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Level 2: Essentrics Trademark Exercises

You will enter this level having had lots of teaching practice from Level 1 and a basic understanding of class flow and techniques. We recommend learning one more Pre-Choreographed Workout before diving into the Level 2 theory.  

Essentrics Trademark exercises are considered the most challenging aspect of every Essentrics workout. They involve large, full-body standing movements that focus on deep strengthening of the spine and core. These sequences are unique to Essentrics and are scientifically designed to rebalance the entire body’s musculature and decompress the spine while working through muscle chains, improving posture and relieving back pain. 

Level 2 will teach you the elements that make up our Trademark sequences and just how to deliver these incredible results. In this level, you will be learning 33 unique trademark exercises, transitions and positions. These are the building blocks of the Essentrics program. 


  • How to go from mimicking the movements in our Trademark sequences—to understanding their purpose and rebalancing power. You will learn how these full body exercises work at the deepest level to unlock tight joints and strengthen your muscles to transform the overall shape and health of your entire body.  
  • A thorough breakdown of the exercises, transitions and positions that provide the building blocks of Essentrics Trademark sequences 
  • How to create a well-balanced 5-7 minute Trademark sequence using our formula and provided charts to ensure safety, efficiency and guaranteed results 
  • Anatomy focused on the musculature and movements of the spine 
  • How to apply different techniques within Trademarks to achieve tailored objectives to meet the individual needs of your clientele (anti-aging, athletic performance, tension release, toning, etc.) 
  • Teaching skills to enrich the class experience for your students; such as development of musicality and imagery and mastering the speed of your movements 
  • How to address common mistakes and offer modifications 

The expected time to complete Level 2 is 3-9 months.

Annual Requirements:

For more information, please refer to the Instructor Certification Terms and Conditions under Maintaining Your Active Teaching License.

  • Level 2 Instructor’s Manual: Essentrics Trademark Exercises
  • Accompanying instructional videos
  • Access to online Level 2 Training Resource Webpage: Support documents, videos, exam package, and learning tools

Click here for a complete list of material included in the Level 2 Essentrics Instructor Certification Package.

3 components: 

1. Practical teaching hours: 18
2. Theoretical evaluation: 4 Trademark charts to complete
Practical evaluation: Live or recorded demonstration of 4 Trademark sequences 

Practical teaching hours: 18  

You are required to teach 18 one-hour Apprentice classes using any Essentrics Pre-Choreographed Workout of your choice. One participant after each class session must sign the provided signature form as proof, which you will submit upon completion of this component. 

Theoretical evaluation:

4 Trademark charts to complete

Practical evaluation: 

Once you have completed your 18 Apprentice hours  

Recorded video submission or live* demonstration of four Trademark sequences with a Level 2 understanding and use of techniques, objectives, imagery, tempo, modifications and anatomy. 

*You may arrange for a live practical evaluation with a Mentor or Master Trainer in lieu of the video submission (subject to location and availability)

Live / online follow-up: Once your exam has been graded, you will have a follow-up session with your examiner as an opportunity for you to apply the feedback from your video evaluation and review key positions and exercises. This provides an excellent opportunity to enhance your skills and identify areas that need more attention. 

All exam portions are submitted electronically online by following the steps and procedure outlined in the Level 2 Evaluation Package to make exam submission easy and accessible for all. Mailed in exams are accepted when needed.

Upon completion of this level your title is: Certified Level 2 Essentrics Instructor.

You will have the qualification and skills to teach general Essentrics group classes using Essentrics Pre-Choreographed Workouts of your choice, respecting your chosen certification entry point. A Level 2 instructor teaches with more deliberate purpose and has a basic understanding of how to rebalance the body safely through provided Essentrics exercise sequences with the ability to provide general modifications. 

Prerequisites: Certified Level 1 Essentrics Instructor and/or registered for a Level 2 Live Teacher Training.

Curriculum Material: Click here to view pricing.

Exam Submission & Correction Fee: Varies according to exam submission preference (recorded or live evaluation) and any additional support for resubmission when necessary. For more information, click here.

Level 2 Live Teacher Trainings are all about full-body, rebalancing Trademark sequences. There’s no better way to learn the positions, transitions and exercises that make up these sequences than in a live practice setting with personalized feedback about your form and movement. Trademarks are the most complex and unique part of every Essentrics workout; learning how to execute and teach them properly will continue to serve you, and your students, throughout your entire certification. Benefit from daily live classes with Master Trainers in an eye-opening, interactive learning experience.  

  • Trademark sequences are a large part of every Pre-Choreographed Workout. This workshop will help you confidently teach the wide variety of Trademark sequences found in your PCW’s.
  • Learn how to use techniques, speed and cuing to achieve a variety of objectives for a range of clientele 
  • Develop your musicality: Practice moving to different pieces of music and learn how to follow the natural flow of movement within each song. 
  • Analyse different genres to understand how to use music as a powerful technique within your classes and build your playlists throughout your levels. 
  • Learn how to design a Trademark sequence to rebalance the full-body (requirement for your Level 2 practical exam) 
  • Application of anatomy with a focus on the spine 

*You will be credited 2 hours / day towards your required Apprentice teaching hours for Level 2 upon attending an L2 Live Teacher Training. 

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