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No. Our Teacher Training program provides you with the education and support you need to succeed, no matter your prior experience.

Absolutely. Essentrics® is for everybody. We encourage and welcome people of all fitness levels, experience and age to join our Teacher Training program. Some of our best instructors do not have any previous dance or fitness training and have thrived teaching Essentrics. As you learn to teach your first Pre-Choreographed Workout in Level 1, your body will rapidly become much more flexible, strong, and balanced. Your movements will become more fluid and natural as you progress, and you will gain coordination and body awareness as you go. It is our job to provide you with the tools you need to succeed – no matter where you want to take the technique and what your starting point is. 

A stable internet connection is required to access certain training material that is available exclusively online. We recommend having a computer (laptop or desktop) for the most comfortable learning experience. If you need a different way to learn or additional support, get in touch with us at [email protected]. 

Absolutely. You can purchase the Level 1 material even if you don’t have the intention to teach. Many people join our program and take our LTTs and workshops for personal interest. You will enjoy applying what you have learned to get the most of your workouts at home, and may even develop a passion for teaching. No matter your intention, they are very rewarding experiences that we encourage anyone to partake in. 

No, you cannot. All Certification Materials (written or recorded; ie. Manuals, DVDs, PCWs and other resources) are for individual use and may not be shared with anyone else, whether or not they are enrolled in the Certification program.

We ask that Instructors wishing to learn the program purchase their own copies of any Certification related materials. This will ensure that all Instructors and trainees get the most out of their education and reach their full teaching potential.

Each Level entails a written and practical exam portion and completion of required teaching hours (your Apprentice hours). For the exact breakdown of each Level’s exam requirements, please click here.

Please refer to our online store for full details and breakdown. 

No, there is no time limit to complete the Level 1 certification. You can take all the time you need! No matter when you submit your Level 1 exam, there will never be an extra charge or penalty. Our program lets you go at your own pace. We provide you with a guide to complete the Level 1 certification in 3-9 months, and our goal is to have all Level 1 Apprentices certified within 12 months of enrolling. In our experience, this suggested 12-month timeframe for completion helps Apprentices stay motivated and focused on achieving their Level 1 certification – but every individual can adapt this timeline as needed.

Yes. Our distance learning program offers extensive support tools and an interactive experience with our Master Trainers and Head Office that will help you succeed as a confident and knowledgeable instructor from the comfort of your home. Attending Live Trainings and workshops at any point of your teacher training is highly encouraged and recommended if possible. 


The hands-on experience is invaluableThere is no substitute for the knowledge that you will acquire about yourself and the technique while surrounded by your peers and Master Trainers. Class tricks and pointers, cuing, tempo, musicality, perfecting the angles of the body, and personalized corrections and instructions are a handful of long-lasting benefits that you will take home. If you can make it happen, absolutely go for it. Attending a live training at any point in your certification goes a long way towards helping you become a much better instructor (though not necessary to be successful). For more information and to check out our upcoming Live Teacher Trainings click here. 

No. It takes a certain amount of time to learn the material and apply the knowledge from the LTT’s into your classes. It is the quality of our certification program that ensures that all Essentrics instructors are of the same high caliber across the globe. You will receive credits towards your Apprentice teaching hours for the Level you attend.   


You learn to teach right away as part of your Level 1 training. As soon as you memorize the one-hour Pre-Choreographed Workout (PCW) from your Level 1 package, you can begin teaching your 30 Apprentice hours to whomever you like. Once you have passed Level 1, you will gain access to all of our PCWs which provide you with a variety of routines to teach your students. It is at this point that you can remove “Apprentice” from your class and instructor title and begin to use “Essentrics®” exclusively.  

Individuals who do not require advanced modifications or tailored attention to follow Pre- Choreographed Workout 1 as it stands on your training video. It is in your best interest to teach classes to people you know for your Apprentice hours and wait to take on anything more formal until you have gotten feedback from your Level 1 video and worked with a Head Office Mentor (your exam grader). Invite your family, friends, colleagues or existing clientele to take part in your classes. Your 4 levels of training will provide you with the tools and expertise to work with a wide variety of clientele, but at this early stage you must stick to a general group who can get through the 1-hr standing and floor PCW1 routine in its entirety.

We provide you with all the details necessary for this step in your Level 1 certification package. You are free to hold your classes anywhere you like – from a private home to a public fitness space. Your participant(s) do not need to be the same for each class, nor do they need to be different. They can be family members, friends, colleagues or existing fitness clientsAs long as you have one participant for your one-hour class, it counts towards your Apprentice requirements. 

Once you have completed Level 1, you will have access to our marketing package with promotional material and tools to support your endeavor. We understand that this factor is critical in contributing to your success and subsidizing a career. The Head Office Teacher Training Department is happy to help you with your marketing questions and opportunities. 


The sky’s the limit! You will have more job opportunities with a wider range of potential clients as you progress through our 4-level certification program. Our instructors have found employment in a variety of settings with diverse focuses, ranging from: 

  • Group fitness settings, such as studios and gyms  
  • Athletic conditioning and therapeutic rehabilitation centers, such as physiotherapy clinics, hospitals, sports camps, dance schools 
  • Community centers, senior’s residency, schools  
  • Private homes  

Not to worry, our Teacher Training Department and mentor instructors are ready to assist you with anything big or small via email, phone calls, live meet-ups and Skype sessions. We have helped many people introduce their community to Essentrics with great success and will do the same for you. 

No, until you have completed Level 4, you will not have learned all the elements of the program and gained the appropriate knowledge and skillset to create your own safe, efficient, balanced routines for your students. If you attempt to do so before completing your certification, you risk misrepresenting Essentrics, creating harm, and will not be abiding by our Terms of Agreement.  

We have a selection of Pre-Choreographed Workouts (PCWs) for you to teach while you are working through your 4 Levels. We create PCW’s with your best interest in mind to help you succeed as an instructor and achieve the desired objectives of your class while avoiding injury. Each PCW has been developed with a specific flow and logic to ensure the results of a strong, toned, flexible, healthy body. Upon completion of our program, you will have learned how to create your own Essentrics workout tailored to any fitness goal for any clientele you desire to teach. For more information on our PCWs click here 

No. Essentrics is a standalone technique. The way our exercises are strung together, coupled with the application of our unique techniques, is very systematic and fundamental in delivering the benefits of an Essentrics workout. You must be part of our training program to teach the exercises in Classical Stretch and Essentrics programming and DVDs. In addition, Essentrics is a registered trademark and the Intellectual Property of The Esmonde Technique. For more information on what is sanctioned, please refer to the Terms of Agreement which you must adhere to upon registration of our Teacher Training program.  

Yes. Essentrics is about imagery and getting your students to work a certain way – which is translated through your music playlist. We provide you with song suggestions, full class playlists, downloadable music, and audio workshops to help you with this element of your training. You will gain inspiration, motivation and confidence about your music as you progress and will grow to appreciate it as an essential teaching tool in creating an incredible, unparalleled workout experience. 


Provided that a doctor has cleared them to participate, yes. Essentrics is a low-impact, safe, full-body rebalancing workout that can be easily modified to accompany personal conditions. We do not recommend teaching a more sensitive demographic until you have completed Level 4. It is at that point that you will have the knowledge, tools, skills, experience, and confidence necessary to adapt any workout. The Teacher Training Department will be more than happy to help you with any specific questions or concerns about your students’ health state, or that of your own, as they arise. 

Due to Trademark law, no individual may use the name Essentrics® in their legally registered business name in any territory, or in any other officially registered name, for any purpose.

You cannot register the name Essentrics® for any purpose, even in association with other words. Only The Esmonde Technique has the right to register other trademark names and word combinations using the name Essentrics®. Click here to view more.


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