The world needs a fitness class that speaks to the needs of the human body as it ages.

Essentrics  is a functional fitness  class designed to  address the needs of your full body: to build global strength and mobility while being respectful to its natural limitations.

No matter whether  you’re  age 30 or 60,  the science behind what your body requires to stay youthful doesn’t change.

To feel strong, healthy, vibrant and pain free, your workout should help you  to  build strength and mobility while being respectful to the natural limitations of your musculoskeletal system. Your own personal muscle flexibility and the capacity of your joints, tendons and ligaments to withstand impact, positions or twists are important factors to consider when taking on a fitness class or activity. If they are ignored, you can be left with pain and injury.

Our workouts are meant to carry your body through its lifespan.

There are few, if any, interesting and effective workouts that speak to the needs of a 21st century human body. No matter your age, you should have healthy joints, healthy connective tissue, healthy muscles, and should be fully mobile and strong. Most workouts don’t consider the effects that the movements and exercises are having on your entire system, but instead are driven by the end result of strength and shape.

The Science Behind Essentrics®


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