Essentrics Strengthening Exercises


Essentrics Strengthening Exercises

Level 4: Essentrics Strengthening Exercises

You will experience untapped strength and vitality in this level. You will learn that our powerful method of strengthening is not detrimental to flexibility. Our low-impact, equipment-free approach uses the body’s own weight as the force of resistance and is safe and effective for all fitness levels. 

Upon completion of the first three levels, you will have become familiar with the power of the Essentrics techniques. What you have learned so far is the multitude of benefits that Essentrics can deliver: it can help to heal, increase flexibility, strengthen muscles, relieve pain, help reverse chronic conditions and reshape the body. In this final level you will learn how and why Essentrics strengthens the muscles as well as the importance of strength and what impact it has on our bodies on a cellular level.  

  • Over 50 variations of strengthening exercises and sequences on the floor, standing, and on a barre / with a chair that target every muscle group of the body
  • Application of Level 4 Strengthening  strengthening techniques  
  • The function and importance of muscle strength down to a cellular level and how this relates to topics such as healthy aging, weight-loss and control, body shaping, pain-relief, athletic performance, overall energy, mobility, and more.  
  • Practical application of anatomy towards targeting and recruiting the correct muscles during Essentrics strengthening exercises
  • Why and how Essentrics improves cardiovascular health and increases our metabolism 
  • How to use Essentrics to gently reverse atrophy and recover lost mobility  
  • Why Essentrics is a proven successful training program for athletes in all sports 
  • How to incorporate the strengthening components of Essentrics into a fluid class setting

The expected time to complete Level 4 is 3-9 months.

Annual Requirements:

For more information, please refer to the Instructor Certification Terms and Conditions under Maintaining Your Active Teaching License.

  • Level 4 Instructor’s Manual: Essentrics Strengthening Exercises
  • Accompanying instructional videos
  • Access to online Level 4 Training Resource Webpage: Support documents, videos, exam package and learning tools

Click here for a complete list of material included in the Level 4 Essentrics Instructor Certification Package.

3 components: 

1. Practical teaching hours: 18
2. Theoretical evaluation: multiple choice
3. Practical evaluation:
     Part I: Live or virtual evaluation
     Part II: One-hour Final Class Assessment

Practical teaching hours: 18  

You are required to teach 18 one-hour Apprentice classes using any Essentrics Pre-Choreographed Workout of your choice. One participant after each class session must sign the provided signature form as proof, which you will submit upon completion of this component.

Theoretical Evaluation:

Multiple choice exam based on the Level 4 Manual 

Practical Evaluation:

Part I: Live in-person or online interactive assessment with a Master Instructor once you have completed your 18 Apprentice hours, and completed the theoretical component. Demonstration of strengthening exercises as outlined in the Level 4 evaluation booklet with appropriate application of techniques, modifications, anatomy and physiology that is expected from a Level 4 Instructor. 

Part II: A recorded video submission that showcases how much you’ve developed as an instructor since your Level 1 PCW1 exam. This one-hour Essentrics class demonstrates your understanding and appropriate use of techniques, objectives, imagery, tempo, modifications, anatomy, class flow and confidence that is expected from a Level 4 instructor. This class routine can be an existing Pre-Choreographed Workout, a collaboration of PCW’s, or your original design as long as it respects the Essentrics full-body rebalancing mantra. A simple breakdown of the workout with the provided template is required. 

Your class will reflect your chosen certification entry point: 

  • Comprehensive Certification Entry Point: Class suited for general fitness or
  • Aging Backwards Certification Entry Point: Class suited for an Aging Backwards demographic 

All exam portions are submitted electronically online by following the steps and procedure outlined in the Level 4 Evaluation Package to make exam submission easy and accessible for all. Mailed in exams are accepted when needed.

Upon completion of this level your title is: Certified Level 4 Essentrics Instructor.

  • You will be able to create and structure your own Essentrics workouts for any clientele, objective and class time-length
  • You will teach at a higher caliber and be able to offer classes to more specific populations (professional athletes, rehabilitation, etc.)
  • You will be well-versed in strengthening and toning exercises on the barre / with a chair, which are highly in demand at fitness studios and with athletes

Prerequisites: Certified Level 3 Essentrics Instructor and/or attended a Level 3 Live Teacher Training  

Curriculum material: Click here to view pricing.

Examination submission & correction fee: Varies according to exam submission preference (recorded or live evaluation) and any additional support for resubmission when necessary. For more information, click here.

The Level 4 Live Teacher Training will develop your application of techniques towards strengthening and toning goals and provide you with the experience and tools necessary to design your own Essentrics workouts tailored to suit any need and clientele. A very rewarding experience that will leave you feeling prepared and confident, allowing you to truly soar as an instructor.  

Necessary to attend if you are interested in training professional athletes in order to understand the components of strength, power, performance and endurance within Essentrics, in addition to anatomy topics relevant to this specific demographic (ex: fast & slow twitch muscles). 

  • Perfect your form and gain practice, experience and personalized feedback on all our standing, floor and barre/chair strengthening exercises to learn how to execute, demonstrate, teach, and correct them to your students 
  • Expand and explore all theEssentricstechniques to improve alignment and strength for joint stability, balance and performance(applicable for the scope of clients ranging from Aging Backwards to professional athletes) 
  • Learn how to create Essentrics workouts with different objectives and class time lengths (from 15-90 mins) through interactive, hands-on practice. Examples include: therapeutic vs. strengthening workouts, general fitness, weight loss, flexibility, sports performance, etc. 
  • Develop critical thinking through a practical application of theory and anatomy 
  • Gain an understanding of the science behind weight loss and anti-aging as well as the importance of strength in our bodies on a cellular level 
  • Teaching skills related to strengthening objectives including verbal cues, imagery, musicality, techniques  

*You will be credited 2 hours / day towards your required Apprentice teaching hours for Level 4 upon attending an L4 Live Teacher Training.  

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