Canadiens, Olympians, A-list Hollywood actors and people of all ages and fitness levels. ESSENTRICS is taught at top fitness clubs, physiotherapy clinics and dance schools, sports teams and as a certificate program in universities across the United States.

GROUP FITNESS: ESSENTRICS is a fun and dynamic class set to music and perfect for a group fitness setting.  It provides gym and studio clients with a workout that will give them both strength and flexibility while being respectful to their bodies.

Training Requirement: Level 1

ATHLETES: For over 12 years, ESSENTRICS has given numerous athletes a competitive edge by improving range of motion, agility and speed while reducing injuries and accelerating recovery time.

Training Requirement: Level 4

PERSONAL TRAINING: ESSENTRICS is an excellent tool for personal trainers wanting to provide their clients with body balancing, flexibility, strength and rehabilitative exercises. 

Training Requirement: Level 4

Body results

The elegant, intelligent movements within the Essentrics program work scientifically through the muscle chains to unlock rigid muscles and achieve:

  • Slenderized and toned abs, waist, thighs, arms and back
  • Immediate changes to posture
  • Greater range of motion, flexibility, agility and strength
  • Musculature rebalancing for relief of tension, chronic pain and injuries
  • Anti-aging benefits
  • Increased energy, positivity and general health

The rewards of Essentrics

Becoming an ESSENTRICS Instructor brings many rewards beyond the gratification you will feel in helping others. Benefit from a fun, innovative program that will reinforce your own current fitness regime and keep you and your clients injury-free. Earn a steady income and reap the rewards of your clients’ satisfaction and dramatic results.

Corporate profile

Headquartered in Montreal, The Esmonde Technique specializes in the promotion and expansion of its fitness brands Essentrics and Classical Stretch. Over 1000 teachers have been trained worldwide, 320 TV shows filmed and airing in the USA since 2000, and a series of successful DVDs are sold internationally. Created by former National Ballet of Canada ballerina Miranda Esmonde-White, the technique has helped to change the lives of its participants all over the world.