The Principles of the Essentrics program
Level 1: Principles of the Essentrics Program

The curriculum and content in Level 1 lays the foundation for your 4-level instructor training. No matter which certification entry points* you choose to enter through, you will gain a comprehensive introduction to the philosophy, principles, objectives, techniques and anatomy of the Essentrics program and apply that theory towards teaching your first full-body rebalancing workout.

We believe that the fastest way to understand the theory behind our technique is to put it into practice. The first priority of Level 1 is for you to learn to teach your first one-hour Essentrics Pre-Choreographed Workout (PCW), experience the results in your own body, and begin to understand the flow and formula of the Essentrics method. The second objective is to introduce you to everything you’ll be learning, applying and expanding on in the next three levels.

* There are two entry points through which you can enter Level 1: the Comprehensive Entry Point and the Aging Backwards® Entry Point. To learn more, click here.

  • How to correctly perform each exercise sequence in PCW1 with a basic application of techniques and understanding of objectives  
  • Why a deliberate sequencing of exercises and techniques is vital to rebalancing the full body, and an introduction to the formula we developed to achieve this objective 
  • The science behind Essentrics and the elements that make it a unique workout program 
  • Practical teaching tips, verbal cues, pacing and imagery to guide your students through a safe, efficient, enjoyable class  
  • Easy-to-apply exercise modifications  
  • Introduction to anatomy  
  • How to use and create your PCW1 playlist to enrich the experience of your class with provided songs, playlist suggestions, online audio workshops and musicality pointers 

The expected time to complete Level 1 is 3-9 months, and our goal is to have all Level 1 Apprentices certified within 12 months of enrolling. In our experience, this suggested 12-month timeframe for completion helps Apprentices stay motivated and focused on achieving their Level 1 certification.

Annual Requirements:

For more information about the annual requirements that apply upon passing Level 1, please refer to the Instructor Certification Terms and Conditions under Maintaining Your Active Teaching License.

Click below for a complete list of material included in the Level 1 Essentrics Instructor Certification Package:

3 components:  

1. Practical teaching hours: 30
Taught as an Apprentice Essentrics® Instructor 
2. Theoretical evaluation: Multiple choice and short answer
3. Practical evaluation: PCW1 one-hour live class or video recording 

Practical teaching hours: 30 

You are required to teach the hour-long PCW1 routine 30 times as your Apprentice hours. One participant after each class session must sign the provided signature form as proof, which you will submit upon completion of this component. You may invite a family member or friend as your class participant(s) and you may teach the same person or group for each class. If you have access to a larger facility, you may hold more formal group classes. The name of your class must be titled “Essentrics Apprentice Class.”  

Theoretical evaluation:

Multiple choice and short answer evaluation based on the Level 1 Manual 

The Aging Backwards Certification Entry Point has an additional multiple choice evaluation based on Miranda Esmonde-White’s book, Aging Backwards. 

Practical evaluation:

Once you have completed your 30 Apprentice hours.  

Recorded video submission of PCW1 demonstrating your ability to teach a non-stop, fluid, one-hour class with clear execution, tempo, explanations, objectives and modifications (when applicable) of the exercises and a basic understanding of techniques and applicable anatomy. 

You may arrange for a live practical evaluation with a Mentor or Master Trainer in lieu of the video submission (subject to location and availability).

Live / online follow-up: Once your exam has been graded, you will have a follow-up session with your examiner as an opportunity for you to apply the feedback from your video evaluation and review key positions and exercise sequences. This provides an excellent opportunity to enhance your teaching skills and identify areas that need more attention as you progress.

All exam portions are submitted electronically online by following the steps and procedure outlined in the Level 1 Evaluation Package to make exam submission easy and accessible for all. Mailed in exams are accepted when needed.

Upon completion of this level your title is: Certified Level 1 Essentrics Instructor.

If you have chosen to enter the program through the Comprehensive Certification Entry Point:

  • You will have the qualification and skills to teach general Essentrics group classes that are catered towards your chosen demographic
  • You will gain access to our library of Pre-Choreographed Workouts which you must teach until you are fully certified. You may choose the best suited Pre-Choreographed Workouts to teach for your desired clientele: General fitness and/or Aging Backwards.

If you have chosen to enter the program through the Aging Backwards Certification Entry Point:

  • You will have the qualification and skills to teach general Essentrics group classes that are more gentle in nature and catered towards an Aging Backwards demographic
  • You will gain access to our library of Pre-Choreographed Workouts which you must teach until you are fully certified that are best suited for an Aging Backwards clientele

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites to enter the Essentrics Teacher Training Program. You are not required to have a background in health, fitness, dance, anatomy or physiology. We encourage and welcome people of all fitness levels, age and experience. Pre-Choreographed Workout 1 is simple to learn with straightforward choreography. We provide you with the learning essentials in your Level 1 material, including an introduction to anatomy.

Getting started: You will choose the entry point that is best for you according to your personal fitness level.

Curriculum Material:

    • Comprehensive Certification Entry Point: Click here to view pricing
    • Aging Backwards Certification Entry Point: Click here to view pricing.
    • Required material for Level 1 Aging Backwards Certification Entry Point: Aging Backwards, by Miranda Esmonde-White. Instructor responsible for purchasing upon signing up to Level 1 unless previously purchased

Examination submission & correction fee:

Varies according to exam submission preference (recorded or live evaluation) and any additional support for resubmission when necessary. For more information, click here.

The Level 1 Live Teacher Training will give you a jump start towards becoming a qualified Essentrics instructor. You will gain a solid ability to safely and confidently teach your first Essentrics class and complete your Level 1 training and exam with ease.   

Our trainings provide you with a hands-on, interactive learning experience that will leave you feeling inspired, motivated and connected within the Essentrics global community.  

Benefit from personalized feedback about your movements and positioning and take daily live classes with a Master Instructor.   

We will breakdown each standing and floor exercise sequence in PCW1 for you to learn:  

  • How to execute and demonstrate each sequence 
  • Proper and safe alignment to protect your joints and maximize the workout 
  • Application of techniques to deliver the objectives  
  • Common mistakes you will encounter, with easy to apply corrections & modifications  
  • In class pointers such as teaching skills, class set-up, verbal cuing, musicality, imagery 
  • How to teach a fluid, non-stop 1 hr class with the provided playlist 
  • How to make the routine more challenging, or gentler depending on the demographics and needs of your clientele  
  • Proper use of equipment  

*You will be credited 2 hours / day towards your required Apprentice teaching hours for Level 1 upon attending an L1 Live Teacher Training.  

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