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The curriculum is organized into 4-levels that methodically build upon themselves throughout the training. There are two certification entry points through which you can enter the program.

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Becoming a Certified  Essentrics  Instructor is an incredibly rewarding experience that will provide you with an enjoyable, fulfilling outlet to pursue your passion for health and wellness. Throughout the 4-level curriculum, which you can enter through two different entry points, you will learn to teach at an elevated level that we believe the body deserves.

You begin teaching with your Apprentice hours in Level 1. Once your 4-level training is complete, you will have the skills, tools, techniques, experience and knowledge to deliver outstanding, transformative results to your clientele of interest in any setting.

Essentrics  is an intelligent technique  that  requires  a certain  time investment to learn; we offer ongoing, extensive, interactive support tools that will help you succeed and complete your certification in a timely, manageable  and motivating manner.

Essentrics is a distance learning program that you can complete from the comfort of your home according to your schedule. You can complement your home-study at any point with our Live Teacher Trainings and Workshops. These workshops are held in various locations throughout the year and are highly recommended. They will help you progress through your  levels  faster as you gain practical knowledge, experience and confidence while feeling connected to your peers within the global community.

Our online learning tools and support make our training easy and accessible for every instructor, no matter where they are in the worldThe Teacher Training department is dedicated to staying connected with our global community, in addition to helping instructors connect among themselves.  

Certification Timeframe:

Each level takes approximately 3-9 months to complete. Taking into account all elements of the curriculum, the entire 4-level certification can take 1.5-2.5 years.

The great news is that you begin teaching right away with your Apprentice hours as you study Level 1.

Annual Requirements:

For more information, please refer to the Instructor Certification Terms and Conditions under Maintaining Your Active Teaching License.

Essentrics Live Teacher Trainings and Workshops bring to life the certification curriculum, accelerate your training, and are highly recommendedThere is no substitute for the knowledge that you acquire about yourself and the technique while surrounded by your peers and guided by Master Trainers.

Though they are not mandatory, our trainings are truly invaluable. The hands-on, interactive experience is invaluable, as any instructor who has attended will attest. Click here to read our instructor testimonials.

Every level has its own 2-3 day training. For every training day, you will receive a two-hour credit towards your required Apprentice teaching hours for that level. **Please note, attending a live training does not grant you a certificate of completion for that level. Each level has requirements that must be met outside of the training.**

You can attend a Live Teacher Training for any level at different points within your certification:

  • Before getting started in the level to introduce you to its curriculum and exercises or
  • Once you’ve already delved into the material and have started working on the requirements or
  • After successfully completing a level and passing the exam.

No matter at what point you choose to attend, what you gain will be substantial and significant. We have many repeat attendees!

Each day consists of practical work, theoretical work, ongoing Q&A’s, daily live classes with Master Trainers, interactive teaching opportunities, exam prep, and more. Benefit from on-the-spot, live corrections and immediate feedback to perfect your positioning to  ensure you are teaching correctly. Enhance your understanding of the body and  its  functioning and learn how to recognize common body issues (alignment/tightness/weakness) and correct common mistakes. Class tricks and pointers, teaching skills, cueing, tempo, musicality and practical marketing tools are a handful of long-lasting benefits that you will take home.

In addition, you will enjoy  a  lively and positive learning environment  and sense of community among others who share the same passion.  Disconnect from the busy-ness of life and take-in the technique, uninterrupted.

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Each level includes:

  • A theoretical instructor’s manual (hard copy);
  • Videos (streaming online) to teach you the exercises, sequences, anatomy and modifications within the level’s curriculum;
  • Study guide and exam prep tools;
  • Written and practical evaluation guidelines; 
  • Support from the Teacher Training department at Head Office and from the instructor community.

Additional material required for the Level 1 Aging Backwards Certification Entry Point: Aging Backwards by Miranda Esmonde-White

Please note: A stable internet connection is required to access certain training material that is available exclusively online. We recommend having a computer (laptop or desktop) for the most comfortable learning experience. If you need a different way to learn or additional support, get in touch with us at [email protected]. 

Each level requires an exam submission. 3 exam components for each level: 

1. Apprentice hours: Required practice teaching hours using Pre-Choreographed Workouts 

Level 1: 30 hours
Level 2: 18 hours
Level 3: 18 hours
Level 4: 18 hours 

2. Theoretical evaluation:  

Multiple choice and/or short answer evaluation based on the theory from the manual. There is an additional multiple choice exam in Level 1 for those who have entered through the Aging Backwards Certification Entry Point.

3. Practical evaluation:

Submission of a recorded video and/or interactive virtual session or live in-person exam demonstrating the required workout and/or exercise sequences for that particular level. 

For more information on the exam requirements and details for each level, please explore the evaluation process tab within each level.


There are no prerequisites to enter the Essentrics Teacher Training Program. We encourage and welcome people of all fitness levels and experience, regardless of age and ability. 

Many of our best instructors have no background in health, fitness, dance, anatomy or teaching and have thrived in our program. As you learn to teach your first Pre-Choreographed Workout in Level 1, your body will rapidly become much more flexible, strong, and balanced. Your movements will become more fluid and natural as you progress, and you will gain coordination and body awareness as you go.  

Our Teacher Training program provides you with the education and support you need to succeed, no matter your prior experience.

Please note: A stable internet connection is required to access certain training material that is available exclusively online. We recommend having a computer (laptop or desktop) for the most comfortable learning experience. If you need a different way to learn or additional support, get in touch with us at [email protected].


Cost for the 4-level certification program: The cost of the Essentrics certification curriculum is broken down per level. Click here to view pricing.

Exam fees: Each level requires an exam submission. Click here to view pricing.

Pre-Choreographed Workouts (PCWs) are the workouts Certified Essentrics Instructors teach while completing the 4-level certification program. PCWs consist of pre-defined exercise sequences set to an eclectic music playlist based on a one-hour class structure. Each PCW has a specific theme while offering a full-body rebalancing workout. All PCWs include a video (streaming online) demonstrating how to teach the workout. The accompanying written content (online) covers detailed exercise breakdowns, teaching tips, target anatomy and more.

For more information on our Pre-Choreographed Workout collection, click here

A key ingredient to succeeding as an Essentrics instructor is the visibility of your classes. Our online class map is a main attraction on our website which helps promote Certified instructors and allow Essentrics and Classical Stretch clientele to find classes by location for group and private training.

Upon passing Level 1, you will be granted a Class Profile Account where you will input your class and personal information according to your preference. You may choose to display: your Essentrics class location; class name and type (ex: Essentrics Aging Backwards®, Essentrics Barre); exact day and time of class; personal information such as your email, social media contact and website; and if you are available for private training. We want to help you succeed, be seen and thrive!

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Please refer to the section “Maintaining Your Active Teaching License” in the Instructor Certification Terms & Conditions page.



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