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Essentrics Legal & Trademark Usage

Who can use the registered ESSENTRICS® name (Trademarks)?

The legally registered Essentrics® brand name is a proprietary business asset of The Esmonde Technique (“Licensor”). Strictly individuals who are registered to the Essentrics Certification program (“Licensees”) have been granted the right to use the Essentrics® name.

An Essentrics Certified or Apprentice instructor is licensed to teach a live Essentrics® class to the general public. When you are a member of the Essentrics® Certification program, you are granted the right to use the Essentrics® name to promote your live classes in accordance with the guidelines laid out in these Trademark Usage Terms. Licensees of the Essentrics® Certification program are required by contract and law to follow the guidelines in the license agreement. Infringement of these terms will result in appropriate legal action from The Esmonde Technique.

We kindly request that you support us in our efforts to enforce the proper use of the Essentrics® name and to use it properly and justly, helping to avoid confusion and misuse that could potentially cause liabilities. Instructors and practitioners of the Essentrics® workout are encouraged to notify us immediately if they become aware of any unauthorized or improper use of the Essentrics® name. We appreciate your collaboration and thank you for your support!

Use of the Essentrics Certification Material
  1. All content within the Essentrics® Certification Program and Live Teacher Trainings is the intellectual property of The Esmonde Technique. This material cannot be shared, recreated or reproduced through text, video or on the web.
  2. The Esmonde Technique is the owner of the Essentrics Certification program and its intellectual property. Only Head Office has the authority to teach the Essentrics Certification material.
  3. Essentrics instructors cannot host workshops targeting Essentrics instructors, live trainings or events disseminating the Essentrics Certification Intellectual property. Head Office reserves the right to host all and any Instructor workshops and live trainings.
  4. You cannot resell or distribute any Essentrics® Certification material or other trademarked or copyright products without official consent from The Esmonde Technique.

Use of the ESSENTRICS® name, Trademark and Logos
  1. As a Certified Essentrics® instructor, the registered name Essentrics® is licensed to you only for use in the promotion and naming of your live Essentrics® classes.
  2. Use of the Essentrics® trademark name is not permitted on any products (ex: DVDs, the name of your newsletter, other merchandise) without the approval of the Esmonde Technique®.
  3. You cannot create or sell merchandise, such as clothing, water bottles, mats etc. with the Essentrics® name on it for commercial purposes.
  4. No unsavory content or photos are permitted in relation to the Essentrics® trademark and The Esmonde Technique®.

Other Guidelines for the use of the Essentrics® name
  1. We require that all of our Essentrics® instructor Trainees, including Apprentices and Level 1-4 Certified Instructors, obtain individual professional liability insurance.
  2. The Esmonde Technique is not liable for the safety of your class locations, nor the safety of your clients within your classes. We are not responsible for injuries and events that take place during your classes.
  3. The Esmonde Technique is responsible for ensuring the quality of our technique and of our Certification program, but cannot be held accountable for an individual’s actions under the instructor license.
  4. The Esmonde Technique is not liable for the safety or quality of any independently held Discover Essentrics® Class, Live Event, Fitness Holiday or Retreats.
  5. The Essentrics® Certification program is not a franchise. The Esmonde Technique is the Licensor of the Essentrics® trademark name to its Licensees for fitness class instruction.
  6. In order to protect the integrity of the Essentrics® workout and the brand, we reserve the right to revoke a Certification or instructor license if it is deemed that the Essentrics® trademark name is being employed in an objectionable or distasteful manner.

Report Improper Use

See any unauthorized or improper use of the Essentrics logo or the brand name? Please let us know via [email protected]


Please contact us if you have any questions concerning the use of our logos, visuals or any other branding question via [email protected]

The Essentrics® logo represents our identity and high quality standards we keep towards our technique, our Instructor Certification program and our products. We need to make sure that we protect the unique identity of Essentrics and that it is being used for genuine products and services, such as classes given by Certified Essentrics instructors.

We are very careful with the usage of our logo and request that you support our efforts to protect it. In order to help you make fair and correct use of our name and logo, please find our guidelines below.

Generally speaking, Essentrics does not grant permission for use of its logo to third parties. An exception is organisations that host Essentrics classes taught by Certified Essentrics Instructors. They can use the logo on their website and other promotional materials to advertise the class, under the conditions that
1) these classes are taught by Certified Essentrics instructors and that
2) they comply with the Essentrics visual guidelines.  

Please note that the appropriate logos will be emailed to you directly via the Teacher Training Department (Apprentice: after 3 months of receiving Level 1 material; Certified: upon receiving your Level 1 completion email). 

No alteration to the ESSENTRICS® Logos is permitted under any circumstance
The Essentrics logos may not be used to manufacture and sell products such as clothing or any other merchandise. Certified instructors may use the logo to print on clothing and other items for personal use only.  

Report Improper Use
See any unauthorized or improper use of the Essentrics logo or the brand name? Please let us know via [email protected]


Please contact us if you have any questions concerning the use of our logos, visuals or any other branding question via [email protected]

Individuals all over the world depend on the Essentrics® brand name to identify with a reliable, quality technique. As the creators of Essentrics®, The Esmonde Technique prides itself on the quality of its programs and on the continuous improvement of its services. By controlling the ways in which the Essentrics® name is used and the ways in which the program is taught, we are ensuring that a certain standard is upheld.

To teach Essentrics, an individual must enroll in the four-level Essentrics Certification Program; teaching Essentrics without official enrollment in our Instructor Certification Program is strictly prohibited. To help instructors achieve and uphold our standard, Essentrics provides interactive Live Teacher Trainings and workshops, cutting edge material, and ongoing support and opportunities for continuing education. There are no prerequisites to becoming an Essentrics Instructor; our comprehensive training tools provide the support needed to succeed.

Instructor must not use the Esmonde Technique IP for purposes of promoting any Workshop, Training, Instruction or other activity except Instructor’s own Essentrics classes or approved events. Instructor must not use any The Esmonde Technique IP to identify a gym, workout facility, business or trade name, or any other facility, program or product, except as authorized herein, without The Esmonde Technique’s prior approval. The Esmonde Technique reserves the right to remove any content posted on the Internet and/or used by Instructor that violates The Esmonde Technique’s IP rights. 

Members of the Essentrics Instructor community must follow and comply with the guidelines for using the Essentrics trademarks and intellectual property as stated in the Trademark Usage Guide received upon purchase of the Certification materials. Upon completion of the Level 1 certification, instructors receive a diploma and are listed on our website as a Certified Essentrics® instructor. It is the responsibility of each instructor to uphold the conditions within our terms of agreement to maintain their certification and our responsibility to ensure that each member of our community is supported towards their personal and professional growth.

Report Improper Use
See any unauthorized or improper use of the Essentrics logo or the brand name? Please let us know via [email protected]


Please contact us if you have any questions concerning the use of our logos, visuals or any other branding question via [email protected]

As an Essentrics Instructor, you are licensed to teach live classes in person (face to face.) Instructors must not film, record, stream live video, create DVDs or reproduce Essentrics workouts or classes in any manner. Essentrics videos and DVDs are fully protected under U.S. copyright laws, and any unauthorized duplication, exhibition, distribution or use without prior approval from the Esmonde Technique is prohibited. 

Hosting private or group Essentrics® classes via Skype, Facetime, Live Video or any other communication/media platform, is not allowed due to Federal copyright laws. This includes and is not limited to:  
  • Facebook Live video 
  • Facebook video (Regular) 
  • Instagram Story
  • Instagram Live video
  • Instagram video (regular) 
  • YouTube Live Video
  • YouTube Video (Regular) 
  • Facetime /Skype 
  • Your own personal website 
As per the video promotion guidelines, you may post videos promoting Essentrics on any platform, provided that the portion of the video that contains Essentrics intellectual property, techniques, theories and choreography does not exceed 2 minutes. 

For a copy of the full Essentrics Certification Program license agreement,
please contact [email protected]