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It’s official – you’re expecting! First-off: Congratulations! Whether it is your first or your fifth, pregnancy is an exciting and life-altering time that brings with it a flood of physical, emotional and hormonal changes to a woman’s body. This means it is the perfect time to begin prioritizing your own health and wellness by putting on your proverbial oxygen mask first. While there are many components that contribute to a healthy pregnancy, experts unanimously agree the importance of moving cannot be understated!

When it comes to the physical demands required to accommodate a growing fetus, a recent human endurance study out of Duke University found that one of the most extreme experiences a human being can endure isn’t an ultra-marathon… it’s pregnancy. In fact, being pregnant was shown to be akin to running a marathon for 10 months straight! And for those of you who have experienced the miracle of birth, this sounds about right. If only there were a full-body pregnancy workout that is both gentle on the joints, yet effective enough to build strength and maximize posture while boosting metabolism and energy… oh wait, there is. It’s called Essentrics!


10 Reasons Essentrics® Is Your Go-To Pregnancy Workout

The 3 S’s: As previously stated, pregnancy is a veritable feat of athleticism! So, choosing the right pregnancy workout is essential. Essentrics workouts target all 650 muscles for increased strength, stability and stamina to support you through each trimester, labor & delivery, postpartum recovery and this thing called life!

Get A Leg Up: Growing a baby from scratch can induce some seismic shifts. And while Essentrics always targets the entire muscular system, our strengthening moves for the legs, buttocks and calves have been proven to successfully stave off some common pregnancy-induced side effects, such as leg cramps, water retention and varicose veins.

Checks & Balances: When it comes to better balance – Essentrics checks all the boxes. As your baby bump grows, your center of gravity will also need to shift to accommodate it. Our program safely strengthens the musculature of the core, which can positively influence your overall coordination and balance.

Pump It Up: Did you know that Essentrics has a healthy effect on blood circulation? By moving the body as an integrated whole, our workouts actively pump fresh blood to irrigate the entire system for better blood flow.

Sweet Dreams: Essentrics workouts are unique because they are challenging, without inducing a stress response. This perfect combo can reduce overall tension, creating a calming effect to help get more quality Z’s once your head hits that pillow.



Pain In The Butt (And Back) Be Gone: Each Essentrics workout is designed to stretch and strengthen your body for increased mobility. What does this mean for you? For one, it will help ease you into better posture by strengthening the joints of your spine to support your expanding belly. This can help keep common aches and pains – like sciatica and lower back problems – far, far away.

Amped Up Awareness: Essentrics is an intelligently designed program, which strengthens the body while relaxing the nervous system. Our workouts are slow to moderately paced on purpose! This increases communication between the body and the brain, helping you safely adjust to all these exciting changes.

Weight For It: When it comes to pregnancy, weight gain is not only inevitable, it’s essential to overall health. However, gaining too much weight may contribute to conditions like gestational diabetes. Our pregnancy workouts will not only give your mood a boost but will also jumpstart your metabolism by working large muscle groups for that extra calorie burn.

Huge Impact: Essentrics is low impact, which means our program is designed to be gentle on the joints. An Essentrics prenatal workout focuses on building strength in the muscles around the joints to prevent overstretching due to the pregnancy-induced hormone relaxin. And while we can’t promise a completely pain-free labor… we can say it will ease the process.

Me Time: In a time-crunched world, setting aside “me time” to do something good for YOU is incredibly important. Our pregnancy collection houses workouts varying in length from 10-45 minutes to help keep you moving. The best part? The only equipment you will need are things readily available like pillows or towels for extra support, a belt that doubles as an elastic and a sturdy chair.

Bonus: Staying active during this transformative time will boost your confidence and help you take on this journey with strength and grace. Pregnancy has got nothing on you!

Contributing Writer Lisa Mozo


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