I just have to let you know how incredible Essentrics has been for me. I gave birth to my first child on January 11th! Throughout my whole pregnancy, I continued to do your workouts at least 5 times per week, even if it was just a short 10 minute routine. Hello pliés! Just a few hours before I went into labour, I was doing Miranda & Eliana’s pregnancy floor work out. I thank Essentrics for my quick recovery! I am now just over 2 weeks post delivery and am back to my pre-pregnancy weight! I can not wait to get the go ahead from the doctor to resume my exercise routine! You ladies are amazing.

Dominique Sarah


I took dance, when I was younger, even taught ballet jazz classes, then my weight and fitness gradually deteriorated. Thirty years of yo-yo dieting and extreme exercise regimes later, I finally discovered, well was introduced to Essentrics by my 75 year old mother. I love the whole concept and I have devoured everything written about the principles. That was a year ago. I have been eating properly and doing the mini videos. I have lost 30 kilos. Everyone is amazed at my transformation. My goal now is to tone up and become an Essentrics Instructor. I live in a communal complex with over 800 volunteers for a non-profit organization. I would like to provide free classes for the women here who searching for what I have found and be the inspirational motivation that they need to also take up Essentrics.


I recently discovered Classical stretch on PBS and have felt vitality and flexibility since my first workout. I love that there is so much emphasis on slow muscle stretches, which in the long-run will strengthen the muscles, joints, and the bones. I love these workouts and would recommend it to anyone for healthier and slender body! Keep up the good work.



I have been doing Classical Stretch daily since I stumbled across one of Miranda's classes on PBS, in 2014. I love the approach to exercise and complete at least two classes a day. My motivation comes from the way I feel and look. I am now wearing skinny jeans and leggings. My legs have never been this thin! I also have discovered I can complete 10,000 steps a day.


In December of 2014, I slipped on a slushy sidewalk and fell almost breaking my nose & breaking 2 teeth. That was an abrupt wake-up call telling me I did indeed need to lose weight & do the needful to regain balance. In January 2015, I happened to watch Miranda & students in the 'Aging Backwards' video on VT PBS. As I listened and watched the testimonials from students, I could relate & it resonated with me because years ago I took ballet stretch classes that always made me feel good. Since starting Essentrics (via ETV streaming, so I can do the program no matter where I am traveling) in 2015, I have lost over 60lbs, 'lost' 3 sizes (from 2XL to M), got rid of the atrophy in my back, hips and knees... and regained my balance with new strength. Over the past years, I have gifted ETV subscriptions to my daughter, sister and friends because of the great results I have realized. In November 2015, as a VT PBS member/donor, I was able to take part in a group session with Miranda, in Vermont. That's when I learned about becoming a certified Essentrics instructor. Later that month after being inspired by Miranda, in person, I had the great fortune of having a private class with Gail Garceau, in Montreal. She is kind, patient, curious and encouraging. A perfect coach challenging me to do a bit more. So, I bought the manuals and CDs to learn how to be a Level 1 instructor. While I am not quite ready for certification I am still working on this goal! Now, I have 5 favorite programs that I use. Two are from season 9 (episodes 8 & 10), Muscle Release, Floor Toning, and Leg Sculpting with Sahra. THANK YOU MERCI BEAUCOUP Miranda, Sahra and most certainly Gail!


I attribute Essentrics to the toning and shaping that has happened to me during this journey. I am in better shape, have more energy and flexibility and no longer have the knee pain and hip stiffness that plagued me prior to working out and losing weight. I just last week reached my goal weight. I was first turned onto Miranda and Classical Stretch on Maryland Public Television (MPT) in 2014. I then bought my first set of DVDs so I could continue to work out at home. I now have 2 sets of DVD's that I use 5 - 6 days per week and if I miss doing a work out my body will remind me (LOL). I plan on continuing with the DVD's for the rest of my life as I can see how keeping active can keep you young.



I have lost over 90 pounds. I have been using Classical Stretch for over a year and 1/2. Currently, I am still losing weight and toning. I started Classical Stretch for sciatic pain. This has helped me gain mobility and pain relief.


Discovered Classical Stretch while channel hopping. Purchased season 8 & 9 workouts which reshaped me and helped to shed 20 pounds. End of July 2013, I severely injured my left sciatic nerve and hip while shopping. Recovering is ongoing. Late April 2017, met an Orthopedic Surgeon who diagnosed Osteoarthritis. Advised me to eat unprocessed foods and exercise. Not a fan of gyms, but stretching is my best friend thanks to you, Miranda, and your team for creating Classical Stretch/Essentrics. Looking forward to a new challenge and outcome.

Donna B


I wanted to tell you how thrilled I am to have found Classical Stretch. My friend's mom does it (she's 61 and looks 40) and I finally joined the streaming program online. I've been doing it nearly every day since January and feel great. I'm 30 and was always active, but this program makes me feel amazing. I've gotten compliments lately too that I just look great, the changes I've noticed are so great - I walk with purpose, climb the stairs to my office much easier and altogether feel more energetic. Thanks for continuing to create videos - what an inspiration!
Christina T.


Since doing Classical Stretch I have toned and lost 35 pounds. The shape of my body has improved, my stress level has improved my overall feeling of wellness has improved. Being a nurse I know these exercises are safe and effective. This is an excellent program and I have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone.

Christine Morrow


I love Classical Stretch and have been doing it regularly for a couple of years. When I weighed nearly 300 pounds, it was one of the exercise programs that didn't make me feel worse, Miranda always makes me feel capable, and encourages people to do what they can and go a little farther each time. This last month has been great, because I had gotten out of the regular, daily habit, and I feel so much better after regularly working on strength and flexibility for these past 30 days. Even a few days without leads to stiffness and soreness in my body.
Sonja Brow


I have been doing Miranda exercise for 2 years! I have lost 50 pounds and feel great. I love doing her daily routine and will not quit. Do it – you will see!

Lisa Owens


Thank you so much for your work!! I'm seeing incredible results from the Pain and Weight Loss Series DVD's... in just a short time... I am able to move around and it seems to be just the Rx for what I was looking for... restorative workouts ... and the peaceful, beautiful settings, from someone who is an expert and guides with knowledge and skill.... What a wonderful option to incorporate into an exercise regimen. thank you ...thank you.... thank you, Miranda!!!
Brenda A


I have been doing Essentrics for many years. I have shared DVD's w students. I'm a singing and speaking teacher. The week in Mexico was transforming. I lost 9 lbs, grew another 1/8 inch., learned to balance correctly on my feet. Yesterday I had a massage from the same person I have been going to for 7 years. She was astounded! My skin is thicker...broken blood vessels hardly show. My muscles are softer, stronger and more plyable. She could hardly recognize my lower limbs as mine. My pecs are more toned so my breasts are higher.:-) She was astounded. I truly will never stop doing Classical Stretch or sharing what I learned w my students who are already singing better.

Thank you to the whole team!!!!!!!!!!!

Anne Dreisinger Hurley-Cole


1 1/2 years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After I was diagnosed I let myself eat whatever I wanted and I wasn’t exercising at all. I weighed 210 lbs and I am 5’7”. About halfway through radiation, I made a commitment to start exercising and stick to a low carb diet. I was lucky to just need a lumpectomy and radiation. I started doing classical stretch every day (except weekends) and I lost 45 pounds in 3 months! Despite a lot of cheating on my low carb diet I have been able to maintain my new weight. I had always been thin but I never had the muscle tone I developed from doing Classical Stretch. I am not doing it every day anymore but 3-4 times a week seems to be enough to keep the weight off. Classical Stretch changed my body and my life. My husband does it too.

Thank you Miranda!



This has been the best exercise/weight-loss program that I have experienced! When I was younger (early adulthood), I played sports and lost the most weight from my teen years. In middle-age it was more biking and walking, but due to injuries, etc. I have decreased those activities. Therefore the pounds and clothing sizes increased. Your program, however, has led to 18 lbs of weight-loss and thinning of thighs, butt and more! Thank you for your time and efforts to keep us “Age Reversing"! Sincerely,

Jean W. (a thankful 60's senior!!)


I've been doing Classical Stretch / Essentrics for 10 months and I'm down 15 pounds and 2 dress sizes! Best of all after 9 long years of always needing to wear orthotics in my shoes (and needing to wear those shoes constantly) I no longer need them! In fact, wearing my supportive shoes was causing pain! My feet that much stronger!

Thank you Miranda!!
Sabrina U – Illinois


I started a 30-day challenge, which turned into a 60-day challenge (I’ll hit 60 days this week), which I just agreed to extend to a 90-challenge! I am doing amazing and feeling great, looking great! I wanted to share with you two comments that were posted today on my private group page. It's such an amazing workout! And so realistic to do it daily! - I am re-inspired these days! Looked at pics of my body I took last September..The change is remarkable. Still a long way to go, but it works! - I'm at it for 90 days!!! I also feel awesome!!! Last years summer clothes are too big...and I've actually been buying medium size, which is brand new for me!!! I still have ways to go, but for the first time in my life, I know I can only do better!!!!!



I found your exercise channel and have been doing these regularly, I am aiming for every day. I feel amazing! Absolutely the most fabulous workout I have ever experienced and I have exercised my entire life (I was a child gymnist)…Over this past year I have lost every single extra pound (55 in all!) I have reshaped not just my body, but my heart, mind and soul connection. I have always been disciplined, and having the incentive to continue to grow and learn about healthy choices has remade me in every possible way. You are a genius, I have posted your web site and recommended you to everyone! Thanks for sharing your wonderful gifts.

Linda D.


Hi Miranda, your program has changed my life. I have lost almost 40 lbs. and have been walking also. My left hip got extremely sore for some reason and I started doing the figure 8 hip cleaners and it has helped! Thank you for all you do. I am 62 and feeling GREAT and YOUNG!

Mary Q.


I'm a 55 year old woman, was 50 pounds overweight when diagnosed 5 years ago with Rheumatoid Arthritis (it's now controlled) and Trochanteric bursitis. In addition, a catastrophic injury to my left leg and foot 30 years ago (with no rehab due to horrible HMO insurance) left me with a painful bone spur on the bottom of my heel, and limited flexion in my ankle. I had to give up hiking a few years ago as the bone spur has grown and became too painful. The only activity I had left to enjoy was horseback riding---which I love doing, but was also becoming more painful in my hips and knees. I accepted the fatigue I felt as a symptom of RA. I was a mess. So in January of last year, I resolved to get back into a daily workout and lose weight. One morning, I flipped on the TV to watch the news while doing my usual "yoga for weight loss" routine (which wasn't very effective, but at least improved my mobility) and I noticed your "Classical Stretch" workouts on PBS. I tuned in and have been working out with you at 5 a.m. Mon-Fri ever since. I thought: "Hey, I can do this without any pain in my left foot!" It even improved the flexion in my ankle! I lost an average of 2 pounds a month and feel better than I have in years. I stopped feeling fatigued after work---fired my yard service, and now do the work myself! I feel very little pain in my hips and knees, even after a 2-3 hour horseback ride. I've purchased several seasons on disc for both myself, my 80 year-old mother, my 60 year-old sister and friends. Mom had a frozen shoulder and weak arm. She has noticeable improvement and does the workouts with her 89-year old boyfriend! I bring a disc when I travel and do a workout to relieve stiffness from a long flight---or to just keep up when I can't tune into PBS. I still have a long way to go to my ideal weight, but now I know I'll get there. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the hard work and research it took to develop your fitness programs. Thank you so much for sharing what you discovered. You have turned my life around.

Beth M.
San Diego CA


During High School I was a cheerleader. In my early adulthood I took many a dance class, practiced running and stretching. Throughout the years my back would "go out" which would affect my regularity of exercise. It didn't help that I spent many hours at work, on the computer, sitting most of the day. Then of course my weight became an issue. It seemed all I had to do was to look at food and gain weight! At 5 ft. 5 in. at almost 180 lbs. I was not happy, nor was I comfortable. I found Miranda's Classical Stretch episodes on PBS and bought a couple of DVD's. Since June, 2015 I have been following her advice to do her class at least three times a week. Without wavering, I have been doing just that and as a result, I'm once again strong and flexible. I've dropped inches and almost 30 lbs. and this is without starving myself. Additionally, my back has not gone out! I'm reminded that although we age, we don't have to shrink. Miranda is so motivating and delightful. She has been my exercise partner via her DVD's. The best part is that I feel GREAT. One of her segments is "Lose a Pant Size". Well, I have lost several pant sizes AND in a relatively short period of time. With much gratitude to both Miranda and PBS, I wholeheartedly recommend Classical Stretch to one and all.

Karen SW


I did the 30 days of your health challenge and I loved it! It forced me to do workouts that I considered too difficult for me, but I was a success! You allowed me to surpass myself, to evolve, and to motivate me to exercise every day with our lovely Miranda. With the Classical Stretch program, I am now able to walk without pain due to osteoarthritis, climb stairs (around thirty steps) without gasping, because my muscles rebuilt themselves and work more efficiently. Physical inactivity and overweight are really plagues that kill us slowly but surely!... For several months, I consulted a nutritionist, and then I discovered Miranda last fall. Since then, I went from a pant size “5x” to a “2x” and I am on my way to achieve my goal of a healthy weight and a fit body "Classical Stretch” style! I am infinitely grateful to you for being in my life, and for helping me to feel better in my body, and to age "fit" and in health (I can assure you that I am already ready for another challenge!) With hope to meet one day my adorable mentor, Miranda, my faithful companion in my daily efforts to become a more active woman,

Best regards,
Michelle-France R
Montréal QC


I wanted to say thank you for your wonderful Classical stretch program. I am 54 yrs old and have been about 20 lbs over weight after going through menopause 4 years ago. I started your program July 13th, 2015. I am happy to report to you I have lost 22 lbs, and have went from a size 9 to a 2. I am back to my original size. I will forever be grateful. Thank you my dear for giving me my figure back. This will be my exercise routine for life.

Lenee L.


Hi Miranda,

Since starting your program about a year ago, I've lost 45 pounds and reshaped my body and it's still improving. I have more agility, flexibility and balance than I ever dreamed I would re-gain. I'm talking up your program every day and friends are also seeing positive results in themselves. Thank you again for your wonderful program!!

Nancy Rajek


Hi there,

I'd like to start by saying how much of a difference Essentrics has made for me in a few short weeks. I feel more confident, more limber, and healthier than I have EVER been. I've been doing the stretch and strengthen workouts, but I find myself wanting to take a class. My mom saw a segment on Essentrics on the Marilyn Denis show before Christmas, and I bought her the DVDs. I figured it was a fitness fad like many others. Then I tried one of the DVDs and found an immediate difference. Like many other women, I had been hoping to fall in love with yoga or pilates, something healthy, that I wouldn't have to force myself to do. I find Essentrics is that missing piece. I spend a lot of time hunched over a desk and I usually have a lot of hip, lower back and shoulder pain. With this program I notice I have a tighter core, better overall posture, and hips that love me better. I really want to make Essentrics part of my life for the foreseeable future.

Bethany K.

Dear Miranda & Sahra

Dear Miranda & Sahra I am 54 years old and obese. After having severe pain in my legs from my weight, I decided to finally do something about my weight. I started Weight Watchers and started to lose. But knew if I didn't find some sort of exercise that I would stick with that I would have a lot of loose flab and continue to have weak muscles. I found your program and started working out. I have been doing it 5 days a week for the past three months and have lost 45 lbs. so far and am starting to see definition in my body. I'm so excited that I found your program. It not only is helping with the weight loss but helping me with balance, flexibility, toning and also helping with my arthritis. I'm sure after your ankle broke, you must have felt defeated, but look what it lead to; You helping me and many others. Thank You so much!


Dear Ms. Esmonde White,

You are an inspiration. A friend told me about your 6 am. PBS program on our local station KEET. I'm an early riser and don't have TIVO so your programs are a great incentive to start the day with your exercises. Have been stretching with you since last June. If I miss a day from over sleeping, which thankfully does not happen often, I feel cheated. Should be able to do the workouts on my own now, but you make the exercise so much fun that I look forward to your instructions each day. Have told several of my friends and they are enjoying your routines as well. Have lost 21 pounds and feel wonderful. No back pain & my posture and flexibility have improved. When you announced that you were 64 years old early last week in Jamaica, I was stunned. Thought you might be 45 or 50 at the most. I'm 68, and cannot bend or stretch the way you do, but you make me want to keep trying. Just wanted to thank you for your dedication to fitness. Best regards,


I'm 31 years old and always been slim. Never had issues with weight but Istarted having back pain. I have never been very active or liked exercising at all. I tried to run and did yoga, Pilates and all sorts of other exercising plans you name it. I like dancing so I did Zumba as well. There is something about Classical Stretch that keeps me engaged and it keeps me going. I guess is the feeling I get in my back like somebody took the weight off or that I feel like a ballerina while exercising... I got pregnant 5 years ago to my eldest with an emergency C-section and weight became a problem all of sudden I was weak in my abdomen and back pain became worst. Then got pregnant with my second and found you! I did your exercise during pregnancy and it was amazing being able to fit in my jeans all throughout pregnancy. ( obviously not closing the button due to my belly. At my third pregnancy I did the same thing but once I delivered I was so tired and it took me a year to get back to exercising! My belly muscles would shake every time I tried to tighten them. I got back to doing classical stretch and slowly but surely I'm getting stronger again. This time I do 30 min everyday Monday through Friday and I feel better. It gets my day started and I'm becoming less self conscious. Thank you! It's hard I have to put my body into it and sometimes I don't want to but I know it's 30 min and that after that my back feels like it has oxygen and I feel better about myself.


I will be 43 in a few short weeks. I am a single mother and paralegal, hunched at a computer all day with constant and severe neck shoulder and mid back pain, every night going to bed with ice packs from my neck to my tailbone, headaches and stress beyond belief. I began your show on July 1 along with a CLEAN program. I wake up every morning and do two of your shows (DVR’d) before work. About a week ago I was getting ready for bed and my daughter asked me if I wanted my ice packs. I realized I didn’t HURT! For the first time since an auto accident in 2002, I went to bed without an ice pack on a part of my body and ibuprophen or naproxen in my system. My posture is so much better. I have a large chest and always hunch forward, no amount of chiropractic and massage therapy have helped. Now I sit and walk with my shoulders back and head high! I’m down 10 pounds with another 30 to go. But I feel great!! Thank you so much!!

Amy P

I do your programs every morning, since you were filming in the woods! I love the beach background. I have bone on bone knees, & am having such a hard time trying to lose weight. I wanted to ask you if you could make more programs for people who simply cannot stand for a long period of time. I do all of your floor exercises, I think I just need a little more, to be able to get this weight off of me. So far I have lost 15 lbs., & 20 inches overall. But that has taken 5 months. At 57 years young, I know it takes longer to lose it, but I am anxious, considering all the excruciating pain I am in every day. Cannot replace both knees, do not have insurance, & then again, that is not a guarantee for no pain. Your back pain dvd really helped me, & I do it every day. So, thanks for your great programs, just thought I'd ask for more on the floor, Thank you,

Kathy P

Thank You for all your teaching you are so amazing. I walk better. My pants fit great. My size is 4now from10'to8. Thank u.


Dear Miranda:

Happy Anniversary. Well, it is actually my one year anniversary doing Classical Stretch. I have to write and let you know how much you have changed and improved my quality of life. I was so quite taken by your combination of stretching and strengthening incorporated into one routine that it has become a way of life for my exercise routine. One morning last October, while scrolling through television stations, I came upon your Classical Stretch work out on Connecticut Public Television and have to tell you I have done your routines every day (missed two) since then. I was always searching for the ‘perfect’ workout routine and I found it in Classical Stretch. The combination of strengthening, stretching, toning and aerobic built into one routine is a golden formula. I taught aerobics throughout my life and am a natural athlete but found the routine of aerobic activity and weight training was never quite enough. I have lengthened and strengthened my muscles. I am tone and look like I am in my thirties. (I’m 52) I lost 25 pounds of bulk and fat. I feel light and free in my limbs when I move. I can skip two stairs at a time, as I live on the third floor, and am so proud I am right behind my 21 year old son, who glances back at his mother… My goal is to become a certified Classical Stretch teacher and be able to help people not only look good but be healthy and strong because of your routines. I am going to be sending away for the information and begin to train to become a Classical Stretch teacher. I would love to reach out to the elderly community and hopefully make teaching my full-time job. Thank you for your wonderful life-changing programs and incredibly inspiring attitude and vision

Margaret V., Connecticut


I am 58 years old and I have never been enthusiastic about an exercise program until starting this one. After a herniated disc years ago and osteoarthritis I thought my days of good physical health were over until I began this program. I have never felt better or stronger. The squats have taken inches off my thighs and after years of unsuccessful kegel exercises for incontinence the squats have completely corrected that problem as well. Thank you for this valuable program. I tune into PBS to participate.

Diane P

I want to give my heartfelt thanks to the entire group for a wonderful Mexican Retreat. It did much to help me improve my exercise technique, and the people were warm and wonderful (not to mention the gorgeous resort and delicious food). I hope to do another retreat in the not-too-distant future. I have achieved so many benefits from the daily (well almost) exercise, and I am so grateful to Miranda for devising this wonderful program. There have been huge improvements in my posture, improvements that I didn't even realize were needed had it not been for the verbal instruction that goes along with the physical. I feel stronger all the time and have much more energy and sense of ease just because of improved posture and the way I carry myself. I have also noticed greatly improved muscle tone and a generally stronger, more slender and healthier appearance (also have begun to lose weight). In addition, the subject of vegetarianism came up in dinner conversation. I have tried it since I returned home with incredible results in my digestion and weight loss. It seems to be the perfect kind of lifestyle for me, and, again I'm not sure I would have tried it had it not been for my conversation with Sahra and Miranda. I have to say also that I am particularly fond of the "Stretching for Athletes" DVD and the "Core Workout". I have, all my life (now I realize), had weak abdominal muscles which have given me poor posture and lack of ease in sitting, standing and walking. What a joy it is to feel a new sense of strength and ease in everything I do. Also, I can't believe my improved flexibility from all of the stretching. I feel kind of like a little kid again (although I will be 65 on my next birthday). I think this exercise program is an invaluable gift to all of us but particularly valuable in giving us the means to have a long, active and healthy life as we grow older. Again, many thanks for everything

Paula S

Since beginning Classical Stretch, I have lost 15 pounds. I noticed almost immediate changes in my waist and torso, it seemed to have shrunk after only 3 weeks. For the fi rst time in ages I can wear fitted shirts and feel good! I also noticed changes in my face, neck, and thighs. The flowing movements and soft music disguise the fact that we are actually working hard! I love Classical Stretch and recommend it to everyone.

Elizabeth Gagnon,


I want to thank you for the workouts you have created! I am a new mother - I had two babies in two years -and I was suffering from pain in my lower back and feet from the extra weight of pregnancy and then carrying around two toddlers. Your workout has relieved all of my back and foot pain and an unexpected bonus is that I am losing weight and my body is longer and leaner. I am now a Classical Stretch addict. I look forward to every workout! I am convinced that if I keep up these workouts through out “middle age”, I will not suffer from the ailments of “old age” in 20 years - back pain, stiffness, I really think you have discovered the fountain of youth. You are doing great work and it is much appreciated!

Melinda Gunther

I started doing Classical Stretch on PBS last September when my son started school. I have been doing it 3-4 times per week for 10 months and look and feel better. I was not overweight before but needed to tone. I have lost 5 pounds and several inches from my waist and legs. I can wear a size 4-6. All of my clothes are too big. I am 40 years old, have had a baby and can wear clothes I wore when I was in my 20's. I might even wear a bikini this year. I also used to have alot of back pain and tightness. I now rarely have back problems and when I do I can cure myself with Classical Stretch. Thank you so much.

Julie, North Carolina, USA

Since beginning Classical Stretch I have lost 15 pounds without dieting. I was amazed at the changes in my body. My stomach is flat and I have waistline again for the first time in years!

Lucia Monaco


My name's Carla Jones and I love the classes in the mornings (6 am - EST) I have a dance back ground (came to NYC in 1975 to purse) and I have been a fitness athlete all of my adult life. Classical Stretch is phenomenal! Miranda is fantastic and WOW - most of my life I've been involved in the gym I've achieved the holy grail of fitness - FLAT ABS!!! Not just the part you can see but that lower ab part which you can hide artfully. Don't get me wrong I was in pretty good shape but the ab area i.e. the entire midriff area is targeted with Essentrics that hours in the gym NEVER touched! I am interested in the training/certification program and the spa get always as well. The program is the lifestyle that I've dreamed of since I was 10 y/o. Thank you.

Carla J

I have the tapes, and the show on Lakeshore PTV and the tapes are changing my body - hurray no more tummy rolls!

Carol P

Hello Miranda,

I would like to thank you for rearranging my body. I lost 120lbs in 22 months with Weight Watchers and your Classical Stretch series. I have season 6,7,8,9 and have just ordered season 10, Core & your book. I love the way my body looks and feels. People are amazed when I tell them how much weight I've lost...they always say if I would not have told them, they wouldn't have been able to guess that I was ever that overweight. I am amazed at how good, flexible and young I feel...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!